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October 9, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 9, 1941

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SHELTON-MASON _. I M. _ ., I- ' :What Big Event This OCtOber Nlnth Week? Use Your Noodle l i What big event will Shelton ‘. 17 , , 4. .- . x , 9 Stamp Plan Here; 1 i use your noodle‘ Announcement 03th“ U- S DC“5 That’s right, provided you put partm‘mt of Agriculture's bluc I a little vermicelli with it. It's 1 stamp food list for October marks , Nationa} Macamm_Nood]e Week, I the 9th month of food stamp plan ’ folks‘ so have your Shelton gr0_ Operation m Mason County- DV-r' I ccr supply you with extra tonnage ing October, according to Howard I of these healthful foods. T. Heun, Area Supervisorpf “13“. Let all who breathe partake of Surplus Marketmg A-dmlmsna' these delicious dishes, and especial- thlly apPI'O-‘ilméit'ely 4.1000 P9b110?ly those who are able to tangle ass1stance families Will purchase 1 them tightly enough armmd Um $500900 .Of orange fOOd Stamps , fork so that they do not parachute and receive $250,000 of blue food 1 Off into the vest pockets_ stamps free in the State of VVash- ington. The blue stamps are exchange- the American Federation Of Labor h01d- able at retail food stores for any of these commodities listed on the ing its national convention in Seattle this week, October list: Com mm, shell Thursday, October- PEAR RIPENING CARE Proper handling by or is necessary if the,“ th!‘ grower is to be 3 pears are to reach the 'v ~ firm, juicy, buttery Ca ~ which they are faan tails on the ripening ' winter pears arc ' Extension Bulletin . may be obtained agel'lts’ offices or the Extension SchICe‘ . " lege of Washingtony/, COUNTY JOURNAL First Hospital "ship Since ’17 SHELTON-MASONRCOUNRTY JOURNAL } Consolidated with The Shelton Independent Published every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon Meiiiber of VVashinglon Newspaper Publishers’ Association and National l‘lditorial Association. . Entered as second—class matter at the posloffie'e at Slir‘lton, VVashingLon Subscription Rates : BY MAIL: in Mason Counly (outside of Shelton city mail carrir-r districts) $2 per year; 6 months. $1.25; 3 months, 75¢. Foreign $3.50 per year. Postal regulations forbid residents of Shelton served by city mail carrier from 1receiving their Journal by mail. BY JOURNAL CARRIER: in Shelton, 25¢ per month (collected by carrier) I or $2.50 per year ill advance. Newspapers of the U. S. spend more than 16 million dollars a year for new equipment. according to reports to the Census Bureau. P“ T RAMOUN THEATRE Shelton, Wash. N01 ‘ ' s. shows... We”, -. , BELCHING ls .- , Belching is disagreea- : ' ten embarrassing. Tf . spoonful of Bisma-Rgx of water after meals! expel stomach gas ‘1“, ma-Rex acts four Wa‘y' acid-indigestion. G0 t" v i r. 5k Drug Store and 8 5”. Tonite Only J . EBER ANGLE Manager GRAN T C. ANGLE Editor DOUBLE FEATURE AMERICAN FEDERATION PROBLEMS I The proportion of foreign-born ‘ ipersons is reducing rapidly, ox- plains the Census, because immi- gration has been greatly restrict- ! some Of the abuses practiced in the name Of labor ' eggs, raisinskdried prunes, hom- :gtézlngiesazlmaggggbiggegogiggz \Rex 50 gscféggls,‘ are being brought to attention for action and some 13,26;{fofiéufrlfihdrfivfiifile $3333 born because of their increasing": 1 1 mphar. ', 0 1 Plus “THUNDER PRAIRIE [measure Of reform; the WGGk tWO Alaska (graham) floiir, enriched whegt average age’ I 818 ton steamers with supplies for defense camps havel gle‘j‘f‘j;isiffgi§,§fg gflgfllfifig @1ng , . I, , , , , , ‘, ' ,been held up five days by petty quarrels within! apples, fresh yorahgesvand all; I , Ohm“ ,5 the unions and with no issue between the company {2221? Vegetables. including pota- I H E A H F U l- W E R I. .1 Reasom Orange food stamps are also} exchangeable at retail food stores for any and all foods for human . consumption. . “Increased food consumption! made possible through the food‘ stamp plan guarantees a present and future domestic market to farmers everywhere,” said Mr. Heun, area supervisor of the Sur- ; or the government. One was because a waiter was objectionable, the other because of a colored pan- try boy; both objected to by the unionists. Only last week a threatened strike of welders which would have called out all ship building and civilian yard workers of that class and tied up much other works, was averted for the time being COOKING SPECIA DE (II-PURPOSE SET) 1 REVERE Sula, BURNETT; "MARI". WRIXOO', GEORG‘ (liVElANl‘ A new coat of white paint dresses up the former Clyde-Mallory liner Iroquois, renamed the U. S. S. Solace, first hospital ship of the U. S. Navy since World War I. ALUMINUM BANDS WILL hatcheries and poultry marketing agencies throughout the nation are being asked to save and re- turn all used aluminum wing and UKiFrEINCL Interest of football fans thru- Iout the state of Washington will icenter this weekend on the clash Ibetween the teams of the Uni- : . . MRDIS'I'RICT KJR Carr in All-cast , . , , ,_ . . . . ‘ ATTORNEY". 