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October 16, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 16, 1941

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«October 16, 1941. you CAN’T s iFIND Ag-__ E'IRIDESCENT RAINIER o r- -- 1y 4.. ~ is worth 10,000 words,” says an old Chinese proverb. What . in the form of travel dollars can be expected from distribu- , and other Washington color pictures? ________________._————— “The surrounding 377 Square miles constitute Mt. Rainier Park, world-famous year-round play- ground—filled with natural beauties I' 11 received an enormous 'Dublicity from distribu- =dard Oil Company of 0! more than 395,000 ‘this Mt. Rainier photo- 3 photograph of Mt. 0(luced in natural color. ‘19 interest in these lofty _" his additional travel to "' during 1942 and the 111e, is indicated by the .13 huge distribution was ahout the 15 western “fly to local residents,- tI‘avelers from all parts »’1- Additional interest in 91' scenic objectives in is evidenced by the sale "‘ of thousands of Stan- nhoto albums, special pic- I i and photo mailers for ‘I‘ clillres of the 1941 series. 'I of the photographs 91' sold on the idea of I Rainier by the descrip- ‘131 underneath this pic- ; lead in part; with opportunities for outdoor sports and recreation. It’s a land of evergreen forests, sky-blue lakes, sparkling waterfalls and rushing streams, with 86 miles of modern, wide, motor roads and over 200 miles of trails for horseback riding or hiking. Sports equipment, guides and horses are available at low cost. There are living accommodations to suit everyone’s taste and pocket- book.” Standard’s color picture cam. paign was of such magnitude that the entire Pacific Coast supply of the special type mat paper used' in reproducing the photographs has been exhausted. The pictures can no longer be obtained at Standard sta. tions or Standard Oil Company of California offices, as they are now out of print. SI Baby Strictly Fresh OLLYWOOD has decided to make more anti-Nazi movies as a result of the Senate’s inves- tigation of propaganda. Maybe the whole thing was a press agent’s idea. 55 It The farmer prospers by rais- ing things out of the ground while critics run things into the ground. ‘ :11 ll ll: Someone ought to declare a shooting war against prices shooting up. * National 1 in endless variety and abounding ‘ " OF JOSEPH E. ,| LEGAL PUBLICATIONS I TO VJHOM IT MAY ,Corliss of Brcmcrton, ‘ Hydraulics, ‘jcct to existing rights, land fish pond; ,point of diversion is ',A map showing the location and plan ,thc proposed use 1 office of the State Supervisor of Hyd— is required by law. whose 'fccted by sald application may file Eobjections or representations, IiglIl’lfllCathIl, which date is October 16, to grab up :1 milk bucket or 1 cream pan and carry gasoline or :hths _ 01d Catherine coal oil in it. The result was bOVe vanished from in that the container could not be th used again for milk or cream 6 Glendale, N. Y,, I 9 her mother left her Was inside shopping. because the odor never quite left the bucket and was taken up by the contents. I the collegiate foot- “’~' is'bringing some .Of husky youths to- Saturday for a minutes, the alibi orking overtime. “led of them are the 'i ‘ Iletic coach is a great "He is also a. great 7,. e of his accomplish- II' Dass. In other words 6 threat menace. He the material, throws d passes the buck. he is a pessimist. I never looked so am his years "as coach. ad so many cripples ' pd, He never lost 1'1 by graduation. The was never