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September 30, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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September 30, 1971

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ill rews Bill Andrews, son of Rev. and Mrs. William F. Andrews, recently completed a year in Sweden as an exchange student under the International Christian Youth Exchange program. Rev. Mr. Andrews is the pastor of the United Methodist Church here. During his stay, Bill lived with a family in Jakobsberg, a suburb of Stockholm. He will be attending Claremont Men's College, Claremont, Calif., this fall. In the following letter, he wrote to his parents about a visit a group of exchange students took to Russia. Dear Family, We just got back from Russia last week and trying to get a letter off hasn't been too successful an idea with all the graduation parties that have been going on (1 went to ten). Finally, however, I found some time. I really want to thank you for giving me the chance to go. It was really too tremendous to believe. The time Survey The Shelton Seventh Day Adventist Church is presently conducting a community wide flew by so fast that it seemed almost like we had just gone through customs before we were coming out again. With all the stories I had heard about Russian customs I was scared stiff after just going past the Russian border guards with sub-machine guns slung over their backs. I don't know why but I was. However after getting back to the bus after they checked my bags everything was O.K. After that first encounter I (and the rest) all seemed to realize that they're really not as terrible as they're made out to be and that they're just following orders. In fact when we came out of customs the second time (when returning to Finland) our whole mood had changed from one of silence and nervous anxiousness to one of normalness. That first day we were up at 3:30 and away at 5:00 as we didn't want to get held up at the border by a whole line of people waiting to get in. So we stopped one more time to get western-style food for those who hadn't eaten and to buy trinkets to trade with the natives. I, thinking that postcards were the big trading item bought several, only to find out minutes later in Russia that chewing gum is the big thing, although ballpoint pens, buttons and cigarettes are also high up there. One kid offered his belt for a ballpoint pen although the big thing offered were Lenin buttons. By trading away two ISI OVI poor quality I might add, at about $11.00, and a sweater that looked like fairly high quality running at $34.00. Black and white TV's are $950. Food is about on the same line so people for the most part do not own .more than one or two sets of clothes. tour of the downtown area visiting such places as St. Isaac's Cathedral, Alexander's Column (so large that it took 2,000 men to get it in place with the help of pulleys), and The Hermitage. We did not have time to go into the Hermitage unfortunately, but that'll leave me something to see next time! It all went by so fast that it is impossible to see everything. Leningrad is a very beautiful city, something like the Old City in Stockholm, which is spread out over 400 islands (not sure about that piece of information). The next day it was off to Moscow - 550 miles away. We made two stops on the way, one at Novgorod which is over 1000 years old. There is a church in the Kremlin there that dates from the 1 4th Century and was where many of the arch-bishops of that time and on till the 18th Century lived. It has some fantastically beautiful hand-painted ceilings and walls with many hand-carved doors and pieces of furniture. We made one more stop for dinner in Kalinen, and then late that night pulled into Moscow. (One interesting side point: there are only seven gas stations between spectacular of each and every building, but in doing so sadly neglecting the people. Much like New York. The people in the city as a whole might have it better than those in the country, but still I really don't know as l met but two Russians who were not connected with hotel staff or our tour. One tried to sell five girls to me and my two friends and another who wanted to trade 60 rubles ($66) for 100 Finnish marks ($25). As I pointed out before, the prices are so high for Russians at their own stores that by trading even at such prices as the one above tried to do, they are able to buy more at a Beriozka Shop (which accepts only foreign currency) for $25 than at Gum for 566. ttowever to prevent tourists from selling clothes or trading money they regulate your trade by checking your money when you come in and when you go out, and if the two sums and receipts (that must be saved after buying each item) do not reasonably match they have the right to confiscate your items, put you in jail, etc. They received this right when you filled in your toll declaration and signed your name after reading the Soviet law. One girl in our group sold a maxi coat for ten Rubles and bought some records with the ten rubles. She however did not have a receipt saying she had changed that much money, but the guards were very nice and did not give her a lot of trouble and let her e Union in the 1790's three years to build it. For example each floor in each room was different and in a piece of floor about 6" x 9" sixteen different types of wood would be brought together to form a truly magnificent floor! The same applied to the walls, ceiling, furniture, paintings, etc. Outasight! At his peak of power he owned 210,000 serfs!! That afternoon our whirlwind tour continued as we viewed the Lenin Fair. Here there are about seventy buildings dedicated to the Economic and Scientific achievements of the Soviet Union. A truly gigantic exposition which lies near the tower dedicated to the cosmonauts. Again I was impressed by the size and the amount of work put into it. Although our time was rushed we were able to look at a couple of buildings and so we took a look at what might be called Space Achievements. It was a lot like the Seattle Science Center but on a larger scale. The next day it was the Lenin Mausoleum where Lenin's body is. Lenin does not look that impressive: very small, balding. Really, kind of gave me the creeps looking at a body dead for almost fifty years. Afterwards we visited the winter palace of the czars which houses now many of the czar's treasures, such as a pure ivory throne, a carriage drawn by thirty horses, crowns filled with diamonds and jewels, and a little called "boa-boa" because it comes from Boga (my Russian script isn't too good) machines, that is pretty good. Before we left I and the other U.S. exchangee in Sweden on the trip had one little (?!) scare when we found out that our visas expired a day earlier than the others. However after going to a building in downtown Leningrad and after our guide talked to an inspector we found out that our visas were O.K. Whew! Must say that 1 wasn't too nervous, at least not as much as I was coming into Russia that first time. After coming into Helsinki I hopped the first boat back to Sweden so I could catch the last day's festivities at school. It really got to me when I stepped into class that last day and they clapped for me. I have really gotten close to them and it was really hard saying goodbyes when I knew I'd never see many of them again. But it was hard to stay down with all those graduation parties. The next month Eli be more or less relaxing around the house and then on Aug. 7 1"1t leave Stockholm and Aug. 9 Europe. The time has really been flying by and I'm really looking forward to coming home although at the same time wanting to remain here in Sweden. A mixed feeling of emotions... Bill Hurryl Supplies may be Prices good Thursday RUBBING ALCOHOL REGULARLY 59 NOW 12 OZ. LIQUID. REG. $1.98 NOW 14 OUNCE SIZE. REGULARLY $3.33 NOW A $3.04 VALUE COMPROMISE MAKES a religious interest survey. This is a pieces of bubble gum I got two Leningrad and Moscow and only pass through without confiscating silver and gold flower with petals good umbrella, but a poor roof; it NoVV time when it appears to be buttons and then I bought eight four in the whole of Moscow her records or doing anything, about as large as a fingernail, is a temporary expedient, often popular to talk about religion, it buttons. 1 have quite a button which has 61/2 million people. Anyway the rest of the day which when moved open, each wise in party politics, almost sure is felt that it might be interesting collection. One American I met Reason - cheapest cars are was spent in touring the Kremlin. with a hand-painted portrait of to be unwise in statesmanship. 12 EXPOSURE KODACOLOR to find out what people really had perhaps 100-150 on his $4,500 and to get a driver'sThe three churches were our main each of the czar's daughters! James Russell Lowell think about it. The results of the jacket. Getting back to our story, license you have to be able to item of the day. They were much There were countless such items 3~'/2 x 3'/2 OR 3V2 x 5 survey will be tabulated and we continued to Vyborg where take apart and put a motor back like that we saw at Novgorodthat are just unbelievable. ~ DEVELOPING 69 ..,,,AI submitted to the local news we met our guide, a Czech-born together. Consequently most except that on the outside theyThat night several of us went Smokey Says: PRINTS 19 EACH. IMUVV agencies for publication at a later Russian from Kiev. The rest of people walk.) were even more exquisite with six to one of the most fascinating and _. date, probably in the spring, the day was spent traveling to When we stopped at our to ten solid gold or at least almost brilliant performances I could Results obtained so far Leningrad although one stop was hotel we got the surprise of our solid gold domes on each church ever hope to see, that being Swan KOBACOLOR indicates that a high percentage of m a de at a r esor t t own, lives when we learned that right that shone and sparkled as the sun Lake. rm not really what you'd the people responding to the Zelengorsk, which lies on the gulf across the street was the Kremlin, struck. Tremendous! There is no call a ballet nut but I want to see 20 EXPOSURE SLIDES questions feel the need for a of Finland. For the most part the R e d Square, the Lenin way that you can really capture that again for sure. The ballerina OR ''W higher spiritual experience, and land was all forest, such as may be Mausoleum (? spelling) etc. ltwas the true magnificence of those was tremendous!!!!! and along 8 MM MOVIE FILM NU that they realize that they are not found in Washington, althougha little too late to see too much structures without having seen it with the rest of the cast plus the too well acquainted with the there were no mountains or even except the red stars placed on the yourself. The domes and the costumes, scenery, and music was Bible. It is hoped that a greater hills. The people we met werewalls of the Kremlin. frescoes inside are really just brilliant. Don't know enough interest in Bible study will result, very friendly, waving to us and The next morning we took a exquisite, ttowever pictures were adjectives to describe that II"I'EI|'l's-- Pharll The survey is being made door smiling. However houses were for tour of the outside of the Kremlin forbidden inside the churches, performance. With that our stay to d oor throughout the the most part old and beginning and the rest of the city. Moscow The next day we went to one ended in Moscow and it was back community by the local people of to decay. The people themselves is really gigantic, tt stretches as of the twenty-three mansions of to the West and Sweden. Couple Open 9:30 to 7:30 weekdays and the Seventh Day Adventist were dressed in what would befar as the eye can see. Huge Shermeten, the founder of the of food side points - delicious ice 9:30 to 6 p m. SaturdaY Church. Target date for called hand-me-downs but after columns and pillars are the style arts in Russia. Perhaps it is even cream (best I've tasted), excellent f. completion is Feb. 25, 1972. The visiting Gum Department Storewith all state-owned buildings more fantastic than the churches beefsteak, terrible water (messed interest and courtesy shown to (in Moscow) it is no surprise to although Russian Government as in the Kremlin, when one thinks up my stomach for a week), 5th & Fronklin 42 those making the survey have me. Prices are incredibly highwith a whole seems to want to impress that it took the top 1000 everything food-wise is greasy, tluntera----wateh your smokes been greatly appreciated, items such as a white shirt, very everyone by the hugeness and the carpenters, painters, etc. in Russia and a soft drink which we fondly And warming fires! 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