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October 8, 1920     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 8, 1920

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PAGE FOUR I I THEMASON COUNTY JOURNAL GRANT C. ANGLE &amp; SON; Publishers Member of Washington State Press and Washington Newspaper Associations ]Dntered as ascend-class matter at the postoiflcs at Shelton, Washington Published every Friday morning. Subscription: Domestic, $2 per year. ,Foreign, $2,50 in advance (All papers discontinued one :nonth after delinquency) "THE TRUTH ABOUT NORTH DAKOTA" After considering the matter further the Journal has decided that those of its readers who have been be- guiled into giving up some of their money to organizers of the Nonpartisan League, and perhaps others to whom the rosy stories might be appealing, ought to know "the truth about North Dakota," or at least the other side of the "{ruth" than that appearing in the Townley papers-- for that individual owns and controls, them all. Hence the first of Brinton-Waters letters is published this week. In this and those to follow the entire history of the Non- partisan movement in North Dakota, what, it attempted to do and its failures, where the vast sums of money col- lected from the guileless farmers vent to, and the reasons for the present decline and possible end of Townleyism in that state at the coming election. The letter today is merely the first lesson, as far as we in this state have gotten, but it will be interesting in connecting up what follows. The names of Brinton and Waters are familiar to every league member, and they will know whether the writers know what they are talking about or not. The Journal does not vouch for either the men or the matter, but will be as interested as its Nonpartisan readers in following .the story. It was marked at the Fishburne meeting Tuesday night that the speaker neglected to "point with pride" to anything in the record of the present administration, either during the war or since, nor did he mention "sugar." -" FROSTY DAYS We can appreciate the plight of the Democratic can- didates from Cox downward in :this campaign in their hopeless effort to redeem and continue the administra- tion in power in the nation, and "deserving Democrats" .in office. Governor 'Cox c0mpla'ined of the cool reception he met with during his swing around the circle and the lesser lights feel the chi!l wherever they go. Democrats have lost confidence in,the Present arm realize that there is no hope 6f briiging'6Z;der out <o haos by the election of Cox. ' ....  The truth is that the people '6f the country want a change, demand it, and the-Democratio, speakers have few talking points to combat:thegeneral.feeling, keep-] ing away from the administration record particularly. ! Democrats are Americans first and are doubtful about] Wflson's League of i Nations hd: maWilling to tale hitl word for it, in view,0f past miSakdg On grave cuestions; ] Possibly on'e-quarter may favoi  the Wilson League, an-] other quarter goes to the other extrclne of no leagu%l but we imagine about ,half %he"leople'0ccupy: the middle] ground and hope for/the president wh0 will not be above I .. advising with the senate and other brainy men of the: nation toward such safe co-operation with other nations i as will give most assurafiee of the future peace of the l world, butreserving 'to Uncle Sam  the right to say when:and where he must send his boys to fight. " Those seeking further light.on the, merits of the Carlyon bonding bill will:be interested in the figures com- iled by the county engineer's office, showing that,some ,000 wit! have been spent merely ,to ,maintain ,/the Olympic Highway in Mason County in the present bi- ennium. Those who have passed over th road :recently know: what condition it is in 'and will realize that the cost will be greater each succeeding year, absorbing still more of the funds which should go to other badly needed road work ,oer the County, , -,.,,,.:.,. :-,- , : ....... ,. .,,,. ..i',,:_ :MAKING MILLIONAIRES It is claimed that thousands of millionaires were made during 'the war, and it canrot:be doubted where so much of'the people's