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October 17, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 17, 1963

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PAGE6 SHELTON--IIASON COUNTY JOURNAI--Published in ":Christmastown, U.S.A.", Shelton, Washington Thursday, Legal Publications Legal Publications ORDINANCE NO. 707 CITY OF SHELTON, WASIIINGTON AN ORDINANCE specifying anu ad- opting a system or plan of additions to and hetterments and extensions of the sanitary sewage disposal system of the City of Shelton. Washington; provid- ing for the issuance and sale of "Sew- er Revenue Warrants, 1963." in the principal sum of $24.000.00 to provide a part of the funds required to pay the cost thereof; creating a special fund to provide for the payment ot said Warrants; fixing the date, form. maturities, interest rate, convenants and terms of said Warrants; and pro- viding for tile sale and delivery of said Warrants to the Firemen's Pension Fund of the City, as an investment thereof. BE IT (RDAINED ]BY THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF SHELTON. WASHINGTON, as fol- lows : Seetlon 1. It is hereby found and de- elated that the public health is being endangered by the inadequacy of the present sanitary sewage disposal sys- tem of the City in that it is necessary to replace a substantial nmnber of the sewer lines and the danger to the public health caused by such inade- quate sanitary sewage disposal system snores now De abated by the removal and replacement of certain sewer lines hy the additions to and betterments and extensions of the system as here- in specifically set forth. Section 2. The gross revenues and benefits to be derived from the oper- ation and maintenance of the sanitary sewage disposal system of the City (hereinafter referred to as the "system of sewerage" of the City of Shelton. Washington,) and the additions, exten- sions and betterments thereto herein provided for. at the rates to be charged for sanitary sewage disposal service on the entire system will in the judg- ment of the City Commission be more than sufficient to meet all expenses of operation and maintenance thereof, and to permit the setting aside into a special fund out of the gross revenues of the system of sewerage of sufficient amounts to pay the interest on the warrants herein authorized to be issued and on all outstanding "'Sewer Revenue Bonds. 1950," dated November 1, 1950, and "Sewer Revenue Bonds 1957. Ser- ies A." dated July 1, 1957, as such interest becomes due and payable and to pay and redeem all of said war- rants and bonds at maturity. Section 3. The City of Shelton Wash- ington, hereby specifies and adopts a system or plan for making additions to and betterments and extensions of the existing system of sewerage of the City which shall consist of the following: The. following existing sanitary sew- ers shall be removed and replaced with new "O" ring concrete sewer pipe. The gross revenues from said system of sewerage are hereby pledged to such payment and the Warrants shall con- stitute a charge or lien upon such revenues prior and superior to any other charges whatsoever, excluding charges for maintenance and operation, except that said charge or lien upon such gross revenues shah be subord- inate and inferior to the prior charge or lien against tile same for the out- standing "Sewer Revenue Bonds, 1950," dated November 1. 1950. and "Sewer Revenue Bonds 1957, Series A." dated July 1. 1957. Section .9. The City Commission and trporate authorities of the City of ellen hel:eby declare that in creat- ing the Warrant Fund and in fixing the amounts to be paid into it as set forth herein, they have exercised due regard to ihc cost of operation and maintenance Of the system of sewerage and the City of Shelton has not and covenants that it will not bind and obligate itself to set aside and pay into the Warrant Fund a greater amount or proportion of the revenues of the sewerage system than in the judgment of the City Commission will be available over and above such costs of maintenance and operation and tile debt service requirements of the out- standing "Sewer Revenue Bonds. 