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September 25, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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September 25, 1941

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Septemé25, 1941', FIND A BUYERl USE Patrol Cars New Blue and So Are l i LEGAL PUBLICATIONS ii 7; '“——‘ 1 l and in conic: DISTRIBI‘TH)N the Board of (“mm M Ma C .u 1;: In 1th; S‘ilpt‘l'ior (fi‘ourl‘lol the( Staitei Olympia, Sept. 18.-7Th0 StatC ‘1, v. ‘ n n. ' 0‘ '11s illlgmn 'or . 0.5011 ‘oullty . - a . rlvri‘dr In Probate patlol’ In Its Lampalgn to I'Gducc 1921 i IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATEl materially the number of acci- OF JOSEPH ii. HITCH. Dnc-vased. dents 0n Washington’s highways, to in} .011. aw (Section; 3 i __ I NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That. -.. . “ S 3516 oi 192:). the; Lucy Hitch Young. Executrix of the’ 1“ “Sing, a small number Of un cat on Saturday, the f Estate of Joseph E. Hitch. Deceased, 5 “131'de patPOI carsv it was learn‘ ‘, 1941 :11 the liiiui‘l has filed with tho Clerk 01' the above ed today. in the forcncon of i-i:i entitled Court. lier Final Report andl ‘T' ~J'I'ont door of the Cou .i Petition for Distribution. asking the The unmarked cars’ those palnt' \G City of Sholion. s3 Court to 50tth {aid Report. distribute , ed a COlor Other than the Stand‘ ,4 tatc. offer for sale. ftlie. property to the persons thcrcto’ar‘d white of the patrol vehicles the lllllll"'ulll iil‘i<.'viitiilerl and to discharge the E:(-' plus ad\’vi..Fln;§ :iud' ecul..x. are bemg used only in high aCCl- i as to the nigiim and: NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, thati dent areas, acting Patrol Chief ,saaig {as righé. litgv. zindi said final Report and Petition foi'lI James A. Pryde said, in an effort . ason ‘ounl‘. 034- Dislriiution will be heard Saturday u ‘ - _ 3 from. harm-er. all puli- the 25m day of October. 1941. at the to reduce the dehberate V1013 CC “ tions" of traffic regulations. ,. Se. Pryde pointed out that his move roads. sir 3.1- hour of 10 O'clock in the for-enoon. at or rich i'ul'i the Court Room in the Court House, ljt’: 1 iii Shelton. Mason County. W‘ashingion. 1m» M7 Dated this ‘1’ day of September, of 119.11. M DW . c.) . _ fl ind a9“ pgadfilm‘ streets. l’i)’ sziiili 1941. ito sneak up On the tpublic as e outbuildings. All under clutiva-l r Ol'mcd further that Wm CLARE EVGELSEV, whole, but to elimina e as far 3? _ . . . _,~ —_— w _~.~M._ — m ES to . sale of 1‘ 1 products; Clcrk of ‘uid Ciiurt. -b1 th d lib ~ t t . txon ant’) vegetables” bhnlb IPIANO TUNING: T. T. R1Cl’1-‘ 0“ nontract: m and 101 (SEAL) 9-25. 10-2-9-16u4t. “551 e e e' “a 9. mom or bery- 01039 to Church 5011001. “world in town this week Or- g. described rr-n] Drill/"l": »——— “W I Who watches fOI'Othe White patrol and store, Write Box F, care ofl d ‘1‘” HE} S'! at” hotel ’Or’Beclb ‘ “I Said County and Stat-mi v, V ‘ a ‘ , car-S and then highballs it Whey, Journal Office. F_9_18_23_25“3t, 613 w. i . _](, on D ' . ‘ 3051(1“ 01‘ BOND CALL it}, 1. 'q one in Si ht ‘ With Jewelry Store; 9—23—2.)—-2t. V NO. 1. Lot 10, Blur}; 5,l .‘Cniico is hereby given that the fol- e 1" n . g ,' , ‘ ghts Addition 1., sni-lml. i lowing Utility cums, Serif-s of 1335, Pryde said as the finish on On my, VVusliingtun. Oil's-r of Publl", Utility District No. 1 of white cars wears off they. will bc , Mris<'in County. Washington. are called tor payment at the ol'fico of the Trans— urer of said rouxin and that the in- terest on said Bonds will cease oil painted a royal blue, with black fenders. The state patrol in— signa will be in evidence on the "10,, “d No. Lots 8 to 13. Lots 11 and 12. and Vil‘ ph Street and Alley Adi. 2. Block 21. Detroit No. i October 10, 1941: . ._ . , “My. Washington. (Jim-r Public Uiiiiiy Dirtrfiigt No. 1 Utility Sldes 0? the veh‘dest “‘1 White- On N. Builds. Songs of 193:), numbcrcd 36 Othel‘Wlse the (gars Will carry thé‘ 0. .3. Lots, '1 to 4. 