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October 14, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 14, 1971

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UILI I; .J ARTICLES OF INDIAN beadwork, made by the Sioux Indians of South Dakota, were taken to last week's Historical Society meeting by Delrue Thompson as an interesting sidelight to the Indian program presented that evening. TWO INDIAN BASKETS, made and given to her by Skokomish Indian friends, were shown at last week's meeting of the local Historical Society by Mrs. Ruth Miller, guest speaker. Recollections of good times spent with a Skokomish Indian couple with whom she and her husband, the late Vernon Hawk, had became good friends were shared with members of the local Historical Society by Mrs. Ruth Miller at last Thursday night's meeting. The two couples had become friends after their first meeting shortly after the Vernon Hawks had moved to Allyn in 1926. A turkey sent to Mrs. Miller (then Mrs. Vernon Hawk) by her family in Idaho for the Hawk's Thanksgiving dinner had been incorrectly delivered to Mr. and Mrs. John Hawk of the Skokomish Indian reservation and the latter had traveled to Allyn to deliver it to the right Hawks A close friendship between the two Hawk families developed and the Vernon Hawks' subsequent move to the Skokomish Valley a few years later where Mrs. Miller taught school for 17 years on the Indian reservation allowed great opportunity for furthering the friendship. A brief history of the Indian Hawk, referred to during the evening as Papa Hawk, was given by Mrs. Miller. Papa John's father was a white man who had come to the west from Pennsylvania after the Civil War and settled in the Nisqually valley. He was living with an Indian maiden and was father of her two daughters when the State passed a law reqmring white men to either marry or leave their Indian "wives." Papa John's father left his woman, who was pregnant with her unborn son at the time. She died when Papa John was born. of a broken heart, it was said. A family named McDonald had taken in the Indian woman and her daughters and word was sent to an aunt of Papa John's mother telling of her niece's game devised by the Indians. was described by Mrs. Miller. Two teams were formed, each player holding one short and one long stick in his hands behind his back. Piles of things each team wished to bet were formed and songs were chanted and Indians beat tom-tom music on logs to create the proper atmosphere before each bet. The idea was to guess which hand held the long or short stick. The game sometimes went on all day and all night with goods being heaped onto the winner's pile after each bet. A tape made in the-1950's by Papa John recording several Indian songs, among them some sung during the stick games, was played at the meeting. Because of the Indian theme of the program, Mrs. Delrue Thompson brought pictures and several items made by the Sioux Indians to be passed around. New officers at the Mason County Historical Society of Belfair were elected at the meeting. Leo Livingston was re-elected president, Martha Waaga, vice-president, Irene Davis, secretary and Howard Collier was re-elected treasurer. plight. The aunt, who lived on the -- ~ X /, I ~ Skokomish reservation, got in her ..... r,~. ,) BELFAIR BUILDERS SUPPLY ( canoe and went to the rescue. '~~:~"~':' Part of her rescue mission ~ ,, Tune-ups Minor Repair Work ~ ~ // involv'd carrying the canoe on t ~oL~~ 2 her back across the land 4 Hr. Wrecker Service VACATION - VILLAGE separating Hood Canal from Puget CR 5-2077 \ ~ / / 7 Sound. On thereturntripshealso ELFAIR | OPEN FOR INSPECTION / HOURS: had the small baby boy, as well as Phone .7 BROCHURES -- PRICES ( SAT. 8 - 2:30 the canoe, to portage across land. CR 5-2090 ,,I" INFORMATION X~ W..~EK~.A3S Papa John was raised on the B MOBIL : " : Sk0komish reservation and later married Mama Emily, an Indian ~#~-yyd~..~.~:y~-~ez~.:~~=_.~.