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September 30, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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September 30, 1971

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Best wishes to Mrs. Bessie Kaemmle now at home and taking it easy since having major surgery three weeks ago. While Bessie says she is stiff and sore yet, she feels much Menard Road in the future. Mrs. Jerry Hudson will be hostess chairman when this club is host for the meeting of the Central Interclub Council meeting on November 10. CR5-3317 for more about them. Mr. and Mrs. Aleck Works, and family of David 17, Jerry 14, Randy 11, Ricky 9, and Ellen 6, are settled in the former Friday's meeting was a special meeting to consider the budget only and the other subjects would have to be brought up at the next regular meeting. Commissioner Harold Hillman said he had heard complaints of people not having access to the dock and he was looking into the matter and it would be taken care of. He explained that he had gone that the matter could be taken out of their hands and local people would lose control of their Port district facilities. Besides Livingston, the audience included Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Wentlandt and Mrs. Lynn Stevenson of South Shore area and Mel"Smith of Allyn. Smith said it was his first visit to a Port commission meeting and he, and By JEANNINE PETERSON -- 426-3815 Don't forget to notice the our community, lone Woods, a doctor lost track of how many telephone number at the top of new member of our Aux. is going stitches as there were stitches this column. Dial it at least once a to be chairman of the party, so if inside and outside. He can't use week and give me your news! you would like to offer your the arm for at least 8 weeks. Take By LENNIA CA TES --CR 5-2245 ' ~-~-~,T~ ............. Since Tamer's dog Tammy night games leave me KOLD due has been "confined to quarters" to the commentators. They exude due to, of all things, diabetes, in great detail about what play don't get to see much of her will be made next and what or anymore. We talk to her on thewhy the last play was made or telephone from time to time (for should have, blah, blah! Give me heaven's sake, don't tell Ann Keith Jackson any day!! McDonald home. They moved to through the Port papers the others were invited to attend When 1 started this column talents, call lone and pledge your care, Run, and get well soon.LaRders about it) but that's notWith the cool weather slowly Incidentall Run is a full fled ed the same as in person, sneaking up on us, a prelude to better than before the hospital The next quarterly meeting Bear Creek from Lewiston, concerning the lease and had the regular meetings, every first yesterday all I had written on my help. Denutv w~th the Mason cougt Anyway Ken and Kay winter, now is a good time to stint. Then, too, it is handy to be will be for Christmas on Montana learned that the Oyster company Wednesday at Belfair firehall, to reminder list was "Wind". We Before the Christmas party, Sherif('s De--artment now It'~ brought her up last week to see us check those furnaces, chimneys home with friends and neighbors December 12 at 2:00 p.m. Mr. "Works is employed at owns part of the land on which bring up questions concerning have had such a time with ouron November 19th, the Auxiliary comfortin- t~ know we have our and by the looks of her svelte and proper venting stopping by to visit and share Our congratulations and best PSNS as an engineer. Mrs. Works the dock is built but that they topics other than the budget, boat lately, that's all I thought of has its semi-annualrummage sale. own law ~enforcement officer on figure I think I'll start going to Electricity is another source goodies, wishes are combined with the has been busy canning fruit, had agreed to keep the dock freeBelow is a copy of the 1972 as "news" (besides I had no calls Right now the rummage room The Mission-Tiger-Panther wedding bells that will ring on sewing, and trying to slow down and clear for public use. budget for the Port of Allyn as all week). Twice last week it blew looks pretty bare. Clean out those the lake', her veterinarian - sans of problems and perhaps we Lakes Improvement Club had October 23 at the Belfair to milking just one cow after In considering the request inpassed by the Board: from the north so hard it pulled closets and drop all those . " . medication that is. Yes, she has an expect too much from one or two H~s many friends were insulin shot every morning and outlets by over-loading, so try not their quarterly meeting on Community Church for Miss having milked 20 Holstein cowsthe petition, Board members said, " the screws right out of the dock unwanted goodies off at the fire saddened to hear of the sudden a--arentl- thinksita "fun t - - " Sunday, September 19 at the Bear Penny Bishop and John Matson,each day at their former home.by law, they. had to have a ClerksOperatingexpenseS;salary $300 00 that held the bracket that held hall. Work parties will be Ream .......... oi Mr L u LoseLman o[ ...... PP tv Y ...... o make an ash oi you or your Creek Community Club building. Jr. The engagement was The family pets include this Comprehenswe Plan and that .......... the boat. Tore all the rubber off organized to work rummage in ..... '," " ~ ,, ,. sd,.v .. Rouse an(] take precauuonary Attorney fee 600 00 the boat and the hose off thethe near future. ~eattie,. aeveloper ol raraolse Jim and Joy Walker spent the steps now!! Due to the absence of the regular announced last week by parents one very gentle cow, three $6,000 would not be enough to . . " .......... officers, Mr. Joe Hudson, vice of the bride-elect, Mr. and Mrs. Siamese cats (one is royal and two finance it. They said if the Port Office Supphes ......... 50.00 dock. We weren't prepared forAll dogs of Mason Lake hear ~,stat.es. ~mcteo as a member oi last part of their vacation at their Glenn and Beverly Shatz's president, took charge of theStanley Bishop. Her fiance is the are commoners), and two dogs. Publications ........... 200.00 such a strong north wind. It was a this: There is a mean old me tsoara after the Development place here at Shorebrook after a many friends joined forces a was turned over to the property couple of weeks of visiting couple of Sundays ago and meeting and Mrs. A. R. Larking son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Matson, Mrs. Works said that she is Insurance ............. 800.00 real roller... All our neighbors porcupine loose and leaving fiwners, he se~ed as the groups relatives in Idaho, Oregon and proceeded to put a new roof on was acting secretary-treasurer. Sr. very content in the new home but HOLIDAY CLASSES Utilities .............. 3"00.00 were up between 3 and 5 a.m. calling cards in dogs' noses. Just Hostesses for the meeting were We have some new neighborshas one concern. The open range T ......... State examiner ......... 400.00 jrs.t, treasurer, ne was nomlnatee California. They brought us back their home. -- o netp get,].nto me swmg.oI State taxes ............. 25.00 re-tieing or moving their boats, ask McGee's dogr to me ~oaro. at rest Jmy s annual some of those delicious spuds and I wouldn't exactly say it Mrs. Joe Hudson and Mrs. Judy to meet and welcome. So let'sget law of Montana is that motorists me coming nonaay season, me .~ . We should have had a coffee Birthday gals of the monthmeeting but declined the ohio vv " "- l;af, acquainted and make that a warm watch out for animals that ~ravei expenses hour.., are Molly Vaughn, Margaret . . . ns from Idaho - thanks., needed one, but Bev was runnmg P emnsula Nl.ght School ..has & Dues..: ..... :... 500.00 ...... nommatmn He will be m~ssed by Committe~ reports included welcome, manage to evade the fence andplanned a serms o~- mter~nng Re-airs and . A fire ~h~rm was turned in a Haggstrom and Gladys Lloyd. (we . " " Personally I am sort of a out of nots and nuns to cook in problem of many burnt out r Moving from Port Orchard to ' roam along or on the road. Is classes. P couple of Saturday nights ago, won't mention the years) Happy ms manY mends at Paradise. football nut, but these Monday whenever it rained!!! :~tors and electrical equipment the picturesque log house nearthere such a law on the Old F ........... . ImprOvements ..... 30,0gO.00 but just a large bonfire was all ~ Birthday~ , ! had the nicest telephone call ~,~ mu~e waD ate to sew .,. . L ~ I ve had since writing this column ..... past winter due to power Bear Creek are Mr. and Mrs. Don Be/fair Highway for wandering there is " :,. L ........ mannmg .................. a class ,w,, ,~,,.~l~ ig~t .... 1 ~t~q firemen found. A teenage part[ Ben and Dick Schnettler A gentleman from Shelton called -ldlrl~ An, . PrOblems. The Health and Safety Ericks0n and children Wendy, livestock? " rmsc ................. ideas, or to make decorating your ....... ;';,;'~,7, was in process at the public entertained Mr. andMrs. Richard after readingabouttheduckswe '" North Moson report had only one incident on Randy and baby Dawn. Mr. Driving like the wind for the home more interesting try thenotat ............. ,Jo,~a.t,u access. Someone threw a Elverude from Medford, Oregonfeed out here at the Lake in the ~ ,d'/f"~/~k ~I~ Tiger Lake of fishing versus water Erickson is a carpenter with the visit home, and passing all the 'Candle Making Class' or how Investment fund $39,612.70; cardboard box on the fire and it last week. Bea is going to take winter and wanted to donate ~! tZ~llll~*~K'~il | . , . skiing; and noted that the firm constructing the new tourist spots was the vacationabout learning tomake avarietyAug. Balance $5,437.75; really looked liken doozy. The care of Richard's mother while some feed for them when the ice IV~L~tl~)Hinh School News sanitation of the lakes is addition to Harrison Hospital. plan of Mrs. Vivian Bier. She of new and delicious cookies, Estimated balance Dec. 31, 1971 same night a party, (evidently) she is recuperating from openand snow sets in. Ills wife was ~h,,."~l~k~ ' ~:~ dependent on septic tanks Mrs. Erickson collects furniture drove from HoldeR Massachusetts breads and c_andies in the 'Holiday $45,050.45; Estimated 1972 was taking place across the lake heart surgery, visiting here recently and fed the :"~ l/,,..t"~" properly installed and maintained with claw feet and has a very rare in four days by romping through Baking Class. If you re looking taxes $15,000.00; estimated tax from us in the undeveloped area Other guests around the lakes ducks, and commented on how By RONA HARPER in the new homes as well as the round table with carved camel the turnpikes up throu~h Ohio and for a unique gift for someone who collections 1971 $3,000.00; between Calm Cove and were Mr. and Mrs. Norberg from tame they were. He was very old. feet in the living room. She also Indiana, then on to the f"-reeway for has everything - aclassin Broom Rentals $1,680.00; Estimated Simpsons. Lots of yelling and cars northern Sweden. She is a 2nd reluctant to give his name as he I ~ I The Road Committee works with statuary forms a safe arrival at the home of her Making is being offered. Bob Budget $38,175.00; estimated were buzzing in and out. No fires cousin to Margaret Haggstrom.was thinking of the ducks, not his The girl's tennis team got off marching at the first home game reported that lethargy has taken applying a finish that looksparents, Mr and Mrs Lester Just Ziegler, a Gig Harbor resident, investment fund $26,555.45; or lights visable, but it was a quiet They went from Haggstrom's to a good works, tie and his wife to a good start this season with a or not. They are still deciding over the .former interest of the antique. Vivian "said thai" navin~, the teaches this new and different art estimated expense to 12/31/1971 night and we could hear the family reunion in Spanaway donate to several humane causes 4-1 win over Vashon and a 5-0what kind of foot wear to use but group so far as working with theThe Erickson family pets tolls on the turn'-ikes~is'a ~)it of form of carving a broom from one $1,000.00; Estimated investment voices, where 82 were present. Mrs. around the state. The King win over South Kitsap. Playing in will most likely be wearing county commissioners and county include four ducks, 7 quail (that an expense, but Vconsmermg ..... me piece of wood. fund balance-$25,555.45 I attended the Women's Aux. Norberg gave all her relatives a County Humane Society, the first doubles position against majorette boots. This year the engineer toward road needs. This were looking for a home), a dog, safety factor of the longest These are just a few of the I t was n o t e d by t he the 4th Wednesday in September hand woven runner as a gift. Lynnwood PAW (something to doS.K. were Joni Single and Gwen captains are Gwen Beeber and interest is necessary if an access and two cats with kittens, stretch of ~;0rl mila~ fha~ i~ frP~ nf classes being offered by the commissioners that the budget after an absence of several Marvis Turtle's brother and with cruelty to animals) and Pcderson; in the second doubles Vanessa Cheplak with co-captain, road from the Tahuya Lake road, Oh, yes, those kittens and litter, the plaza's'io~st'op f-or'foo~(~ Peninsula Extended Education had had to be prepared without months. Thirteen ladies attended sister-in-law from Topeka, Kansas, others. After the lengthy letter 1 position - Jan Lackey and Jean Diane Catron. North Tiger Lake road, and South MaRx and will need a home in and gas and the wide toll gateProgram beginning the week ofbenefit of the notification of and a Christmas Party was Bill and Evelyn Larsen, visited had a couple of years ago Fedenk. Also, first singles Joni The Girls' Club has started its Mission Lake are to tie in with about three weeks. You may call ramp entries this is the best way October 4th. For further assessed valuation of the Port scheduled for Dec. 1 lth, and a here. They liked our lovely reprimanding us for taking care of Slagle, second singles - Gwen money-making projects with a . to travel. She had an idea that information contact the Director district since it did not arrivefrom potluck dinner to precede thecommunity so well, they are the animals, deer and ducks, it Pederson, third singles - Kathy card sale. Boxes of the large cards Brigham Young didn't realize the dance. The Aux. will buy thinking of returning to live here. ~~:~ ......... of Extended Education, Peninsula the county Assessor's office until I ' need for roan pmnnmg w~tn utah Christmas gifts for all the grade ttow could they resist it! was very refreshing. Anyway, Krueger. are $1.25 and boxes of the mtrAm nntNu supply ~ having many detours for High School, the dayofthehearing, later in the day Mr. Berringer The drill team is getting ready smaller cards are $1.00 so support school children and pre-schoolers We were happy to hear thatdropped off the paid slip for 100 to march, although they're not your Girls' Club, buy a box of k k ' / / " ~ construction work, two-lane Bi~~~;~~l~~ARBER SHOI~D ~ from Mason and Benson Lakes Ted ttoffman from Mason Lake pounds of corn to my husband at sure whether they willbe cards. x \ " / / ~ ~ravel through commercial areas, ~ that wish to attend. If you have has registered to run for theLumbcrmen's. We will pick it up VACATION - VILLAGE ~) d unbelievable twists and turns ) RAI$ children in this age bracket please (;rapeview School Board position from Western Farmers when the POTTERY CLASS NOT OU1CK ENOUGH \ ~ / / ~) along the way. ) RozorCufsASpeciolty 0 call me at 426-3815 or Jean vacated by Mr Progrcba of ducks can't find any natural feed ..... "~ OPEN FOR INSPECTION / HOURS: (~ ) Closed Mondays 0 Smith at 426-3793. We will be(;rapeview. He will appear at the -,, ....... Gary w andersen will teach a A man driving a panel truck SAT. 8- 2:30 ""a~ditY)~'~ 7'ole Let me add my Beginning Pottery Class for the was observed removing large rocks buying the gifts, so get yourWomen's Fire Aux. meeting Oct. Phone BROCHURES -- PRICES FTEKSF~A2~'3~0 X CR 5-2090 / INFORMATION (N% ~.~O~.~.~30 - n-----IJ U .... A,,, ) CR 5-6681 BELFAIR children on the list; all are_7th and the MBC meeting Oct ....," . ' - " ~ . Peninsula Extended Education placed by the State Highway tHanKs [OO. /,t coupm o/ weeks . . " o .... DE, IMHIlIIM nMIIlIUI! lU welcome. Each adult attending is 8th. Be sure to attend one or hoth ......... ~.' ................. ' . , program beglnnxng Monday Department to hold up the bank , attend school in Calif. iRE-E:-S-E:IIVi .E .,,e,, anor we., ou,., ,eco , .... -_-_-_ -_- -_ asked to bring a gift for a man or meetings I will run a full resume the .......... uucRs ,icy ca,,,e ,,~,,,,r- ..~. a,, October. 4th, at. 7 p.m.. The class, below Highway. 3 at the Y just , Dr. Run Harmon, who built "----~---~ .....--6 a----G- ----------i a woman and mark accordingly,on Ted next week. directions and wc had over 60will cover bas,c des,gn, slab, coil south of Belfa,r last week. The HOOD (:ANAl iE(:0RIlX PITROI I his dental office in Belfair five ~ TOPPED, TRIMMED OIR REMOVED { There will ben Santa and lots ofRun l)unham spent three days .,.,..~,. ' ..... -, _" and pinch methods, glazing passerby who observed the rip-rap ,..~-: ~ .... ,..... ~ ..... ~.'techniques and an mtroauctlonbemg loaded m the truck reported Christmas spirit. After the in a Tacoma llospi~al after a hour ~.e,e was t,nc pun wrote o,e ...... WHICH we V~ seen DeI)/C ULI[ tWt.) .... . ........ I years ago, has turned his practice ~ FULLY INSURED } children leave at 9 p.m. the with a sheet of glass. R()I~ was ...... ' ... mto wheel throwing. A h~ghhght the theft to the local Sherlff.s ,, , =, ~, .... I over to Dr. Dennis Macaulay and grownups will dance and have fun carrying a large piece of glass to W~d~ :hi~cPb~i:dYar:umdKth:~t:ck~ of the eight week course will ben office and a deputy went nut[Ear mnrm aysrem -gent lrools I has moved his family to San WesGriffeyCR 5-2117 Lou OobbsTR6o4783 [ too. be installed when a blast of wind a.u .................... one write tau ~catncr. we' wheel throwing demonstration by, immediately to the scene but the I MateD, Calif. where he will attend It seems rather early to plan caught it and it broke and cut his hadn't seen an" that color before F. Carlton Ball of U.P S. truck had already left St. Rt. l, Box ~6, Bellair I school for two years" ~(::;~~ Christmas parties, but mark yur arm quite severely-The ar'n was ' * yARd only one with .... a top notch of" I " Mike Selby CR 5 207~ | The Harmons plan to return 1 J~~ T~ W~i~ 1 calendar now in red for the 1 lth so severely cut he will no l(mgcr feathers on her head. Four years | " m m ~ ~ ram-- el m m~m,-~,~ Its a highlight of the season in have feeling on the outside, rhc ago there were several with I rlAVl:: l UYt::l( " " " I to their home on Tiger Lake when ' " " " ................. Dr. Harmon finishes a two-year topnotches. -~ I ----; ............ Z ..... =---------------------------------, p e r i o d o n t i c s c ou r se qu a li fyi ng i ---------- --------------- ! . r , ] For lMl Tl l l qPl l l | him as a specialist in surgery and BELFAIR SERVICES Vll /l 1 /llh E l_ , tissues and bones adjoining teeth. ~| treatment of diseases of the soft forComp te Beouly Service | SEPTIC TANKS- DRAIN FIELDS f Ionuo woman [ Southshore Woterfront Home " / At present, there is no such {) Cutting&Styling Our Specialty ~ ~ TOP SOIL -- SAND -- GRAVEL -- FILL DIRT | Lee Lo rlore--BUILDER P specialist in Bremerton and he ~ Including_the new Shag Cut, ~ ! ' SURED- "CEASED | hurt in head-on I Will consider any price range WE HAVE BUILDING LOTc q[ plans to open an office there collision Sunday I " / when theyreturntoBelfair. ~ W.,.,,, | FRANK DeMIERO | o,I BILL GRIFFITH REAL ESTATE WE HAVE FINANCING, VARIABLE INTEREST Dr Harmon who will be 9 Carol: Mon.,~ Fri., Sat. 6 I CR 5-6155 Belfair, Wash. I Tahuya was injured in a head-on | Phone CR 5-2433 Evenings 426-8813 NEW,,rI=NqEDCONSTRUCTION. INSURED--REMODELINGBoNn=r' }S attendingFrancisco MedicalClasseSLenter.a! theparSa~t o Jean'Wed., ~,urs., on ,h~ ,)~Wa,o ,oa, I Sven Gunnarson ....... - -- ,-,~u ] the University of California, said Sunday evening when her vehicle t~l/ ~-~O~1 / the family "can hardly wait to get = = - .... - - .... " - = " was struck by a car coming =_-_-_-_-_-_-_- ...... -_---_-_-_- .... --- ..... ____. .... ________ ..... --_-_---_-_ ........ * o ' the centeroftheroad"according DI:~I DUAl IIIUT;b !i Li "'" a Sheriff's office who covered the ~,n~P BEtFAIR Et[CXRI ~m~ ~ accsd;rnt-Berc.. , 18ft. Travelerw/trailer ..................... e 'untilGregthe Harmons'int the Hreturn.rmo With interesting, decorative CANDLE HOLDERS NORTHSHORE INN Ha,ri,on ltos atl byasthaK;enlfati 14 ft. Antony w/90 HP & trailer .............. $11 S E TRICAL WIRING He plans to practice in the local and bright, new CANDLES! COMPLETE EL C cA'd Car with shoulder and neck 14 ft. Pacific Mariner w/50HP ----.--.......-. umc indefinitely. He ~s from All Colors, Sizes & Smells -- injuries. The second car was ........ ...... Loma Linda, Calif where he /V en s Pool Tournoment driven by Charles KRupp of 141t. Glasparw/35HP&trailer ............... $1195 And HEATING SERVICE recently received" his dental in your choice of Floaters, Bremerton 14 ft Thund r ....... "----- degree. Sitters & Heaters!! Starts This Friday Night 8 P.M. , e mra w/tra,ler No information was avaimble ................. -- on the extent of damage to either 14 ft. Glaspar w/trailer ..................... Terms. of course, BankAmericards Welcome Free Delivery G.E. Frank May Appliances at Discounted Prices Page 8 - Huckleberry P. O. Box,575 Herald section of CR 5-2020 DENNIS 1 / Specializing in / / Waterfront and View I I Belfair Across From / I CR S-22S4 Beiflir State Parklt Shelton-Mason County Journal - September 30, 1971 Expert Prescription Service 9 - 7 Weekdays -- 10 - 4 Sundays 9 - 8 Fridays Daily Pool Tables Shuffleboard Sandwiches Short Orders Dancing 10 a.m. til 2 a.m. Sundays 12-12 car. WHAT CAN be the "personal freedom" of an unemployed person who goes hungry and finds no use for his toil? Joseph Stalin, & MOTORS Bank Terms Belfair CR 5-2297 September 30, 1971 - Huckleberry Herald section of Shelton-Mason County Journal - Page 5