9 :‘o to 45, inclusive. ’ , isame e ui Inen I , to 43. Block 1. Lukcwond PUBLIC LTILITY DISTRICT q p N0. 1 OF MASON COUNTY, By F. G. BRIGCS, Managur.’ 9—11—16—18-23»25A5t. l W'1sh‘ 1" . . . . , ‘ mam“ painted in the blue is that in thr Olympia drive by Ser- Lots 1 to 13 and - area, k. , t h % McRuavv'n Third . par ing space, proper y a. Wasliinuzun. (if!er , V geant James Fume l. _ 51/; acres, with some timber. . . l i 3.011“; 01 HEARING The changegin color also, IS an Suitable for business or mum We also Repair wagons, tri- No. 5. SELL NE". Soc-i NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that economy m0ve Pryde said Tr . v cycles bicvoles lawmowcrs l 3"OZ 23 N., mind. i wwi; thi: Board of Conlmissiolicrs of Public, . t t I ‘h.t ' th' try home. Price drastically re- i . w ‘ ' , Utility Dl>[l‘l(fl. No. 1 of Mason County. * pan 3 D8“ r0, ca 1 e i¢0§t5 , about half atc' N0, 6, SEL’, g 21.. 3...... I \Vasliingtcn. haw prepared and placed { state $60. While the new paint jol‘ h 21 N.. Rang-o \V.\V.?.l. on 31‘: 511“Dlilft""!il:)€“i‘\fobgdfigigifi‘ C1331;- , will cost less than half...-thai i ii .4. ,SLEYSTERS FIX-IT ,iic t y .‘ ti . .lJ’.1 ,. . ,. No. 7. N11", ‘1‘}?12: J 15'. for the ensuing fiscal year. anlount' ,. . ,Modern home on easy terms, 4- ‘ . NW“ SVV],; Si‘FliH‘n 'Noiico is furtlim. given that a pub— ~— ' rooms, breakfast nook and N.. Ramp 2 “hill/.31, ll(. licarmg Will ht' hold on tho flint , t ‘ Monday of Ortobi‘ig 1911, (O(2tObGI‘- ‘Cl t, bath, fun basement? furnaCe use i go. Sic-13, swu, goo- (fool ailipo pb'mt, 1inwthelol‘rficeflrlifi 0],] [11's and water heater; garage, trees \ " N.. Rs. igw 1‘. W.VV.M. )llli iv .‘ti l y ‘lS no N. o. , Ur e nset 1‘ ) pin-post» of fixing the linal budget and P , F and ShTUbS’ handy to Stores’ i et . 9. Mil; :iwiz. nuikins the tax levies at which lime asses He 01‘ SChOOl and church- A 30001 buy . nS - 19 N.. i1:m:;w- 7: an}: taxpui'i‘r may 11131103? and be at $2400, $250 down, $25 a mo. l q . . llt‘ui‘d ior or against any part of said B * a. ,5. Vi No. 10. N122. \‘E‘w 1:110:01. g a (J i c, _ i i .‘oclinn 6, Two. 2o Daleil this 14th day of September, i 1 1V . 1 l l l { Silo omit WET suit; 19“ 5.15;: HUI PERT Ta‘coma’ sept' 22“The Closesf “‘1 K%0.ATwp).. 20 321316;: 9~18—25—2t. Seerctai‘y of cm; Brmrd.l apgfoaCh t0 athfmtbgl riinsltom ' 1 (mos . Offr .‘ 1. .._ ‘ ye seen On 859 uge S ope! 51%;”.‘33; 5 gy'w‘mlsfi‘flfi iis promised when Pacific Luther- »' “r 3:18.00. 1 ' “d ian’s aerial acrobats turn lOOSr reall L..DION. . against tricky Gonzagais Bulldogs suror 0f Niacin] min.\.'. I . _ , . f 945. may,” “lggt‘l in Tacoma Stadium Friday high at o’clock, September 26. “We averaged 25 passes a game last year and if the Stadium is dry we will throw ‘better tliar average,’ Coach Cliff Olson said That furious passing pace has carried the Lutherans into twc successive Washington Intercol- legiate conference championships and won them 15 out of 16 game.r the past two years. Gonzaga also is going to use the air. The Zags dropped their opener to a heavier Arizona Statr club, 6 to 0, the past week, bui two Gonzaga forward passe: ' l . N0. 