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October 8, 1920     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 8, 1920

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FR ..... ^UR 8 1920 THE MASON COUNTY JOURNAL PAGE IN SUPERIOR COURT Meth0dist[ E, pisc0pal Church ............................. ,| - | jud e Wri hT-00-res=ed O;e;a sp00&apos;l ..... : _ ' wue.. you meed ..... ":  g g P Sunday ervices ' =_ Local and Personal _ cial session of the court last Thurs I o..-o. .o .... --  (lay, at which  the main cause was' ,,,.,,, t,.,,, ........... lok ask for it u E _--_. that of the Simpson Logging Com- Preaching 11 o'clock. NYAL PINE SYRUP :llllllllllllLqlWllll|ll|i|lllllll|ll|llll|l|llllllllillllm vs. the State Industrial Com- Evening services at 7:30. panY.mlssion, and Gertrude Miller et al. Preaching at Skokomish first Sun- --and ask promptly: for the way of A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.. Next Monday is positively the last Following the hearing and argument day of each month at 3 p m. coughisofteninaidioudydangeroua. The J F. Jacoby at Agate October 4th. day to register, the judge took the matter under ad- Prayer Meeting 7:30 Thursday tirne to stop a cough ' is when it is getting visement and directed that both par- evening. The public is cordially invited to started; each day's Mrs. Dave Valley and Mrs. Joseph Sugar locally is down to 16 cents ties submit briefs in support of their these meetings delay is iereasingly Valley were town visitors on Tuesday. a pound and flour has taken a drop contentions, i to $3.50 a sack, and the end is not In the estate of Andrew Nelso," W H. Thomas, Pastor. serious Mr. and Mrs. C H Ford of Lower yet. deceased an order was made setmg aside the entire estate to the sur- BAPTIST CHURCH Satsop were town visitors Wednes- The steamer S. G. Simpson will go riving spouse. COMPOUN0 day. Ion the gridiron Monday for painting, '::In! the estate of John Walka, de- Sunday school at 10 a. MFNTHOLAT(D Win. Mattis was a visitor from ',but will return on the regular tlp ceased, order fixin Saturday, Oct. Morning Service at 11 m: m. Belfair Tuesday on business, closing Tuesday. estate,9th' for hearingand appointingpetltin tOchas.Set asideR, p.YUngm. People's Meeting at 6:30  PlllE SYRUP up a land deal The Ladies' Aid of the M. E. Lewis attorney ad litem. Evening service at 7:30 p. m. b*-. is a ac;,mtific combi. Miss Nellie Nelson returned Friday Church will give a chicken dinner on Holland North American Mort- Prayer Meeting on Thursday night' g,-.'- nation of well.known from Seattle where she spent several election day, Tuesday, November 2, gage Co., vs. H. F. Walker, et ux, at 7:30 m,,,.,, days visiting with friends, from 5 to 8 p m at the Odd Fel- mtrtgage foreclosure, judgment by jYou are invited to attend these ser- ",. expectorant and heal. lows hall. Everybody invited. 