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October 21, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 21, 1971

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The "arollowYng letter was rare all blnckened and written by Ned Cokelet from water-stained with creaky wooden England to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cokelet of Belfair. Ned and his wife, the former Kathy Lohman, both graduates of North Mason High School, are hying in Cambridge where Ned was invited to attend the University on a National Science Foundation grant. Ned was a two-time recipient of Simpson scholarships. He is working on his PHD after having earned his Master's degree in oceanography at the University of Washington this past summer• Both are graduates of the U. of W. Kathy is the Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lohman of Belfair. Sorry to be writing so late, but getting settled is as hard as leaving. We're fine and everything's fine here. The most surprising thing is that Cambridge stairways, but then, what could be better; little maintenance and they have been this way for 400 years• It is truly beautiful to stand in the court (Great Court) of Trinity College at dusk and see the outline of the towers and buttresses. Trinity (my college) has the largest college court in the world with grass and a big fountain in the center. The center is as big as a football field. ! can walk over the very stones that Sir Issaac Newton walked over. Our flat would be considered very modern in the U.S. and if furnished with the usual U.S. appliances, it would rent for $160 a month. The building is brick. We have a hall with hooks to hang all our wet things (hasn't rained is just 14 hours from Seattle! All' yet, warm 72 degrees,) a fully it costs is a few hundred dollars! glassed-in kitchen, a medium-sized Dad, you wanted to know our living room with dining table, 2 first impressions, so here goes. First, air travel is no big deal. The plane trip is long, the leg space is short and the food is about Clark's ferry concession style ! Coming over England was nice in the early morning because we could see the towns all lit up with amber lights (because of fog.) The striking thing about London from the air was the fact that the streets all lead out from the center, none of them are straight bedrooms, bathroom with the biggest bathtub I've ever seen (it's standard in England; could make a fortune in U.S. selling long, deep bathtubs.) English people are far nicer than Americans. Can easily engage them in conversation. The countryside is very flat. Pastures, horses grazing in the town common, an open market place and bikes galore. You wouldn't believe the bikes here. They are the rustiest, dirtiest, and anmwe.rs ~isrding ~he ne~w rules applying to all-terrain vehicles was prepared by State Representative Paul H. Conner and sent to the Herald office. They may answer any questions still remaining with readers about the new law. 1. What does ATV mean? It stands for All Terrain Vehicle. 2. What kind of vehicle is an ATV? Any self-propelled vehicle that is capable of cross-country travel. Under certain conditions, all cars and trucks have this ability whether they are two-wheel drive or four wheel drive. In other words, every motor vehicle is considered an ATV. 3. My farm tractor can travel cross-country. Does it need ATV registration? Not if its being used for farming. Certain classes of vehicles are not subject to the law. No ATV registration is needed for boats, farm vehicles, logging vehicles, equipment used in construction, military or law enforcement vehicles. Snowmobiles do not need ATV registration. They must be registered under the Snowmobile Act. 4. I have a mini-bike for trail riding. Does it need ATV registration? No, a trail bike with 50cc or less displacement, 42" or less wheelbase and 14" or less wheel diameter does not need t~z~raanent, such ~ pant or a decal. The color must contrast with the background. "It must be at least I inch in height. The number must not be obscured by the driver, passenger or load. 11. Do 1 have to display my license plate when operating in the woods? No. When using the vehicle off the roads, the license plate can be removed if the plate number is displayed on the vehicle as described under question 5. In this case the ATV validating tab will not be put on the license plate but on the vehicle. 12. If I have license plates on my vehicle do I have to paint this number on too? No. The license plate number will be used as the ATV number. You can leave the plate on the vehicle. Place the ATV vahdating tab on the rear plate. If you want to remove the plate, then you must paint the number on the vehicle. 13. Where do I obtain an ATV registration? Any county auditor or vehicle hcense agent will take your application. 14. What is required for an ATV license? An ATV must be titled. If it is already titled and has Washington license plates of the existing general issue (motorcycles 1965 and later, all other 1963 and later), no reissue of title is necessary. A registration certificate is issued showing ATV 1 7. ~l~rhat hmppen8 to the , q, money? 25fl~ for the first two years and 20% thereafter for administra tion. 20% for the first two years and 25% thereafter to counties having significant ATV use (for enforcement). 55% to the outdoor recreation account for distribution to state agencies for ATV trails. The agency must use the money for ATV trail related expenses. 