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October 17, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 17, 1963

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&apos; gton PAGE 15 ' ' Ad. ,,Fara"e "view 00,is" Ho00c00ir-iA N00TH ia00H SCHOOL NEWS  Ol11" ilTlPqlr?iCm oriffinated when fop the newest developments! EOPII O11 T(ING-TV rl'hhFsd}lv lOVI3- ii]" bCfol'C |hcii' ctpHrLllFe. - The local Seer IlIllSL /l&.re Hn Latcl' o11. Sai.t[Fday rE,oiling', tile tllV tlVJli x]LJvll,ut ,oo v,L ut,lu Mrs. Charles Sehw'inn stepped out- ; allLipathy for our local hunter- this inK, cnjoymg breakfast at the R(,5" Pct.tya drove out from Shel- ' side Friday morning and mueh iyea r for the only kills reported Sp'.cc" Needle. wa:; noneother than ton for a friendly evening of pin- Officer 0or zle,Qt {crowded oul. last week, Till,: JUNIOR CLASS has an, I'IUK'h" Ki lll RII /nil to hot" amazement, saw a bl'ight were nlade by "olltsiders", 1,oll ]'1'. and Ell's. Glen Mutter. Glell's oehlc with tile Eacretts. Tile, Pet- By 1N[argie Green ,lolmced that it v/ill sponsor & yellow parachute laying across her \\;Veyand of Seattle. hunting with enthusiastic parHeipation ill the ltys are well-known to the Grape- ia Honor Society Seniors will be rummage sale in Shelton Nov. 9; lawn in a most orderly fashion, jerry Hill in the Mason Lake area, exercise routine, was particularly view members of the Mr. and Mrs. By Jo m Grubb taking lhe PSAT Preliminary The earnings will go toward the , The deputy sheriff was ram1- was successful, eye,cRUtching and obviously de- I3owling League. HOODSPORT --- The Hood Ca- Scholastic Aptitude Test Satur- auni/r Prom. i t Miss the Fun and moned and found the chute to be A10konek. huntiug in the Black Lemmrct. Thursday evening Glen prised by a most welcome drop-in p.m. at the Hood Canal Junior The doors will be locked at 8 a.m.. Wash was again postponed. (this ::iment of Television 14 feet in diameter, a ring-slot Hills with Fred Foster of Seattle. lighted TV personality Elizabeth Sunday Am was pleasantly sm-- hal PTA will meet Oct. 2! at 8 day, Oct. 19. at the high school. Although the Senior Class Cat" IIAYL6 ,, aaekie were jomed in Seattle aw is close by canopy used for small cargo drops, reports that Foster got a nice visit from her cousin and family, high school Harold Niekerson. and no one will be admitted after time because of rain) the bake R R00DIO and ascertained that it had been three-point buck. Foster recently by the folks. Julie and Doris Mr. and Mrs Allan Forck and chil.. State PTA Safety Chairman. will that time. sale of Oct. 5 raised funds amount- packed in July of this year. The purchased Susie Syrjala's place.) Stock. for dinner, prior to theh' departure Saturday morning for dren, Susan and Steven of Everett. speak o the objects of PTA. A Members of the Senior Class ing over" $28. Likewise, the clas --oi' tLETRIG authorities at Fort Lewis were gd Okonek, sons Richard and Glen's new assignment in Sedalia. Ann, who has not seen this Grape- representative of a non-affiliated have ordered their gold-plated sen- will put the money toward the "! t ta  contacted and are, at the present, Leslie and Don Anderson came Mr,. Following dinner Thursday view-raised cousin for many years, parent and teachers group will ior pins and are anxiously await- Senior