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October 21, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 21, 1941

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lctob’ wmi lKDU every on c." 5 LEGAL PUBLICATION Lo Serial 018891 CE FOR PUBLICATION. UNITED STAT} MENT 0F Till“. I THRIOP ts Re . General Land Office, - ’ Spokane, \Vasllillgton, .v- October 6, 1911. ’ .3 IS HEREBY GIVEN that Bade Lumber Company. of ,Washington. did. on Oct» ;, 1941, file in this office its ap: 9“ 01889], under the act 01 20. 1922 (42 Stat. 465: 16 U. ‘85). as amended by the acts Ember 22, 1922 (-12 Stat.. 1036). !“dry 28. 1925 1'43 Stat.. 1090; C. 486). to exchange: ,"R. 17 E” V“. 31.: v W14; Sec. 5: Al Sec. 9: 10: NWI/L NW1... si’ \IWV. W1... SW»; swu. N t SW14 SE14 SVJ It; : . 1.4.. 11 : 333E171 qu, i - Sec. 12: s11»: 1 All: Sec All: Sm". 15: l 4, Vi" 1,5 NE Vt S‘.gS\V 1,; ,VV 1/2 SE ‘11 26: Nl-zNEli. N12 All; Soc. 7: All: SM. 9: 17: All ; Sec. 19: All; Soc. Sec. 29: All: Soc. 30: NW 1,3. ‘1 21 N., R. 17 11., w. . All; Sec. 3: All; VS: , All; Sec. 9' All: 33, i MINE , l\ 1.. NE a 5 p Eli SW 1,1 NE 9; SE 1..., -' . . SEl/gNEl/jslilzi. / , 1nday , . 1. . NugNE I/lsnlisnusyy 1,, . N111: \IWl/SE‘, s .11, es'dent. v . SEI/isnv. ’1 ‘11;4sv.ril 1, ’4' ' i .l ,1. N1, E . s“ , El/éNElzi. swuNni... WVZSW’Q. snuswn. SE14: .r Lot 4, N1N111.1.Nwl/..NI;- ‘Sec. 35: N‘éNng. E‘ngEll’. 521 N. R. 18 12.. w. M. 1,1 Lots 1. 2. 3. nd 4. S 4. SE14; Sec. 34. Fr. ,. 17: All; s. . T- 22 N.. n. 17 w. M.; v.33: _All, containing 20.415.32 ththm and adjacent to the , 118,8 National Forest. Washing- bJBCt in part to reservations “Hg roads. telephone and pow» 3; and subject also to certain t1Oms as to the cutting and re- eof timber and to ‘minc and 'metallifcrous mineral deposits. ' “my set forth in the formal ap- n on file ill this office, which “01) also lists lands on which . rights are outstanding to the Pacific Railway Company. .ber of an equal value to be from approximately 4870 acres Pnal forest lands described as , R. 17 FL. \V. M.: SW 1.4 . NE: SE 1,1. SW14 »S aSEli; Sec. 3: NEE". 21 N.. R. 17 11., w. M.: 2. 4. 8. 10. 12. 14. 16. 22. 26. ya 34; Sec. 15: Wl/quxfiNEli. it ,, Nwl/leu. WV; EléEl/éSWli. Nwa/l NEigsnl/i . 8. and 16; Sec. 1 Lots sullswxl. NE sou,- ,~ of Lot 2; SINJ 1:. ~11. cc. 20: EL. NEH. S'anu, swlt; Secs. 30 and i 2] N., R. 7 “Z. W'. M. 011s 1 to 5. inclusive. 22 N.. R. 6 “2. \V. M.: hs 7. 18. and 19. .22 N., R. 7 w., w. 11.: 1 and 2. Secs. 10 to‘ 15. m— *‘ Secs. 21 to 29. incluSlve. and to 36. inclusive. within the 50 and Olympic National For— ashington, as agreed with the of Agriculture. ul‘Dose of this notice is to al- Dersons claiming the tlmber or having bona fide ob- ,‘ to such application. an op- ‘V to file their protests 111 this “Or to the approval of the .Sueh protest should be filed 1 prior to November 22. 1941. . HARRY L. CHILD. . 21—28. 11-4~4t. Register. \__.________ , it“ No. 1459. T1011 To caanons ' ~ TO FILE CLAIMS. abluperior Court of the State .1.ashington in and for the ‘ty of Mason, In Probate. ‘ I. MATTER OF THE ESTATE TIE I. MORGAN. Deceased. 919 Is HEREBY GIVE . that estamentnry on the abow ;V_v'ere granted to the under- ‘On the 11th day of October. 