1950." and "Sewer Revenue Bonds, 1957. Ser- ies A," and further declare that no portion of the revenues of said system of sewerage has been previously pledg- ed for any other indebtedness, except for the payment of*atd "Sewer Rev- enue Bonds. 1950,' and "Sewer Rev- enue Bonds. 1957, Series A." Section 1O. The City of Shelton here- by convenants and agrees with the owner and holder of each Warrant at any time outstanding, as follows: (at That it will establish, maintain and collect such rates and charges for sanitary sewage disposal service for so long as any of said Warrants are outstanding as will make available for the payment of said Warrants an amount, after deducting normal operation and maintenance expenses and the debt service requirements of the outstanding "Sewer Revenue Bonds, 1950." dated November 1, 1950, and "Sewer Revenue Bonds, 1957. Series A," dated July 1. 1957. equal to at least 1.5 times the av- erage annual debt service require- ments, both principal and interest, Of all then outstanding Warrants. (b) Tib,t it will at all times main- taln and keep the system of sewer- age and all additions thereto and betterments, replacements and ex- tensions thereof in good repair, work- ing order and condition and also will at all times operate such system and the business m connection there- with in an efficient manner and at ............ cost. (c,) That it will not sell. lease. Location From To Size Length Kneeland St. and Front Tbird a) 15" 250' vicinity b) 10" 300' e) 8" 800' Alley between Cota 10th Eleventh and Grove 8" 300' Alley between Franklin First 3rd a) 12" and Cedar 700' b) 8" 3O0' Cedar St, Front 3rd I0" 10O0' Pine St First Interceptor 8" 450' Alley between Cedar Sixth 8th and Pine 8" 600' 8th St. Alley between Alley between 8" 260' Cedar & Pine Pine & Alder 3rd St, Alder Henry 8" 700' Bay St. Dickinson 250' N. 8" 250' Alley between Third 4th Iaurel & Henry 8" 200' North Cliff Road Laurel Henry 8" 300' E, Fairmount Edgewood Ridge Road 8" 350' There shall be included in the fore- going the acquisition and installation of all the necessary valves, ntUngs, couplings, connections, manholes, lamp- lloles, cqulpment anU appurtenances thereto as may be required l'h. Ctty Commmsmn may tnodify the, details of :the foregoing system or pIa wncre in its Judgment it ap- pears advisable, i)rorxdcd, such rodS- mentions ,1o not substantially alter the purposes hereinbefore set forth. Section 4. The life of the foregoing additions, betterments and extenmons of the system of sewerage of the City is lmrcby declared to be at 'least twen- ty years. Section 5, The estimated cost, as near as may be of tie acquisition, con- Struction and installation of the above describecl additions to and betterments of tile system of sewerage o the Clty is llereby declaxcd to be the sum ot $59,000.00, ectlon 6. The cost of acquiring, con- structing and making tle for( going atl- ditions to and betterments and ex- tensions of the system ot sewerage of the City shall be paid from the following sources: (]) From a grant anticipated to be recexved from the United, States Government, under Public Law 845, 84th Congress. as azncnded by the Pub|it Works Accelcrahon Act Public Law 87658 (33 use 466) m tile approximate amount of ;24,- 000.00 ; (2} From the moneys presently on hand and available therefor in tile "'Sewer Fund" of the City in the approximate amount of $11,000; and f i3)From the proceeds received rein the issuance and sale of sewer revenue warrants, pursuaut to 1 35.41.050 in the principal am- ount of 24.000.lD. Tile warrants shall be designated "Sewer Revenue Warrants, 1963 " (bcreilmfter called the "Warrants,") shall be in denominations of $1,000,00 each, shall be numbered from 1 to 24, inclusive, shall be dated October 1, 1963, and shall bear interest at the rate of 4, percent per anuum, interest to be payable semiannually on April 