18. Who enforces the law? The Washington State Patrol, County Sheriffs, Police Departments, state wildlife agents, state fisheries patrolmen, state park rangers, and employees of the Department of Natural Resources as designated by the Commissioner of Public Lands• 19. What are the penalities provided in the law? It is a gross misdemeanor to operate an ATV 1) to endanger human life 2) to run down or harass wildlife or any domestic animal or 3) to carry a loaded weapon or to hunt from the vehicle It is a misdemeanor to operate an ATV 1) without ATV registration where registration is required 2) under the influence of liquor, narcotics or drugs 3) without lights between dusk and dawn 4) without adequate braking 5) without a spark arrestor approved by the Department of ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I~~~u~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~u~~~~~~~~~~uu~u~~~lu~~~l~~B~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~ By LOU DONNELL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~u~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~u~~~~~~11~~~1 After always having lived in a house with a basement, there just wasn't room for all the things we had accumulated throughout the years when we moved to our Mason Lake home. When shelves finally were built in the second-story storeroom, many of the boxes we'd left in Seattle were brought out for me to go through, to sort and save only the most important things. The kids and I didn't always see eye to eye on what was worth saving, but we did manage to get rid of enough things to fit everything into the storeroom. Except for three trunks filled with all kinds of odds and ends I'd collected through the years, including costumes or pieces of clothing or material from which costumes could easily be contrived. There just wasn't room in the storeroom for three big trunks so those remained in the basement of Roy's mother's apartment house. The first October we spent in our still-far-from-finished home, Section of the Shelton- Mason County Journal Thursday, October 21, 1971 and divided into blocks, heaviest things I have ever.seen ATV registration. The bike must use. If the vehicle has no title or Natural Resources three of the children were attending Grapeview School anda couple of Didn't see much of London for the highest prices imaginable, have all three specifications has a title purpose only title, an 6) without an adequate days before Halloween they came home and announced that they all ..... ........... because the cabbie drove us If I saw on° in the U S. I would before it is considered to be application for title with muffler needed costumes for the school Halloween party. There was no chance through. We took a train to think it an antique. "I paid 14 exempt from registration, registration must be made. This 7) on the shoulder, inside to get into Seattle to go through the trunks looking for costume TERRY BRUEGMAN and Ed Buschini are seen releasing pheasant at Woods will require proof of ownership bank, slope or median of any material and 1 didn't know what I was going to do. Lake, a new game department hunting area on the Tahuya Peninsula planted Cambridge and in one hour wepounds ($30) for a pair of used 5. Do ! needed to be (bill-of-sale, invoice, etc.) and roadway or highway; or Dan, whowasin the seventh grade (that was the last year they held this year for the first time. More than 1200 game farm birds are to be were there. It was the kind of bikes that the Salvation Army registered on my own land? No. proof of payment of Washington 8) in a manner to expose seventh grade at the Grapeview School) suggested he go as a bum, train you see in European movies, would refuse to restore in the released this season at the Sandpoint and Woods Lake areas. Registration of small sitting rooms partitioned off U.S. Mine is a 3-speed Triumph 6. I use my 4 wheel drive State Use Tax. underlying soil or to damage or hunters in and out of the areas is required. Last year.hunters got slightly with sliding doors. (also make cars and motorcycles) truck for hunting on my brother's . destroy trees, crops or other coffee grounds for whiskers and old raggedy clothes.., those wheren't How much will it cost9v " "'on hard to come by... so he was all set. But we were at a loss when it more than half the planted birds at Sandhill. However, a good dog is required The striking thing about the that has had black tar painted 500 acre ranch. Do I need ATV • " egetan . in the brushy areas. town is the incredibly narrow over the rust to keep it together. I regiStration? No, ATV registration The registration fee is $5.00 per - came to the costumes,of the two girls. streets. An /kraerican car could bought them privately becauseis not needed on private property year. To that is added the filingT h e p e n a 1 t y t o r a " Photo by Ace Comstock fee and title fee misdemeanor is a fine not over At that time Roy s cousin, Helen Mac Miller, and her husband Bob never, and l mean never, drivein they wouidhavecostlOpounds used with the property owner s " $250 or up to 3 months in mail. y still lived in Shelton (Simpson moved them to Arcata, Calif. ayearorso £igllf ¢andi letes appeer at town. There are as many Mini's in ($25) each in a shop. These bikes, permission to operate without 16. What the purpose of the A gross misdemeanor exposes one : later) and I told her of my dilemma.,I sure told the right person. Helen lhe streets as there are VWs, compared to the ones we ride in ATV registration, law? To provide trails for ATV to a fine not over $1,000. and up Mac had saved all the costumes she d accumulated as a girl when she Toyotas and Datsuns in America. America, ,would be called old 7. When is ATV registration use and to identify vehicles to 12 months in jail " was taking dancing lessons and appearing in recitals and programs. She After about an hour I saw a big junkers. It s not unusual to see a needed? Anytime a vehicle is used causing damage. " " " had them all wrapped neatly in a box, just in case she ever had a little myhad except half again bigger; then through town, dodging MiniVW beetle just like the one wei begansurprise,lookingit atwasit theand'samemUChsizet° 90-year-oldMinorsAll likel veCraZY'saidladYsoundsridingbad,hersl landsbel°ng°ff the r°ad °n lands that d° n°t - --2 --personWhereoperatingt° thethe operator,owneron hisrequireSland°r Ontoa i SUNS ...... ET - BlillkCH-'-----ZSTOR ....El-I contentsdaUghter who might need them. Instead, she had had three sons, so theshe invited°f the bOXthe girlshad neVerand mebeento comeUSed" into Shelton and look through PTA flleet t ) 0fl$ wer q uesti0fl$ the box in search of something to wear to the party. There were so By LOU DONNELL should be putting pressure on were present; Carol Wentlandt, • as ours. A VW is definitely a I suppose, but it s not. Nothing I have ATV registration or on state • • Not all the registered voters in legislators for realistic alternatives who is running for the position medium to big-sized car overi dislike yet. Could have paid $100 lands, and Union Oil Service many things to choose from it was hard for Cindy and Candy to make here! Rovers and Mercedes are the for a nice 10-speed bike I had in ~ I up their minds, but Cindy finaally chose a harem costume (which won North Mason turned out to hear to the present method of now held by the Rev. Wendell the local candidates speak last financing schools based on an Harder, representing the Belfair biggest cars you ever see, aside Seattle (which would have cost 8. What is a road? Any the fifty cent prize for the upper room) and Candy chose a witch Thursday night, but then, not all unequal tax base. district and Bob Sills of Tahuya, from an occasional Roils A same but wh sho I I • - ) y uld 1 since no designated roadway or logging one-way street is about as wide as one else does and it s so flat and road or forest service road that is REG. GAS 35.9 costume. - the candidates turned out, either The two unopposed running for the position now held a sidewalk in Seattle Sidewalks such a that van an,'t generally capable of being By the next year, I knew what to expect ahead of time and Of disappointment to many candidates for the School Board (Continued on Page 2) • short haul ..... . ....... II • ! ! who did make the effort to attend _ . _ are two-peopleThe tallwide'andn°veryWider'old needThis is just an example of how°he two-wheeltraveled OndrivebY apassengerCOnventionalcar. PRF]~" 39.9 managedarrived, to figure out something for costumes by the time the party the P.T.A. meeting to hear all ~t'~f'~ ek~('*l| ,lily a.lr-'-, University buildings are fightal ost°n evervth,,si.,~ ~,;;~ tau"-- people" are Abandoned railway grades, skids the sidewalks and seem to m to .... y - • and smiliar routes are considered I Open 10 to l0 Daily (Mon. 1 0 - 6) ! Roy's mother plans to move from the building where she has lived sides of the issues before voting • 1, s~,~,~,, ,,~.4,,,, i *~"'| f~|r Lea unpretentious, everyone for so long so Roy brought out the three trunks a few weeks ago. There was the fact that several "/ ~ | ~ ~ r lean out over them The Pioneer here ........ to be incapable of being traveled ........... = ...... -- - - " still is no room for them so they are piled one on top of the other in candidates of contested positions I~[eo$ Dr'eser~Te(J or ~ or .~ . seemstucnJOy more the " ~Square section of Seattle. would type of .reedom ¢ .............. a ~tnaom ~,,,,,1A by conventional two-wheel drive my bedroom till 1 figure out what to do with them. did not appear to give their views seem modern in comparison, tohave m" &~* " v.o.;~t e ,,ear ........ what you vehicles. The kids and I had ,fun going through all the old costumes, on pertinent issues. All businessmen of Belfair will recommended that all businesses the town The buildmgs are very wan ,,h ......... The first candidate to speak be contacted by a member of the use the same type of sign on their • t, do yuu want, arive a 9. Do 1 have to buy an ATV remembering which Kiddie s Seafair,Parade they'd worn the little pirate old and quaint with the highly 10vr ol car ~^ n__ , e found in -_. d ___, ~t~. reople are on a registration if I am already costumes in, which Halloween they d been clowns, etc. I also had lots was Gene Foster, running for the Belfair Chamber of Commerce buildings, perhaps a rustic North Mason School Board within the next month to wooden one. Everyone using the inefficient use of spac first name basis in my registered for road use? Yes. The of formals from college days that I thought would make good costumes position representing the 01d ascertain their views on plans to same bags for customers to carry late 1800 buildings in America. department One surprising thing, an old and End of'letter We have a a current road use registration is some day and dresses from the "new look" days which I was saving in Belfair Highway area. Neither of "b e a u t i fy Belfair" being their merchandise home was beautiful building seen in a travel phone just outside our dPoayvahd only on the roadway and case anyone wanted something from the late '40's for a style show. his two opponents, Tony Hannahpromoted by the Chamber. A another suggestion offered for does not apply to ATV use. But I guess a person can't save everything. So 1 threw things away, nor incumbent Ken Leatherman, questionnaire is being prepared by consideration. poster is just a building here and Write soon, tell me Husky scores. 