Ball. - was glad. indeed, that the local speak on the objects of this type ing the return of the order. The 426-6602 tracing the chute by its registra- back fl'bm a weekend's hunting in evening, the Stocks drove east- grapes added to the incentive for group, pins read NMHS with a gold chain tion numbers. Contraband? Spies? the Black Hills. empty-hmded, ward. spending the night in El- his visit. A little later in the af- WEEKEND HUNTING guests lensburg and continued on to Pull- A display of the studio-visual attached to the m]mbering '64. of the Bob Battles were Carolc's man and WSU the following morn- ternoon their former Shelton The Annual Staff has again set neighbors, the Ptul Hinton. drop- aids used by the Hood Canal SGHOOL MENU brother and famgy, Mr. and Mrs. inK. At Pulhnan they were happy ped in on them. combining their schools will be presented with a up a contest. Students may design Steve Collins and son Gregory and to find nephew Ed Stock much in- their entries for judgment by the Menus for Shelton Elementary Mrs. Collin's brother and family, proved from his recent head injury first visit to the Eacrett beach short explanation given for each. the 1961 azmual cover and submit WEEK EN0 SPECIALS cottag'ewith obtaining some of the The Ways and Means commit-staff. All annual ,,rill be awarded Schools and Shelton Senior Mr. and Mrs. Jim Catlin and son and the excitement and festivities luscious purple fruit, tee will present a movie. Nov. 1, to the artistic wim]er. Week of Oct. 21 - 25 n Jamie. While the men hunted, the of Dad's Weekend were soon un- Ann's dad. Walter Eckert, add- at 7:30 p.m. in the Hoodsport The Honor Society has made MondayMacaroni and cheese, ladies kept the coffee pot going dm"a,ay A!though disappointed by ed the perfect finish to her busy school gym. Save this date; every- plans to sell plastic annual covers hmch meat sandwich, green and cared for the babies, Greg- WSU's defeat at the hands of San week by hosting a Sunday night me enjoys a circus arid that is in order to raise funds. In addi- beans, applesauce, milk. Thursday, Friday & Saturday ors, being only five weeks old and Jose on the football field. Julie dinner party at Pearl's for both the theme, tion, the members are selling their Tuesday  Roast pork and gra- Jamie. six weeks old. Although ve'y much enjoyed the "smoler" couples, combining the celebration The cmnmittee has also decided services, such as typing, correct- vy on whipped potatoes, cab- WEEK-END a. jolly time was had by all, nat'3' antl the annual banquet. VChile of the end of their grape harvest to sell blocks for a quilt to raise ing papers, and cleaning desks, to bage salad, hot rolls, cants- PRICE a wary deer fell. Doris was not included in these with a much appreciated "break" money for the Robert Berge Me- the teachers. All money received loupe, milk. 9 Friends and neighbors of Gee. "stag" affairs, she was warmly for Ann. morial Sclmlarship fund. The buy- from both plans will be placed in Wednesday -- Wiener rings in ......  