0f web-5w. Battle BE “USED . , 31131109311 the Issue of a separate 11111011 Wlthm the RES £3325??? heiémti‘itia§£?§li i Poumb’ breeders! Commema AFL 18 left unsettled for future trouble. There are attain the defense goal of ‘make‘ at this time a dozen or more major strikes in im- portant defense industries, within or between the America stronger‘ by placingi healthful, nutritious foods in the} homes of under-consuming fam-f ilies.” War-aw“! AFL and CIO for control of the workers, and leg bands for reprocessing into wing bands for future use as part of the government’s plan to con- serve the vital material. Fred W. Frasier, extension poul- It was pointed out that some 40 million acres of “export” crops must find a domestic market. ‘versity of Washington and Wash- ington State College at Pullman ‘, on Saturday afternoon, October In. The game will be broadcast (by Associated sportcaster Lou :Gillette starting at 1:45 p.m., and iwill be heard locally over Station [KJR, Seattle (1000 keys). apparently neither the organizations or the gov- ernment are disposed to correct the abuses in the tryman at the State College .03 interest of ending all stoppage and delays in war Washington, pointts 1:111; éfiagegvhffii production. ' iffrfi‘fifislgnban‘ilsy no satisfacn Some of .the higher leaders have m a d e tory replacement has been,f0und speeches fellcltatlng themselves over the peace ti‘fiewg‘éli’al‘fi'aé‘éiéhli rfigé'and patriotic spirit which pervades in AFL un— of aluminum for chicken_ wing ions, while several others have warned labor bandsv Since the pmduwon Of over strikes and stoppages of work on minor is- sues which have no place in the present emer- gency; and Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins CHRISTIAN SCIENCE rrAre Sin, DiseaSe, and Death Real?” is the subject of the Les- ' son-Sermon which will be read in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, Sunday, October 12. I Golden Text: “Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed: save me, and ,I shall be saved: for ‘ thou art my praise” (Jeremiah 17:14). ‘ Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is i The total annual factory value of U. S. meat products of all [kinds is shown in Census Bureau ‘reports at over three billion dol- lars, or $23 per capita. 2.01. sAUCE -' swu DOUBLE eons: - . . , "i l eggs is regarded as essential. (2 Q, cope“, voiced a mild warning for fair dealing and ac- ti; following from the Bible: , . . . ‘ “ e sent his word. and healed counting of_money, ridding unions of racketeers them, and (,6,in them from. land subverswe elements; and ineldentally expres- their destructions. The right-;' ised the danger of the closed shop in many cases. Although she did not express it that way, the lat- ter is a. real danger in this period whe n the gov- ernment is planning control and socializing of all industry which automatically will control all llabor. all iniquity shall stop her mouth” V The Lesson-Sermon also in-, cludes the following passage from 5 the Christian Science textbook,l “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddv: “We are sometimes led to believe that darkness is as real as light; but Science af- firms darkness to be only a mor- tal sense of the absence of light, at the coming of which darkness loses the appearance of reality. So sin and sorrow, disease and death, are the suppositional ab- I-‘QTT S'AUCE “POT leous shall see it. and rejoice: and, AND DUTCH oven . Preserves minerals and vitamins —-raluifl5 ' and flavor. . lndeslruclible—complele kilchen unit. 0 Always clean. 0 Won’t burn through. 