so good. I the other team will ,Vantage. If the field .icher team will have age. If the game is (Sat home, his team bed by the tension .9}! it plays. If the ‘ .be played away from teflm is handicapped bus ride that takes Out of his players’ They are very non-committal. They answer all questions with a pleasant “Yeah!” “Huh?” “Nawl” or a definite “Maybe.” They'Only loosen up after their team has eaked out——by luck and breaks. mind you—a score of 47 to 0. It is rare that their teams run UP a 47 to o victory. And again, It is rare that they loosen up. The coach is the dictator over gymnasiums, players, equipment. scholarships, school policy. He is always .happiest when the school is building bleachers for him. He is saddest when the, school puts up a dormitory 11’1- stead. 3Ches don’t like re- They don’t like y don’t like their I Most of the time Ike themselves. And r: it is, too. @ENNY row your? foouon‘l’é‘ -I l l i NOTICE OF \VA'l‘ER RIGHT APPLICATION NO. 5036 State 01‘ ‘r’l'llshington Office 01' Su— pvrvisor of Hydraulics Olympia CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that L. (1.; State of Wash—‘ 1941. ington, under datc of August 1. filed with the State Supervisor of Olympia. Washington. alll application for a permit to divert the public waters of an unnamed strcam, in the amount of 1.0 second foot, sub— I continuously for the purpose of domestic. supplies that the approximate located within Lot 1 of Section 13, Township N., Range 2 VV.W.M., in Mason County. diversion of said and the place of is on file in the raulics, Olympia, Washington. to- :r with such other information as 1 get person. firm right will Any or corporation be injuriously af- with the State Supervisor of Hyd— raulics. at Olympia. Washington, such I in writ- ing. as he may deSlre to make, Within thirty (30) days after date of last Witness my hand and official seal this 3rd day of October, A. D., 1941. CHAS. BARTHOLET, State Superwsor of Hydraulics. (SEAL) 10-9-16—2t. NO. 1414 NOTICE OF HEARING ON FINAL REPORT AND PETITION FOR , DISTRIBUTION In the Superior Court of the State of Washington for Mason County In Probate IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE HITCH, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That. Lucy Hitch Young, Executrix of the Estate of Joseph E. Hitch, Deceased, has filed with the Clerk of the above entitled Court, her Final Report and Petition for Distribution, asking the Court to settle said Report, distribute the property to the persons thereto entitled and to discharge the Ex- ecutrix. NOTICE .IS FURTHER GIVEN. that said Final Report and Petition for Distribution will be heard Saturday the 25th day Of October, 1941, at the ELL UNIiL YOU .;_A BUYER! USN/Mews ' '"wvv’vvvv vmvvvvwvvv I WA‘MAAMAAAAAAA-AAAAA FOR SALE by owner: 5—room ‘* ’34 ":r . home, Illquilc .l. 3717:1815:th LANDSCAPING _ I A} l Years of experience in lawn-malt: ing. Contract or 50c an hour. FOR SALE: warms Waterfront, Eight years in Shelton. Plovie, DUE TO A BETTER POSITION: FOR SALE or trade: FOR SALE or TRADE for smaller: SHELTONIIASON COUNTY JOURNAL mo-.. Classified Service a“... l Real Estate land and 44:90:11 house with 726 So. First; corner Mill street. bath, outbuildings, orchard, 1/3 9-14. 10-167#11\/I. cleared. Reasonable. W. L.r Mott, Route 2, Agate. 10v9-14-16-er-5’1t- SHELTON FURNITURE UP— c ‘ HOLSTERING, furniture recov- ered and rebuilt, free estimates. 