1408 . , , t, FINAL Mu Olympia—Plans liaie been per—i HEM:th . . . . Plyri'rldx FOR l)!S—' fected by the placement dl'VlSloni of the state unemployment com-§ wasg?§§§0§}l pensation and placement depart-l N i ment for a program aimed at ob-l Estate Hf training jobs for military service? bench), givpn “mt tho; men who will be mustered out of; 333m above Estate nus filed: the army between now and the and million 110:; end of the year, according to cohrtthaendmt‘gg‘ Ogilrtmig, Commissioner Jack E. Bates; He said accmmt and to The commissioner said that ap—- “9130113” unto the licirs proximately 2,000 young men, entmea th“"““‘ and “’iresidents of ‘Washington at the time of their enlistment or draft, the is UL. Deceased. (i i" xecutor and closc said i L it‘el‘eby given that said would be returned to private in-i would have been touchdowns ii . .- . -., , . . . . . and ‘Unsgf‘t‘mg-‘j dusu'y, many to JODS awaiting the receiver hadn‘t stumbled. them by their former employer . “Just how many of these selec— tive service‘mcn will need our! help," he said, “we don't know, but we are making every effort to find out before they complete- their service so that we can be prepared to help them find work immediately." Marvin “Tommygun” ‘Tommer-V vik. the little Norwegian siegr gun, and Capt. Marvel Harshmar will handle the Lutheran passini’ assignments. Odds again are wit? the heavier Gonzagans to out score Pacific Lutheran, but thr Droved ability of the Scandinaviar lads to rally from behind agains‘ . at the hour of 10 In the court room. at I in Shelton. ‘ asun‘ lngtou. and any n Obleciion tlivreto trust at Said time and place. 19th day of Se‘ptv‘iribcr, . CLARE ENGELSEN, 0f the Superior Court of " '. W'ashingtnn. hag? ! —-——~*-- iodds suggests anything can hap» ildoiffg‘f‘e Address: 1 Whipped sour cream seasoned‘ pen- with sugar. salt. pepper. lemon GET imam... juice, and vinegar used as a dress- day. Rates lower on longe: .ing for cabbage, cucumbers or ticket for every trip. 250 De, lettuce is an idea worth trying. periods. See Herb Angle Novvv .mwwe—w—w aShington 9—25—10‘209w3t. ant Ads are used by Your friends \-.... .._......._ IANGESD DISTRCT Will-ill A M11101? THE {BUSlNESS ' V WORKING Siciloiis or: SliELTGil “1 improved Lots (in unopened streets 100. As-Low as $10 ' ~» ' 'Veral Blocks, 210 X 240, suitable for opening with some clearing effort, as low as $150 " Better located lots near opened streets, for $20 and $25 . 8 Block, 185 X 250, partly cleared and with fruit . ' fies, can be prepared for building in 1 day, $300. re conveniently located lots fully cleared for ' $100 and up according to location. .1810 several tracts of unimproved lands in the ' bottom of good soil, for sale cheap. Terms to aid builders will be given on any of these ' properties to encourage builders, FOR INFORMATION, SEE . ‘ Angle Building YOU CAN’T SELL UNTIL 9605’ WANT-ADS (13) [ NO. 1414 - 0 T I (‘ E , NOTICE OF HluARiNC 0N FIVAL H S d q HEREBY GIVEN that; REPORT AND l’l‘l’l‘ll’l‘[()N FOR 1 erk’ by the patrol is not an attempt The first patrol car to be re— ‘ Draft-Age College SWELTON—MASON C UNTV JOURNAL ‘ vvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvv ' Real Estate W‘AAAAAAA“.‘AMAAAAAAA ' ’0--“‘>m"* ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS per] LANDSCAPLNG acre Choice reSidCilCC 01‘ small} Years of experience in lawn-mak- farm acreage ajoining Shelton; ing. Contract or 50c an hour., municipality. Terms reasonable] Eight years in Shelton, Plovie, For information See Arthur L.‘ 726 So. First, corner Mill street.’ Ward or write owner. Asa N.i 8-5. 9—5—1M. Ward, 218 U. S. Court House,l . -. 7— g,- - Nashville'."