~ Clearing Earth Moving Road Building GRAVEL--SAND--ROCK FREE ESTIMATES Days CR 5-2837 Eves. CR 5-2152 LOCAL CONTRACTOR CR 5-2235 NORTHSHORE INN from the Everett area. For many years Papa John was supervisor for the State Highway department in the Hood Canal area. Some of the local Indian traditions and a few of the trips taken with the Indian Hawks were described by the guest speaker. One such description explained the Indian custom of "Potlatch." A Potlatch occurred whenever something of importance happened to a family and during Potlatch the family gave everything they had away. "'If the husband had two wives he might give one of them away," said Mrs. Miller. Blankets, horses, all their wealth would be given away, but they didn't have to go without for too long before other families had a Potlatch to celebrate a wedding, birth or death, and soon they had all their worldly goods back again. It was a means of showing off, too, because only Indian families with wealth had a Potlatch. The stick game, a gambling NORTH SHORE 24-Hour Towing Open 8:30 - 6 CR5-2192 Men's Pool Tournament Starts This Friday Night 8 P.M. Next to PUD Building At Belfair 4 x 4 Parts and Accessories 9 to 9 Weekdays and Saturdays 9 to 2 CR5-3133 Sunday Emergencies I Tray Table Reg. $].49 ..... Now's The Time To Wrap Water Pipes And Install Weatherstrip. Paint White Interior Latex... $299al. Don't Forget Your Hunting License Bank Americard and Master Charge Welcome ERNIE & HAROLD ARIES CR 5-2031 8:30 -- 6:00 J Pool Tables Shuffleboard Sandwiches Short Orders Dancing Daily 10 a.m. til 2 a.m. Sundays 12-12 Page 6 - Huckleberry Herald section of SheltonKVlason County Journal - October 14, 1971 By Leo & Margaret Livingston -- CR 5-6421 As the summer residents left, the first winter residents - ducks and grebes -arrived. The lonely whistle we hear in the eerie fog-shrouded mornings must be the call of the grebe... The smelt are spawning but reports coming to us indicate that their numbers are diminished. We found a commercial mushroom farm up on the hill near Tee Lake. Shige Nagaishi, Seattle, has leased a tract from the State Dept. of Natural Resources at $5.00 per acre for experimental growing of Japanese mushrooms. He even waters the spawn. It is a pilot operation. Nagaishi has posted the area, "No Mushroom Picking". Cecil Nance visited to show off his three husky puppies, Bowser, Boots, and Bonnie. They are black German Shepherds (with a faint touch of Collie) born Aug. 10... A black Labrador with a trailing leash visited us briefly last week. She was soon reclaimed by Mary Marsh. Dog is being trained as a hunter. An old-fashioned roof-raising bee completed the expansion of the Herold Hayes residence adjoining the North Shore port pier. Six friends came over early one morning last week, took off the old roof, and replaced it with a bigger roof.to fit the expanded shell of his house. Hayes said they all worked like demons and he really appreciated it. His friends included two old friends of more than 35 years, Maurice Smith, Auburn, Marvin Norggaard, Kent. From Tahuya came Ed Pohl. North shore rooters included A1 Sholberg, George LeBlanc, and Dale Hayes, his brother. Bookers Art Calendars are selling well. You can now buy them at Sunset Beach store as Audrey Lamb stopped by last week for a batch of them. Most everyone on the North Shore has already laid in a supply for Christmas presents. Hunting for Hunts: Mrs. Heather A llardice of Chudleigh, Devonshire, England, spent last weekend with Mrs. Grace Hunt, Terra Linda resident .... and therein lies a tale. Seven years ago Mrs. Hunt was in England looking for more detail about ancestors. The Vicar in a 15th Century Parish Church knew nothing abort old traditions, but an elderly lady passing by caught the name "Hunt" and sopke up, "I know the Hunts". She showed Mrs. Hunt the small chapel named "Hunt's Aisle" where a 6x3-foot tablet had to be stepped upon as one entered. On the wall was the Hunt coat of arms. Another 5x3-foot plaque hung over the pulpit on the wall. Queer that the Vicar in his 8th month there had never noticed the Hunt name, but he did know of the Parish register and allowed Mrs. Hunt to copy many items about that family. Mrs. Allerdice then offered to drive Grace Hunt through the one-street village and took her to the Old Pount Cottage, once part of the Hunt domain, where Mrs. Allerdice lived alone. She included a home-cooked meal, and lodging for the night. Since then the women have had interesting correspondence with the visit last week an added bonus. Mrs. Allardice once lived 16% years near Salmon Arm, British