1029-4t default entered, ing ingredienta which State High School Inspector Twit- The election contest suit of W A %:ices. are of recognized value in many forma meyer was in town yesterday look- Tony Wilsen, who now has a good Hun,ter vs. Fred Hanson for heroins- Addison Self, Pastor ing over the local high school position with the Standard Oil Com- n, of first district, was set for of mapiratory congea. . party at Is AngeleSi is pleased with tal Friday, October 8th. " CATHOLIC CHURCH tlon nd irritation., Otto Bemp spen the'week-end at Southern California and says the " the Knight home. He has been tak- climate agrees with him He and ,  ' SOo Two $iaos - e lag army vocational training at Port- Aver7 Reed meet occasionally and RED CIOSS OFFICERS. "St. Edward's Catholic Church" ,.On 2nd Sundays first Mass is at t'. talk old things over. :The annual meeting of the Mason 8.1a. m..and second Mass at Skoko- Fir _.,Dru00 00rore land, Oregon. Madame Paul has been spending The S. H. S. Alumni held a meet- Cduty Red Cross Chanter was held mish at 10:45 a. m. several days visit in town this weeg, ing at the high school on Tuesday ithe Town Hall Tuesiay afternoon, On fourth Sundays mass at'9 a.m. from Seattle where she has been for evening to make plans for the fur- donforming to the published call. Father Benedict Schweizer, O. S.B. ==_::__:===::= .... =-==_==:=-: --::_-=-: ::=::-:----=-- the past year therance of 'the County Memorial The work of the past year was re- - --- ___ Fund and arrange for a schedule of viewed, consisting mainly of social W. R. C. MEETING OCTOBER 15 Mrs. Roby Gifford of Eureka, Wis- winter entertainments, service, and Miss McMullen, field worker, tohl of the activities of the The W, R. C. held their regular , consin, is visiting here her brother Ham Hyatt, who is now playing big Red'Cross at home and abroad, meeting October 1st with a fair at- HOME COOKING ALITY AND SERVICE W. J. Becker whom she had not seen league ball with the Vernon team PreliminmT to the election of of- tendance. The next.regular meeting for thirty years. was the star in the game with the ricers the following executive board will be October 15th. All members THE BEST PLACE TO EAT IS AT Mr. and Mrs. Rober Lovelace, Salt Lake team at that city Tuesday, was elected: Chas. Paine, Mrs. Loop, should be present to make arrange .... spend':ngWhse homethe iSweeknearvisitingTaComafriendsare getitng a homer and two doubles in M'rs. Knight, G. C. Angle, J. E. Con- merits for the inspection November 5 ----..--- Restaurant five,times at bat. Ham is holding nelly, Addison Self, Mrs. McGee, Mrs. Officers please come. --Press Cor Pain.' down the first sack or the Venisons. Skelsey and Mrs. Reed. The chair- S . men of all county branches are also and relatives here. I George Fredson has opened a tail- ex-officio members. The executive Gisd=al--lt'num " Mrs. Leonore Bunnell is home for I a visit from Seattle where she has oring and cleaning shop in the Nel- board in turn selected the following been taking a course in nursing at ten building, just vacated by Doris officers for the ensuing ,ear: Chair- The marriage of Doris Yvonne SHORT ORDERS ICE CREAM the Swedish Hospital. Grisdale as a confectionery shop. man, Chas. R. Lewis; vice chairman, Grisdale to Mr. Frederick Earl Fort- QUICK SERVICE AND LUNCHES He has also secured the agency for a Miss Dora Fredson; secretary, Mrs. num took place at the Methodist l'ar- Mrs. R Fairbanks arrived last well-known make of custom tailoring Stella Hillier; treasurer, A. L Bell. sonage on Monday afternoon, October week for a visit with Mr and Mrs. and seeks a share of public patron- 4th. The ceremony was pefformed ............ -_-==:- ....... - ....... - ......... - ---:==- by Rev. Thomas. The couple left R H. Lockwood. Mrs. Fairbanks age. MRS. JOHN BOWMAN DIES for an auto trip to San Diego where spent last winter in Shelton. An observer reports that a good AT OLYMPIA THURSDAY. they expect to make their home C r n ....  ^ r,. u;,^. many of the deer slaughtered in , //. Both young people were raised here ............. o,,:; --,, ..... Mason County are hunted bv the ,The death of Mrs. John Bowman and L are well known. The bde is HOLIDAY GOODS ARE ARRIVING were among the_town visitors rom "olxini-,-"' ,roees which shotlld be occurred at her home in Olympia the iaughter of Mr and virs. corge Matlock Tuesday. They report some]_ .::;:ti e: the Lame wardens to TnrslaY following an attack of Lpar- 'Grisdale and the groom is Vhe son damaged grain in Deoker Settlement. [:;]7u .,,, , te woods with an alysis and the funeral will be held of Mrs. Arthur Moran Every daY sees the addztion of .new goods to '' ' "-"" ..... hi rom he Methodist Church m Shel- .... ......  --*-ard went to Ta ]eleCtric hght plant concealed on s . =. ............ .,_ mrs. r. r. ov .... -, ....... tq,unay a z r. vi me m,,y ,,,,, ... nsuono our large stock. coma Saturday to meet.her niece, P .... . ltvh been old residents of Shelton KEAI .ItNlAlr ,IKAIIrl Mrs L L. Greene arriving from l  o,^,__ker last----eek urelased 'ahd Vicinity 'but for several , years .""" . .--"'"'---------'--7'=- See our window Of Novelties now on display. Baker, Montana, who will remain for ), . .:'_a'_staur__ t in th rear of t'e made their home in ,Olympia. " . . .  ..... .... +", o ,,,, t the Southadlme amn x u  ;* '--'- '- - -"" ---'-- *he eat estate transiers xurnlsrleo. .:: ....... " " .... ' ' " [tle rKnee]and. t Hurst store and has 3n r 'many nets. w, ex_u  weekly by "Mason County Abstract . Parkeris Lucky Curve F0untam Pens ......... " ' enlarged the-lunch cunter to more oereaveu amlry ,heir _ympu:no C & Tite'Comnany' ....... TO PHAM'' R--A l| ..... ....,' !. 'I,I.. o,.ble its former seatin,, ca- uecease was ne augn.er -.  _ ... f .: ........  SHE *' ' N -- Milton Jaeoby, who has hye. m I_', ' "-- .... ui --y2 kich-n T, l[uptley and 'comes of a pioneer  rlranK W ' tuetlex es wa)wn f. . ' .... 1; acn;y. ., &uuy q: ptm V '  .... - ' . ae 'er to ,Mrs Jme guraeg, qca, CY the county the past eleven ye s,l .... ....... - 'f of the,county Bes,des her _ ,.g -' ""  "" ' ..... "" L : most o the time at the J. F., Jaeoby ] ass a,so; ee-u ma,u. '' hsbafid, s}e leaves five children Guy 1St, 8 blk D :Davi,he,oa s !st a qa. , ....... , '/: L. 'B. ALLPiN;' Prop. " :  I ranch down the bay, left this Week[  ,,' ,. :,t:_ -:- ,..2  '0fel|ingiam, Mrs Mamie Sraight, uo. $200. '_ . ..... . for Mt. Healthy,: Oleo, called by. te I;isln ae!S.e,s wfnraae] lersor "RO. Herbert and 5ene, all of 0lye, _.s. L.,Wol:'2WblO oiac r serious illness of their father;. He..! . g .... . .... __ ,_.: .... 7_: ,^ 5i! "he "athhr, thrPe' brSthel:s, or, 3h'T;':Wdi : 10s ':1  , ,g ..... - Try our Butters  popcorn slid po!uts-fresh every, day. : I' expects o remain While his drvices Lne,_una,,ao.f2Pa,, e.os  rh:,Hh, rle a11 a C]ai"eice iunti; Rhvy's Is dd,t?. H0'0ds8. Con. ............. ........ L , " .... ........ : .... "* .'" . " ,  me rowers, mr n m v; 4 .*,- oh*;),.. .............. "-'"" ............... Sallie' HO].l$'uariisle lld slid as II I 'I . I  I I I, ' . ]l| I'll r ' " I t o zr u,.*, u,n a e;*,- amlbeen soj0urmng ] France dbnrig the ........ '  ,v ,n ural,h B Beals wd s se and ! summdr vacatmn and hve found the .............. .... > " .... 1 the Hatchery dstrxct Wednesday, hm ,,.,h ,,az, ...... ...... WA'RLIE RPHY DEAD  ' Ise'w 29 22 2. Con. $10  . ., first trip since', gbttjn.!out of thel"' .... ? .........  ,, ** ., ,. i,N, " ' .......  ", " ) Emma Dahlstrom et al to reter , - .... , ,: ,, : ., ........ , ,.,, , ,. :.,, tnanzmgAberdeen hospital011uwihg.a'evere .... - .........  "Turesda "' of .... tubrtlosi" affe' a ''Vaderwalandw''wd'wswll203' Io , CITY MEAT &::. ..... i-- Mr , Blaltbn feels like I The telephone office has .been par- ' :The death of Cha'les B Mulphy i c,, ,6000 i' ' , , " ,,  '  ,.  ..... : '"'*;". , -'_ ne"-- vor-" .............. vr,, um, v,-,s );-i ) mavtitinednot in'he 0rderorsracelthat:the'xromhello"girl'me, ..... cans re portedu= t m a', Tacoma: samtar]m , o . 0,. ............. i n,-lhrer, h 'd " ti.vAl'27 t  : .]_ him unmght and unseen and wh lel . :__ o . .... - .. " ...... ....... ='-., ,11ngdh n ......   w,11 fred M. Howe, a bac , We], nw n ] promtse ............ -,. '- '- , ..... :- + .... '- bn 't-:.tne late Jonn lvliuer '" ' ......  .... "" " T. T . ' oe re /ace wlna modern aubUlllU, bl J' ao  o .. . , '  ' ' " mg the month andelt the ,peo.le / . P .... .,^_ n ......  .... h,, n,d  was a ormei- resi,tent M. Illman, bach, wd, n ne of nw 18] :}uge .as to. hm qua]ificatmn to , [9_=. '!, ...... o,,ld be no comnlaints at: all of Shelton with his familv. He 120 4, ex  of w. Con. $10. / a DUslness-lIKe county commlsslonel, .,* .,  v "  ....... " *hree -ns ,o,. ) . , fo which his neighbors vouch  .... es .... , ............ #, " I The cm.nty bored has completed Erwin and I rank, and a daughter, BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICAN I ,, I ,, "I Emery, Finch with his wife and l fixing th'e tx levies :for the coming Fe:nlSaO a brTthrFrklOfO:rYil ,., ' * YEOMAN " J * (Formerly Alaska Fish Market) "" , last wek to year, the rate and me amounts o P , ' . , threeChclodrev'tiredn absence of be collected Varying little from the of G_,alifomia. Mrs Murphy is' the' Hall ! of, Skeokum Homestead N . t ,.*->,. .... ..... :. i . ............... ,.h,, tate i daurhter of Gilbert Ward, and sister 1225, Shelton, Wash., Oct. 5th, 192_0.,I Opening Monday, October 4, 1920, with a full emven ears an(l nas movect to me prewous mvu. nuww., ...... Y ' " o si of .sa and Arthur Wind, of Shelton t a regular meeting of the! Stedler place down the bay wh,ch levy upon Mason County s c n d-I ..... " . , .I_. ..... . supply of fresh beef, pork and mutton, fattened he purchased last spring. Mr. Finch eraby hilher ;than',last, year and I.ec easea was 4 years/ o age. .l f:fnoel:OOng OesoAutn:Cnre;:n:.l is a native of the county and moslwiil nearly aKe up tne margan l ) ' in Mason CoUnty. of his life has been spent on Hood / gained by the increased valuations I OLD TIMER A. W. O.L.  Inasmuch ,as+^ has peased A!:.] Also usual line of fresh and salt fish our Canal, but he has been connected]made by the assessor of aound I ......... rieu ..... a k esteemed and well beloved, sister with government reclamation sewice J hvlf-mHlion do,ars, so me axpayers An om-ume resmen n n e |_ . _ . __ , and smoked and cyre.." a meats of all k;d..:n_s. and for the last few years stat!oned]may expect to pay a little more l to Shelton one day last week in the Am)m ncason, I The public is lnvitedto call/and respect>the at Lake. Keecheles. Tmng el the taxes than for the current year. I]erson of ".Doc'Swarthout, a meat !hooB it 7mle?dantht:e:he2r:lrr{ I , . service and the lon cold season in | -- I oeamr o diner nays, wno spun an I ...... ' [ fine class of meats offered at the City Market, : g , sea "on assemmect, egl;ena o her gor- ciatethe mOgetting ntainsbackthe onfamilYPugetWillsound.appre" LEGION ENDORSES.  