3’ Said Superior Court. CE 18 FURTHER GIVEN, that OTIS having claims against said 6 required to serve the same, 9, necessary vouchers, upon el‘signed at the Law Office C. Bayley, Title Insurance t, Shelton, Washington. that ‘ he. place designated for the 101.1 of the business of the es- “lln six months after the date {Wrist publication of this no; wit: within six months after day of October. 1941. and Same with the Clerk of thl.‘ “Sether with proof of sucl l‘ they will be forever barred this 14th day of October. JACK MORGAN, , Executor of the Estate 0: Hattie 1. Morgan, Deceased . C. BAYLEY. for Executor, . “rance Building, '2 Washington. 1-28. 114—41. \__~_—_ . OF TIME AND PLACE 01‘ . \ NG CI'l‘Y.0F SHEL’I‘ON’S QYON T0 LEASE CITY DOCK i ,i. E IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Council of the City of Shel— 0598 to lease to the Standard any of California. a Corpora- the purpose of exclusively i hfil'lsportir‘lg and selling pet— x"'Oducts thereon. for a period . ears, the following described “2’ i I I'll Dert‘y situated in the County ’pgState of ‘Vashington. t0- orfilonsot‘ Lots 11 to 17 in- .‘313 lands of the town of “Ow occupied by the City , ._now under lease to the 1 Oil Company of California, $3911 in red lines on Exhibit had to an indenture of Lease a entered"into the 30111 day her. 1931, by and between 0‘ Shelton and the Standard 713’ of California, together eEtiement '0; right of way to econstruct, replace. renew, lite. and remove the pipe. appurtenances thereof. (with 01’ ingress and egress to .t 6 same) now on or un— .d0ck. on and along Spruce. «‘3 Outlined in green on said . -. attached to said Indenture ,;~9date'd the 30th day of De— 31- The proposed rental is 3,, ,month for a period of 5 Aims November 30111, 1946. '9Mal for the last five years uplufited as by Statute made "39d, payable in advance. 0’1 or before the 5th day of yevery m onth. Council will meet at the "1 Shelton. Washington. at of 8 O‘clock P. M. on Nov- 51941. when and where any— ‘3 heard for or against the 31‘] 0f the City Council of the :i elton. Washington, the 16th tobor. 1941. ‘CLENN W. LANDERS. 4.3L j“: , October 21, 1941. , CAN’T sat“ Will. you Fll_\_l__D A Buyer: USE WANI--ADS N0. 1190 OF HEARING REPURT AND PETITION FOR DISTRIBUTION In the Superior (‘ozlrt of the State of for 31235911 (‘ouilty lnl NOTICE FINAL An ordinary wet-storage milk! cooler makes an excellent poultry cooler for the Mason County poul- tryman, and generally speaking. ' turns out a far better product for market than does the old, dry method of cooling, according to a study made at the agricul- tural experiment station at Wash- ington State College on wet and ’ dry cooling methods. When the wet method was used, :the poultry cooled more rapidly, presented a more attractive mar- ket appearance, gained weight and equalled or surpassed the dry~ cooled birds in flavor. ing resulted in a loss of Wei the dressed birds. Birds cooled by the wet meth- od ,after being picked, were plac. ed in the cooler, and the water at a temperature of around 33 de- grees Fahrenheit, around them. cooled sufficiently, stored in the dry box of the milk cooler, and the temperature which they had been cooled was thus maintained. The birds to be dry-cooled were divided into three groups, the first being placed directly in the dry cooler; thesecond, “plumped” 'in 50-degree water for two min- utes, then placed in the cooler; the third plumped ten min- ’ utes before being/placed in cooler. The tests \‘l'aslllugton Probate IN THE MATTER OF THE E TA OF PETE GEEH." NOTlCE IS HE iAlina Murc " ‘ Peu- with the Cli..x of her Final Rep for Distribution. 