1 and October 1 of each year, and shall bc fully registered Warrants, as to both principal and interest. Both principal of and interest on the War- rants shall be payable at the office of the City Treasurer of thc City ot helton, Washington, solely out of the rPecial warrant redemption fund, and such Warrants shall be a valid claim of the holder thereof only as against such special fund and the amount of the revenues of the system of sewer- age of the City, including all addi- tions, extensions and betterments there- of at any time made or constructed, pledged to 'ucll special fund and snail not he a general obligation of the City of Shelton. The Warrants shall mature serially in accordance with the following sched- ule : Wrnt. Nos. (Inclusive) Amts. :Maturities I $/,0o0 Oct. 1, 1965 2 to 4 $3,(D0 Pet. 1, 1966 5 to 8 $4,000 Oct. 1, 1967 9 to 12 $4.000 Oct, 1, 1968 13 to 16 $4,000 Oct. 1, 1969 17 to 20 $4,000 oct. 1. 1970 21 to 2,4 $4,000 Oct. 1, 1971 Section 7. The City of Sheltt,n re- ervcs tlle right, to rodeem tile out- standing Warrants as a whole, or nl part in inverse numerical order at any time, at par plus accrued interest to date of redemption, by nlailing notice of tile call for redemption to the reg- istered holder of the Warrants to be redeemed not tes than tell daFs prior to the date of redetnption. Interest oil any Warrant so called for redemption shall cease ou the date fixed fro" such edemption upon payment, into the warrant redemption fund herein crc- ated, of the redenll)tton price. Section 8. There is her*by created and estahlislicd iu the Office of the City Treasurer a sp(,eial fund to be know-l as tile "Sewer Revere e Warrant Fund, 1963." (Ilereinafter called the "Warrant Fund.") So long as Warrants are outstanding against the Warrant Fund, the City Treasurer of tlie City of Sbelton shall set aside and Pay into the Warrant Fund out of tile gross rcvcilUoS ef tile sYstexn of sewerage nOW belong to, or wbich umy hereafter belong to, the City, including all ad- ditions, extensions and betternlents aereof at any time made or construc- t,d, a-fixed amouut without regard to lilly fix.,d proportion, namely, 121011- thly on or before the 20til day of each month, beginning with tim monfh of October, 1963, one-sixth of the next ensuing six months' interest require- ulent on the Warants. and begimling witil tile month of October, 1964, one- twelfth of the next ensuing twelve months' principal requirements for the Warrants, and continuing thereafter until all of said Warrants both prin- cipal and interest have been paid in full, mortgage or in any manner encum- ber or dispose of all the property of the system of sewerage unless provision is made for payment into the Warrant Fund of a sum suffic- ient to pay the principal of and in- terest on all Warrants at any time outstanding; and that it will not sell. lease, morLgage or ill any mall- ner encumber or dispose of any part of tile property of said system that is used. useful and material to the operation thcreof, unless provision is" made for replacement the.reef, or for paymcnt into the Warrant Fund of the "total amount of revenue re- ceived wt]ich shall not be less than an amount which shall bear the same ratio to file amount of out- standing Warrants as the revenue available for debt service for such outstanding Warrants for the tweh'e montlis preceding such sale, lease, encumbrance m" disposal from the portion of the system sold, leased, encumbered or disposed of bears to the revenue available for debt ser- vice for such Warrants from the en- tire system for the same period.. Any such moneys so paid int) the War- rant Fund shall be used to retire such outstanding Warrants at the araest possible date, (d) That it will while any of said Warrants remain outstanding keep proper and separate accouuts and records in which complete and sep- arate entries shall be made of all transactions relating to its system of sewerage and it will furnish the original purchaser 0r purcimsers of the Warrants or