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September 30, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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September 30, 1971

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Starts nity Ca r Was kickoff day for annual Community drive of the by the calendar by the local club care for the needy Worthy causes, Ray Prouty, this project chairman. club provided and eye or Mason County Participated in the Ink program at gton. !elton club also for local foster parents during the summer. The work that goes into the calendar project is well worth the effort, according to Prouty, when the club receives letters such as the following: "Dear members of Lions, "I am the foster child in which your club made it possible for me to have my glasses changed when you paid the bill. "I am very grateful to all of you. I needed my glasses quite badly but could not afford to have them fixed myself. "I am no longer a foster child and I can always look back and say it was people like you who helped me get through. "Thank you again." t Given Foursquare Sets ~rnployment under Special Speaker (all programs) decreased Coming to the Foursquare 71 for the weekChurch for just one service, Oct. 5 18, 1971,at 7 p.m., will be Rev. and Mrs. E. Daly,~John Beard. This is a Negro ton e S o f t h ecouple who have given their lives en t e c u r i t y and talents to the Lord. There luding those benefits the was 90,229, the previous ed total. will be lots of singing and a gospel message to climax the evening. For further information call Rev. Lewis Wysong at 426-3305. of a labor le increase in fruit ributed to the in insured HAIN'T WE got all the fools in town on our side? And ain't that a big enough majority in any town? Mark Twain 426-2692 AI Browning, Owner IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII \ REPRESENTING MASON COUNTY at the annual state 4-H dress revue contest, Tina Nelson, reached finals of the annual style event this weekend. Tina, 16, Allyn, modelled purple pants suit of bonded acrylic which judges awarded a blue ribbon. The 4-H'ers sewing project features bell-bottom pants and a belted tunic top with raglan sleeves. Tina is a junior at North Mason High School and says she has been sewing for eight years. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Nelson. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Bowling News Bowling News IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WOMEN'S COMMERCIAL Women's Hi Game: Jean Ream 195. Women's Hi Series: Marge Witcraft 552. Standings: Timber Bowl 12-4; Kelly's Furniture 12-4; Certified Manufacturing 10-6; Fuller Construction 10-6; Ming Tree 9-7: Jim Pauley's 9-7; Ogden's Radio & TV 8-8; Brown Logging 8-8; Lumbermen's 6-10; Gott's Oilerettes 6-10; Eells & Valley 3-13; ARCO 3-13. Fuller Construction 4, Lorraine White 398; ARCO 0, Cindy Anderson 376; Kelly's Furniture 4, Jean Ream 526; Ming Tree 0, Kathy Motherwell 443; Timber Bowl 3, Dion Strozyk 499; Ogden's Radio & TV 1, Marge Witcraft 552; Brown Logging I, Rea Brown 470; Certified Manufacturing 3, Colleen Yorke 512; Fells & Valley 0, Wendy Rogers 372; Gott's Oilerettes 4, Charleen Smith 438; Lumbermen's 0, Syble Ristine 451; Jim Pauley's 4, Sara Watkins 423. SHELTON RECREATION Women's Hi Game: Adair Neau 223. Women's Hi Series: Adair Neau 506. Standings: Trail Blazers 81/2=31/z; Dairy Queen 7-5; Hoodsport Cafe 7-5; Shelton Rec. 61/2-5Vz; Puget Sound National Bank 6-6; Harpers 5-7; D&E Trophies 5-7; B&J Mart 3-9. B&J Mart 1, Edith Chamblin 378; Puget Sound Nat. Bank 3, Adair Neau 506; Shelton Recreation 4, Donna Coleman 490; Harpers 0, Bobble Bannett 486; Trail Blazers 2, Maxine Waite 399; D&E Trophies 2, Darlene Cuzick 428; Dairy Queen 1, Martis Monger 477; Hoodsport Cafe 3, Helen Spaulding 422. 309ERS Men's Hi Game: Floyd Jackson 204. Men's Hi Series: Floyd Jackson 554. Women's Hi Game: Dot Ridout 161. Women's Hi Series: Dot Ridout 452. Standings: Don't Bees 9-3; Misfits 9-3; Latecomers 7-5; Repeaters 7-5; Detention7-5; Rithmetic 6-6; Recess 5-7; Scholars 5-7; Redin' 5-7; Flunkies 5-7; Professors 4-8; Dunces 2-10. Scholars 0, Jack Swanson 428; Flunkies 4, Dell Abelein 435; Redin' 3, Mike Brandt 492; Dunces 1, Marge Temple 385; Don't Bees 3, Dot Ridout 452; Recess 1, Bob Owens 448; Latecomers 1, Rand Petersen 455; Repeaters 3, Lloyd Goodwin 415; Misfits 2, Darrol Martin382; Rithmetic 2, Tom River 461; Professors 0, Larry Lyle383; Detention 4, Floyd Jackson 554. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1!111_1!. SUNDAY MIXED FOURSOME Men's Hi Game: Del Hartwell Jr. FRATERNAL 202. Men's Hi Game: Lee Eaken 214. Men's Hi Series: Jim Tobin 542. Men's Hi Series: Jerry Mallory Women's Hi Game: Char Tobin 593. 185. Standings: Eagles 10-2;Moose Women's Hi Series: Char Tobin Heads 9-3; Lions Club 8-4; 495. Shelton Hardware 7-5; Moose Antlers 6-6; Bull Moose 6-6; Renecker Const. 6-6; Western Auto 5-7; Fuller Const. 5-7; Nimrod 4-8; American Legion 4-8; Rotary 2-10. Nimrod 2, Lee Eaken 549; Fullers Const. 