1. . settle said Report. distribute the prop— tlle persons and to discharge the said NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that and Petition hoard TE IECICASED. ‘ the .lwl Petition Court to Court, entitled = Exr‘rau'trlx. city said Final Distribution Will the 1st day of November, 1941, at hour of 10 O'Clock in the forelloon, the Court Room in the Culll't House, in Shvlton, Mason County. ton. Dated this 27th day of September, CLARE ENGELSEN, Clerk of said Court. 9430. 10-7rl4-21~4t. No. 4033 SUMMOKS BY l’l'l‘iLICATION In t. 9 Superior Court of the State of “'nshington for the County of Mn— MAE KIRKLAND Plaintiff vs. Eh’ll‘JETT KIRKLAND Defendant, Washington ,said Emmett Kirkland, defendant: sullilllont (1 pear within sixty days ut'tor the dam, of the first publication of this Sum- mons to wit, Within sixty days after the Bill day of Septeiliber, defend the above entitled action in the above entitled court, complaint of the plaintiff, and some 3 answer upon dersigned attorney for plaintiff, at his and in case of failure so than judglllcnt will be rendered swims: you according: to the delllalid ol' lhas been filed with the clerk of szlirl court. This is an action for divorce on the of dt-sertion and failure defendant to support a decree real estate and personal pi-oiiiny d”- scribed in the colliplaint [NHL] hereinl as the separate property of 1119 plain—i tiff for the reason that it was either owned by plaintiff prior to her mar— , I . has, been acA quilt-d by plalntlff. Wlth her separate. E. N. STEELE. 'Attorney chol t Saturn IVash i lig- Dry-cool- 1941. ght of i agitated When they h a d they w e r e was son IDA The state You hereby 1941, and and answer copy of your office below stated; your the {ho colllplllint, which showed that weight loss and discoloration de- pended on the scalding tempera- tures, with the higher tempera- tures bringing greater discolora- tion and weight change. found that although retarded discoloration, wet cool- ing prevented it. The experiment was conducted by J. Roberts, investigator for the Washington committee on relation of electricity to agricul— ‘ture, and E. I. Robertson of the division of poultry husbandry. The are described ment station bulletin 403, entitled “A Comparison of Wet and Dry Cooling of Dressed Poultry." KJR To Air Stanford, Washington Struggle Of outstanding importance to ' local football followers is the game next Saturday afternoon, October between the Uni- 'versity of Washington and Stan- ford University. Associated sport- Ted Bell will be at the {microphone to give the play—by- play account of the contest, start- . ing at 1:45 pm. over Station KJR, Seattle (1000 kcys). A second game of interest next Saturday will be play'ed at Pull— man where Washington State Col— 'lege meets Oregon State College Associated sport- caster Lou Gillette will broadcast Station Olympia (1240 keys), and other Mutual network stations through- out Washington. t h e grounds plain— and for aside tiff. setting It was “plumping” riage defendant or funds. for Plaintiff 202 First Na‘i‘l Bank Bldg, Olympia. Wash- ington Thurston Coun- y. 9—9-16-23—30. 