any subsequent hol- der or holders thereof at the writ- ten request of such holder or holders complete operating aud income state- ment of said sy4tem in reasonable detail covering any calendar year not more than ninety days after the close of snell calendar year and it will grant any holder or holders of at least twenty-five percent of the outstanding Warrants the right at all reasonable times to inspect the entire system of sewerage and all records, accounts and data of tim City relating thereof. (e) 'hat it will not furnish sanN tary sewage disposal service to any customer whatsoever free of charge and will promptly take legal action to enforce collection of all delin- quent accounts. (f) That it will pay all costs of maintenance and operation of the system of sewerage and. the debt service requirements of .all present- ly outstanding "Sewer Revenue Bonds, 1950," dated November 1 1950, and "Sewer Revenue Bonds 1957, Series A," dated July 1, 1957, and otherwise to meet the obligations of the City as herein set forth. Section 11. The Warrants shall be in substantially the following form .No ......... : $1.000.00 UNITED STATEs OF AMERICA STATE OF WASHINGTON CITY OF SHELTON SEWER REVENUE WARRANT, 1963 % KNO%V ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that the City of Shel- ton, Mason County, State of Wasb- tngton, for value received hereby rotnises to pay to the registered noieler hereof oil the 1ST DAY OF OCTOBER. 19 ......... the principal sum of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS together with interest tlmreon at tim rate of FOUR AND ONE QUARTER PERCENT (4{j%) per annum, pay- a,:uc semi-annually, on fhe 1st days of April and October of each year, by mailing such interest to the reg- istered holder hereof at the princi- pal place of business of such hdlder. Both principal and interest are pay- able in lawful money of the United Satcs of America at 'the office of the C ty Treasurer of Simlton, Washing- ton, solely out of the special fund created hy Ordinance No ............. and knoxvn as "Scwcx' Revenue Warrant lhlnd. 1963," (hereinafter called the "Warrant Fund.") Tiffs Warrant is s lbject to prior redemption b the City at an, time, at par plqs accrued i]tercst [o dat of rcdenu)tion, b:v mailing notice of such call for l;edcmption to the Principal of flee" of the register'ed holder hereof not less than 10 days prior to tim date of redenxption. II- terest on any Warrauts so called fox- redemption shall case on the date fixed for such redemption. Tiffs Warrant is one of a total issue of $24,000.00 par value of Warrants constituting a charge or lien upon he gross revenues from tile system of seweI:agc of the City prior and superior to any other charges what- soever, excluding charges for maiu- tenance and operation, except that the charge or lien upon saeh gross revenues for this issue of Warrants is subordinate and inferior to the prior clmrge ov lien against the Legal Publications same fox" the outstanding "Sewer Revenue Bonds. 1950." dated Novem- ber 1. 1950. and "Sewer Revenue Bonds. 1957. Series A.' dated July 1. 1957. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. the City of Shelton. Washington, has caused this Warrant to be signed by its Mayor and attested by its Clerk and Hs corporate seal to be hereto affixed and to be registered s to both principal and interest in the office of the City Treasurer as of October 1. :1963. CITY OF SHELTON. WASHINGTON By ...................................................................... Mnyor ATTEST : Clerk REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE This Warrant may be registered as to both principal and interest on the Warrant Registry Books of the City Treasurer. such registration to be noted hereon and thereafter the, prin- cipal of and interest on this Warrant shall be pavable only to the registered holder, his legal reprcsentatxve, or assign. Dale of Registration; Name and Ad- dress of Registered Owner; Signature of Cit.v Treasurer as Registration