714 Ellinor Ave. baumcr, Prop. Phone 590-W. 8—207-—9-24——1M. Sears Silva will consider scll— ing Scars Tavern on Mt. View. A good opportunity for any- body. Inquire at Sears Tav-, ern. S-—10-94—tf. CONTRACTING CARPENTER, alterations and repairs, gener- al jobbing. Reasonable rate. H. M. Jones, 1714112 Ridge Road, Shelton. Phone 56-J. 9-12--10—12-—1M. 46‘“ ? Business lot, 3-blocks from Navy Yard Gate, in West Bremerton. In- quire Journal. W—10-9-14-16-21~—4t. , house, large house and tract on Arcadia Road, close in. Route 3.I Box 119 E—10-7—9-14—16-w4tl 7-room modern home with largei hour of 10 O'clock in the forenoon, at‘ ,the Court Room in the Court House, I in Shelton, Mason County, Washington. Dated this 25 day of September, 1941. CLARE ENGELSEN. Clerk of said Court. (SEAL) 9-25. 10—2-9-16——4t. STATEMENT STATEMENT OF THE OWNERSHIP. MANAGEMENT. ETC. REQUIRED BY THE ACTS OF CONGRESS OF ngglngST 24, 1912, AND MARCH 3, Of Shelton—Mason County Journal published twice-a-wcek at Shelton, Washington. for October 1, 1941. State of Washington )) County of Mason ) Before me, a Notary Public in and for the State and county aforesaid, personally appeared J. E. Angle. W110. having been duly sworn according to law,_ deposcs and says that ho is the business manager of the Shelton— Mason County Journal and lhat the following is. to the best or his know— ledge and belief, a true statement of the ownership, management, etc, of the aforesaid publication for the date shown in the above caption. rcouircd by the Act of August,24, 1912, as amended by' the Act of March 3, 1933. embodied in section 537. Postal Laws and Regulations. to-wilzz 1. That the names and addresses of tho rditor and business managers are: Editor. Grant C. Anglo; Business Man— agcr, J. E. Anglo, both of Shelton, Washington. 2. That the owners are: SS. Grant C, A few people have been known Angle, J. E. Angle and H. C. Anglo, all of Shelton, 3. That the known bondholders. mortgageos. and other security hold« ers owning,y or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of bonds. mort- o Washington. or other securities are: Seat- tle—Flrst National Bank, Shelton, Washington. J. E. ANGLE. Business Manager. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 15th day .of October. 1941. (SEAL) HERBERT G. ANGLE, My commission expires Feb. 17, 1944. 10-16—1t. No. 4053. SUMMONS I 11R PUBLICATION. In the Is'oerior Court of the State Of “shington for Mason County. IVIOLEfI‘ HAMILTON, Plaintiff, vs. IHUGHHAMILTON, Defendant. THE STATE or WASHINGTON. .UGH HAMILTON. Defendant, GREETINGS: You are hereby summoned to appear Iwithln 60Idays after the date of the first publication of this Summons, l0- Wlt: Within 60 days after the 16th day of October. 1941, and defend the above entltled action in the above entitled Court, and answer the Com- plaint of the Plaintiff, and serve a copy of your Answer upon the Un- dorsuzncd Attorney for Plaintiff, at ,hlS Offlcc below stated, and in case OfI Your failure so to do. Judgment I‘Wlll be rendered against you accord- ; mg to the demands of the complaint. Wthh has been filed with the Clerk of the said Court; the objects of this action are that Plaintiff seeks to have annulled and declare null and void. hel‘ purported marriage to you on 01‘ a.bout_July 15th, 1938. or in the al- ternative to secure an Interlocutory Decree of Divorce from you; to have. return, and restore to her. her former name of Violet Douglas. and to have Lots 14 and 15, in Block 197. Townsite 0f PQrt Angcles, Clallam County. ,Washlngton, adjudged, decreed. and determined to be her sole and separate property. CHAS. R. LEWIS. Plaintiff's Attorney; Office and Post. Office Address. Suite 1, Lumbermen‘s . Building. Shelton, Mason Cnuntv. Washington. 