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October 7, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 7, 1971

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tn no-Hiv Two 2-ear accidents occur~d in the area early last week with everyone involved escaping injury. On Sept. 27 at 10:45 a.m. a 1968 Jeep driven by Rodney Hart of Twanoh Falls, headed south on South Shore, struck a 1968 Datsun driven by Mrs. Jan Stevenson of Razor Road as she was making a U-turn on Highway p.l~. a "66" gtephen R. I-Iuson, 16, of North Shore suffered an estimated $400 damage in an accident near the P.U.D. in Belfair. According to the WSP report, the Huson vehicle was headed north and stopped waiting for a left-hand turn when it was struck from behind by a '69 Pontiac driven by LeRoy dtiVma by also obieeta to plans to lea~e t~ae roadway and bridge where they now are. He feels that the road should be straightened to go sixty feet along his southern boundary, in a straight line from the Grapeview intersection, and then cans azul otl~er garbage. Large concrete slabs, some with sharp steer re-inforcement pieces sticking out, can be seen on the beach near the bridge. Rice says the County claims this was an entirely new bridge of concrete dumped as rip-rap but he built directly across to the Island considers it unsightly dangerous which would place the bridge "garbage." He said his complaints eo~a~art~ ,w~s ~e~rdt%~/ ~rt 9e~mkss'~on "o~ 'Oa~ eo-anty to ~x~j cable on tlae rkg'nt-ot-way alongside the present road, which even the county admits it does not own since it is offering to buy this. How will it all end? In court, probably. Six copies of Resolution of Necessity on the Stretch Island 106 from where she had been Gaetz, 46, of Bremerton. His car's about twenty' feet south of its had finally stopped the dumping Bridge project, requesting the parked on the west side of the damage was estimated at $350. present location. Former plans of last year. County Prosecutor to acquire the highway. The accident occured the County were based on this He also maintains that when needed right-of-way, either just north of Sunset Beach. MAILBOX VANDALIZED route, but the bridge had been ditches were dug alongside the t h r o u gh n e go t ia t io n or planned to be much shorter and road running through his property condemnation, were approved The following day at 2:45 A m a i 1 b o x o n t h e lower and placed on fill almost drainage water washed out a large and signed by the County Allyn-Victor highway was closing the channel and residents number of oyster seeds he had Commissioners week before last. reported tampered with according of the area had objected to the fill planted on his beach. Lynch says It looks rather doubtful that the to a report received by the local and the low height. Rice said plans for widening the road negotiations will be successful. Sheriff's substation on Sept. 20. "That island isn't going to go include some way to concentrate According to the complaint, a away, so why not build a concrete the flow of water out into the package had been mutilated and bridge that will last instead of channel so that this problemCHIVALRY: going about the contents scattered, using the old pilings and building would be alleviated. Rice uses his releasing beautiful ladies from a wooden structure which will b e a c h t o gr ow oy st e r s other men's castles, and taking SCARED COCK-A-POO have to be replaced again in a few commercially, them to your own castle. A report was received Oct. 2 more years? By straightening theA slight irritation to Rice was Henry W. Nevinson by the Belfair office of the road the present roadway and Sheriff's department of a brown beach being used could be c ock-a-poo sighted on the returned to Rice. -- ~/'~ "-" Allyn-Grapeview Road, obviously According to Rice, the > B~L~A|R BU|L~R~ ~U~ILY' lost, but too frightened to let "present disagreement with the X ~ 77 anyone near. County Engineer's office is not BELFAIR SERVICES SEPTIC TANKS -- DRAIN FIELDS TOP SOIL -- SAND -- GRAVEL -- FILL DIRT INSURED -- LICENSED FRANK DeMIERO CR 5-6155 Belfair, Wash. the first between the two parties. He said that the County road crews, for years, used his land at the approach to the bridge as a dumping ground for materials gathered when cleaning out VACATION - VILLAGE /--/ OPEN FOR INSPECTION 7 HOURS: Phone BROCHURES -- PRICES (x SAT. 8- 2:30 CR 5-2090 . INFORMATION "X~ WEEKDAYS7:30 - 5:30 Clearing Earth Moving Road Building GRAVEL--SAND--ROCK FREE ESTIMATES Days CR 5-2837 Eves. CR 5-2152 LOCAL CONTRACTOR CR 5-2235 Next to PUD Building At Belfair MOPAR PRODUCTS 4 x 4 Parts and Accessories 9 to 9 Weekdays and Saturdays 9 to 2 CR5-3133 CR5-2174 Sunday Emergencies NSTRUCTION Lee Lopriore--BUILDER WE HAVE BUILDING LOTS WE HAVE FINANCING, VARIABLE INTEREST NEW CONSTRUCTION -- REMODELING LICENSED -- INSURED -- BONDED CR 5-2021 @ Frank May COMPLETE ELECTRICAL WIRING And HEATING SERVICE Terms, of course, BankAmericards Welcome Free Delivery G.E. Appliances at Discounted Prices P. O. Box 575 C R 5-2020 I I Dust off your selling worries along with the dust on that phone. We'll show you that successful selling begins right here in the pages of this newspaper. What- ever your service, you'll sell it best to more users when you advedise here. Let our skilled ad men show you how to put newspaper ad- vertising to work for you. Call for details. mum NORTH MASON'S SECOND foreign student, Marie Waldenstrom of Sweden, (right) accompanied her cousin, Jan Mathiason, (left) to Belfair when he returned from a year's stay in Denmark where he attended school as a freshman last year. In June of 1970 Jan viewpoint, but he felt itfrom the start. He let his hair r-----=SCHONER======-= : ::= --, Mathiason, a student at North diplomatic not to point out her grow long while in Denmark MEATS i Mason High School, went to errors, because that's the way everyone I Denmark to