bond money >was idly frittered away. It must not be forgotten that all the waste and all the so-called profiteexng, nbta!ofie during the rush of war but m the calm since, has been during the Wilson administration, which gained power on the plea of econ- my. No such era of incompetency, lack of co-operation, avoritism and graft has ever been made under any previous administration in the history of the country. It will not soon be forgotten that while all this was going on our boys were in service and the patriotic people at borne were denying themselves to buy bonds in support of the boys. :'': ...... A LEAGUE OF NATIONS ..... It will be agreed by those who are friendly to a League of Nations that there exists not the remotest possibility for President Wilson's League, and the elec- tion of Cox will not advance the prospect for any league an iota, but retard it. A trifling minority of the senate favors the league covenant as the president brought it back, and they are supported by about the same minor portion of the electorate. The only hope for "league of nations" depends on the election of Harding and a 3oin- mg of hands and heads in a sensible consideration of the uestion, in which the interests of Americans is predom- nate. Whatever may come from the co-operation of the next president and the senate will be cheerfully accep.ted by our Allies, who never were "stuck on the Wilson thing Iloh0w." NATIONAL THE MASON COUO,ilIffAL lU iiin ill iii u . I INDIGESTION i: I a ss i f i ed Among bomb-throwers, anarchists and criminals who plot against the exist;ng government of the United 1 States, about nee out of every ten who become involved in the clutches of the law are men with foreign names, and nearly all at these are aliens--men who have never become and do not intend to become citizens, yet who desire to change our form of government for us. Beyond that, Mr. Lenine and the Moscow Intrenationale make no se- cre of their intention to encourage and promote revolution in every "capitalistic" country in the world, which means practically all countries except Bolshevik R u s s i a. Thus aliens outside of the United States and certain aliens witifin the United %:e seem to be in harmon., in the enterprise of overturning the historic government of this country, in con- fiscating all property, depriving hon- est men and women of their rights, and in imposing a form of rabble government upon us that we do not want. Under the circumstances it is not a good season to open wide the doors of America to foreign immigration. Conditions in the United States fol- lowing the breaking out of the war indicated that we were far from as- similating all the immigrants who arrived in the country during the 'preceding ten years; that hundreds of thousands of them were colonized in the larger cities among people who spoke their homeland langnage, and that many of them had remain- ed foreign to the American language, ideas and principles, even after a residence here of years. Just now special efforts are being made to Americanize these delayed and backward citizens. 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Have too many. ter he reaches his destination in this The highways leading into Puyal- Come early and take your choice. country and help him transform him- lup are paved aml roads are reported W.A. Hunter, Skokomish Valley. self nto a useful citizen. And the in good 'condition. The fair grounds Potlatch P.O. 10-8-3t government itself is very busy at- are not far from the electric and tending to the potential citizen and steam lines and adequate transpor- F .......... - ARM FOR SALE---40 acres, 10 seekmg to tram hm m the rght way tatmn facfltms make the western "cleared h,mse ham stot- ht- In the crcumstances the countr:y [Washmgton Fmr easily accesmble. ' ' ens, tools, crov," furn; ..... .... , ..... , would be benefited if immigration l $ .... !'W:ite C. O. Malmberg, R. 2, box were held to the minimum.for the [.," CARD OF THANKS ': 88 Shelton O,--+ next five or ten years at the least, n , : . . .7. Instead of that the press repoxCm are We wish to thank our friends and ,h^ ....... .:. . ' " i' or o th il i n , z acres on marsune to the effect that i average..'O-.Q00 e ghb s f r e k nd ess and as-1 '.,; ,o  ..... ,.o, ,o,.;,o immigranis are entering t United staiiee during the illness of our ," ,-., :..:::.o .... y,,,,.? States daily. It is not fall  to our wife and mother and also for the  :,7.?,=:. ;mse co' scoo government or our veonle to 'adnut[ flbwers at the funeral. [ tr'_.. ,, o ,^-. = a.,^. so many ahens when we already have [ , We. Enekson and. children. [. a  n  o, an undigested mass of mm,grmts -   ['  .. who have lived in the Country .fi'om;IWANWED---Woodeutting by day or: Ii, SALE_.Secold_hand ran-e also five to fifteen .years, and are almost [-': dontract, Have my Own dragsaW. [ ",a'l* ha+r n ,il. ,,hi as deficierit in American qualltieh ] A:'G. Ferguson, Route 2, Shelton" I ' ' 'r'  .'..:z",'L "h- - a-" now as the day they landed. [ ......... 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For full partic- Rocque, R. 2, box 72 Shelton. ular write promptly to Dr Ward's " '- 10 1 '4t are put rote a comprehenmve paving ..  ,  ;... ... . . , - 5" onfrn'i** nt) , , ivleUlCal wompany, .wlnon) Mmne- , Inamucl'as'all of the money to be sota. Established 1856. 12-6t  $100 REWARD. , , used under the Carlyon plan is pro- "'   , For information leadnig to the ar- duced from the ' fees without any in FOR SALE--25 White Leghorn pul- rest and conviction of ersons rust crease in taxation, no burden is added * lets. Some of them ready to lay. hng cattle branded "B" on left hip on the people The nrincinal noint in trice $1..50 each; Edwin Olund, and earmarked. J. G. MeRae, Bor- the bill, and whic is "-ofn ' lost box '428, Shelton Wash. 10-8-1t .deaux Ranch. 12-3-3mo. sight ,of,' is the establishment of a ",: ,, ' ", ', definite highway program "in :which )q )4 paving is undertaken on, an ordered plan, rather than "hit-or-miss.", It .... begins somewhere and ends some- where. .. No money is taken from the farm , . road funds--rather the license,fees for twenty years are lumped to- gether and bonded, so that th "pav- ing work now proceeding at 'the' rate of ten miles a year can be speeded up ani completed within the lifetime of present users. . In addition to that, the road pro- i gram will be relieved of the "pork-] barrel" system of politics, whchl keeps: the' small di'striCts from ap- propriations today. wANTED--Chickerm of all kinds, I' in : small or large lots. Highest market price laid for same, k3on- cord Beach Poultry. Farm. Mrs. Edwards. Phone 30F44. 10-29-51; FRANK ROBINSON SPE00S IN SHELTON SAT. NIGHT OCTOBER NINTH Answering the "Save Our State League," The Mason County Journal and the speech of Scott HendersOn, Frank Robinson, candidate for the Legislature on the Farmer-Labor ticket, will speak in Shelton Saturday night, October 9th. Everyone is in- vited. 10-8-2t ' BOB BRIDGES --""' FRIDAY, oCTOBER 8, 1920 I Looh your films over and bring the good ones in and have them en- larged and color- ed in oil or water colors. Te Heckman Photo Shop SHELTON LAUNDRY Now equipped with power ma- chinery for first class work. FAMILY LAUNDRY A SPECIALTY Cloaks and Suits cleaned, pressed and dyed. CENTRAL HOTEL Rooms for transients T. HAGIWARA, Prop. n I Salvation Army REACHING DOWN The Salvation Army is based upom kindliness. It "reaches down" and! helps to 'his feet the man who has fallen. It has built its house in the Street of Poverty and has cast its. lot with the friendless, the homeless the weak and the lowly. Will you. REACH. DOWN to help, early on its ork in America. Re- fuse--and you turn your back upom the unfortunate in your own country. ' '.OPPORTUNITY WEEKS " ' OCTOBER 6.17 The Mason Count: Astract and Title Company gitily shars it,s space with Tho.Salvati0n &rwy. today. Mason' County Abstract & Title COmpany (under State Supervision) Shelt--. Wash, L = . . ,. . : ) A FRIEND TO THE FRIENDLESS "'y:. A HOME TO THE HOMELESS" ""':": A HELP TO THE HELPLESS THE CHAMPION OF THE WEAK AND THE HUMBLE-- 5el'O | Yes, sir! That's the Salvation Army! WILL YOU BACK IT UP ? OPPORTUNITY WEEKS OCTOBER 6--17 NEXT GOVERNOR OF WASHINGTON Will speak in Shelton Thursday, 2 P m. OCTOBER 21st The Lumbermen's Mercantile Company gladly shares its space with the Salvation Army today. 'j