Of- ricer; "Firemens' Pension Fund, Octo- ber l, 1963 of the CIfy of Shelton Section 1. The Warrants shall be in typewritten form. shall be signed by the Mayor and attested by the Clerk and shall have the seal of the City of Shelton affixed thereto and may be registered as to t)oth principal and interest at the office of the City Treas- urer as rcistration officer. Section 13. The proceeds from the sale of the Warrants shall be used for the sole purpose of making the additions to and betterments and ex- tensions of the system of sewerage of the City, as authorized in Section 3 hereof, and of paying the costs and expenses connected therewith and the City of Shelton. through its proper officers and agents, shall proceed forthwith with the making of such im- provements in the manner provided by law. Section 11 The Board of the Fire- mens' Pension Fund of the City of Shelton. irashington. has offered to purchase the Warrants at a price of pat,, plus accrued interest from the date of issuance of the Warrants to the dat of their delivery to the pur- chaser, the City to furnish at its ex- pense the typewritten Warrants and the approving legal opinion of Roberts. Shefelman. Lawrence. Gay & Moch. municipal bond counsel of Seattle, Washington. The City Commission is of the opinion that no better price can be obtained for the Warrants and it is in the best interests of thc City to accept said offer and said offer is hereby accepted. The Warrants shall. therefore, immediately upon their ex- ecution, be delivered to the Firemens' Pension Fund of the City upon pay- ment therefor in accordance with mmh offer. The principal amount received from fhe sale of the Warrants shall be deposited in" the "Special Fund for Grant APW - Wash. - 66G. Housing and Home Finance Aency" created and establishcd in the office of the City Treasurer by Ordinance No. 706. passed August 20. 1963. and the ac- crued interest to be rec.eived shall be deposited in the Warrant Fund. INTRODUCED in regular commission meeting on the 8th day of October. 1963. PASSED in'regular commission meet- ing on the I5th day of October. 1963, FRANK A. TRAVIS, JR. Mayor DAVID T. KNEELAND Commissioner of Finance ELROY NELSON Commissioner of Public Works ATTEST : Alma K. Catto. City Clerk FORM APPROVED : John C. Ragan. City Attorney 10/17 It NO. 3495 NOTICE TO CREDIT(}I{N IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR MASON COUNTY In the 'Vlatter of the Estate of IVAN D. NEUENSCHWANDER. Deceased. Stella L. Neuenschwander is the. ap- pointed and qualified Executrix of said estate. All persons having claims against said deceased are requircd to serve the same in duplicate duly veri- fied on said Executrix or her attorney, Robert L Snydcr at the address be- low stated, and file the same wigh the Clerk of said Com't. together with proof of such service, within six months after the date of first publica- tion of this notice or the same will be barred. DATE of first publication: October 17. 1963. STELLA L. NEUENSCHWANDER Executrix 405 Rat Iroad Shelton, Washington ROBERT L. SNYDER Attorney at Law 125/e N. 5th Shelton, Washington 10/17-24-31 3t NO. 3443 'NOTICE OF HEARING #INAL REPORT AND PETITION FOq DISTRIBUTION IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR MASON COUNTY In the Matter of the Estate of FRED M. ELSON. Deceased. Dorothy M. Hillier, Executrix of said Estate, has filed with said Court her final report and petition for distri- bution, asking the Court to settle aid report, distribute the property to the persons thereto entitled and to dis- charge said Executrix. Said report and petition will be heard on the i'lrst day of November. 1963. at 10 a.m, in the Courtroom of said Court. in the County Courthouse at Shelton, Washington. DATED THIS 30th day of Septem- ber, 1963. LAURA M. WAGENER Clerk of tim Superior Court by Teckta Vermillion, Deputy Clerk. ROBERT L. SNYDEI Attorney at Law 125V,- N. 5th Shelton, Washington. 