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October 5, 1939
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Pace Four Lil T1 il ........ II ,ll .... 1 , Journal Want.AdJ -- Phone 100 I F LOWERS That aro oorceot and distinctive I for all ooaaslonl [ FORR GARDENS ICal1805 or l12-W We Dellvbr IHEL?ON, WASHINGTON Tonight! Only " BARGAIN NIGHT Adults .................... 15 Each And Two Big Feature PIotures MUTINY. . Dread of the Sea "MUTINY ON THE BLACKHAWK" with Richard Arlen, Andy Devine, Noah Beery, Con- stance Moore Aise..- "ZENOBIA" with Oliver Hardy, Harry Langdon, Blllie Burke iii i Friday and Saturday Friday le PAY-NIGHT ,.. The Ritz Brothers "THE GORILLA" with Anita Louise, Patsy Kelly And the New MARCH of TIME Matinee Saturday at 2:15 P. M. Sun - Men.- Tues. "STANLEY AND LIVINGSTONE" with Spencer Tracy, Nancy Kelly, Richard Greene One of the Real Shows of tho 8eason . .. Matinee Sunday at 2:15 P. M. q Community Notes Tell Of Matlock Events Recently s By Mrs. Zeo Priszner Matlock, Oct. 4. --. Mrs. Robert Michael, Mrs. Anna Rediska and Mrs. Elvin Hearing spent Friday with the former&apos;s niece, Mrs. Sid- ney Lure of Hoquiam and Mrs. Stella Michaels of McMlnnville, Oregon, was spending the week there, also. Mrs. Fred Ferrts, Sr., went to Camp Three Sunday with Mrs. Mike Fezer of Satsop, to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Culllton and: her children, Mr. and Mrs. Kelsey Tanner and family and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ferris, Jr., and family. Mr. and Mrs. R, J. Gallagher of Lost Lake, called Thursday eve- ning on M. and Mrs, Zeo Prisz- her. Elvin Hearing and Herbert HeN in were Shelton callers Tuesday. George McAfferty of Olympia and Leslie McAfferty of Shelton, spent the night in the Fred Fer- rts home and early Sunday morn- ing the men went deer hunting, but were disappointed, as t hey found no deer. Richard Prizner came home Tuesday after visiting two weeks with hl grandmother, Mrs. A. M. Guynup in Shelton. Mrs. Bill Lundquist and Mrs. Fred Ferris were Shelton callers Wednesday. Mrs. Ferris called on her sister, Mrs. Paddy Burke. Mrs. Elvin Hearing and Mr s. Anna Rediska called on Mrs. R. C. Michael Wednelay afternoon. Don't forget the Grange Boost- er Night at Matlock Grange hall October 7. Everyone welcome. Come and have a good time. Pot luck supper will be served. Mr. N, C. Nelson was a dinner guest at the Redtska home Sun- day. The P.U.D. man was around last week to get signers in order to get electricity around Beeville. Everyone signed and hope it will not be too long before we will have electricity, too. Try a Boatload--at Fessler's, i CONCERT Under Auspices Mason County Federated Clubs Featuring: MRS. ADAM BEELER well-known vocalist MRS. DAISY WOOD HILDRETH nationally-known pianist. OCTOBER 10, 8 p. m. Methodist Church, Shelton. ADM.ADULT$ 35 ............................ STUDENTS 20 ........ The New 1940 will be on display in our showroom Friday Oct. 6 Al Huerby Motors . Authorized Ford Distributor for Mason County I I I I I I ADJACENT:ROADS TONARROWSSPAN ARE,DISCUSSED[ Connecting Thoroughfares And Streets On Both Ends As Yet Not Fully Planned (From Tacoma News-Tribune) Many people have been won- dering about highways to be es- tablished connecting with either end of the Narrows bridge and the possibility of new roads to open up areas 8,rid provide feeder lines to the bridge, helping to pay the tolls. The state law establishing the highway to the bridge from Bremerton provides that it will end at the Tacoma end of the big span now under construction, put- ting development of connecting streets in the lap of the Tacoma public utilities department. At the west end of the span a contrast, has been let to Wood- worth and Cornell to connect the bridge with the established G i g Harbor-Point Fosdick pavement. For the time being the road will run through Gig Harbor by the present pavement, but even. tually the highway will follow the brow of the hill, near the Tacoma municipal .power line to the Cushman power plant, ac- cording to James Davis, assistant director of highways. The new road will connect with the pres- ent highway up