10-16-23—30. 11—6—13—20-27—7t. Wines produced by Washington Wineries under the Seal of the Washington Wine Council: Alicante, Apple, Blackberry, Burgundy, Cherry, Claret, Cur— rant, Dry sauterne, Gooseberry, Grape. Haut Sauterne, Huckleber- T.V. Loganberry, Muscatel, Peach, Pear, Prune, Red Port, Riesling, Sherry, Strawberry, Tokay, White Port. Trlous‘AND. l l l l I I use over THmeG~ ma ear-5% PROF ears: fakes. mou‘eauo AND file rooreau. copies WELVE- 1T DOESN'T Watch For ltll FOR SALE ‘ tract of ,land. Excellent groundl with lawn and flowers. This! will make a fine suburban home. 1 Close in. $3,000 with $500 down or $2500 cash. Everything To Make The LittleITot Happy WAGONS ~—— SCOOTERS TRICYCLES REPAIRS We also Repair wagons, tri- 6—ROOM modern home, hard-Wood floors, fireplace, full basement and furnace. Also large unfin- ished upstairs. This home isl located on oiled street and has nice yard. Entire property in excellent condition, and pricedl Will con~ below present value. I . I, sider termsI_$4375I00I I :yccles, bicycles, lawrnowers, 3-ROOM modern home close in., Nice garden tract. House can' FIX-IT easily be enlarged. Why pay rent when you can own a home, of your own. $1575 with $200: down, $25 month, including in- terest at 7% monthly reduction. FOR SALE 1 3—ROOM modern home, close iné' Used 9X12 cm with large tract of excellen ground and several fruit trees. Credit allowed for S01(’)l’led re- I finishing, $1375, $50.0 own and $20.00 monthly, including' interest at 7% monthly reduc“ With case and 12 cut tion. I 5-room modern home, with hard-' _I wood floor, fireplace, furnace, Auxiliary lenses. I and basement, 21/2 acres ’of ex— cellent ground, with fruit treesI I and large chicken houses. This _ will make you a fine surburban; Andrews Studlo home, close in, $2850, terms, may I I”; be arranged. ' Will trade. Film holders . . . and : Fine lake located on 168 acres of‘l land, lake covers 25 to 30 acres. . * Fine fishing and close to thel hunting reserve in the best (1001" territory in Mason County. JustI 11 miles from Shelton with good 1 roads. Excellent opportunity', , for several parties to divide the Free Enlargement [3. l 25¢ per rollw J on Nuss- . coupon with l Page Seven —— JOURNAL WANT ADS RATES On Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line (5 words) first insertion, attractively low rates on subsequent insertions. Min- imum charge 40c. vv vvvv m7\vvvv vvvvvvvvvv For Sale mvv vavvvvvvvvv" . ' Wanted O AA‘A‘AAAAAAAAAngAAA.WAA [WANTED work caring for chil-l SECOND-GROWTH and old I drcn‘ eVenlngS 01‘ WGGk ends-i growth wood for sale. Phone Reasonable. Wilma Daniels, 3' 17F1, Ww10-8-14-16-21H4t., miles out Matlock Road, 00's.— ; -A “AAA. AAA Clark Dosch. 10-14-16--2t.lFOR SALE: large boy’s bicycle», Classified advertisements ac- “ ‘“ Good condition. $18.00 cash. Jim cepted over the telephone from } WANTED: middle age lady forl Noll, Route 3, Shelton. 10-16--1t.j phone subscribers. Cash should ‘ full time housework and care: accompany all other orders or of children. Good wages. In-l USED payment made before the first quire Journal or Mrs. Ayers, of the month to save expense Lake Newatzel. 10-16—21—2t. of billing. An extra charge of l -e— w e —- g 100 will be made when billing is WANTED: a woman for generali Ranges necessary. Card of thanks 50c. housework in a Christian home. I 1 Pacific Range $1500 . , . 1 R . _ . . . . . . . . . . . . .. t Phone 479- N-510-16—1t 1 Universal Range ........ .. 24.50I Class‘f‘edla‘gfieiz 3 es °n WOOD CUTTERS WANTED withj 1 WaShmgton Range -------- ~- 3450 Ph 100 1 Lang Range ...................... .. 29.50 one drag saw perferred. Call 473-W.l . H_10_16_21_23_28_4t .1 Langc Oll Range 79.50 l “ 1 Quaker Oil Range .......... .. 99.50l I mvvvvvv“ vvvvw ovvvvvvv 1__2 burner Westinghouse I "'7" WW' I Lost and Found Electric Range ................ .. 295m For Sale -- I WA‘AAA‘AAAA-AA‘AAJ FOUND: Pair glasses in case ' 1 WOOd Heater -------------------- "$29-50; FOR SALE: span of horses, har— at Safeway Store. Owner may i 1 “700d Heal-91' 2950' ness, all other farm machinery. have by identifying and paying11 WOOd Heater 1950] Doak‘s Ranch, Oakland Bay. for ad. Inquire Journal. l1 WOOd Heater 24-50' 10-7-9-14‘16'—4t> 10-9—1tI 1 Oil Heater ........................ .. 39.50! ._ . . ‘1 Quick Heater Oil Heater 39 50, 0013‘ FOR SALE; old grovérélg Wm V'"m (New) ................................ .. ' fir. Any length. Call Union For Ren '2 Quick Heater Oil Heaters 59.50 or write Box 107, Union. M S#10-7-—11-6——1 wMAbuwAuw I . _....___ FOR RENT: furnished two room 1 Norge Washer ................ ..$39.50 FOR SALE. Pleed K1112”, an house. Close to hospital. $1011 Thor Washer ____ .. . 19.50} Northern Spy apples 0r§hard per month. Ideal for single manI 1 American Beauty . 39.50! Tun 50¢ box. Bung COlltamel‘S- or woman. Inquire 619 North' 1 American Beauty . 49.50} J. F. Jacoby, Route 2. Shelton- Fifth, We_10-16-_tf.I 1 American Beauty . 29.501 10'9'14'16'21‘—4t’, , —————————~———————-——-—' 1 Apex Washer ..... .. 29.50% FURNISHED APARTMENTS f0! 1 W'ardway Washer .......... .. 24.50 FOR SALE: 4 piece bedroom set, re“? (2 and31‘00m5)- 900d 1°" . l excellent condition. 400 ft. 11,4- Catlon. Very reasonable- Goms‘, Refrigerators l inch water pipe. Inquire Jour- bomugh Apt} 590011“ and Knee'l 1 Kelvinator 61/2 cu. ft. .... ..$89.SOl nal. s—10-7-16—4t. land Streets, Shelton. _5-7-tf.|1 Kelvinator 51/2 cu‘ ft. ____ _I 79,50Il .______ COMFORTABLE Sleeping rooms 1 Grunow 61/2 °u~ ft- ---------- 7950: FOR SALE: child’s crib in good for rent. Phone 14F15 or in- condition. Phone 131-W. quire Journal. 10.-14-16__2t.l Mlscellaneous I M—-10-14—16—-2t. H .FAT.- 7'1-.- ..-.. 1 Electric Roaster .............. ..$12.50} —-——————-—- STEAM E ED sleeping room' 1 Table, 4 chairs ................ .. 7.501 I . with private bath for rent. Gar-l 1 Davenport ________ II _ 750! FOR SALE. 14—ft. boat, partlaély age if desired. Inquire 627 Rail— 1 Mohair Chair 7501 Ig-etgggtgm.LaIvnecrIléceiles ggsaspiri. road or Jesse Barrett at Mell Easy Terms Free Dehvery [ Phone 2_WI L:_10_14_23__4t B—10—14—16—2t. ‘ Chevrolet. 1 .. —~_ «a .——r THREE STORES WANT TO -R NT: small house, ,I 4 or 5 rooms unfurnished. Call 12" com 117 COta 111 com ‘FOR SALE: 3 12-foot boats, Ideal for duck hunters. Hidden Cove 351-vv. C--10-14—16--2t NASH BROTHERS Resort, Lilliwaup. _ . \ V—10-16-21—2t. FOR RENT: '2-room house. 4- - miles out. Elderly couple pre-I IFOR SALE: Certigrade shingles, ferred. Electricity, water, Rea- sonable rent. J. D. Camper, Route 1, Shelton. l 10-9—14-16-21—4t. l HOUSES FOR RENT on Mtl I S I k I l 10-16-21-23—3t. o CARD 0% THANKS View. Phone 244. C--10-14-16--2t. l We sincerely wish to express lour thanks and appreciation for FDR—RENT: roomfiapartment at1 First and Railroad, $18 month. 'the thoughtfullness and beautiful floral offering Inquire Mason County Motors, I I sauring the long ill.