10/3-10,-17 -t D/Ink g/a00m of Milk every dav GRIDIRON 'SMITHY' -- Under the spreading chestnut tree the village smithy stands .... only in this case Bill Surratt, High- climber football manager, plies his "trade" beneath the stands in Shelton gym. Surratt was "shot" by a Journal photograph- er as he tightened the cleats on halfback Don Clary's gridiron shoes before a recent game. This is but one of a score of duties performed by the student man- agers before and after each game and turnout for both var- sity and B squad football teams. JUNIOR LEAGUE Team No. 1 .......................... 12 4 Joslin Insurance .................. 11 5 Hembroff Aency .............. 10 6 Bloomfield Logging .......... 9 7 Team No. 3 .......................... 6 10 Team No. 7 .......................... 5 11 The Hut .............................. 5 11 High games Peg Bloomfield 1.70, Len Robinson 201. High series Peg 458, Len Robinson 524. Bloomfield LETTERS TO EDITOR IN DEFENSE OF CIVIL DEFENSE Mr. Bill Dickie. Editor Shelton-Mason County Journal Shelton, Washington Dear Bill, [ WOllld like to present the fol- lowing facts regarding the Civil Defense program in Mason Coun- ty. In 1962, the cost to the County lot Civil Defense was $4,840.25. A total of $3,890.00 was received in Federal maLching funds. As of September 1. 1963, the cost to the ,County for Civil Defense w. $3,- 00855 and $2,07.70 was received in matching funds. Donations to the County through Civil Defense since September, 19- 61, total $36,929.32 Surplus Pro- perty purehased through Chvil De- tense from August 1, 1960 to Aug- ust 1. 1963 is as follows: original ac q uisit ion value, $27,844.08; cost to Mason County, $2.269.70. Surplus Property was inspected and inventoried by State inspectors in March. 1963. The books are audited by both State and Federal examiners. The last Federal audit was in July, 1963. The book were audited by the State Examiner m August. ]963. All vouchers are on file in the Mason County Audi- tor's Office and are available to the public. Sincerely, (Mrs,) Merle McNeil, Acting Director Mason County Civil Defense To Lale To Glassify ALDER PDLES WANTED -- 5&" to 3'" in.dianleter. 10V2 and 8V ft long. Price per pole 23c and 16 at Bcerbower Spool Mfg. Co., Route 1, Box 262, Elms, Wash. 10/17 WA-NT-ED -- Experienced male grocery man. Apply at Tradewell Storc. 10/16 1 i-0USEE:EEPER WANTED. four chil- dvren, live in if possible. Iquire N. Ridley, Route 1. Box 106. Olympia Highway. 10/17 FOI-- RETT--S{{ml[--u-n-ftlrnish ed .]louse (except electric range and lint water heater). Phone 426-6265. G 10/17 tfn 1948 INTERNATIONAL  ton pick- up. New rings and paint. $295. Call 426-6281, C 10/17 We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for the sympathy, kindness and assistance, also the beautiful floral offerings given us during the Ioss of our loved one. James C. Young Joh-fi H. Young John L. Roach E. E. Lambert and family Joy, Wilma and Gwen, all in their new purple jumpers, look ove a few early arrivals of Portraits to be msp,ayeo a ans ou,o Open House Saturday, Oct. 19 and Sunday, Oct. 20. Fifty families who live in the Northwest are bringing in their wall portraits for the Open House. "We take a tremendous number of recorded pic- tures of grade school students in the county each year, but they do not compare with the lovely portraiture we do in the studio" said Dean Palmer, owner of Dean's Studio. "We hope this showing will give people a chance to see what we have been doing for others and can do for everyone for Christmas. We will gladly talk .prices, f0ffthey:are seldom as high as most people think." .