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September 30, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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September 30, 1971

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Shelton's undefeated Climber football squad will tangle with North Thurston in this Friday night's home game. This will be the second meeting this year of the Climbers and the Rams, Shelton took the first game twenty-one to seven. Coach Jack Stark, however, expects this to be a much tighter game than the previous match. Stark maintains that his squad will need to play a better game than they did against Timberline in order to win. Stark said that his squad is trying to sharpen up to avoid getting as many penalties as they've had in the last two games. Don't look now, but... I ere JR By CAROLYN KERR Football is a game played between two teams. Each team has eleven players and they run around on a rectangular field chasinga poor defenseless oval shaped ball, which sometimes they kick. Hence the name football. More often than not they end up kicking each other instead of the football. This is usually about all that a woman is expected to know about the game of football. So we must not disappoint the men that may have honored us with their presence by destroying this image! Keeping the above facts in mind at all times, you are now about to read a column about football, and any resemblance to actual facts is purely coincidental. My reflections will be of what 1 have seen and heard at a football game. The game in question being the recent contest between our own BLAZERS and Elma. The BLAZERS are, of course our own toward all of t[ae boys. You never know before the game begins what the outcome will be, what the opposing team will do. This particular game happens to be against Elma; maybe Shelton will come out on top and then again maybe Shelton will blow it. But there is no doubt about the fact that every player is primed and ready to go and will do his best to win. The thing that amazes a person the most while watching these youngsters play - and forgive me for using the term "youngsters" with ninth graders, but this is really all they are - is the way they get out there and start moving the ball around. For a minute you forget they are ninth graders. You remember something you may have seen on television while watching the pros play and suddenly you realize this is what these boys look like - professionals. At least for a minute or two, anyway, the thought goes through your mind. Finally, we are ready to go. By JIM KNEELAND Ten-to-nothing was the score when Shelton gridders headed for the locker room Friday night after having beaten Timberline in a defensive battle. Shelton found out early in the game that Timberline wasn't going to be run over by the awesome Climber running attack as had Shelton's previous foes. Keeping this fact in mind, Shelton quarterback Neal White found himself going to the air more this time than in his two previous outings. White began his passing attack sidelines before being stopped. The Climbers got one first down in the series, but they found their march abruptly interrupted by an interception. Timberline couldn't move the ball, however, and once more they were forced to punt. Timberline put the ball up within reach of Tracy Armstrong. Once again Armstrong raced down the sidelines, this time for thirty-four yards. Shelton was unable to move the ball and forced to kick. Timberline didn't have the ball long, thanks to an interception Junior High 9th grade team. You Both teams are out on the field, on the second Climber series as he and fifteen yard run by Ace LeGault in the first play of the know, those "small", "little"the cheerleaders are ready, connected with Bob Crume for a boys that some day become parents and students all ready to second down play that gained fourth quarter. ttI(;ttCLIMBERS, help with the cheering and the fifteenyards. Finding his first Shelton led the rushing with Now on to some BLAZER band all tuned up and ready to pass successful, White 132 yards, while Timberline was Ramblings: Game night you arriveplay. Even the announcer is there immediately returned to the air, held to forty-two yards on the a little early to bring your child ready to call the plays as he sees however, this time his pass fell ground. The leading Shelton in to his or her various activity, them; sometimes right, sometimes incomplete. The second down rusher was Don Neth with Naturally being there early, you wrong, but as he sees them. play was taken for a yard by Bob forty-four yards. Rob Settle had have a chance to get a good seat; We see the junior high bandCrume, setting up a third downthirty-three yards on the ground. in fact, you can pick any seat in director, who is probably as and nine situation. Rob SettleBob Crume, last week's leading the house. (;enerally speaking, the nervous as the coaches out on the