- ‘ness andf loss of our dearly be- First and Railroad. K--10—14-16--2t. loved husband and father. (Signed) FOR RENT: 2—Toom fur—ni—shed ca: I bin, electricity water. Ma- Mrs. Bertha Bellinghausen Robert Bellinghausen. reasonable prices. Also 16—inch green slab wood, $2.50 cord at mill. $4.50 cord delivered. E. G. Davis Shingle Mill, Matlock Route, Shelton. 10-16-21-23-28-4t FOR SALE: 1 Hillk cow and 1 2-year—old Work colt. Richard Holman, Route 3, Box 192. l l BY RALPH HERBERT ASHINGTON.—.—Here is I. It?“ little 'fitlziléi' lidr theiAméf‘ii. can housewife: ‘ If you were asked to produce an All—American dinner, what would your menu be? By “all—American” we mean foods that were not known to ple Beach, Lake Isabella. J--10-14-16—21-23--2t. FOR RENT: three room house, lights and water. Garage, wood shed and fruit house. Apply M. VanCleave, Mt. View. I and which the European explor- . h ll. prfipeftlt’ antd $310“ Jhavfihan, gx‘l we re .. v—10-16-28—4t. the world before the lands of NO HUNTING cc cn. rac 0 an! Wl. s1 re; 1 ___,_, __l W H» - he ,. of lake at a very reasonable‘ FOR RENT: 4 room modern gifcoveisetgfn wimlgeage 33:3: NO TRESPASSING price. Why not investigate this. ‘ house with with $2500 per h I . f th.s h ._ property at once $12.50 .anl month. Call 92-J. 1302 Cota St. $53331; 2nd chitivz’féd N0 FISHING am- i Fewer Apples From 10-16—1t. ' 1320 feet of waterfront located on bay, about 8 miles from Shel-I ton. Property has plenty Of‘ spring water. This is an ex- cellent tract to subdivide an will make an excellent invest- ment. $4750.00. Herbert G. Angle Angle Bldg. Phone 304 an outlet Department of ports. The statement is the Canadian apple crop HOODSPORT SUNDAY SCHOOL pects. AND CHURCH SERVICE Sunday school is'ervice at ten o’clock. Church service at eleven o’clock each Sunday. I Richard Bates of Tacoma is in charge. as tracted to Canadian markets. plies of good storage varieties. Nazis Force Russian Retreat German machine gunners (shown at left) fire at slowly retreating Soviet soldiers in their advance on Novgorod, Russian city near Leningrad. This radiophoto was passed by the German censor. 5; NELL. con) you even. aaA'R ’FlFTY THOuS‘AND PEOPLE. CHEEQING— A ech Ream-non? Canada This Season Less than half as many Cana— d dian apples as last year may Seek in the United States this season, according to U. S. Agriculture re- based I on recent agreements between the| two nations and on the report of pros- There are some indications that, the current season advances, United States apples may be at- In- formation now available suggests particularly short Canadian sup- SIGNS On Heavy Tag Board l, . i 567's 1grought back to the Old l Tldes of the Week . °r ‘ l 1 I l l l l Well, here _is the answer; I 51/2 x 20 Computed for Oakland Bay Tomato lume- (Hood Canal tides are one hour RoaSt turkey' & 55 minutes earlier) I Corn on the cob. , . .. Baked squash. LAR E IZE Fri. High 3:23 am. 11.8 In! Lima beans. I I t Dufiicagng Oct 17 LOW 9:35 aImI 2.1 ft" 1 sweet and lush p0 a oes. High 4:10 p.m. 14.2 ft.I Pies made (fillgaclgbemes. SALES BOOKS L 10:34 .m. 2.7 ft. \ Ditto of hue e errles. I .. OW p Izsft Ice cream flavored with f0r615¢5¢per glozfegr 20¢ Sat. High 4:22 am. vanilla. ‘ Oct, 18 ng 10:26 am. $2.3 ft. l Ice cream flavored with choc_ I Vge alsci) 1take orders for all kind! High 4:52 p.m. 14.4 ft. 01am 0 gfiifiT—ED SALES BOOKS Low 11:12 pm. 1.4 ft. Salted peanuts and pecans. Our prices are as low or lower Sun. High 5:18 am. 13.4 ft. gilgarsl agid Clgaietsfi rm 3 d than outside salesmen .can quote .OCt' 19 LBW 11313 a'm' Souti? Agel‘aircl: Except0 