toward Purdy. Future development of t h t s road to Bremerton is still a: ques- ties, Davis states. He does not believe a bridge will be built across the bay between Port Or- chard and Bremeton, but thinl it possible a road will be built from Purdy connecting with t h e Port Orchard-Hood Canal high- way at the top of the hill west of Port Orchard. He says such a road would save considerable mileage, but admits it would not save as much as the bridge, or as a road going direct to the head of the bay between Port Orchard and Bremerton. The road to the top of the hill ham "alTeady been surveyed, Davis staticS. Other feeder roads to the bridge will be a matter of future develop- ment. The road between Shelton and the head of North Bay,' lead- ing eventually to Gig Harbor by way of Vaughn, is being widened. and straightened, but Davis Says development of a roe:d between Burley and the head of North Bay to shorten the distance into Gig Harbor will have to be under- taken by Pierce county as the state has not enough money to look after any more secondary highways. He, expects, numerous small roads leading toward t h e bridge to be developed as, traffic demands, but no Comprehensive plan has been made for this work. DEER HUNTERS VISIT Leslie, Eileen and Jerry Nel of Seattle. were down visiting mowich, stalkitig and eating. iiii ii I i i , . , , " Here's Firs{ {00,impse of 1940 Ford THE wheels are turning at the big Ford Rouge plant and off the a, tembly lines are coming these new ord V-8 cars for 1940. Illustrated is [he front mad of the deIuxe Ford V-8. 'lhe newcars, are big, substantial and powerful.In appearance. Front .nd designs are distinctively rood- torsion bar ride-stabilizer. Empha- srn, bodies gracefully streamlined. ] sis in interior styling is on fine ap. New' features include a finger-ti [ polntmeuts and upholstery. WILD LIFE Mrs. Betty Curl is hclpin K out at tile Thelers. ill tlw "tlsen(:e of Ruth Ruff, who will attend l,il)le Sehool. gearshift on the steering colum}x, a controlled ventilation system, Mr. and Mrs Gl(n lhu'ri and daughter Allis." wer(, m Shell.on hnprove|l double-acting hydraulic visiting their daughter, Mrs. Ken- shock absorbers and Sealed-Beam ,neth Allen, and new g z';mdsm. headlights. Deluxe cars have an ira- They re|re'ned Mondqy aiR'hi. AI- proved spring suspension, softer lis stayed thcre to visit tim l)on- springs front and rear and a new nellsons for a week. By E. S. "GENE" A VEY ALL AROUND A SAD WORLD. VAGABONDIA. CHUKAR PARTRIDGE. Out of California, in the heat of those distressing days, came innumerable cars, with Califor" nians seeking the grateful cool- ness of the Washington eoatal region, leaving an infern6 of heat. Aa we ran, we thought the weath- er was pretty torrid. At the'tate ,park. south of Chehalis, we talk- ed with a California man, his wife affirming the statements of her husband from the car window. "You think," he said, "that it is warm up ,here. But we h a v e een many school children playing in school yards, and down Where we came from the children are wilted down with the heat, and many of them are succumbing to it. Even birds die from the. hess down there. We elm prove'; iL The heat is terrific, and tlerff s not the coolness in the nights that ordinarily prevails. We feel that we will never get cooled (t'f." CHATS However, the man said that wlen he got to the Toutle river,, y:l( ve, laoked ,good ,arid ,cot,.. 'he put om his. bathing" suit.,n took a swim, and that his i teVtk chattered for miles. "It was lik( ice,water," he said. Says the state game comlrds- sion: "The chukar partridge, midway In size bet7= cen t'h e SlT,ller Chinese pheasant ad slate gray With a bladk 'nJ; - lace around a white  thoat; %h vertical chestnut bars on its flanks, blds "fair to become the plaad bird that the commis- Sion has been seeking for .years. 1 it# nat/ve Asia, It ranges from -level up to 15,000 feet, and, fl/equently lives and multi- plles in barren regions where one can hardly imagine enougz food to re.retain a bird. Our liberation ' of these birds w a .