G. Garland were shocked.and.aad-...greeted at several of the Sorority AMONG THE p.lllly visitors to ers' signature will be embroidered the assbci[i0nV t]'dasury, home baked beans, Waldorf .............................. dened by his sudden passmg last houses which offered informal tea. the St. Charles rinery last .week on the quilt, block. THE JUNIOR ItlGIt has corn- salad, carrot sticks, hot butter- Tuesday afternoon at the Shel- ANOTHER Grapexiewite en- was the D.D.T. Garden Club of Mr. find Mrs. Dick Scott and pleted its election for student edeornbread, chocolate pudding, TOOTHPASTE 9, ton General Hospital after hay- joying the fe Dad's Weekend Tacoma. e 24 ladies, who came family visited the And Scott's ov- council officers. The results are: milk. ..................... ing suffered  heart attack. The program at WSU as the guest of via chartered bus. were esem'ted er the weekend. Dic and Andy President. Gary Shelly; vice pres- Thursday -- Pork chow men Garlan'd had moved here from his daughters. Edana and Diana. up to the Robert Ellison home went hunting and were lucky en- ident, Don tIuson: secretary, Har- on rme. carrot and pineapple $219 San Diego, Calif.. & little over a was Bert Striekland. where they enjoyed the wonderful ough to bring home one deer. ry McKay; and treasurer, Susan molded salad, peanut butter ............................................ year ago and were renting the The "Eke" Eaeretts took Thurs- view. They then picked grapes at Kurt Grubb spent the weekend Kowalczyk. sandwich, baked apple, milk. cottage next to the Grapeview day off and drove up to Port Ellisons vineyard following with with Jim Daily in the valley. The Drill Team advisor is avnss Friday -- Tuna noodle casser- 9 store. Garland. who was 66 years Tewnsend where they saw son a tour of the winery and vine- Mrs. aonn Denison, Mrs. Jack Johnson. teacher of the N.M. E]e- o]e, fruit salad, bread and but- TOOTH BRUSIt ........................ oa. is Survived by his wife, :Mrs. Sob's Oak Harbor Junior High yard which was much enjoyed by Grubb and Mr. and lIrs. John mentary school. The group is now ter. applesauce cake. milk. Esther Garland. her daughter and School football team perform for all. Pill attended the Washington Par- busy preparing for a performance $1 39 family, Mrs. Joe Engen, her son tle first time. Happily enough, One of Grapeview's newest con- cnt-Teacher District 17 meeting at homecoming. Supplement yourchild'sdiet ............................................. and family, the \\;Vasme Hooblers of BoWs boys were victorious over verts to the bowling group is Miss in She]ton. Oct, 10. Mr. and Mrs. College bound members of the with Plenamins from " Salt Lake City, and two sisters, the Fort Warden Boys' School Jody Engen. Jody has joined Mar- Earl CrumT joined the group for senior class traveled to Bremer- Prepp's Rexail Services were held Friday after- Junior High and they saw young celia VVestberg at the Saturday the evening dinner meeting, ton for the College Convention at WAVE SET ........................ 19 noon at the Batstone Funeral Greg Smith in action. Sob's wife morning gathering of the Bantam EAR-1 Crumb spent the weekend Olympic College. Each sbJdent at- Home in Shelton. followed by cre- Shirley was able to join the folks. League aL Bremerton's Westpark at Wshington State University tended discussions on two colleges 133 RR. Phone 426-4642 mation. Our deepest sympathy Is with son Mike in tow, for the Lanes. Coaching this group of 48 visiting' losemary and attending of his choice in the state of Wash- extended to the bereaved family, game and a, quick cup of coffee young hopefuls is Marcella's mo- Dad's weekend. HOUR$.