the Ariz- you' ' l 01ft“ tees, were not much on writing I , " V . ' l hiSthy—or writing much else mm'vvvvvvvv’m? Mon. High 6:10 am. 14.2 ft! for that matter—but they cer- I Oct. 20 Low 12:00 N. 3.1 ft. tainly made history, when, pa- I Hi h 5:48 p.m. 14.7 ft. 1 tiently and persistently, they , g . ‘MAAAAAMAA‘AAM‘ O 9 ft 1 experimented with various. Wild w. W 0321921 1'4'7 ft' I plants, domesticated them and ‘ Low 122.07 p:m. 3.7 ft. 1 to%%ir?:iewce§:ngtgggs eggth_ C. ngh 6‘24 p'm' 14'7 ft'. ern Europe today whose people I ATTORNEV AT LAW Wed. Low 1:13 a.m. -1.7 ft. would go hungry If It were not ‘ Title mswance Building Oct. 22 High 7:54 am. 15.0 ft. for the potato, and other coun- opposue First National Bank LOW 1:36 pm, 4,4 ft, tries in southern Europe whose Phone 23 Shelton High 7:02 pm. 14.6 ft. people would be in the same " ~— boat if it were not for corn. , i E 1 G And men and women all over . , the globe would find life not , mp e half so agreeable if they missed INSURANCE their smokes. The wonder about the weed is not so much its spread, but the vast variety of ‘Break’ In Law l HERBERT G. ANGLE. By Revenue Act]; kinds of tobacco that have I Otflce “I Angle Building I . since been developed—the l Employers Who famed to pay fragrant Turkish, the cigar their contributions to state un-i wrapper from Sumatra, the employment funds in any of theI last five years in time to entitle them to credit against the fed-k eral unemployment tax for such year are given a break in the} revenue act passed recently. I 9 Commissioner of Internal Reve-i C .qs. r H w r. em ha_ lnue ‘Guy T. Helvering calls at} 0mm“ lone e 6 mg p . , I sized that credit relief can be ob I . geptloyhigfi 5:23:15 {at cg‘fl tained only if claim is made by , M 2. tl , tributions for 1936, 1937, 1938,l arCh 20' 194 Consequen VVITSIE III 'any employer who paid the fed- 1939 or 1940 are pald to the State I‘ eral tax without credit for con- , FUNERAL HOME Licensed Embalmers by November l8, 1I941v thIe amount’ tributIions to state unemployment 017 “Ch contrlbutlons W1“ be 31' funds must file his claim for re- lowable as credit against the fed- fund with the internal revenue W A. Witsiers, Prop. Phone 180 - ~ Shelton. Wash. heavy burley of Kentucky, the alluring cigaret material of North Carolina and Virginia, just to mention a few. ELLIOT B. SPRING Accountin Tax Services Bookkeeping Systems 123 4th St. Phone 565 eral tax for SUCh year" collector to whom he makes his In m°§t carses’ th? amount OfI federal return not later than that the credlt Will be limited to 90 date, if he expects relief_ was)” per cent of the amount which ington and Alaska employers may would have been allwable as, obtain information on procedure credit had the contributions been, from the collector’s office in Ta_ -paid on time under provisions of I coma_ pr‘or ISWS' . . 1 The new law provides also spee Hemoforey cred“ agamst the cial relief for 1936 to 1940 in ’tax f0" 1936’ 1937' 1938 and 1939 bankruptcy proceedings and other was ‘f‘llo‘évfible only 1f Cont??? cases in which taxpayers’ assets ions or ose years were pan 0 rt custod or controlI the state fund prior to December I are m cou y 7, 1940, and credit against the l GET A TRAVELERS accident tax for 1940 was allowable onlyl ticket for every trip, 25¢ per day. Rates lower on longer if payment were made prior, to I I I July 1, 1941. periods, See Herb Angle NOW: MT. MORIAH LODGE No. 11 F.&A.M. (“a Next Regular Communication NOVEMBER 1 ‘ I, M. H. NEEDHAM Wbrsllipful Master J. L. CATTO, (Secretary. l