Columbia Last week Mrs. Hunt's two grandchildren, Elizabeth Hunt of Belfair and Ted Bogard, Seattle, were chauffeurs to high points of interest in Seattle and Bremerton. Then Mrs. Barbara Hunt, Mrs. Hunt's daughter-in-law on the North Shore, helped show the English visitor the singular beauty of Hood Canal, Mission Creek, before the Englishwoman left for Vancouver, B.C. Dorothy and Way Lyman returned recently from a swing around the western states which included a visit to daughter, Sharon, in Pocatello, a snow storm in Yellowstone, and an almost fatal automobile accident to miniature Poodle, Cola, in Salt Lake City, after which they came home. Cola has had her stitches removed and is out bicycling with Way. OUTBOARD STOLEN A 7 h.p. Johnson outboard motor was taken from a shed on Tiger Lake, it was reported to the Belfair Sheriff's office on Oct. 5. Boards had been ripped from the back of the shed to gain entrance. HOOD CANAL SECURITY Burglar Alarm Systems -Rental Tools St. Rt. 1, Box 556, Belfair By JULI PRESTON CR 5-6288 Miss Pam DeLong, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob DeLong, is having a lot of fun withher first year at the Annie Wright Seminary in Tacoma. As a senior Pam is finding her classes to be exciting and interesting and a lot different. One of her favorite classes is ceramics. Her mother says it's fun to see the funny little things she makes and brings home and some of the little pots have turned out very nicely. Recently Pam brought a new found friend from Hung Kong home on a weekend family visit. There are a great variety of girls at the school giving Pam a chance to make a lot of new friends. Wanting. to be a part of the activities at school it was quite an honor when Pam was chosen as Student Council President. It sounds like it Will be an exciting and busy year for tiffs girl! Audrey of the Sunset Beach Grocery has offered to set-up a "Trading Post" for anyone who would like to bring in Spring flowering bulbs and trade them with other gardeners. It would be a great way to get a variety of plants growing in everyone's garden without making it expensive. Let's call it the Community Beautiful Project! Anyone else have any ideas for the project? Louis and Betty Blackwetl are getting ready to roll out the red carpet any day now to welcome their son Dick home from his year in Vietnam. Mr. and Mrs. Engel Midtsatre spent this .past weekend on the canal visiting their daughter and her husband, Wayne. and Laura Allen. The Midtsatres had a lot of family news to share since they just returned from Massachusetts where they visited relatives. We all have a tendency to be angry when we drive a bit too fast and end up getting a ticket. Think about that again. Who do you call when you hear a disturbance outside in the wee hours of the morning? Who do you call if your house has been broken into while you're away? Who do you call if you need some information? Who do you call if you just need some help and there isn't anyone else to call? Who just seems to be there when you need someone? Maybe we need to thank our police force a little more often. Many times when 1 am trying to find some news for this column someone will say to write something giving thanks to our sheriff and his men but not to include the name of the person saying thank you or to giVe any reason. It happened again If you haven't been able to reach your Spotlight colunnist please call in the early afternoon or in the evening. You can also leave a message with Editor Lou Donnell and I will call you. I've been attending Olympic College and my schedule is a little mixed up so I'm often not at home during the day. Do keep trying because it takes a lot of news each week to keep your column going! Timberland Library holds trustee workshop in Lacey A library trustee workshop, possible the first of its kind to be held in Washington State, took place in Lacey on Saturday, October 2. The workshop was attended by 30 persons throughout the Timberland Regional Library district, including Mrs. Curtis Bell and Mrs. Thomas Davis of the Belfair Area Friends of the Library group. The meeting was planned by Timberland staff members and the regional board to explain the duties and responsibilities of local trustees and library Friends. The focus was on