-Tenn. 7-31--9-30—2Mi S H E L T O N FURNITUnE Up- , -—#————-——~— HOLSTERING, furniture recov— FOR‘S‘ALE: 5 acres 213 ft. watep! cred and rebullt, free estimates, - i 714 Ellinor Ave. Joe! '.Nuss—. front With tidelands, good beach, . 1 ¢ _ timber,’ 1/2 acre cleared. 3-roomi bamnwv PTOP- £11208” (Egg ' cottage, spring. water, beautiqu _“ _ ' spot. Bargain.‘ B." Pchrs, Shel-l tonvI-Iotel. Phone 42. I P—9—16-25-—~~4t.; . I lmlassified Service "M l I l l CONTRACTING C A R P ENTER, ‘ alterations and repairs,;_ gener- | a] jobblng. Reasonable rate‘.‘ -H. 17141/2 Ridge Road, } i I ! M. Jones, FOR SALE or TRADE: 31/; acres; near bay, 5-room modern house,i Shelton. Phone 564.3 j . \ 9-12}»10‘—12—’1M. Everything To Make The “Little Tot Happy WAGONS' a SCOOTERS ' TRICYCLES REPAIRS OPPORTUNITIES ' Lunch and Soft Drink place on Navy Yard highway near Un- ion: building 22’x60' has three rooms, counter and ten booths; v completely equipped, oil heat, kitchen range; double driveway, Close-in suburban home 1,4; mile from city limits on good road; 2% acres, partly cleared; new 6-room house with double plumbing, plenty of cupboards and drawers, wash room and fruit room: lots of wood. Be independent, live in the conn- try but close to your work. I‘ Price only $3000 on terms, lib— eral discount for cash. See this now. F1111. COLOR . Kodak Miniecolor Prints For Fugther Details see ANDREWS STUDIO. See M. C. ZINTHEO, RealtorMPhone 157 v..- Title Insurance Bldg. i - . , FILMS duced to $2200, cash. FOR SALE l—room modern suburban home; DEVELOPED J on paved highway, fireplace! basement, plastered with new‘ per r011 paper. Has excellent well kepti Free Enlargement yard with many beautiful flow-1' each mu ers and shrubs: Small conscr- FIR DRUG STORE coupon with vatory attached to home with: many plants. Includes about 2} acres of excellent soil andi gravity water system. This isi' one of the finest suburban’ ' , homes in the county and will make an excellent home. Why . . not see it today if you want a! really fine home that is close{ in. Will sell for $5400 and give- some terms. I Washingtoanhe defense Med—5 iation Board has ordered an in- Vestigation of the entire Douglas fir industry in Washington and Oregon, with a view toward stab— ilizing labor relations. The board directed its commis-l sion, now completing an investi— gation of a dispute in the Puget- i-room modern home, with hard--1 wood floor, fireplace, furnace and basement, 21/2. acres of ex— cellent ground, with fruit trees and large chicken houses. This will make you a. fine surburban home, close in, $28.50, terms, may be arranged. Will trade. Sound area, of Washington be- }-room modern home, nearly new tWecn the Twin District Councill and can be completed into an,and the International W’Ood‘, excellent home. Needs homeiWorkers of America (-010) to finishing inside. enlarge the inquiry to include the‘ Large tract of good land included. Will sell; this property on e'asy "downl payment and terms. Better see it at once ! Herbert G. Angle Angle Bldg. Phone-304 remainder of the industry. Boar-:1 officials said that 'AFL and CIO unions as well as em— ,ployers engaged in lumbering and lsaw mill operations throughout Ithe area had asked for such an ; investigation. “ The Twin District investigation covers about 6 lumbering opera- tions and approximately 10,000 cmployes. The enlarged inquiryl iwill affect between 600 and 700 operations and about 50,000 work-i crs. Board officials said that the inquiry probably would not be1 completed before January. The‘ commission will study, amongi other things, the following: Union and management