--Mon.-Vri. - 9:30 a.rh.  7:30 p.m. ington and/or Oregon. ' ' ' afterward before ferry time. ther, Mps. Ann Westberg, who, as Saturday - 9:30 a.m.  6:00 p.m. Saturdav morning Mrs. Walter a fittTng" eward for her service Mr. and :hrs. And Scott stow- , ...... L' ed a bh'thday dinner for their son , VISITING BEAUTY Eckert's sister Miss Louise Na was presented with a pretty green Dick nd Ms Rosie Smith | I"- Gore ma SERVICE chtseheim', and' five" friends drove inscribed ahirt Two other neo-  a ... f.. .. ::. __ | II' DURDMRI00V ' Hair Cutting, Shampoo, over from Tacoma early enough ' ' + " . o. menams, mmn tsregory, }.?e#e';;1,e!srnbG;apeviwfo:  Jerry Kaare and Fred H.rrell we1"e _ . ,, _ ,, ! !',,  rn|l|MV| 4th & Railroad Setting, Permanents for t(, pick an ample amount of grapes v . . s . hmky hunters this past weekend. a ----'.ill.. ' Invalids & Shut-ins before the rain caught up with xhO are bowling In the Junlor .... . "o,o'.on J A __ 1111 LR. I " Mildred Schneider - 426"8094 them. They then joined the Eck- League also a divisi(n of the Wa-  .................... . D "' shin-ton Youth Bowlin --" " have returned from then- trip to IC _ t l i ultr- I :. " ers and Eacretts for a potluck ?. g g Assocm- Califm-nia r r  | i "11111 | l:lon, " i GEYS Espeelally eonlme.da.ble is Miar- . " o ear. Her endea, o,'s ea,'ned her as" -' -, .... ki, !!t it. __ Mid  I ELEGTRIG BLANKET e r 7 ' nlse laranlle, d llle 131 SOIl . .Yen x ll-deser ed trophl('8 be- . . COUNT ON PENNEY'S ...... " ............ .o..o..o,..on ..- r n ;d,...u,.. FOR THE NATION $ BiG B 11 ! A I * . " ' . attle is visiting Mrs E T Arn ..... ' phml.y busy ths weekend. Satur- olc. : [ VLU  - SPECTACULAR! r [,, I /4 IL, O V (venll ' Ollr -l-I le(lel'8 Jv[rN .. ": . "- " '  li  W* "  i I . ' ". ,.' . ." vrs Avey last; ee Ernestnle Nlcklaus, :Mrs. \\;.lrglrtla --- -. - ..... I T 1  I t( . The la' eters()n S Or 'laeorlla ;}NN :i to Achievement Night a.t the Ever-22 ".- p _ _. 7 " . :._ M ""---- "i'i  | ....  .i;iig.'.::. :;. : : .:(:/ \\; b . , " " " . tsrent Hagen At T]g'ano m" ua- tx'u well-earned ,exards of rb- ,,, ........ t a ..... a a.r..o' tz,, t.,n   .. Ii ! " ":" " ":' ......... " ....... ::': .......... Cathy Query, Art and Km Nmk- MR AND M'IlS BILl, Smith" " 1 ! ited at the Bob Smith's Sullday. "i/;. '-. . ' ' .. ::!:i:'i:! ::::.::;:i } :::: . . ":.>i\\;  ....... : ............... ...... ' '     r J/; ') :; J:* " " f'':' 1 .  b  " ......  ' m .............. '" :' 4'r' ' " '1 J ' ..... '' : :::: '; ' P:B *::# '': mB :q :: : :;  ........... P L 1 '/"/i: .... ' ':: . .... . ' :ii<: ..'..'{'. .... { )(nnalle'smig an%et'sa2 d{tu' a't the Jim 8humate's vet the , ": :: ,':'levy ::!::}i/: :;:'{".. ( i: .... !'! ton.dozen bunnav'- of . ' afl:ernoon our "' boys. 2 a,out attended ....... g . a -,na'" the Y" mgnt Church weekend n ..... Thesns aLHd Fall" the;at Tea nome'Uasue Canalwas o*teK . held Community ,[ary "" Friday wmea -'sane " .. Pl'|vate - .... YouI" Privacy COllfldetltial. " .... our first . ---.. E concern 040 11o nl 1 " | ca 1 |i| IPOI'LI I*'ounoaL1OFI'S annum  aSS, Sllllfl  ] ......  A -- P  e # :.'.-!: :i:.:.':.:'i.: ..... '::::.i .... .... " e  .- ' a:.. " . g " about Love in the Bible Mrs A t.  mergenc 2lr anct L;ommunleatlon / # ;g, 4..:: .: .. ,  .... -- -' .. .... . .... :. vla 1 ellg:ll?; Ip %'& I J::i;Onl  the group. 