10-7-14—21—7t. the ! Calls Supreme Court to Order , results in experi- 25 at Seattle 1 caster at 1:45 pm. the game over KGY, Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone makes last-minute prepa- rations for opening of the U. S. Supreme Court as the fall term begins. Fir plywood manufactured only from prime logs of giant (old growth) Douglas firs usually from four to eight feet in diam— eter. Army Starts Intensive Training I 1 Getting set for a tough.se_350n,.West Point footballers are going through strenuous training sesswns. treatment opponents may expect, Two Can’t Land in One Space Here they demonstrate the It would have been all right for the two pilots at- the controls of these ships to land at the Conway, Ark, e same Spot at the s neither was seriously injured. Municipal Airport if they Miraculouslyi adn‘t picked th ame time. h 3, ‘8 trestle approach to the , . t City Clerk. vvvvvvvvvvv 7m“. V‘I'VVVW Real Estate A‘ AAAAAAMAAAAA Mm“ FOR SALE by owner: 5—room home. Inquire 534 Arcadia. C-~10—9~tf. SHELTON—MASON COUNTY JOURNAI; Wet Storage Milliwwmwm Cooler Found To Be More Effective FOR SALE: 10-arces waterfront land and 4-room houso with bath, outbuildings, orchard, 1/3 cleared. Reasonable. W. L.‘ Mott, Route 2, Agate. 10—479-14 —16-21«~4 t. FOR SALE or trade: Business lot, S-blocks from Navy Yard Gate, ill West Bremerton. In- quire Journal. W—~10—9-14-16—21—74t. FOR SALE 7-r00m modern home with large' tract of land. Excellent ground with lawn and flowers. 'This will make a fine suburban home. Close in. $3,000 with $500 down or $2500 cash. I 6-ROOM modern home, hard-wood floors, fireplace, full basement and furnace. Also large unfin- ished upstairs. This home is located on oiled street and has '_ nice yard. Entire property in:‘ excellent condition, and priced below present value. Will con—. sider terms—$4375.00. B-ROOM modern home close in. Nice garden tract. House can easily be enlarged. Why pay rent when you can own a home of your own. $1575 with $200 down, $25 month, including in- terest at 7% monthly reduction. 3-ROOM modern home, close in, with large tract of excellent ground and several fruit treesl Credit allowed for some to, finishing, $1375, $50.00 downt and $20.00 monthly, including interest at 7% monthly redch tion. S-room modern home, with hard- wood floor, fireplace, furnace and basement, 2% acres of ex-l cellent ground, with fruit treesi and large chicken houses. Thisi will make you a fine surburban home, close in, $2850, terms, may be arranged. Will trade. Fine lake located on 168 acres of . land, lake covers 25 to 30 acres. , Fine fishing and close to the ' hunting reserve in the best deer; territory in Mason County. Just' 11 miles from Shel'ton with good roads. Excellent opportunityl for several parties to divide the ,property and each have an ex- cellent tract of land with share of lake at a. very reasonable. price. Why not investigate this property at once ! $12.50 an acre. 1320 feet of waterfront l o;{ 3 bay, about 8 miles fr l’Shel-i ton. Property has plenty of spring water. This is an ex-i cellent tract to subdivide andf will make an excellent invest-.3 ment. $4750.00. Herbert G. Angle Angle Bldg. Phone 304 Poultry, Dairy ' i Product Prices i Rise—20 to 40%; Dairy and poultry products this fall are returning Mason County ,farmers from 2051,; to 40% more; lthan they did a year ago, thei U. S. Department of Agriculturei farm bulletin for. October 10* shows. “Farm market prices througll-| out the state made their most? spectacular and important gains; of the year during the month end- 1‘ ing September 15, 