live with a sister of As a ninth grader in Belfair, else wore it. i ~nmsIo%ft~~orBeelfair (Frmerly Wld's)i I his father and spent his freshman Marie is taking general science, The greatest differences he I x m x n .... Front quarter, cut, =9 1 year enrolled in a high school in Washington State history, algebra, n o t ic e d a b r oad were the I ~raae L, ooa :)mer wrapDecl, quick frozen ..... Lb. ~ V Copenhagen. When he returnedFrench, basic English and P.E. differences of living in a large 1 i home this summer he was Both students agreed that city, with lots of things to do, as I Corned lleef SugarCured ...................... Lb. 89 accompanied by a cousin, Marie Scandinavian students carried a compared to the rural life of Waldenstrom, daughter of a sister bigger workload. And they carry North Mason. He found ,prices U of his mother, from Akersberga, it longer. School in Denmark higher in Denmark, didn t like ~ G~'ound Chuck Fresh and tasty ................ t.. 69~ Sweden, a small town near starts in early August and ends in Copenhagen's weather which is ~ Stockholm, who is attending mid-June. Last year was the first gray, windy and averages aboutSides of Locker Beef Graded good . -n 69 North Mason High School as a year the Danish students had not ten degrees colder all year than ~ .......... freshman, had to attend Saturday classes for Washington. We can pick up, custom slaughter, cut and wrap Marie, with three years of six months of the year. Marie says she has found the . C " English courses taken in Sweden I your own beef with state insgection. | behind her, has a better One feature of his school in local students friendly and is not ~_ R5-2784 Eveninqs MY2-2575i understanding of the English Denmark which Jan enjoyed was homesick. She has three younger "~""~'--~,--,,m-.,~,-.,H~,~m..,~..,,m..,~,.~..,~.~,~m-,~D.~.,iw language than Jan had when hea field trip lasting a week which sisters who are looking forward to first got to Denmark. He understood "a little," learned from his father who came from Denmark, but he said it was about six months before he really caught on to the language and felt he could understand everything being said and could converse intelligently in Danish. Marie had had an American friend last year from whom she had learned some English, including many slang expressions. While in Denmark Jan took a c om b i n a t i on chemistry-physics course, biology, world history, religion, English, German, Danish, woodshop, a combination algebra-geometry-math course and P.E. He also attended a third grade Danish class on the side to help him pick up the language. The English class was strictly British English and when he pronounced words in American English he was corrected; for instance, the word "either", he was corrected when he pronounced it "'eether,'" it had to be "eye-ther." "Command" was wrong when pronounced in the American manner, he was corrected to "commond." He said he noted several instances when the teacher pronounced words incorrectly, even from a British his class took to a school in northern Denmark. They took bicycles along and spent the week riding through little towns sightseeing. At this time he still had not learned to write in Danish so he got out of all the written reports on different aspects of the trip which the others had to do; he just had fun. Girls in both Sweden and Denmark are more likely to wear pants to school than a skirt. In fact, Jan said, he met several Danish girls who didn't own a skirt. He didn't notice too many differences between an American school and a Danish one, but felt there was a better attitude between students in Denmark. He saw no teasing or bullying, no fights between students, more freedom due to "not so many little rules" and said it seemed like everyone was included in everything in a classroom. There seemed to be no discipline problems at all, perhaps due to the fact that students are treated more as adults than children, and proper behavior is taken for granted. He found no trouble making friends except for the language barrier at first, but said he was completely accepted right coming to visit their American relatives in Belfair when they are older. Jan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jorgen Mathiason of Tiger Lake, has a sister, Brita, 9, who is going to stay with Marie's family in Sweden when she is 13. Jan's father is from Denmark, his mother from Sweden. They came to America in 1954. It's a lot easier to leave America and attend school for a year in Denmark than it is to enter America for a year of school. When Jan decided to go, his father wrote a letter asking if he could attend school for a year and he received a reply saying he could and that was that. Marie, making the opposite request, had reams and reams of forms to fill out before she obtained her visa, which is good for one year. As far as is known, Marie is North Mason's second foreign student. Several years ago a Mexican student lived with the Superintendent of Schools and attended school in Belfair. Marie promised to drop into the Herald office in June before she leaves for home to give her impressions of life in Belfair. By then she hopes to be speaking English like a native. SUNDAY SCHEDULE OF SERVICES 9:45a.m. Sunday School. There is a class for everyone. 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship Service. 7:00 p.m. Youth Fellowship Meeting, All young people in grades seven and older are welcome. 11:00 a.m. EVERY FRIDAY Young At Heart Club Meeting for all persons of retirement age are welcome. 11:00 a.m. OCTOBER 13111 W.S.C.S. Circle Meeting in the Fireside Room of the church. New women are always welcome. 5:00 p.m. EVERY WEDNESDAY Youth Center Work Night. Everyone is welcome. P.O. Box 407, Belfair Washington Wendell L. Harder, Pastor Parsonage Phone Church Phone CRestvtew 5-2162 CRestview 5-6262 Zt. 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