2, Bill Johnson 582; Eagles 4, Carl Hellman 529; Renecker Const. 0, Dennis Renecker 481; Moose Antlers 2, Lloyd Clark 512; American Legion 2, Rusty Nicholson 478; Moose Heads 3, Jack Barnes 480; Lions Club 1, Jerry Mallory 593; Western Auto 2, Charles Adams 549; Bull Moose 2, Roy West 543; Shelton Hardware 3, Frank Willard 539; Rotary 1, George Lemagie 516. Standings: Sundowners 10-2; Ding-a-Lings 9-3; Moonshiners 9-3; Hooters 7-5; Pink Elephants 61/2-51/2; ,Farmers 6-6; Go-Getters 6-6; Ranchers 5-7; H2OKgS 5-7; Odd Balz 3-9; Timber Ducks 3-9; Prospectors 21/z-91/z. Ding-a-Lings 4, Bill Bead 487; Timber Ducks 0, Jack Frost 493; H2OKgs 1, Carl Ettlin 500; Go-Getters 3, Jim Rossmaier 484; Prospectors 11/2, Mike Hughes 475; Pink Elephants 21/2, Ken La Bresh 438; Farmers 1, Wayne Clary 510; Sun Downers 3, Jim Tobin 542; Ranchers 1, Bill Brown 495; Hooters 3, Gene Benedict 493; Odd Balz 2, Del Hartwell Jr. 488; Moonshiners 2, Ernie Pleines 480. COAST TO COAST STORES BOOTS ,setter boots with rag, foam rubber toes. Moss finish. Sizes 13 -1 thru THERMOS SAFETY HEATER Lightweight, portable. No danger- ous fumes, no combustion, no flame. Produces 5000 BTU's per hour. (SE0475-7) A. ANy TWO OR 59 EA. A. Mastercraft windshield washer solvent and anti-freeze gives absolute anti-freeze protection down to -10. 12-oz. can. (AC0107-7) B. Mastercraft radiator stop leak, fast, efficient sealer for the entire cooling system. Works with any type of anti-freeze. (AC0606A1) C. Mastercraft water pump lubricant and rust inhibitor. Use with all types of COOlants, Neutrali 7as actds caused byanh-freezes. (ACO623A0) VACUUM BOTTLES QUALITY _ SMOOTH ACTION FROM COAST-TO-COAST sl 267 Pump shotgun in 12, 20 or 410 Full, modified and Improved cylin- for 3" magnum and 2.314" Hammerless, side ejection action with bolt safety. 4 shot magazine plus one r. (SA0700-8 to SA0708-O) A Ray Prouty, Owner A. Aladdin Vanguard pint bottle. Super tough plastic case, Good value for the school or work lunch box. (WK0385-0) 8. Thermos Keapsit pint vacuum bottle. Sturdy steel case, stronglas filler. Increase bag or lunch box enjoyment at a thrifty price! (WK0417A0) Thermos pint wide mouth Vacuum bottle. (WK0378-9) $1.97 t Rev. and Mrs. T.J. Spier Alliance Church Slates Couple As peakers Here Rev. and Mrs. T. J. Spier, New Symrna Beach, Fla., will conduct a "New Life Crusade" Oct. 3-10 at the Mt. View Alliance Church here. There will be special music led by Mrs. Spier at every session. There will be services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Oct. 3 and at 7:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Spier served 25 years in the Alliance Mission Daniel Yarr Medal Maj. Daniel C. Yarr, son of Mrs. Don Yarr, Shelton, was recently presented with the Distinguished Flying Cross in a ceremony. The presentation was made by Brig. Gen. George Loving. The award was made for distinguishing himself by extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight as a C-130 commander in May, 1969. The major is a 1952 graduate of SheltOn High School. THOUGH MEN be much governed by interest, yet even interest itself, and all human affairs, are entirely governed by opinion. David Hume THE DESTINY of any nation, at any given time, depends on the opinions of its young men under five-and-twenty. Johann Wolfgang yon Goethe pastorate in Canada, Georgia and at Spokane. They are now evangalism work. Florida, doing r Cones Being Just as squirrels store the seeds of cone-bearing trees for future use, so do men; and right now both have a chance at the biggest crop of cones in five years. Squirrels store the seeds to eat. Men in timbered areas throughout Washington, Oregon and California store the seeds to plant, hoping to grow more trees to meet the future needs - of men and squirrels. "I expect industrial tree farmers alone to gather about 100 tons of tree seed in Washington, Oregon and northern California this fall," Lee Pugsley, chief Oregon forester for Simpson Timber Co., estimated. "That will give the forest industry on the West Coast a new backlog of some eight billion seeds - enough to plant more than 35 trees for every man, woman and child in the country. Public forestry agencies will add more to that total." Pugsley said Simpson has 40 buying stations in the three states and that fir cones are bringing pickers between $4 and $6 a sack. Ten of Simpson's stations are in n orthern California, where company purchases include redwood cones. and from See the all new "On the Street" In She~ton on While in Shelton, stop at 1st. & Grove and Check Out these New '71's at special 1971 KINGSWOOD ESTATE WAGON 3-seat, tinted glass, air conditioning, turbo., power steering, whitewalls, radio. Was $5604, NOW 1971 OLDS. DELTA H.T. SEDAN Tinted glass, full power, whitewalls, tilt steering wheel, radio. Was $504], NOW 1971 EL CAMINO Turbo., power steering, whitewalls, rally wheels, positraetion, radio. Was $3937, NOW power steering, special suspension, radio. Was $5094, NOW Parts & Service, Men. thru Sat. 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