BONUS .... BILL  ............... countmterestmgfor theStryyearfs ofAlaSkao.f_his abse__e,i_ I nat t naC=ce I row.s" gandr'emuves' ........ sinee restU condolences,nearel sym-at/] I L next to Central Hotel, and give us a trml on l prices, i ' . ' , ,-- The American egon 'ost had a|ne was so wura up. vr ,u nglflis,,ha;. =ad bereavement | ALUMNI CARD PARTY Iood ati.endmcc at its meeting on[old acquaintances ma ne ecamel-"_":': - ..  .. '. . i, , .  a ednesday evening Whtn:nl'an were J violent and was taken in custody by [.AI. . oe,!, zur,ner_r!Ye_  i i : JOE RABICHAUD * . , The Shelton High School Alum.n!]discussed for the poput:,Of th. eISheriff. Potts._ On inquiry, it.wasltmntersetlurnSrer aPe c' o 11 .... ':: ' x .... wall  e a card arty at the .usa Referendum No 2 'teh'.: tne ioun mat ne naa neen an inmate o! , _ ........  j . , ........ g' " P , "" :<' -" .... ide Hos its a overn same de sen o ne amuy oz our 'L  ,-' ' , ' ..... I .... Fellows hall on Monday evenmg, lsolders bonus bill . haslthe Mornings  p l g "I u .... ardented Sister " ' J -- :.. ?  . '  j i l : ... L .... ,,:, :i:.!:?,.;% .,:!:. ,. :''." .......... . , ,'-,, -fi- -,nter / ' [out for the o town and might have (S'Jed)'(. u r Bogu ,.,.or __ ,, ..... .-.  w, .... q [eX " " ), - ars ose xeau, nplmn., , ' .... ., , ' , .' ,  < .' '" ' '" ..... < ......... SHOP ..... eyed a ,long vacation hadtrou.a s ell , , " .... . ) . ,- NEW "CL]$ANING. : ............ ,." Chas. A. Paine, .Corr, ., -" ':', ......... ....... : , ,,.' "' , HOM; ' "' I I am now opened f6r.businesa'inl/ .'), :: '.'7 ",'this issue on a'e "'"  '  ' .... : :E M O N S TRATION the Nelgen buildinGEORGEandFREDSoN.Prepared to / ee e:sewnerewoT!'n p g Wd,o-t,n wH h c osed aainst.,.,, .......... . W/< , ECONOMICS D: - ............. --  *-^--otice o the sneech of Frank N0][CE OF CLOSING OF REGIS- . ! aO all K1nus OI cteanlng) uyelng, r-l/ :,. ,.. . .- ..... , )),, .nr,.*m,,'v rxr s ' -- " '"' - -" ....... i airin" and ressin" work for' |adieS'l Rob'son, canaida tor me heg:sta= | , . /. x q ..... aemDers oz me bneton home co- j , , r o . , ; .:,:':.,, .. , , ' ' . . ' , . " 1 will be interested to and gentlemen. Prompt servxce atJ.,tr$ on the Farn. or-Labor tcket,.to .% "" . .... pomcs. Club ............ :^ -'-^s' : ......  en in neon, amay nigh% i 1tice is hereby given, lat me State Colle e will be here to give a ee me zor mane-to-measure /.vp- ,,. .---- -.,, ......... --,,- ...... " "'g ........ n clothes . ," [: ...: [cin I, 2 and 3, in Mason County, aemonsgrauon at me Town rlall, o " ICE Wednesday , October 13the..MOmmeing ,The steamer'S:'G. Simpson will be orialg)ist'r'tioneonle'13t__Ma ' and aIternoon sessions, unly m - . ', .,, '., " bers urged to attend SEPTEMBER  wET MONTH' October II, 1920, on aecoun of dry-l of October, 1920, as the last day o -, ........ laid o hrr regular run on Monday, register WIU be Monday.October  BACK FROm Tn WAR D ,,xx GET  HIgH This week  a full month docng. We expect she will resume (t1e 12th being a legal holiday), and .... .x ,,o,.,,,  ' of rain,, weather the wettest Sep- her':regular run from Tacoma the remain closed until after the general POSITION IN FRISCO AUTO CO. tember for many years It will puz- following day at p. m._ Shelt0n election November 2nd_ Registration The Salvation Army is enlarging its zle the oldest inhabitant to recall Transportation uompany, lO-1-8-Zt may be made at my oce, oonnson s The following article appeared re- when the fall season set in so early _  Garage, until October 13th, 1920. work among the poor, the friendliness, " " ' he ' Rmember--The Peermss Market F.W. TEGTMEYER, the lowly! cently m a San Francxsco newspaper and the rmn was so continuous. T " " " r ............. :-^ o .............. ht b-- the for Price and Quahty. Phone us Town Clerk and Regmtratmn Office. wmcn ;ells oI ne x- a ormr armers nave een caug y . ____ fl Y9nr nex oruer local boy in the automob" e business unusual condition, and not a few will FISH MARKET It 9-24-10-8-3t  of the southern 'city. Lester Munson lose more or less of grain standing Go into the slums and see for is the son of Mrs. Esther Munson of out, while nearly all stand to lose It will 'pay you to take a long I Yourself l this city. much of their potato crop, partiq-drive to come in to Shelton Thursday PEERLESS MAR L. J. Munson has been appointed ularly that on low lands. The heaw afternoon, October 21st at 2 p. m. to I passenger ear sales manager for the lest losses in grain are reported from hear Bob Bridges speak. He will be I Then--GIVE ! , Maxwell and Kissel lines distributed the Webb farm, and the McDonald the next Governor of Washington.  Beef ' by the Western Motors Company. and Rietdorf faz2ns in Little Skoo- "  adv.-10-152t ' ' Munson's anpointment to this peal= kum valley; but some of the smaller tion comes as the result of the faith-farms have a field or two of grain J Fall IHatsl OPPORTUNITY WEEKS ' , has rhedered the organization. He.is the long spell ends the grain will October 7-16 a clever salesman, and knows e be past saving. There is still hope : Pork ins an outs of the game, from t for better days for October. " Mutton first minor detail to the more impor- |  ' Chickens - taut factors in the 'cars he has han- FRANK ROBINSON, Farmer-Labor dled. Munson made the promise that  Candidate for Legislature from Ms- [ .,:My new fall sto'ck of Milli- | ) and Hens ,, -i the futUre policy of the company  son County will speak in Tahuya  nery includes a large hum- ) Fish McDonald & Company gladly shares will continue along the lines of ultra  Tuesday night October 12th, in Union | ber of the latest models. I srvice. .................... j Wednesday night, October 18th; A1- [ These will meet your ap- j[ , and its space With the Salvation Army . . ....... lyn Friday night, October 15th; Clif- j proval. The pces are mod- Hear.,them all if you possibly ..ca tton, Saturday night, October 16th, ]  Game . , today. " but dont miss Bob Bridges, the big- and in Matlock, Tuesday night, Oc- I erate.  |] ........... \\;test man that will speak in Shelto [tober 19th. Adv,olt very reasonable at this eampaign. Aclv. 10-z5- |, .. SHICK'S :] ] PEERLESS MARKET ........ : ......... - ............. ] Bob Bridges--Thursday, 2 p. m. | MILLINERY t SHELTON, WASH. For your canning and mince meat l October 21st at Shelton. l ! " call at the Peerless Market. It I Adv-10-15-2t ;,  .... ======= ........ ============-===============-===-=---