1941,” the'Oct- I ob'er farm survey shows. “Twen— ; ty—three out of twenty-seven items 3 in the September report showi Significant advances from Inid_l "Walhlnqton Shah Progress Can-min]... iAuguSt——a general increase not equalled Since the so-called ‘boom days’ of 1928—29. Every item in the September report, except p0“ tatoes and horses, was selling on September ‘15, 1941, at higher levels than the year previous. “Hog prices were at; the high- est September 15 price since 1926, and other meat animals highest since 1928-29. All items made very strong seasonal gains from August 15‘ except hogs, which were contra-seasonally higher. The price of the latter item usually breaks by September 15 (some years by October 15) as‘ fa” marketings 0f the Spring Pig i lan, Indian word meaning “Deep crop Increase. However, the 5 size of the 1940 fall crop was be-i low that Of 1939; demand ~and; prices were good all summon; Therefore. farmers sold fallpigs, Williain Clark of Lewis & Clark relatively early rather than hold-j ing them for weight. “All dairy and poultry ite m S show substantial seasonal incre’as- 5 es over August 15, and are from} 20 to 40 per cent higher than on” September 15, 1940. Farm sup~ plies of milk and butter are heav- ‘ ier than average, but due to di-' ,verSIon of production to dried and evaporated milk, and the increased demand” an even larger produc- tion 15 necessary. Egg production the ten-year average, but, will increase somewhat during the win- 1 ter as 1941 pullets begin laying.” Skokomish Grange Masquerade Friday Skokomish Valley, Oct. 20. *— Skokomish Grange will hold itS‘ annual masquerade this Friday‘l evening. All members are to of come in masquerade. Ladies are to bring either pump- fsr. Classified Service .- 1 LANDSCAPING Years of“ experience in lawn—mak-v ing. Contract or 500 an hour. Eight years in Shelton. Plovie,l 726 So. First, corner Mill street. 9-14. 10-16—1M. SHELTON FURNITURE UP- {OLSTERING furniture recov— ered and rebuilt, free estimates. 714 Ellinor Ave. Joe Nuss-, baumer, Prop. Phone 590—W. 8~20-~9—24~—1M. ' BULLDOZER WORK: clearing, grading, road work, etc. Free. estimates, reasonable, Inquire HELP WANTED MALE OR FE— Davis Store, Lilliwaup. Phone 1. J—10—21-23-28-30—4t CONTRACTING C ARPENTER, alterations and repairs, gener- al jobbing. Reasonable rate. H. 'M. Jones, 17141/2 Ridge Road, Shelton. Phone 56-J. ,9-12--10-12—1M. Watch For KEYS! : New and modern key-making equipment just installed. Everything To Make The Little Tot Happy WAGONS ~— SCOOTERS TRICYCLES REPAIRS We also Repair wagons, tri- cycles, bicycles, lawmowers, etc. SLEYSTERS FIX-IT SHOP FOR SALE Used 9x 12 cm KODAK ‘ RECOMAR With case and 12 cut _ a? Film holders . . . and, Auxiliary lenses. $7 5 Andrews Studio FILMS DEVELOPED 25¢ per roll Free Enlargement coupon with each roll. FIR DRUG STORE This feature for the next four - weeks will be devoted to, the: de-: rivation of names and dates of' iorganization of the thirty-nine icounties of Washington State. Adams—named in honor of i 1 President John Adams, Novemb ' , 28, 1883. Asotinma Nez Perce Indian ‘ name meaning “Eel Creek”"from ,abundance of eels in rivers, Oct- ober 27, 1883. Benton—named in honor of 1 Thomas H. Benton, United States :3 Senator from Missouri, March 8, 1905. Chelan—mamed for Lake Che- Wa’ter," March 13, 1899. Clallam—~Indian name meaning “Strong People," April 26, 1854. Clark—named