7hWc System i -'" ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: @::. ./'...r]-, ' "5"_ ;,,/ ::'.::: ..:!'5: .,. :+';."' ,. -...'- , ................. s:::::::: ...... (-, _@ ...... .:: ,:.> ..... .<: ........................ :," :::::: - . ' " - - ' "' o .  ng. ovmy reresn- .... ."'"i{ ...... '2: . ................................. :[; .... --: '2 e ,:[,,s*'>,UVx1te2';;n; entSsa'ge served y te hostess, * Wde choice of Boxes / gray and white prize football hel- " " . . : . Mrs. Rome Smtl entertained , i :" ";" ''-' i',,-- ...... ==-:--j-- -___- "%+::i : ":!:/ . lnets at school Iollday. Also in M ..... a ..o  ........ =. I $5.00 Yearly (lus tax. ke denosit 1 : [J:g-'-'?:::::' i: :: %,, ,/;" : '  ' ,:''' ........ ':i.i:i:i,. : ";.%. ' ':V . the contest were Art Nickl .... "* ................. cl, cott ano zm'a- .... a,  / / !   .... ........ ily Mr and Mrs Donald Smith Clifford and David Hicks and Pete .,. . s .... i .: 2 year guarantee   ' ano Iamiy and Mr and Mrs All- / ttill. Coach Walt Clayton loaned ....... " _ " r ay cott zoi" stoner bunday i '  SINGLE CONTROL $9 ahelpulgnand in the officmting., r. "]VII a.l M,s ioh, --'', i-atsol., or" ..... ......... Hoquiam visited at the John till , Shellon Branch 1;O[) COI1VeULIL)Ie .seen in tJlese parts honle ovel the eeke ,,- is the newly-acquired apple of . ."  . ,v,. - , , ' - , 'rae ml Simmons moved into / Ruth \\;,ell s eye these days, "alule ' . then" new home on the Cmml last I i I  'NN /? IV /,./ "1 SINGLE oo..,o ,o Thurston County Federa Art Zehe tells us thaL hm "Silver . . IFLI. I- " " " BABY LOVES " %(/AI . 72 X 84 DOUBLE BED SIZE ........ O"'-- Streak" icku, really isn't new Week, and are en3oylng the view Would you believe zt. Its a '47 tielen " - .... M aACKET .......... ..  {/,9" u l" L * " ..' ", "vory muc -- t.|E---- lt| ;5 lift). II'I" DUAL CeNTRe =IIB AdO model'. "  daughters anaof Seattlel'at .owerS..ere gamstsana m, . _ . _ . .. / ith'"--*' SLEEPER ' M.EN'S SMAI= 72x84 DOUBLE B:D SIZE .... Jd  e?vtLll{dr.l:/s2"1.od, el'goh:" unl,:ek and Charlotte Win;;ie Savinlzs & Loan Association / I "ILE! ---- mer PUD manager and wife Mr _., a. v / ! ='--" e" an CREW NECK " - ............ '. " l" and Mrs Andy Scott are / alto Mrs. tenet raziL last weones- s elldin a few " a "" " " " sizes UU ,  I SA 44 , to 4 | SWEAT smlTS day Not haviia-' seen ]31 "IvH 'n. "P g d }r8 v'ISltlng thelr CC01LInt$ |nsurd to ,10,000,00 by th( ,S.L,|,C, I i[ " . II ,,,,.:.:::,.,!::.!):/![::::!: :%., . ....... . .. 20years cozlve;ation waffno "---" son Roger and family in Caress. ' 9 A,M,  4 P.M. Monday thru Thursday .....  .....  .... :" :: ." 'i:ii: ..... ' .....  ''';:' ' "  U l'rU" The Bill Goodpasters .ent the 10am to 5*'30 m F rida Is 41.tt0,,' ?. ". Buy . batch' SaNe! Flat sizes 100 *:'}i''j",,:'.;'" " ' ....:.: '.," " ....... W k " "" - " .... P" " Y ee end ms]tmg at the 3ames After a beautiful nmnth m so Horn ft  " ..irebh'd' knit sleepers with ,c,n- S,M,L,XL $1 .. ........ -..,:,::.;-:;,-:?#.:{. .... " " " Par ............. Of "ce Branch Offi0e Branch Office | bu Pont's " ..<'-, of Illdian Slllllnler, the RtlsS Vv'e])s ers m tsentrana. 5th & Capitol Way 313 Railroad Ave. Market Square / ...... ..... " ",: .... fmallv doked then Gassu ) Mazma ;<;K:: . , ,. o,.m.,, w... 00.o,,oo Wa. Wa... Ol e skid lastic soles, gripper .... :':',:..: ' , :':':!!::j?,. , ........ ;....5:['.:. : for the x inter and just in time to . . . e!nYlo n-altle, nylon qquiltmlt" back' ' ,and waist. 4 baby 1007;' .. cotton flcecclincd, , .'  " ...... '":';! '%'1.":'. :i. r ':::*''r''J''' beat ....... the coming of the first rains US J0umal Want Ads SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES , Pr,vate, Conf,dent,al, Economical / colors, Machine wask in luke- :  N'(" .r ot auumm. -resen ano offering i gunn.aaL EXTRABIG80 x108" $m ,i,..,.,,,,...,o,o.,,,._.,,...,c,. " ' " " I ll|lilj00lt.M|lMRl|i00-" I..00IIMIIiI00. UNBLEACHED -r "n Treating". Donations dropped I I l  4 U i Inla Mi m! il,. JB i| Li ," SHEET BLANKET! ,  into this box will be used to defray I iM  11  i |'%'  II II the expeuses of otlr Grapeview I II I------ "-'- " ----"'t .... Stock up and save on creamy-xhiLe, coTy, Grade school's annnal Halloween I l:|/'l'il=Vff'l'lld[li'||'ell:Vll[, l ",';" soft-napped sheet blankets! Fine quality, liicc- Party which will be held at 7:30 i hu, .,day, Oet, 31. Everyon. FREEZERS ; , ly tiLched ends! Penney Days value! p.m. " 's is invited to attend this time-hen- ISON ored entertaimneut and to share 9 Cu. Ft. to the fun and refreshments. After the Fair Harbor Grange's 6 CU , 45 PIECE potluck d inner for nlm-abm.G which : is to be held this Friday evening, . 00o,.o ..o REFRIGERATORS ,neetmg will the,, be opened to the -- GIBSON iI.ill/. public. Scheduled to begin at 7:30 /ltICLMAI .m.. Robert L. Snyder, Shelton aLt,o,'ney, wlm will give a talk on,, . . . ,, RAH G ES_00: PP Wills, Estates and Bequests and a all alld Gibson such related legal maLters. Every- s16s s one is cordially invited to atLend WASHERS DRYERS this informative ant? educational program Those who wish to re- Speed main afterward for cards arc in- (lle, ell tempi .,its,, to .,. ...o,. o, ,,. Everything Must Go Orthopedic Guild are reminded of their regular work meeting to be held 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning E * SEIVICE FOR 8 s, at the lmme or Mrs. Ray Uhly. ;!}YLONp.,II HOSE TO PLUS SERVING , ,. oct. ? PIECES we ,vo,,,d u,, ,o .a, ,o n,e at. SAVE. CO,*On of o.,. ,h,, To Make Room for 1964 Models Due This Week UlgDOLLAR FLANNEL, * 3 EXCLUSIVE PATTERNS n the le-,.1 pul,lications of this STI{ETCIt  ,,  ,, * ., ,.. .. ,,.., TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW OF THESE OS ' SANFORIZF_J)" ! Imagine all this quality melamine c ,,,,,i..io,,,,,,: ,,, oct. 2s t. 2 i 14 averagc, shrt' I1 or = dinnerware at Penney's low price, p.n,. Unless there at'(,_ so,.o .,. Vaiue$ At 3,0, Money-Saving ,o.g am = 8 decorted dinner plates, 8 decor- .icctions voiced at this meeting wc l?aay ]o,se "all the pm'tion of ou" to x ated 8SLicers, 8 bread and butters v...c District north of and includ- 'IM' U" Whut great value.. 8 cups, 8 cereal/soup bowls, ,,g the tay Kronquist place. ; 'qll 'uorn--thcsc " at x a'lucs in soft, San- LEH WARREH REFRiGERATIOH forized, cotton flannel. 1 divided vegetable bowl, 1 ". h. Stretch ill ables you've seen at 3 I'resh, pretty prints . platter plus covered sugar bowl i 1 Colors, at times this ,price. Vqitll a florals, novelties, juve- -" econd sicJn fit you'll love! niles, more' and 0earaer,  2nd and Cots Streets Phone 426-2445