the function of trustees and Friends in relation to their local libraries as well as to the Timberland Library district. The discussion concerned public relations and the legal aspect of being a trustee. Ways and means to obtain financial suppport for building programs and library services were reviewed, as well as many reasons why the fight for the betterment of libraries and library services is necessary. Three persons who have been actively working for many years to promote and improve library service in Washington conducted the workshop. Leading the discussion was John Veblen, who is the immediate past president of the trustee divisions of both the Washington Library Association, and the Pacific Northwest Library Association. Mr. Veblen is currently a member of the Washington State Library Commission, and last year won the American Library Association's top trustee tribute, a Citation of Merit Award for his interest and participation in public library affairs. Other discussion leaders were Mrs. Eileen Mansfield, Washington State Library trustee coordinator, and formerly on the King County Library Board of Trustees; and Herbert Mutschler, director of the King County Library. Mr. Veblen explained that fighting for public support of libraries is one of the most important functions of the library txustee. In a system of government which dependson free access of information to everyone, the public library is vital, as it is the one place where free information can be obtained. Not everyone takes advantage of the free access to information. Libraries have been around for so long, sometimes people tend to take them for granted. The role of library trustees is to make persons aware of library services, starting within their own communities. In line with these responsibilities, it was explained that trustees should keep up-to-date on the library's financial situation by becoming thoroughly acquainted with the budget. They should also be concerned with the condition of library buildings and familiar with the type of service being given, to be able to interpret the library to the public and to work for needed financial support. The Timberland Library district is composed of 23 member libraries, with local boards of trustees appointed by city commissioners in all incorporated cities. Unincorporated areas are often represented by Friends of the Library, who work as volunteers to help support the libraw. Friends also work with the boards of city libraries in program -planning and fund-raising. RAY'S BARBER SHOP Razor Cuts A Specialty Closed Mondays CF~ 5-668 ! BELFAIR Mike Selby CR 5-2976 this week. So to our local sheriff and deputies we say thank you , l for being there when someone ~u~I~~u~u~~~~E needed help. --= BONDED LICENSED INSURED --= The Girl Scouts may be JESFIELD CONSTRUCTION - knocking at your door soon. It's time for their 1972 Calendar Sale. -== CONTRACTING BUILDING _-- For those who plan ahead a _= = CABINET WORK CONCRETE WORK = Ben Jesfield P.O. Box 11 Jim Jesfield = CR 5-2652 Belfair, Washington CR 6-6684 = =~~~~~~I~~i COMPLETE ELECTRICAL WIRING And HEATING SERVICE, Terms, of course, BankAmericards Welcome Free Delivery G.E. Appliances at Discounted Prices Frank May P.O. Box 575 CR 5-2020 calendar is a good Christmas stocking stuffer! We welcome A1 Everson to the South Shore. He recently rented a cottage near Sunset Beach Mr. Scotty Campbell will be welcoming Thereasa Campbell and Linda and Scott Campbell Jr. for a week's vacation to his home at Idlehours. Isn't Idlehours a perfect name for the life on the canal during the fall?! We wish Mike Hagan the best of luck as he starts his college career at Yakima Community College. For Delivery Seattle Times Phone CR 5-2402 Ervin Furchert NEW CONSTRUCTION--REMODELING--ROOFING DECKS--CONCRETE WORK FORMICA--CERAMIC TILE Free Estimates Call CR 5-2196 Collect $CHONER MEATS 12-14 av. cut, PORK LOINS wrap o ........ -n. SLAB BACON ............. 5916 whole, no HAMS water addod ........... 5916 iean, GROUND CHUCK wholesome .... 6916 grade good sides, LOCKER BEEF cut, wra pe , frozen Lb. 6916 Wecan pick up. custom slaughter, cut and wrap . your own beef with state inspection. CR5-2784 _ Evenir s October 14, 1971 - Huckleberry Herald section of Shelton-Mason County Journal - Page 3