% nle 'in nine representative dis- tricts in eastern Wtthington, tit vrying elevations; and nm bird 'bids fair to do well, as young broods have been ob- served this slimmer." We should I/ke to tee the chukar pgrtrldge tried around Sequjm, above' Hood Canal, where t h e f .mlmmers are dry, and the ralo- all iS not excessive in winlr. Tried out in the foothills of the. Olympics In that area.., , There are certain places in,the hills in  western Washington where .the ple axe raising n}lghty fine peaches, and plenty ol them. The Chats predict ,,that in I0 years western Washington will .be lmving a lot of lomc- grows peaches. Seeking a stream which .was reputed to run rich with carnelians, with the red lus- ter much desired, we came to an old li0use,, rather decrepit, but the inside of which was as neat as a pin, and lesided over by a very charming lady of middle age, alsO cleax.. a pin; and on the e a s side of the house were three large peach trees loaded to ca- pacity. "Yes," the lady said, '.e have plenty of peaches o eat and can nearly overy year. And they are very fine and havb a rich-flavor." We said that we doubted that the flavor was that good, whereupon the lady gave us a umber of samples, which was our object When we expressed the doubt. The nurseries have now succeeded in getting a peach tree which will hear prolifically in,western Washington. T h e r e are, many of these trees around Pttallup. , It is entrancing to look in-the Windows - where they have aP- paratus for deer hunting. Quns which are ,burnished, an'd 'which lOOk ,. wicked and complicated, luatlng Riilves with handles dec- oratdd in rich colors, and ied shoot and at what you shoot. Deer hunting is a fine pastime, but it Is no fool's game. And even a silken red hat some- times becomes a target by a careless and luexperienced hunt- ,r who sees a deer stalking out of every vine-nple bush. , Conversation between man and wife, atcr )portsman has return- ed from futile grouse-hunting trip. Man comes in back door. carrying gun. Cleans gun. While cleaning gun, wife comes in. Wife: "We/l, what did you get?" Man. "Well, I killed two deader than a mackeral, but we could not find them," Wife: "Same )ld alibi. You always kill them but never cr.'find 'era." Man: 'What you got to cat?" Wife: "Well, we have some cold meat, but no fried grouse, and no grouse to fry eith- er." Man: "Well, ] bring in as many grouse as you bring in prizes from your bridge club." Wife: "Well, if I killed mW prize I couhi fin(i 'era." This is a con- ventional and standard conversa- Lion and might well be adopted ns t model. It may be varied to mit the occasion. ' Fishermma slack off fishing:tps, ,&S St)on lS tile hUllting serl,ll ,tarts, whel; iu faet, tlc|'e is| the w'ry best fishing of tlle year, es- peclit, lly 0A; dusk for fly-fisher- metl. The flying ant fly zs m vogue, and flies from 5 o'clock tiltit doep (tu.,:,l{. and the pooh) re- sound with the sound of the big trout, l]itting the flying ants. If only some fly-maker could make an ar.tifieiai' fly that resembled the flying ant in color or in shape You carl do better with t small brown hackle fly, as the s L o re flies do not resemble the flying ant in color or in shaI)e. TREATEI) AT HOSPITAL Norman Hug'o, cmployc of the Phoenix Logging company, was admitted to Shelton hovpital to- day for treatment. FRx'BERG UNDER KNIFE Cha?les Fryberg of l hzion, un- derwent a major operatt,m ill n. Seattle hospital last week. His condition is reported satisfactory. pt VISITING SON IN S. F. Power At Belfair M.B. Schumacler left Shelton \\;:Vednesday evening for a visit with Interru ed Last his w00lter, in San Francisco Week By Storms Largo Moose Antlers ...... An Ala:;kan expcdition brought By Gladys Irving ! back to tim American Museum of Belfair, Oct. 4. - Vio!ent wind Natural I-Iistory a set of 60-pound stopped the electric power at Bel- anllers which have a spread of 6 fair and vicinity Wednesdsy m<n'n- feet 5% inches. These are said to ing and those who listen t(, radi(,3 be the largest and finest on record. were disappointed in not heariiis]' their radio programs. F.y eleven o'clock, lights c'tme (m and all o. k. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Benz:etson who bave been visitin V in tile 'a:t for the past Inollth, &re H o W visiting in Californigt. Mr. arid IlI'?. l]arl Johnson re- turned to l.=lelfair :tllll;iy I'FOIII Quilcene, where they had l)eeil a week. Mr. and Mrs. (ih'n Harris were callers on Mondayeve i g t. th Radimn is produced from carno, Harris Watson honle in Allyn. ' Ruth Ruff is vi:dtmg a, f(.w'd:ys tits and olher ores found ia Utah at the Extedt hom, at lhe J!t'il(t ,nd C,)Iorado, Belgian Congo, Cana- of the bay. da, Czeelmsh)vakia, Australia, Rus- Mr. &l (l Mrs. l,[(,|mcth A lh'u sia, etc. Its chief use is in the treat- are rejoicing over Ill(, tll'l.ivl[ o17 meat of cancer. Meteors do not l a baby boy, hort| in Sheltol hos,- lorm a source of radium. I pital Sunday, October I. 193q and .............................. named Kenneth I)eall. ql,l,,llr'r,l,,',,l''lr 3-lb. tin Reliance Mrs. Earl Johnson, Mrs. ('.arl Currier and Mrs. Chayles lrvinK were calling on Mrs,. ftobe]'t An- gel Monday of this week. Mrs. Lucy Foster was a Brem- erton shopper Tuesday of t h i s week. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Harris vis- ited Mrs. Harry Hyde at L1]eir new store at the, head of the bay, Saturday. Mrs. Edwin Mickleson, M r s. Johnnic 13ear(l arl(l Mrs. 3 I e n Harris called Monday Oll Mrs. Win. Baldwin aud Mr;-,. McGuire. Oldest Living Things The sequoias are considered the oldest of living things, survivals of that long ago when plants and ani- mals grew to giant size. Some of th(se now st-mding in California were in existence 2,000 years beore Christ. Production of Radium TIlE ONLY Profession on Earth Hamburger 3-LBS ................... ... Sausage 3-LBS ....................... Oysters PiNT Pot Roast LS ..................... LEGS Mutton LB. ..................... ,,.,.." MUTTON Chops 2-LBS ..................... PEARL Shortening 4-LBS ....................... Beef Steak LB, ........................... * PICNIC STLYE Roast Pork L, ........................... " Spam CAN ...... : .......... That Is a broad statement to make, of course, but you will agree that it is Just about literally true. All the professions are important to the progress of the world, but Medical Science has been, and is one of the most useful and necessary to mankind. |n no boastful sense is this statement made, but with all reverence for the Doctor's privilege of bein the physical "keeper of his brother." The Doctor without that deep Inner sense of what he owes his profession and his patients, is most decidedly the exception that proves the rule. Humility In the knowledge that all the problems of human health have not been solved, walks with your Doctor. Also pride in the strides that have been, and are being made, in thls Scientific profession, which is so indispensable to the health and happiness of the world. From before the cradle and throughout life, the Doctor is your counsellor, friend, health guardian and sometimes life- saver -- get acquainted with your Doctor. Giant Size pkgs, Co Flakes :Rice-Krispies, MINCED Razor Clams 2 FOR ..................... , Snowdrift 3-LBS ....................... Mir'cle QT ............................ Corn, 5 for COFFEE 73c hts ,e of them of silk or. W;e sup-ose tlt the silken red hLtt"':TOty hunters. In a fW,,,days thereWill le much blood, al ;:le hkts, on erns and a; nd- rdany" antldred "Crea- t ',yll W in' state under t h  c bullets froml th - high'pea;steal lfles, ahd I deep wailing In the i hoflseff aftl/e dusk of the hnt- lq dtys. 'We repeat the  ,old itlly admoiltlon: B6'- . hd i/hen you shoot;' Whete'ot/- Fresh Produce Firm Ripe Bananas, lb.. 5 '- a Squash, lb. 1 No. 1 Onions, 10 lb 15 Sweet Spuds, 4 lbs. 16 RAISINS 23c CAMPBELL'S Tomato Seat 6 FOR .................... :" SUNBRITE Cleanser 3 FOR "'"' M.J.B. Coffee 4-LBS ..................... Fruits, DRY Onions 10-LBS. Sunshine--Assorted 23 Celery Cookies 1-1b ..................................... Sonny Swt. Spuds 6-LS$ ....................... GREEN Butter 25 Matches lS,00 Peppers Carton ........ i ....................... Kellogg's Cornflakes j[0 Rice Krispies Pkg .................................. Shrd. Wheat 10 Lge. pkg ........................... ; Corn Fix > 1 CREAMER: > Allfor > o5,00 City Ha