0 Lasfs a lifetime—saving on food and fuel pay for set EASY BUDGET TERMS ONLY 29.50 0n IIIWIIII SAVE AT our 20th CENTURY CASH STORE ' PRICES GOOD FRIDAY — SATURDAY MONDAY, OCT. 10-11-13 ré'in‘ .. “la ? SPIGOT-SAVING — BUN GHOLE WASTING i After the good tébpbnse following the appeal lto the citizenry to dig up their old aluminum_sence of Life. God, and flee as there are more such appeals to salvage waste in, gggngfigipéggffg; before truth the offing, urging community effort to gather up —-———~»—- —-—-~ old paper, rags, tin, copper and other things, and: to threaten the people with coming scarcity. Perhaps the main idea is to force the public to limit its buying or go without many nec‘essi-- ties, and save their money for stamps and bonds to speed government spending and buying up of commodities far ahead of any real needs; urging. civilian economy in the face of profligate example.' Every one of the hundred federal agencies, including each new one, has its staff of high- paid writers to propagandize the nation, and 'the result is tons of white paper wasted with printing, KLEENEX . . . . 440 count 25:: Facial Tissues. SUGAR . . . . . . . . lO-lbs. 61c Spreckels Honey Dew—«Cloth Bag. MINIT OATS . . . . 9-lbs. 39c Alber‘s Economical Sack. STRING Buns . . 3 cans 25c Forest Pride.‘ No. 303 Can. FLOUR . . . . . . . 49-lbs. 1.92 Specials for Friday and Saturday «LE , D i; FRESH LOCAL GARROTS 5hunches lllc PEACH Home Style: l Silk-Sifted—Centennial. 29I/2.Ibs. 1.02. which might better be consirved before prin‘ging. and burdening the free mai 5, to the waste as- . I . I I I I I. ket ending. - DELICIOUS OR JONATHAN E --- t; ,. “Luxury” No. I/z’s Cans. This newspaper With some 15,000 others ‘I -------- —- over the United States receives this matter and I Famous California Geffee . . . . . . _. 2 1'“). pkgs. can supply at least ten pounds a week of better EXTRA LARGE STALKS 5_1£g££§§§ets Thrift-cc Coffee .............. .. 2 Mb pkgs. 33¢ paper than the ordinary dub can afford to use; Gold Bar Coffee ____________________ 14b. tin 25¢ not to speak of the books, papers and public1ty ' Only hand-outs which have cost thousands to write, Ask yourGZOth Cen- Aero'waxl N0 R1113 wax -------------- (It 35¢ print and circulate but only adds, to the horde on FIRM, CRISP HEADS my men Lakota Wet Pack Shrimp No. 1 can 17¢ the payrolls at Washinhgtop. b f 2 9° - I Just now the mere an s are eginning to eel JAM Pom) Pmeapple’. /2 "cm? """"""" " 2 f0: 32¢ the pinch in shortage of wrapping paper and bags, . JEELY Royal Purple Grape Ju‘ce ------------ “ q ' and are warned‘ they may have to go back to; c Bonnie Be'st, Asst. Crisco, (5-le. 1.25 ...................... ._ 3—lbs. 63¢ primitive days and wrap their goods in old n%Ws— l- 0 , - -. , . z 1 papers, yet amen the Wee y grist is a 3-5 eet an , «v Jar 29¢ Arnlte :vax Paper """"""""""" " 2 r018 25¢ circular which: cogmes in a big Kraft catalogue FRESH’ LOCAL TURNIPS d Ems“, "4‘01' 22¢ -------------------- -- 69'0z' 62¢ envelope too tough to tear With one’s teeth, when‘ 5 . an ordinary N0. 10 envelélipef would suffice. All of which oints to the nee o econbm in Wash- . E A T ington, ifppaper would be saved. as lieu as the Fore/St Pride . 6 CANS' LakOta ‘ PRICES rm. SAT. ONLY cost of printing. , PRICES FRI. & SAT. ONLY . c ROAST ' ‘ __ 1b_ Shelton merchants had the largest trade day , " ' """" " ‘ in their history Saturday, _following the payroll C B LUXURY BRAND Gems No.2 Mt. Vernon. BEEF ROAST 2 ichecks of the five industrles 0f the community, Assorted , . Fcy. Steer ...... .. lb. ’ ¢ during the week-end Which must have totaled not box . . far below $150,000. The Shelton Branch of the 4 1 New Jonathan “C” Grade lb. Seattle'FirSt National pald out in CaSh B.___.___________a’rs """" “ CHALLENGER BRAND ' .not to mention the checks cashed on Saturday by . Beef Rlbs -------------- -- “3- 18¢ the local stores and those which went elsewhere. i _ ‘ I ea. C “S” Ste” This proves Shelton’s Substantlal background of DBI‘C‘OUS Large Stalks. Perk Steaks ........ _. lb. 27¢ industry and justification for more improvement ' PEARL 1 '3 - .. Y°ung Pig Pork- . and home building. ‘ LB, ________________ _, I ' p ‘6“ CRANBERRIES II. we Pork Roast .......... .. 1b. 23¢ I Shortenmg 4-Ibs. Mistkm I Picnic Style-Short Shanks. i AMERICA CODDLES ITS ENEMIES . , ‘ ' Pork Chops __________ _. lb. 35¢ After two long and COStlyhearings the sec- BONNIE BEST Lean and Sweet. Delicious roasted. l 0nd results in éhe decislotn thélt tdhe Saj‘I'Cg-y ' i I . ' ‘ For i . . agitator, is a ommunis an S ou, e e orte , ' '. ____________ __ 2 v P t B t ' ' No. 1. , Pull: £33k sans ' lb ?8¢ Ibut it is safe to say that nothing will b2 done QT " u ter 2 Jar. gabout it in this administration. Aside from this, TmANGLE FANCAKE Eparticular case it may be remarked that in nOI ? other country may an enemy to its safety be per— imitted to escape the. firing squad and continue! ‘ ihis pernicious activities. Cflhh‘m‘ GAW ______ 39¢ Flou W .~..., 222.95%“wa 10-3bsr