then romped twenty-four yards rusher, had thirty-two yards. fifty yard line seems to be a field trying to get his "team"on a draw play. In the passing department, pretty good spot. From this point organized since he will have to At this point, penalties began Shelton covered seventy-two you can see what is happening all call the first "play" of the game. to show up, as Shelton was fined yards in the air, while Timberline over the field. And afterjll, th~. This will rt?,eaa'The Sta~ Spangled five yards by an illegal procedure had thirty-five. Neal White main id~a t~y "~' toT~.wher~ann~ ~foll0,~,~inetlli~;~ll ~ on a ~and ten play. completed fifty per cent with a Ihe action is. He has my sympathy as he With a first down and fifteen, Bob four for eight record. White also After you are comfortably does his best to get the trumpets Crume got the hand-off, but he had an interception. ,,c:Jted, the first thing you notice is the teams out on the field'going through pre-game drills. Sometimes it is more fun watching the boys go through these various "activities" than it is to see the game itself. What a tremendous example of real team work when you have twenty or thirty guys out there in their lines going through their so called "cals" - jumping-jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, growling or whatever - the things that are so necessary to get the boys in shape both physically and mentally. Football is a rough and tough game and what better protection is there than good conditioning? Whether we like to face the fact or not, injuries do happen, but does this discourage the boys? Certainly not the ones you see out there on the football field. They all go out there and give it everything they have and, hopefully, have a lot of good fun in the process. Some of the players are very good, some average, and some not so good, but in spite of everything they are all willing to give it the old college try. You could call it team spirit! Slowly the people began to arrive and the stands become partially filled. Not quite like a HIGHCLIMBER game. There if you come a little too close to starting time you are not able to find a seat because everything is packed full to the brim. Lower attendance at this game could be explained simply, but the BLAZERS know they do have backing and support from the community, even if it appears on a smaller scale. You cannot help but feel a certain amount of pride when you look out on the field and see our boys in their bright, new, shiny, green and white uniforms, just raring to go. Wanting to do something for the home town and their school. This is one of many feelings you have while you are waiting for things to begin. You are also beginning to feel maybe you came a little too early. Go out and attend a few after school practice sessions and see for yourself how many hours those kids spend night after night after night - grueling, tedious, hard, strenuous type of work to be prepared for the game that is about to begin. When the time finally comes l~r their first home game, their first opportunity to show what they have been working so hard t() learn, pride is the only word to describe how you should feel where they belong, the trombones here, flutes and clarinets there and, drums you are in the wrong spot, get over here. Come on guys we've got 30 seconds and we are on. You really start to worry. Are they going to make it or not? By now you are as nervous as you think the director must be. Then all of a sudden the drum roll comes and the announcer says, "Ladies and gentlemen, our national anthem". Then you receive your first big surprise of the evening, along with a sigh of relief. You find there seated beside you a bunch of 7th, 8th, & 9th graders playing as well as some high school bands. Here we go again with that word "pride" - but what else can you say? One thing is certain: that band director is leading his team with the same dedication and enthusiasm as the coaches will be displaying with the football team during the game. Some of us may not realize that the band is just as much a part of a football game as the team on the field. Believe it or not, we finally have our opening kickoff, with the BLAZERS receiving. Of course, nothing is better than having a touchdown on almost the first play of the game, which is what happens. The thing that amazed me the most was when the BLAZERS kicked off after their first touchdown, they tried an on-side kick. (At least, I think the kick was intended to be that way, only the coach really knows). To some people this does not mean much; in plain language it is a shorter kick that has to go at least ten yards and if a member of the kicking team can get to the ball first, they regain possession. Anyway, there we go, we have the ball again and usually it means another touchdown. That is exactly what happens. Here we are not even four minutes into the game and leading by two touchdowns. All I can do is