(pd. adv.) Swisher, Hembroff Star In Litlle Climber 19-0 Vicbry Over Central For a lad who didn't feel much like playing football, tall Scott Swisher came up with the health- lest looking performance a coach could ask on Loop Field Monday evening. Scott suited up sort of as an af- ter-thought, in the remote case he might be needed, as the Little Climbers prepared for their Olym- pic League B squad game with Central Kitsap. The need came quickly. Starting quarterback Bill Archer hurt an eye right off the bat so Coach Larry Weir dispatched Swisher to breach the gap. All hc did was throw touchdown passes to Make Johnson in the second quarter and Jon Hembroff in the third plus a passelof other successful aerials. as the Little Climbers rolled up a 19-0 triumph over the visiting Cougars. TH EVICTORY was the fourth of the season for Weir's B squad gridmen in five games. The other was a tie, so they remain unde- feated. ", The Little Climbers dominated play so completely Weir was able to give every one of his 28 play- ers a chance for action. Sophomore halfback Bob Miller ran 12 yards around right end for a first quarter touchdown, climax- ing a 67-yard 7-play drive. Johnson stood i_ the end zone to catch Swisher's 8-yard pass in the second quarter to culmin- ate a drive which carried 52 yards in six plays. Hembroff took a pass for the extra point. And Hembroff was standing in the end zone as he gathered in Swisher's third quarter 17-yard bomb on a down-and-out to the left which wound up a 71-yard drive in just four plays. Two plays earlier Hembroff had caught an- other pass for a 40-yard gain, HEMBROFF had a 'big day with five catches on five throws aimed his direction by wisher for gains of 40, 17, 11, 19 and 2 yards for a total of 89. Next Monday Lhe Little Climbers go to Port Orclmrd to tackle the currently undefeated South Kit- sap B squad, an outfit which beat Wrest Bremerion. Shelton tied the' Wildcats WeiFgave starting offensive as- signments to cent_ Dale Down- ing, guards Steve Close and Jim Rutledge, tackles ,Steve Ness and Rennie Mason, ends Jon Hembrooff and Brady Whitener, quarterback Bill Archer. halfbacks Mike John- son and Bob Miller. and fullback Gary Marshall. He used a completely different defensive alignment consisting of Milt Sehumacher at middle guard, Ron LeBresh and Dave Cox at tackles, Duane Wiison and Steve Chase at ends, Dan Barrom and Steve Nelson as linebackers. Lar- ry Sheedy and Chuck Renecker at wingbacls, Ron Cole and Scott Swisher. spelled by Jack Dyer, at halfbacks. Into the defensive unit he weav- ed Bill Merrifield and Jim Grimes at middle guard. Jeff Kieburtz at end. Don Schrieber at guard, and Foster Orr at linebacker. GOLF CLUB CALENDAR HELEN RICE VICTOR Coming on strong after a shaky start. Helen Rice defeated Virginia Bayley in the championship final ef the women's fall handicap u)ur- nament at the Shelton Golf ,lub last week. The competition was at match play with the final count giving Helen the decision 6-up. MIXED S-BALL OCT. 27 Sheiton.Buili es prompt a change, the annual 00reaks Shelton Golf Club awards dinner AI 123 Miles will be held Novembcr 21, the board of directors decided. Any change in nese plans will A new world's be announced in this column, ited hydroplane built in a winter. RAYONIER RESEARCH %V L The Tiger Silva Foxes .......................... 17 ii hydro Rayonettes .......................... 17 11 (he basement of Water 3oys .......................... 16 12 Mason Street Members are again reminded of Maintenance .......................... 15 the mixed 2-ball foursome sched- Acetate Aces ........................ 15 uled for October 27. followed by Wood Bicds .......................... 14 a potluck droner. Tee-off time has Pin Curlers .......................... 11 been advanced to 1:30 to beat the Fourfowlers .......................... 7 early darkness, and if weather prevents golfing, indoor games will be enjoyed in the clubhouse. GALS COMPETITION In Tuesday's weekly women's play, two separate competitions were held. Nita Kimbel won honors for lowest number of putts with 26 over the 18 holes while Ma.e Mun- ro and Helen Rice tied for low net honors. Joan McComb won the ball for low ne in her flighf. AWARDS DATE NOV. 2} Unless unforeseen circumstanc- SIMPSON WOMEN %V L Accounting ......................... 16 8 Olympic Plywood .............. 14 10 Lumber ................................ 12 12 Research ................................ 12 12 Loggers ................................ 