10. Do 1 receive a license plate right and left. I managed to throw away most of the contents of three was present. (It was later learned the Chamber which, if answered Claire Lopriore, who had theYantil dOabsolutelynOthing tOnecessary.maintain Theythem l comeMiSs seeingover, you, hope you can when registering for ATV use? full trunks, so that only one trunk remained half full. that the death of Leatherman sby all Belfair merchants, will give recently returned from a visit to , No. When a vehicle is registered That was about four weeks ago. I ve already thought of at least six father had necessitated his the group an idea of how muchLeavenworth, a small town just for ATV use only, a number is Onee.A.¥ear BARGAINS assigned. This is 5 digits followed ~ !sO things I've thrown away that I sure wish I hadn t. absence.) co-operation can be expected in east of the Cascades which has by a letter. The operator has Wenr Sheer sheer stretch--nude heel.. $ Foster, who is a graduate of unifying the business section of greatly increased its tourist trade North Mason High School, stated town to make it more attractive since turning the town into a • several ways he can display this __1 t'~ hopes of creating more to the tourist trade which copy of a Bavarian village, toldof Wnyl Aw Mattress WasSS.gs :Amber. On two and three ~ • $OOOO Annuo= poghetti dinner unification between citizens and ordinarily drives fight through some of the things she had heeled vehicles the number may Sheer To Wnkt Ideal for Hot Pants...$2 the School Board and school town. Any ideas expressed by the learned while talking to the wife $~ice Rock hardwood, 12jar reg.$7.95 be displayedonthefrontorrear 6 to benefit PTA this Fri. administration if elected. Healso businessmen who have not of the Chamber of Commerce or both sides; on four wheeled ~el Tnp Sheer Leg Static free $ told of his views on the lack of attended Chamber meetings to president there. She said there vehicles the number may be Cun 250 North Mason P.T.A• members those who have not bought one responsibility on the part of the discuss the plan will be noted and was no definite organization to hope all housewives in the North from a sixth grade student State to furnish equal education taken under consideration. Dan the Leavenworth face-lifting• Two EXTRA 10% OFF ON ALL BROOKPARK GLASSWARE ONE ONLY Girl's 10 speed BICYCLE $62.88 See us first for low cost painting needs. displayed on the rear or both sides. The owner has the option of making a hcense plate with the assigned number on it and attaching it to the vehicle in the same manner as a regular hcense plate. The ATV validating tab must be placed within 2 inches of CR 5-2402 -----E-rv-!-n~F--u-r-¢--he-~---------._t Queen Si=e Sheer. static free ......... s3°° $ O0 Super Queen Size Sheer, static free.. CLOSED, MONDAY OCT. 25th # MARY WRIGHT edi t n e PHONE CR 5-2033 ERNIE & HAROLD ARIES CR 5-2031 8:30 -- 6:00 Mason area will take a vacation from the kitchen the evening of Friday, October 22 and let them serve the family's dinner that night. The annual Spaghetti dinner will be held in the high school cafetorium from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Football players may come early, at 5 p.m., for a bite before the Homecoming game. A family ticket costs $3.50, otherwise adults may eat for" $~25 and children for 75 cents. Tickets will be on sale at the door for beforehand, for all students as demanded by T h i s i s the on e big the constitution of the state. He money-making project of the felt every local school board local P.T.A. In charge of the affair is Mrs. Pat Medeiros. EASTERN STAR A noon luncheon, followed by a business meeting, will be held October 27 by the Eastern Star Social Club, Belfair Chapter No. 241 at the home of Mrs. Lavina Williams. Acting as co-hostesses will be Mrs. Ethel Drew and Mrs. Herbert A. Travis. Correction: In two previous articles in the Herald the dock being built on South Shore by the Gene Wards was described, incorrectly, as being 300 feet long. The pier itself is only 160 feet long, with a 1 6 foot float at the end connected by a catwalk. Ewart of Monarch Clams has agreed to visit the businesses in person with the questionnaire. At last week's meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, diane Robinson, owner of the local Two Rare Birds shop, appeared to offer several ideas on the plan. One was for a uniform color scheme for all buildings and for this she had chosen avocado green with mellow gold trim. She felt these were warm, inviting colors that fit in well with the outdoor recreation of the area. She also or three shops thought it a good idea to remodel their buildings into copies of Bavarian shops and soon, as tourist interest was aroused, more and more did the same until almost the whole section of town is now Bavarian. The increase in business has more than paid for the remodeling costs. If the merchants in Belfair wanted to make all the buildings the same style, /tiane had "remodeled" the Clothes Line. (Meue turn to S) Page 8 - Huckleberry Herald section of Shelton-Mason County Journal - October 21, 1971 ........ .........