sit there shaking my head wondering what has happened. There's my pro team in action. Needless to say, the BLAZERS went on to win this game. With a score like 50 to 0, you do a lot of head-shaking. You do feel a little sorry for the other team, but, after all, you are there to support your own boys. You could say the defense played a good game and you could say the the offense played a good game - but it seems like the one-sided score tells it all. found the tough Timberline front wall waiting for him as he was tackled for no gain. Quarterback White went to the air to Doug Long for ten yards. With third down and five, Don Neth tried to hammer out enough yards for the first down, but when the chains were brought in he was about six inches short of the first down. Deciding to go for the first down, White again handed the ball off to Neth. This time Neth made the first down with plenty to spare as he fought for five yards on the fourth and six inches play. On first and ten, White handed off to Rob Settle, who carved out a three-yard hole. White then went to Steve Settle, who rambled for eight yards and another first down on Timberline's 18. As the first quarter ended, White tried a quarterback sneak, only to find a waiting Blazer at the line of scrimmage. Steve Settle then tried to hammer out some yardage but got nowhere as the Timberline defense toughened up. On the third down play, Don Neth fought for six yards to make it fourth down and four yards to go. Per Nolan was then sent in to attempt a twenty-eight yard field goal in the fourth down situation. The attempt was good. Two minutes into the second quarter, Shelton snatched the lead 3-0. The Blazers were unable to get a sustained drive going in the second quarter, as was Shelton, until forced to punt, White booned a punt and the Blazer punt return signaled for a fair catch and then tried to run with the ball. In the Climbers' only touchdown series, Rob Settle lost a yard on the first down play but his brother, Steve, immediately made up the lost yard plus two more besides. On the third down play, speedster Tracy Armstrong broke lose and rambled thirty yards, leaving the ball on the ten yard line. Don Neth then took the ball on in from the ten. Neal White then made the extra point. Timberline then made a desperate attempt to get on the score board before the half, but a i last second pass attempt was failed by Terry Knight as he intercepted the ill-fated pass. The second half, although scoreless, was highlighted by some spectacular running, two interceptions and a fumble. Tracy Armstrong took the Timberline kick off at the opening of the second half and twenty yards down the Tracy Armstrong was the leading pass receiver with twenty-nine yards. Bob Crume got thirteen yards through the air. Shelton's Junior High Blazers rambled over Elma in a 50-0 rout in the game which was played on Loop Field last Thursday evening. Scoring for Shelton came rapidly as Marty Settle romped thirty-five yards down the field for a touchdown. Settle then made the P.A.T. On the very next Shelton play, Bob Davis made a forty-five yard run to make another six. After he made the extra points the score was sixteen to nothing. Later in the first quarter, quarterback Bob Christensen completed an eight yard pass to Hey, kids/ Pick up that at the Friday & Saturday Page 10 Shelton-Mason County Journal Thursday, September ), 1971 THE LONE TOUCHDOWN in Friday's Shelton-Timberline the Highclimbers' Don Neth after a ten-yard ramble. Other in the picture are Wayne Alexander (20), Tom Brigham (85 (20) and Mike Sheetz (75). i :; SHELTON QUARTERBACK Neal White is greeted by a Timberline defender as he attempts to move the ball during Friday's contest. Boys Win EnioY lifetime A CLUTCH OF CLIMBERS hurry to help a teammate who has delayed a Timberline ballcarrier. m .U,~" , Mark "Iuson for another six points. Christensen ran for the P.A.T. and made the score twenty-four to nothing. Scoring in the second quarter slowed down somewhat, as only one score was made. Roger Arndt made a twenty yard trip to the goal line to make the score thirty to nothing after the P.A.T. failed. In the third quarter, Christensen made another touchdown pass to Mark Tuson. This time the pass was for seven yards. The extra point failed. Bob Christensen came back a few minutes later with a thirty-six yard bomb to Paul James for another six, again the P.A.T. failed. The next score came for Roger Arndt with a fifteen yard touchdown, and again the P.A.T. was no good. Total statistics for the game showed the Blazers with 298 yards compared to Elma's 94 yards. This week's game will be here against Hopkins of Aberdeen. The Thursday afternoon game will be played at 2:00 p.m. on Loop field. cdn Dad Come in smen! For Hunting ... Fishing ... .. Camping ... rely on ... GERBER HUNTING KNIVES from $7.50 man who owns a Gerber Hunting Knife, knows he owns the best" available at 5th & Franklin 426-3283 Z