to honor Captain exploration party. June 27, 1844. Columbia——for the great “River of the West." November 11, 1875., Cowlitz—name of an Indian tribe, April 21, 1854. Douglasv4honors Stephen A. Douglas, November 28, 1883. , The last of four features on the jderivation of names and dates of organization of the counties 1, Washington State. Snohomisthndian word mean- . in this state is low compared with? 111;; style of union in the tribe ‘of that name. January 14, 1861. Spoka.nc~—In(lian word meaningi “child of the sun," January 29, 1858. Stevens-~to honor Isaac I., evens, first territorial govern-l 'or. January 20, 1863. In honor of Samuel, =R. Thurston, first delegate froml Oregon territory to national gov- Thurston ernment, January 12, 1852. kin pie or doughnuts. Potluckxmeaning “math! waters,” April Ml‘S. Lucy Edmiston, home eco- ilunCh ~Will be served, announcesr25. 1854. Whatcom-——Indian Word mean— no‘mics chairman for the grangein‘g “noisy waters" for Indian \ URN AL ,. er; l of Wahkiakummsaid to be namei I the first chief of an Indian ‘. tribe of that name, April 26, 1854p Walla Walla — Indian Word For Sale AAAAAA‘AAAAAAAA‘ AA AWAA SECOND—GROWTH growth wood for sale. W—10-8-14-16-21—4t. 1 Golden Flake Butter-i Binns, Wanted Auww WANTED: middle age lady for full time housework and care‘ of children. Good wages. In- quire Journal or Mrs. Ayers, Lake Newatzel. 10-16-21—2t. --—————_——u h.“ WANT ADS and Phone 17F1. AUBURN milk, 25¢ gallon. WOOD CUTTERS WANTED Withi drag saw perferred. Call 473-W. H..1o-16-21-23_28_4t, FOR SALE: Lang junior wood‘ range. Inquire 420 Elinor Ave.” B—10—21-23-28-30-4t, USED MERCHANDISE Ranges Pacific Range .................. ..$15.00 Universal Range Washington Range 1 Lang Range ........... .. 1 Lange Oil Range . 1 Quaker Oil Range .......... .. 99.50' 1~2 burner Westinghouse Electric Range ................ .. 29.50' Heaters Wood Heater .................... “$29.50, Wood Heater Wood Heater Wood Heater}. Oil Heater STEADY WORK, GOOD PAY, RELIABLE PERSON WANTED, to call on farmers in Mason County. No experience or capi- tal required. Some making $100 in a week. .Write Mr. INMAN.| 2123 Magnolia St., Oakland,’ Calif. MALE: registered pharmacist, not over 45. No Sunday or holi- day work. Write immediately. Pay-Rite Drug, Raymond, Wn. 10-21—1t. , RELIABLE GIRL, 30, wants; house work one or two days a‘ week. Write Box B, care Journal 1 Office. B—10—21-23—2t. I 1 — 1 WANTED: woman to assist withi1 general house work. Home at 1 nights. Inquire Journal. D——10-21~—tf. ANTED: ‘ woman for general house workone ‘or two days a} Week. Phone '273-W. citywvava mv'v 'vvvvvvv and Found FOUND: Pair glasses in case at Safeway Store. Owner may have by identifying and paying for ad. Inquire Journal. 10-9—1t. LOST: St. Charles spaniel 6 or 7 months old. Been gone a week. Answers to name of Rip. Find- er please phone Mrs. Roy Get- ty, 10—R. 10—21—1t. FOUND: small dark purse. Own- er identify and pay for adv. Journal office. .1 825 ‘ Franklin. v Hillcrest. . 24.50 .. 34.50 .. 29.50 . 79.50. 29.50I 24.50 ........................ .. 39.50 Quick Heater Oil Heater ................................ .. 39.50 2 Quick Heater Oil Heaters 59.50 Washers Norge Washer ................ ..$39.50 Thor Washer ......... .... .. 19.50 American Beauty American Beauty American Beauty Apex Washer .................. _. 29.50: Wardway Washer .......... .. 24.50 Refrlgerators Kelvinator 61/12 cu. ft. .... ..$89.50 Kelvinator 51/2 cu. ft. .... .. 79.5 Grunow 61/2 cu. ft. .......... .. 79.5 (New) 10-21-23—21. I l..— HHl-ll-‘Hl-‘H HHH Miscellaneous Electric Roaster .............. ..$12.5 Table, 4 chairs ................ .. Davenport Mohair Chair Easy Terms HHHH Free Delivery I THREE STORES FOUND: medal or badge evidently lost by some ,serviceman. In— scription “Roulons et Passons‘” upon it. Blue and white striped shield in one corner. Inquire Journal. For Rent . FOR RENT: furnished two room house. Close to hospital. $10 '"fl‘ M“ per month. Ideal for single man or woman. Inquire 619 North Fifth. Wv—10-16~—tf. FURNISHED APARTMENTS for rent (2 and3rooms). Good lo- cation. Very reasonable. Golds- borough Apts, Second and Knee- land Streets, Shelton. 5-7 -tf. FOR RENT: 2-room house. 4- miles out. Elderly couple pre- ferred. Electricity, water, Rea- sonable rent. J. D. Camper, Route 1, Shelton. 10-9-14-16-21—4t. FOR RENT: 2-room furnished ca- bin, electricity and Water. Ma- ple Beach, Lake Isabella. J--10-14-16-21-23--2t‘. FOR RENT: 3 room furnished apartment, private bath. Mill Street Apartments. Phone 259- M. C—10-21~—tf. Poor Memory? Try U. W. Professor’s New Stunt 0n Ill! “Dr. E. R‘. GuthrienUniversity of Watshington psychologist, has a practical, a l t h o u g h somewhat startling method, which he guar— antees will enable 'even the most forgetful person to remember 'names. “If you really want to remem-I ber the name of a person you have ijust been introduced to, look himl squarely in the eye and scream his name at the top of your lungs,” Dr. Guthrie said. “You’ll remem-l her that name as well as the man iwho couldn’t fotget Mr. Addison Sims of Seattle. And it is a bet- ter than even money bet that the person to whom you have just been introduced will also remem- ber your name.” , Dr. Guthrie cited several types i of performances which may be the results of habits built up over a period of years or during child- hood. “For example, if you like to handle firearms, it could be that you had unpleasant childhood ex- ip'eriences with a neighborhood bully,” he explained. “And if you are ill at ease at the table, per— ,haps you received more advice on , table manners than you could ab- sorb when you were very young. “Women who take to, chairs when mice appear, do so because as little girls they saw their C):— .cite‘d mothers or grandmothers doing it,” Dr. Guthrie said in discussing factors inhabit found— ation and their practical applica- tion. “Children brighter“ than av- erage at five years will continue to, be brighter than average long as they live.” chief of that; name, March 9.! 1854. Whitman—for Marcus «Whit- man, first missionary to Indians,,I November 29, 1871. Yakima—Indian word meaning “black bear” after tribe of same name, January 21, 1865. ‘ A billion and a half square feet' ‘of fir plywood will be manufac-- 'turcd this year 'with most of iti going into houses and other build- ings. ‘ 123 Cota 117 Cota 111 Cota NASH BROTHERS VWWV'VV 'V 'V'VVWWV' Trade or Swap Wn--Am AA“ WILL TRADE: used car for chi- ckens, pork, veal, beef or tur- keys. Phone 251-R. P~10-21-23——2t. Tides of the Week Computed for Oakland Bay (Hood Canal tides are one hour & 55 minutes earlier) Wed . -1.7 ft. Oct. 22 15.0 ft. 4.4 ft. 14.6 ft. - - 2.0 ft. 15.1 ft. 5.1 ft. 14.2 ft. - 2.0 ft. 14.9 ft. .7 ft. 13.5 ft. 1.4 ft. 14.7 ft. 6.1 ft. . 12.7 ft. 0.6 ft. 14.5 ft. 6.1 ft. 11.8 ft. 0.4 ft. 14.4 ft. 5.7 ft. 11.2 ft. 1.4 ft. ! 14.4 ft. . 4.8 ft. 11.0 ft. 2.2 ft. 14.4 ft. 3.7 ft. 1 3 am. Thurs. Oct. 23 Fri. Oct. 24 3:39 a.m. High 10:52 a.m. 4:30 p.m. 9:25 pm. ‘Low 4:36 am. High 11:57 a.m. 5:50 pm. High 10:34 pm. Low Low High Low 5:41 a.m. 1:04 pm. 7:18 pm. Mon. Oct. 27 Low High Low High 12:05 a.m. 6.150 a.m. 2:06 p.m. 8:34 pm. Tues. Oct. 28 Low High Low High Low High Low : MINUTE CROSSWORDS No. in 1 horizontal words suggested by the key words SODA FOUNTAIN. must appear ‘2 Wed. Oct. 29 Fill blanks with letter its proper Zach given place. nann- III/2~ . fill-E l, 4. ///2 ,fi%%fl%%% Imilili I FIE-ll SOLUTION PREVIOUS MINUTE . Starter 2.’ Hubs . Lights . Hood 5. Bumpers 11. Gears T0 CROSS\VORD . Doors . Tubes . Tires Valves Wheels Page Five - __—__._._~—_____._.___L__.____- ,“_~ RATES On Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line (5 words) first insertion, attractively low rates on subsequent insertions. Min- imum charge 40c. Classified advertisements ac;- cepted over the telephone from phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or payment made before the first of the month to save expense of billing. An extra charge of 10c will be made when billing is necessary. Card of thanks 50c. Classified Display Rates on Request. Phone 100 ' ' ' vvvvvv'vvvvvvvvvvvv. For Sale ‘AAAAAAAAAM WOOD FOR‘SALE: old growth fir. Any length. Call Union 265 or write Box 107, Union. S—lO-7--11-6—1M 19 50;FOR SALE: picked King and Northern Spy apples. Orchard run 50c box. Bring containers. J. F. Jacoby, Route 2, Shelton. 10-9-14-16-21—4t. gFOR SALE: 14—ft. boat, partially I, V—bottom. Includes oars, $25. 1 George Lavender, ‘Hoodsport. Phone 2-W. L--10-14-23.—-4t. 39.505FOR SALE: 3 12-foot boats, Ideal 49.50' ...... .. 29.50 for duck hunters. Hidden Cove Resort, Lilliwaup. V—10-16-21—2t. FOR SALE: Cértigrade shingles, reasonable prices. Also 16-inch green slab wood, $2.50 cord at mill. $4.50 cord delivered. E. G. Davis Shingle Mill, Matlock Route, Shelton. 10-16-21—23-28-4t FOR SALE: 1 milk cow and 1 2—year-old work coltflichard Holman, Route 3. Box 192. 10-16—21-23—3t. AUBURN Golden Flake Butter- milk, 25¢ gallon. Binns, 825 Franklin. FRESH MILK Haw for sale. H. s. Ahern, Skokomish Valley. 1041-28—21:. FOR SALE: boys bicycle bought in March, $16. McCaskey credit file, 30-gal. hot water tank al- most new. Phone 251-R. P—10-21-23L2t. FOR SALE: 15-mos. old Holstein Guernsey heifer. Good stock, V $40.00 cash or trade for 2 tons good baled, hay.. Write E. Bind- ara, Route 1, Box 98, Shelton (Kamilche Point). 10—2'1-23-;_2t. FOR SALE One Used Wood CIRCULATOR .Good Condition $25 ' Phone 152 N O HUNTING NO TRESPASSING NO FISHING SIGNS On Heavy Tag B‘oard 51/2 X 20 JOURNAL LARGE sizn Duplims . SALES BOOKS 2 for 15¢ 4 for 25¢ 65¢ per dozen We also take orders for all kind- of special—— PRINTED SALES BOOKS Our prices are as low or lower |than outside salesmen can quote ‘ you ' THE JOURNAL I'liéifs's'lo'fiifillmn AMAAM‘AL'AA ' .ALDEN. C. BAYLEY ATTORNEY AT LAW Title Insurance Building Opposite First National Bank Phone 23 — Shelton INSURANCE HERBERT G. ANGLE l Office at Angle Building ' ELLIOT B. SPRING Accounting Tax Services Bookkeeping Systems I 123 4th“ St. Phone 585 . = , DUANE BRODIE Attorney-At-Law Angle Building Phone 337 CHARLES R. LEWIS ATTORNEY AT LAW Suite 1 L. M. Bldg Shelton, Washington J.