rela- tionships, wage practices in the area. the general condition of the industry, piece work practices. va- cation policies and the problems of hazard. . The commission is composed of Dr. Dexter M. Keezer. president. of Reed college. Portland, Ore.: Wayne Morse of the University of Oregon School of Law; and Paul Eliel. director of industrial rela- tions, Stanford University, Calif. Students Advised To KeeLStudying Cellege and university students were urged by Dr. Lee Paul Sieg, President, University of ’Washing— ton, to follow the advice of Presi-! dent Roosevelt “to continue the normal course of their education, unless and until they are. called” for military service “so that they will be well prepared for greatest * usefulness to their country." ’ Calling attention to the fact that many students of draft age‘ ,are considering volunteering for the Army or Navy before theyi are called for selective service,i Dr. Sieg characterized any suchl course as “unfortunate.” “Young Americans must be shown," he said, “that America needs not only men to forge can. non and fire them, tO'buil‘d shi s' and plane: 3nd 8311 tand fly meg-t, RestrictiOHS 01] hey mus e ma e o realize that T o rave] Smoking America must train students to -.arl B. Neal, supervisor of the! become experts capable of plan-, ning new armaments and of im—i Olympic National Forest, has re— ceived word from the Regional proving recent designs. “The future of any country rests Forester, Portland that the regu— lations regarding closed areas, “No on "the level of its general intolli-v gencc and education, in the broad- est and highest implications of Smoking While Traveling,” and , those terms.” the carrying of fire tools have now Dr. Sieg. pointed out that the been lifted. due to favorable wea— Selective Servico Act itself post-I thcr conditions. Normally these' pones the service of college and restrictions arc in effect on for-, university students until July 1, est land from July 1 to Septem- 194-1, and assuer the students bot-'10. i that opportunity for promotion to Neal points out, however, that lthe growth of grasscs, ferns and, wocds is very rank this year, and ‘ nonzcommissioncd grades w c u l d be afforded every man in training whctller'lic volunteers or not. , if the wratlicr should turn dry, “College students should stand I this material would quickly be-‘ a very excellent chance for pro-l come very inflammable. For‘this; motion.” he said. “It ,will largely reason he wishes to caution hunt- ’ depend of course, upon the cf— ers and others to be careful with} forts put forth by the studentl firs, particularly burning matches himself.” g g " and tobacco. l NAL W -mm«” 1 vv vvvvvvvvvvvv'vvvvv vvv‘ I that the army plans to buy horses' iin’ TacOma on that day- at 1:00 Orderedliy Gov’t —-————-——_— N x T vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Wanted For Sale .WM AAAAAAAA “A l A AAAAAAAAA‘AAAA A A A 1 \AAA‘ STEADY WORK—GOOD PAY: WOOD: $7.00 Reliable person wanted to call? on farmers in Mason Countyw No experience or capital rc~, quired. Some making $100.00E in a week. Write McNess Co.,’ old growth fir, cord. Any length. Call 265 or write Box 107, Union. S—9-25~—1m. rent (2 and3rooms). Good lo- cation. Very reasonable. Golds- borough Apts, Second and Knee- ] land Streets, Shelton. 5-711”. .FOR RENT: 5—room furnished apartment. 1129 Railroad Ave. LV9—25—1t. Army To Buy Horses At Centralia Oct. 6 Word has just been received from the Headquarters of the Western Remount Area, War De— partment, San Mateo, California, FOR RENT at TAHUYA: new 2-room house with sleeping porch. Furnished or unfurnish- ed. .8115 service to Navy Yard. Write or call John Sebring, Ta- liuya, Washington. 9—18—23—25-30-——4t. in this area on Monday, October! 20. Those who have horses for sale to the army should take them to Centralia, Washington, for in- spection at 9:00 a. m. on that day. The inspectors will also be p.m. The exact places will be announced by the county agents FOR RENT: Clean. airy Sleep— in these counties at a later ,date._ ing rooms. Good beds. 528 Cedar street, corner at 6th St. 8—9-23-25-30. 10-2—4t. J -_. 1 FOR RENT: 7_room house, corner I Second and Euclid. Inquire 213 Euclid. C—9-25—1t. Persons interested in learning the requirements for horses pur- chased by the army should call at the County Agent’s office for a copy of the requirements. .1 LATE MODEL USED CARS FOR SALE ATLAS MOTORS, Inc. IN ABERDEEN 1938 PACKARD 6—CYL. 5-PASS. TOURING SEDAN—— Loads of equipment. New tires and puncture proof tubes. This car is refinished in olive green-— . Price $765.00, 1940 PACKARD‘ 5-PASS. TOURING SEDAN—“Loads of equipment—— $995.00 DODGE 5—PASS TOURING SEDAN—Tires like new. ‘Refinished in golden beige~— Price $395.00 1936 1939 OLDS 5—PASS. TOURING SEDAN ——Refinished in light blue. Clean inside and out‘ ' $735.00 1940 CHRYSLER (New Yorker)—~~Loads of equipment— $1045.00 1939 PACKARD 120 5-PASS. TOURING SEDAN—Over- .drive; other extras; tires new. Clean inside and out. Motor completely overhauled in our shop— Price $859.00 1935 FORD VHS SEDAN ................................................ ..$225.00 1936 FORD v-s SEDAN .................................. ...... ..$245.00 1934 DeSOTO AIRFLOVV SEDAN ______________________________ ..$129.00 1937 FORD PICKUP-~New paint; good tires—— Price $295.00 ———-COURTESY CARS — LOW’ MILEAGE 1941 PACKARD 5-PASS. TOURING SED‘AN——Ovei‘drivc— Price $1195.00 NEW CLIPPER 5-PASS. TOURING SEDAN—~Overdrive,‘ electmatic clutch, white side tires, mileage is 4,000 miles, cost new $1,822.50. Will give a very liberal discount on this car. ATLAS MOTORS, Inc. Packard Sales & Service 209 West Wishkah Street Phone Abrdn 3230 J- Union § ago Seven ADS RATES I I . ll On Classified Advertisements i 10 cents a line (Swords) first insertion, attractively low rates on subsequent insertions. Min- ; imum charge 40c. Classified advertisements ac— cepted over the telephone from F. E. BECKWITH i 2:423, Magnolia St., Oakland, I phone subscribers. Cash should ‘M‘ma' “$28-3 MERCHANDISE i slums: Biliiie°if§r§ir§§ . . _' i of the mOnth to save expense 'ngfi‘gra' gookkeepnlllg ind. ac Ranges , of billing. An extra charge of . b or Sma “51m?” 1 Pacific Range .................. "$15.00) me will be made when billing is grrilsHRgasonable rafei‘ 1115111114691 Umversal Range »- 24-501 necessary. Card of thanks 50c. 0" ’ “mall 9‘20“ 0‘1 “4?: 1 Washington Range .. 34.50l ,_ _ i} , "vvvvvvvw m..- "hwy..- , 1 Lang Range' ___________ ,, _. 29.50 CIassxfledRDisp 21%] Rates on .1 Lange Oil Range .. 79.50 691195 LOSt and Found ,1 Quaker Oil Range .......... .. 99.50I phone 100 - ' 1—2 burner Westinghouse Electr' R ................ .. .50 'FQUlgD: Brown and white heifer 1c ange m W'FV""S"i‘T"""‘ "cal. 'Owner may have same Peater by identifying! 3”?”ng for 1 Wood Heatler ...... ......... ..$29.50 or a e ’ $3,331 frag-,9 Em Sighggrgssgg- 1 Wood Heater . . . . . _ . _ .. 29.50, “““““““““““f’ _-‘_.;.li-___. 3" ' '__:H'[1 Wood Heater _, 19,50: F01: slugs: 1:40 (gftf Ktelvm- . ll Wood Heater ., 2450, a or re rigera or. er ec con- LOST, STRAYED or STOLEN: 11 Oil Heater ________________________ 39,50 dition. $120 cash only. Inquire Male 4'3’631' 01d liver and White 1 Quick Heater Oil Heater J08 Tate. Jr-y MaUOCk StOW- German short-haired and shortl (New) ________________________________ _, 39.50; . 946-254: gggegv P130322} tileward‘ Phone 2 Quick Heater Oil Heaters 59.50,;OYS—mmi—2—Sg b - - - : mg app es , ox. Df—Q-gfi—30—-10-2-7-9-14——6t , . Washers You pick, bring containers. Mrs. ,. . , .. , Ii Norge Washer ................ "$39.50: M- Matthesi Agate- 9‘18‘25"3t' 1 Thor Washer ......... .. .501 ‘ . “ 0 - . . i FOR SALE. 12-foot row boat and ' 1 American Beauty .50“ d a Tides of the Week 1. mm. 3...... _. .50: 22:2,, “Gigi-,0?“ (.5313... "SC? Computed for Oakland Bay [1 American Beauty ............ .. 29.50} Howa’rd, Route 2’ BOX 46, Shep (Hood Canal tides are one hour 1 Apex Wasner .................. .. 29.50; ton. 9-23-25___2t. 8; 55 minutes earlier) lg 1 Wai‘dway Washer __________ _. 24.50, v . " {FOR SALE: 300 fryers and red Fri. Low 4:06 sun. —0.7 ft.l Refrlgerators pullets. Ada Cullison, Capitol Sept..26.}ilgh _lizgg.a.m. .13.: Kelvinator 61/; cu. ft. .... “$89.50* Hill- 9-23-25—~2t- i 2pm. 5. . 1 Kelvinator 51/12 cu. ft. .... .. 79.50_ A . . ~ ---------- u . L r: . . . . - 9-23-25~~2t. £3: 2. Hill. 133,21 Miscellaneous ‘ .— LOW 5246 1"”, 60ft 1 Electric Roaster ______________ __$12.50lFOR SALE: white enamel Mon- High 10:55 p'm' 12'6 ft'll Table, 4 chairs .. 7.50] tag wood range, with copper ' '11 Davenport __________ __ __ 7,50. coils. Practically new. Phone Sun. Low 6:13 am. 0.1 ft. 1 Mohair Chair 750‘ 479. \ N 9-25*1t. Sept. 28 High 1:32 pm. 13.5 ft. Easy Terms Free Delivery 1 Low 6:13 pm. 0.1 ft. 7 Mon High 12‘10am 129ft l Sept. 29 LOW 7:25 am 0.5 ft‘ 123 Cota 117 CoLa 111 Cota } INST U , ' h 2: . 1 . . ‘i‘fw 8.23313 2.33. NASH BROTHERS ilgg 1:332: ---------------------------- -- $33 ,, .. ’ “IV " . Tues. High 1:41 a.m. 11.7 ft. ""m' m" ls“) Clarlnet $ - . $35 Sept. 30 :52: am 12.3 For Rent 1:;3 IIII n $20 1g 1 pm ' ..' ....|$15 Guitar ________ .. $7.50 Low 9.46 pm 4.8 ft. 1 15 V. 1. $6 50 FURNISHED APARTMENTS for W 74 101“ -------------------- -- l I i LARGE SIZE l Duplicating i SALES BOOKS i for 15¢ 4 for 25¢ i 1 65¢ per dozen We also take orders for all kinds of npecial—~ PRINTED SALES BOOKS Our prices are an low or lower than outside salesmen can quota iyou. -, THE JOURNAL l l l CARD 0F THANKS 1 We wish to take this means of lexpressing our great gratitude for . lthe beautiful flowers and many ’acts of kindness extended us in our bereavement in the passing of {our beloved Jake Haller. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Brockshink Bea Forbes. ‘ CARD 0F APPRECIATION We- desire to take this means of extending our appreciation to Jthe friends who were so generous ‘in their expressions of sympathy l and gifts of flowers, and especially to the Mt. Moriah Masonic Lodge for conducting a beautiful service‘ for the funeral for our beloved father, George Hickson. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hickson and family Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hickson and family ‘ Mr. and Mrs. C, L. Clothier James and. Allan Hickson. vavv'rvvvvvvv- m’ , PROFESSIONAL CARDS AAAAMAAWAAA A“ ALDEN C. BAYLEY ATTORNEY AT LAW Title Insurance Building . Opposite First. National Bank Phone 23 Shelton lNSURANCE |' HERBERT G. ANGLE Office at Angle Building ELLIOT B. SPRING Accounting Tax Services Bookkeeping Systems 123 4th St. Phone 565 WITSIERS . FUNERAL HOME Licensed Embalmers W A. Witsiers, Prop. . Phone 180 ~ Shelton. Wash. 1 MT. MORlAH LODGE} , ,v,‘ No. 11 F.&.A.M. Next Regular Communication OCTOBER4 M. H. NE’E‘DBAM Worshipfu'l Master J. L. GATTO, Secretary. m i i l .