12 12 Insulating Board .................. 11 13 Engineering .......................... 10 14 Purchasing .......................... 9 15 High game Helen Rice 193, High series Helen Rice 523 WOMEN'S COMMERCIAL W L Kelly Furniture ................ 19 8 , Bill's Shell Service .......... 17 10 Richfield Oil ...................... 17 11 Gott's Oilerettes .............. 16 12 Allyn Shell Service .......... 14 14 Eells & Valley .................. 11 17 Ming Tree Cafe ................ 10 18 Darigold ............................ 7 21 High game Jean Ream 183. High series 3can Ream 504. Triplicate Helen Ogden 145. Split pick Liz Hall 4-5-7. PREP FOOTBALL SCORES Olympic League Shelton 13. Cent. Kitsap 7 East Brem. 21. North Kitsap 6 Port Angeles 19. South Kitsap 0 Port Townsend 25. Forks 13 Chicacum 38. North Mason 0 B:inbridgc 25, Sequim 6 Central League Elms 7, Tumwater 6 Montesano 19, Chehalis 0 Reymond 26. St. Martins 0 White Pass 7. Rochester 0 Winlock 13. Yelm 7 Orting 25. Eatonville 19 (nl) . Seamount League North Thurston 6. Curtis 6 Peninsul 27. Fife 7 Sumner 34 Bethel 0 White River 19, Laughbon 14 Others olympia 27, Vancouver 7 Aberdeen 19, Kelso 6 Hoquiam 25, Hudson's Bay 7 Battle Ground 13, Long 0 13 ketcd Lo a 13 hour over the 14 course on Lake 17 Saturday under 21 Harry 'chneider High games--Marg Bacon 185. Calif. Corky Dickinson 232. High series---Marg Bacon Corky Dickinson 535. 51ERCIlAN'i'S LEAGUE W Bill's Shell Service .............. ]7 Miller's .................................. 16 Prepp's Rexal] Store .......... 14 10 Kimbel & Whitey's .......... 11 13 Ralph's Serve-U .................. 11 13 Olympic Plywood ................ ]1 13 Old Mill .................................. 10 14 Stewart's Foodliner .......... 6 18 High game Dave Harris 219. High series Russ Morken 562 The .Tiger 459, course and for limited hydros, lished the mph on Green L Schneider 7 over thc kil 8 Saturday at miles per 1 down-and-back age of 123 mph ognized as the beats the former [ set in remarkable margin by Miller's 3 lWally Eigenman was beaten, 491). Bill's Shell 1 (Floyd Fuller mile down-run, is 513); Kimbel & Whitey's 3 (Bill re circles as Staudt 531 . Raiph's i (Carl Hal- Too ]s powered bert 462); Old Mill 3 (Lee Schuf- fenhauer 522. SLewart's 1 (Don Brown 493); Prcpp's 2 (Russ Mot- ken 562), Plywood 2 ILeroy Simp- son 437). MEN'S COMMERCIAL W L Ziegler's Camera Shop ...... 16 8 Wingard's Sport Shop ........ 14 10 Moose Lodge ...................... 13 11 Wilson Company .............. 13 11 Ritner's Broiler .................. 13 11 B & R Oil .......................... 12 12 Verle's Sporting Goods ...... 9 15 Gott Oil .............................. 6 18 High game Gerry Hart 248 High series Cec Bingham 599. HOUS EWIVES LEAGUE Ronnie's ............................ 18 10 Shelton Marine Supply ..16 11 Hood Canal Marina ....... 15 13 Shelton Union Service .... 15 13 Ball's Food Center .......... 13 15 B & XV Marina .................. 12  15  Mell Chevrolct .................. 12 16 Jim Pauley Inc ............... 10 18 High game--Betty Dean 201. High series--Betty Dean 513. Split picks Gladys Nelson 4-5, Edith Walter 4-5 and 3-10. er Ford The feat entit membership in Fame GRANGE *Shelton Valley *Matlock *Skokomish ............... Agate ........................ "/- *Patrons .................... 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He can travel free of the strain and hazards of highway driving, His Pullman room offers complete privacY, or if he s traveling by coach, the seat is as co; fortable as his easy chair at home. In the Dorr! 5 Diner, he can order a meal freshly prepared '1 tasty as Mother's best Sunday dinner --we' almost--anyway. For a memorable and delightful experienC: :/;{> enjoy Autumn's colors close up , . . from t 'i], Domeliner "City of Portland" to Denvv' .... Omaha and Chicago. (Family Fares apply in coaches, too, and all seats are reserved.) For information or reservations, phone: Olympia 357-3345 UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD