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October 23, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 23, 1941

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Page Seven 'a , Octoel' 23,1941. (YOU CAN'T SELL UNTlL ideline By . i the Sideliner anent when the llmorc, your Shell 011’ city basketball league will get one way NOT to! under way is any indication, (. 'y. Spinning, in case. the independent hoopmen s, a salt water angler” around town and county are kept count, it’s no. exaggera- tion to between 15 and 20 different players have voiced the same query. And it’s not too early, either, to get the hall coasting down" grade as the city casaba clubs have been a little-late the last couple of seasons getting their affairs Whipped into shape. A meeting of George's benefit and. Ch enthusiasm or oner- 9 new method of Spin-ll thing into the demon-g twat he threw ' his polci « of his grasp. l .3111 went back to Sc- S‘pne complete- salmonl i , 1 {hr ieBked Al Daniels, who I i 'rom men I. ldy W: prospective IND A BUYER! UiEWANL; 6.41.!m vvnsiimsiou an hr ~trial: BY RALPH HERBERT tobacco, but it is being asked to i remember hogs, eggs, milk and chickens. This is all part of the program to help feed Britain during its struggle with Nazi Germany. Right now the U. S. Depart- ment of Agriculture is telling the farmers it does not want any greatly increased crops of wheat, cotton and tobacco. The country OU A DSW .VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVWV A‘AAAAAAAA‘AAAAAAAAAA‘.‘ from Shelton on Olympic high- way. Small house, lights. Cheap ry Calkins, Capitol Hill, Shelton, Wash. Cfi10-23-28-30-11—4-4t with lawn and flowers. Thisl will make a fine suburban home. I; Close in. $3,000 with $500 down or $2500 cash. G-ROOM modern home, hard-wood . floors, fireplace, full basement- and furnace. Also large unfinw islied upstairs. This home is ‘ located on oiled street and has: nice yard. Entire property in, excellent condition, and priced‘ Real Estate 5 l l FIVE ACRES FOR sAiLE: [miles J for cash or will give terms. Har- I l l I 1,, l ‘BULLDOZER \VORK: clearing, E grading, Classified Service -0 . mg. I Eight years in Shelton. 726 So. First, corner Mill street. 1 9-14. 10-16—1Mf. Contract or 50c an hour. lovie, m i vvvvvvmvwvvvwwwvm ‘ Wanted Q. “n‘w‘ AAAM‘ “A STEADY WORK, GOOD PAY, _RELIABLE PERSON WANTED to call on farmers in Mason County. No experience or capi- l tal required. Some making $100 , baumer, Prop. Phone 590-W. road work, etc. estimates, reasonable. alterations and repairs, gener- FURNITURE UP- 8-20—~9—24——1M. Free Inquire Davis Store, Lilliwaup. Phone 1.‘ J—.10-21-23-28-30—4t CONTRACTING. c A R P ENTER, 1 in a week. Write Mr. INMAN, l house work one or two days a week. Write Box B, care Journal 1 Office. B——10-21-23‘—2t. l general house work. Home at nights. Inquire Journal. WANTED: woman for general house work one or two days a week. Phone 273-W. WANTED: woman to assist with, D»~10-21——tf.‘ RATES l On Classified Advertisements For Sale i VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV‘ ’AAAA‘AAAAAAAAAA‘AAAJAAAA l i v‘ I . ,. ., . 1 i a 1‘11 .d.‘ f‘I'S‘t -' BILL FOR SAL-E by Ogle“ 57‘00” w WOOD CUTTERS WANTED Wlth AUBURN Gomen Flake Butter" iigseietildisi attraectige‘l‘x? i031) mites an s DICKlE J m) y home, inquire 5w (Arclaéliéi. +f LANDSCAPING drag saw perferred. Call 473-W. mini, 25¢ gauon, Binns, 825', on subsequent insert‘ions‘ Min_ 9 ' ‘g “ U “ V L" ‘ ‘L’ w "_w ' Years of experience in lawn-mak— H—10'16721'23'28‘W4t' l Franklm- imum charge 40c. FOR SALE: Lang junior wood range. Inquire 420 Elinor Ave, l | Classified advertisements ac- l Hillcrest. B—10-21—23-28-30-4t l ceptcd over the telephone from phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or payment made before the first of the month to save expense 1 Used Refrigerator l l , , of fishing for salmon] chomping at the bit awaiting HE agricultura] south is not FOR éALE l SggII-éggpfilNc furniture recov‘ 2423 Magnolia St., Oakland,’ of him-mg. An extra Charge of brother, Howard, of, for the 1941-42 season to blow I T . 1 . . mflroom model. ho 6 Wm lar i, d‘,, b Tit f t- ates Cahf- 10c will be made when billing is " n for a ClaV'S flShlng Off the lid. l bemg as {Ed m thls world i n m' 1 gel ere “11. re m ’ ree 851m ' ' - ' . necessary Card of thanks 50c. bay essaye‘d to dem_ “mile fl“, Sideliner has,” emergency to forget cotton and g trad: 055 land- Excellent ground; 714 Elhnor Ave. Joe NuSS-. RELIABLE GIRiJ, 30, wants 51/, cu. ft. Classified Display Rates on Request. Phone 100 GOOD CONDITION Olsen Furniture Co. WWVV'V'V' "W7" 7'". ~ For Sale A‘A‘A‘AAAAAAAAAAAQ‘AAAAI WOOD FOR SALE: old growth USED FURNITURE ,4—used Ranges... $19.75 — $39.50! 1~—wood and coal circulator $12.50 il—Radiant Quaker Oil Heater ...................... .. $29.50 - . team mana ers should b h, .. . al ‘obbin . Reasonable rate. H. - _ fir. Any length. Call Union 265 29’” of "’ at one time or another song and 5m preliminarcy hasdi‘tgge ilfigggsafdtififeegogt b.elOW Present value- Will 0011- MJ Jonesg, 17141/2 Ridge Road, 10 {til—bed davenport -------------- .- $19.50 or write Box 107, Union. llanes , high school days mils ironed out. mo} leg 0 ,h. h f 1 k l Slder terrflsow$4375-00- Shenon, phone 56-3, iWANTED AT ONCE: carloads or; , . S'r‘10-7"11‘6'“1M vomen l 50" Sport the High” Afi—— mmkgt’. W m Oamirfiy- 00 z ’w”_ 9-12--10-12_.11VL‘ truckloads of large, smooth, Olsen :8 urn1ture CO. 3 -r-~-~ ~~~~~~~ .. Participated in, is still iHE~GIRLH1$KETEERS quantltles Of these L mi?" 15 now I 3-ROOM modern home close in.1 I sound Maple and Alder logs_1 iFOR SALE; 14-5t, 133-bit par-many . 1 Note on the Sideliner’s desk this largely Closed‘ N199 garden lmCt- HOllSC can I Higher price, liberal scale.lwvvwvwvv'vvvvvvvvvvvv V'botmln lllClUdeS O'M'S, $25. “is” , .W a student at Chico l'chncsday says “Plans are un- The govel‘nment,h?s already , eaSIly be enlarged Why Pay Prompt settlements. Northwest George lavender, Hoodsport. negfi, a normal school, (lei-way at Brcmerton to have one PurChased half a mum” donars i Yer-t When you can own a home K Y S I ! Chair Company, Tacoma, Wash. l Phone 2’W' L”]O'M'23"4t' 7' | ! a. and is one of the moths“ managers, his men’s rules basketball this com- or two teams. of girls playing to contact the sports editors of worth of food for England. With- in the next year it expects to food to Britain. of your own. $1575 with $200 down, $25 month, including in- with large tract of excellent New 'and modern keyvmaking 10-23--11-4~4t. 10-28—1t. AA‘AA-“LA4AAAAA‘AAAAAAA FOR SALE: crib style baby basin— 0y Daniels, sheriff’s mg winter and teams from, Shel- buy about one billion dollars terest at 7% monthly reduction. equipment just installed WANTED: housework or fountain‘WILL TRADE: used car for chi-l nette, 21 inches wide, 3 ft. long, J’ jailer. reports. ton. Montesano, Olympia and worth. That’s Why more ships 1 . work. References. Gertrude; CkenS, pork, veal, beef or tur-a $3.50. Woodrow Johnson, corner NEW” other Southwest spots are asked are being built here to get the ‘3-ROOM mOdern homey Clo-‘30 In, Everythlng TO Make Schenk c—o Hood Canal Dairy. I keys. Phone 251-R. i of Pioneer “lay and Delaware. . l ' P~—1 — H . 10-2:'-—1t. aking of being “still! either the Emma-Lon News _ ‘ ground and several fruit trees. The thtle TOt 0 21 23 2t _ «mom... 1 . .111..- - .1) -. It Ne ;“ Smith and Bill Vigor; Searchnght (,7 Emma-ton Sun for. HAT the British need is what Credit allowed for some re- A ONS _ SCO T FOR SALE 01‘_ TRADE: 2 lighllli‘OR SALE: (“6 trade shingles, .os . . . . . . . . . ., G o ERS '.., their 3r"m lm‘ 1910; details concerning,” the proposed America can supply in. in- fmlshmg, $1375, 1.10.00 do'Wn‘ TRICYCLES Lost,and Found Plants. also SIX year_ Old h0r6€,i reasonable pianos. Also 16—inch Mgfit, although berth lilaf‘vei formation 0’“ a, girls basketball creasing quantities—pork meat, and $20.00 monthly, includingl , H H i 1400 pounds. John Simons, Rte; green 51,”, whoa: $2.50 cord at . wit. ago 55: Go for v , league in this area. “Seattle and Everett 1’3 Both arting positions wi t h 210W. are, LET’S TAKE 171i? UP Frank \Vorden (say, how do all these Shell Oil guys get into .iveh’t been able to lift,l inl‘S out Of the sloughx him/over, for Bremen! s l l l I . 8llffered four straioht l the s ort news, an way has Cleased the lendlllg power of the 1 home, close in 2850, terms, ma ' ' ,. « : Fri. Low 2:47 am. 2.0 ft. 3 .w v i .. . . i -. .backs. & an ofyi‘cr which Sliglton’i' eX- I COmmoqity credlt corporatlon' be arrang€d~ ’ $ y ' 3233111? CPL comm. Inqu‘re OCt- 24 High 9343331- 14’9 ft- ! lIl—(IRR‘ 59011230111 likvllgicnnlsuuge215 ‘w- .‘w amiss _ seeking business- This stipulates that whenever ‘ \Will trade. i Low 3:24 p.m. 5.7 ft. ; Ffafiklm“ g PIETCHING ’ I mm should take up. i the secretary .of agriculture ‘Fine lake located on 168 acres ofl FOR SALE ’"m High 8:30 pm. 13.5 ft: .- ._ , _ . “team and WflSllmgtOY!‘ Frank offers to coach Shel- } finds it necessary. to encourage g land, lake covers 25 to 30 acres. —* E FRESH MILK cow for S310 H, s, f. 91‘s may be hoping for tonians in the rudiments of the increased production of a non— Fine fishing and close to the, Used 9x12 cm Sat. Low 3:39 a.m. 1.4 ft” Ahem Skolmmish Vane (1:19“ Saturday when “185 game of volleyball if they want basic commodity, he shall issue hunting reservé’ in the best deer “ummsgm-um Oct. 25 High 10:52 a.m. 14.7 ft! ' " 10_21y_ 193—2t eel Stanford m Seat- to make arrangements for time public notice to that effect and ; territory in Mason County. Just, FOR RENT. furnished two room LPW 4330 P-m- 6-1 ft]. . 1: ‘ ""3 VVthh GOV-1d mean in the gym and organize tlll‘n- ] then, within the limits of the 11 miles from Shelton with good' house 01.056 to hos ital $10 ngh 95.25 P-m- 12’7 ft- FOR SALE: boys blew}e bought CODference title. but outs. Having once played in a 1 available funds. support a farm ,' Toads. Excellent Opportunity perlmonth Ideal for single man s L 43}; 06“ l in March, 816. McCaskey credit k Willard and us national volleyball tournament price for the commodity of not . for several parties to divide the, or woman: Inquire 619 North Ocltm'26 Hi0 vii/1 1125723' '14'5 ftj} file, 30-gal. hot water tank :11. . dmgh‘gh 55”“ “‘33 W31“ {few years back m San {Diego 1 less than 85 per cent of parity. property and each haV? an ex-i With case and 12 cut Fifth. W-10-16——tf. ' Log“, 5350 p‘m‘ 6'1 ,5“; most neW- Phone 2531-R- .. 9'St 011 L001? Flblfl With a 'lacoma team. lirank He has already given notice that ccllent tract of land With share . w...” ___ H. h 10:34 ' 11's ft?! P—A-10-21-23—2t. mtoackle Chehalis Sat— [(13:0ng how the sport should be expansion is requiredin the pro_ of lake at a very reasoname, Film holders . . . and FURNISHED APARTMENTS for, 1g . pm. . .JEO _ Ti _-_ ' 011- P y price. Why not investigate thisl .. rent 23nd3rooms . Good lo- x— r~ . R SALE: 15"m05- 01 HOlSteln has given his youth— Volleyball is just the sport gnfifélogjzigogs‘(fifi’cigigwgfg property at once! $12.50 an. Auxmary lenSeS- cation} Very reasogabzg Golds- .OIzIton'Zir :33: Guernsey heifer. Good stock, .L Warriors an offense for fellows who have passed th h n t ! acre, l borough Apts, Second and Knee- ' LOW 731$ p'm' 5‘7‘ft'l $40.00 cash or trade for 2 tons ' ~ for considerable ball their basketball playing days. mgans at e can It)?” S ppord 11,320feet of waterfront located on land Streets, Shelton. 5-7«tf. ' 'r I ' $0051 baled 318‘!- Wl‘lle E- Bind' they can’t do that Do we hear any takers? gnces for, these mgis’k at? bay, about 8 miles from Shel-I , ~—————————- Tues. High 12:05 a.m. 11.2 ft} am. Route 1. BOX 98, Shelton I“ Sphemm mm the fiw0_ . armers Will take no 195.5 m l ton. Property has plenty of; Andrews StUdIO FOR RENT: 3 t0 5 room furn' Oct. 28 Low 6:50 am. 1.4 ft“ (KamiIChe POlDU- 10-21—23--2t. had to handle last BUSY-BODY pmducml khese commOdltle" ‘ sprin water This is an ex- ished apartment. 1129 12th St. Hi h 2.06 m 144g .3 "V the Hoauiam game, Capt. Marv Harshman, Pacific ————————— ' ‘ceuefi tractfo subdiyiéb 1rd. L—-10—23—1L wa 8:34 pnr 4.81%.l Plight, the Shelton kids Lutheran’s 200-p0und senior full- will make an exéenent invés‘tfl ' p. ' ' Sifl’tLE er reason for hoping back, must be the busiest gridder ment $4750 00 ‘l FOR RENT: 2-room furnished ca- wed High 151 am. 110 ft” one Used “mod . mung as a small team 31:116. nfation, tHe does everything! . . . bin, Belectricity arid water. Ma*iOct_ 29 Low 8:02 am. 2.2 fti CTRCUT 475101,? _,handicap ed in heav uw rejei‘ce_,_lie , ame. .The. 6— r Ple eac 1" ake sabella- "High ' 2: .m. 14.4' . " ‘1‘}? *" 1 gt a 5m; Opponeng m4 Lute... leadg me, was, Bread Known By , gorge? GPAngig DEVELOPED [ J-_m_14_16-21-23_-2,_l L3,, 9,333,, “g. Good Combs... w. proper playing con- the ball for kickoffs or does the U S H ' ‘ ’ “ge 5" one' 4 l ~ ~ .-—~ l ~153' Shelton junior high' kicking, calls all the offensive o o m“; per r011 FOR RENT' room furmSheid Thurs' High 3:18 a-m' 11~4fili Phone 152 1 Watching in action, and defensive signals, backs the | .F , apartment, pnvate bath- M111 Oct. 30 Low 9:07 am. 2.8 in; Re. Saturday afternoon hue hke a, demon) runs intermp g The average Mason Countyvyop ARE COVERED for any ac. , ree Enlargement coupon With 'Street Apartments. Phone 259- High 3:43 pm, 143 ft, !_.___.,._...______,._______ clock—if you're not go- 91199 for MMV Tommel‘Vlk 0’1 the l housewife is familiar with many 91“?“me $25 .Per day' Longe.“ eaCh mn' - M' 0—10-21wtf' LOW 10:19 p‘m‘ 2'7 ft'l T a spectator at the big . latter's long gains, throws pass- varieties of bread A recent cam time the rate is cheaper. Hero . ___A__J__‘ _ ; NO I‘IURTING 1n Seattlevand watch . es, catches more passes than afiy I vass of a super market in South_ ets When you travel. See Herb; FIR , g Fri. High 4:28 a.m. 12.0 ft.2 ,Dlug for their first V,C_ other player in the country (hefim California revealed no less Angle. Agent. I . I Oct. 31_ Low 10:03 a.m. 3.4 ft. NO TRESPASSING year. hmled 1“ 32 .laSt year 4nd has than 36 different types of bread. I High 4220 p'm' 14‘2 “‘1 NO FISFIN £99“ 00mins = 23??” 5° tail.” Wilme‘ll' However so far in the ‘ Trans ortati in September Rall l w «w 10:57” 1‘9“. ‘ G e ’ve lavecl and this i “231" a rowmg a era . . “ . * ‘ i i i ‘9 °.-. . a i a" ,s of Brasserie.signals: p 0 I -y 2::- S I G N S . . H _.e , q ‘ ‘ ‘ ' . . 4- . . " ‘irXCI‘iNthlS Saturday'- dgr‘llén frigfiflggélgmalfid 0:11:15; certainly not obtainable through [In (iicwl'éiiiiiig‘i‘onci’i'r'"Mgéoiimédimif High 4:50 p’m' 14'0'ft'l on Heavy Tag Board ug- C an the I. . ‘F ordinary bakery or grocery chan- _ v-“ t ' VIOLET HAMILTON, Plaintiff, vs. Low 11:30 pro. 1.2 ft. 51/; x20 ‘ “11mg; heaped upon :during adggisrigfls that come up “615' . ' ’ collectlon of the new federal tax Into BiaCk Agaln HsérM'IrIisTOgil‘ Dgfirgiiiifforon ' - 1 l . ,Q , But there is a tomato breadmon passenger transportation has’ ‘TO HUGH‘A HAMILTON Detenoam? S‘m' ngh 6'09 a'm‘ 3'1ft‘l JOURNAL .- and, if you doubt it, ask the Quar- begun. Through an operating gain of GREETINGS: ' ' NOV' 2 LPW 11:36 am: 4‘4 ft: :, .. . . 0 ,By George termaster Corps of the United Persons who travel by rail, mo- $412.09 during the month of Sept- .YOP are hereby .Summoned to “131"?” High 517 p'm' 13'8 ft', ‘ States Army ! Not only develop— tor vehicle, water or air must pay I ember, the Shelton General Hos- I X;.E,§‘”,‘,u‘§3k$‘:¥:n “§§e{h}§es§£§o§s, LOW 12:00 M 0'5 ft" LARGE SIZE i . ed and perfected by the army, but'a 5% tax unless the. fare do’es,pita1 ledger for the first three‘wii: within 60 days after the 16th: M H. 1 6.rd 9 fr i D 1' ti _l it has been pronounced a decided , not exceed 35 cents, or unless they 1 quarters of the year show a slight! day _"f 0°?”va 194.1 mid ififfmflb‘he N on'3 ngl 1235 am' ff i up‘xca ng success by one of the most critical are using commutation or season i faVOrable balance, the monthly $338,193,135? ,fi‘g‘nsfi, tfie $003,? ov' Hf“; 5:44 p'm' 13:5 ft' ' boards of food values: The Quar- . tickets for single trips of less l operating statement issued latel Illaint of the, Plaintiff. and serve a 1g '_ p'm' ' for 4 for i termaster Corps of the Army. than 30 miles or commutation last Week by Treasurer Reginaldl ggggffdyogé‘t Answe; rul’gyaifii‘ifif U2; Tues_ Low 123291.11“, 01ft. 65¢’ er dozen , Naturally, you m1ght expect‘ tickets for one month or less. QSykes reveals. ‘his 163%.: belgzi‘eg’mga and in 'case Nov 4 High 7‘2eam 138ft .W l p 1 ~ , that tomato bread would be color- Exemption is made for govern- The gain for the year through: of your failure so to do, Judgment ' Low 1255313511: 53 ft: ore-Segaltaim orders for all kind. ful. It IS. _ Also, you might. ex- mental transportation. 1No tax is, the first nine months is $127.58., :3; ,lgeggggggnggagpyhg31.35%? High 6:09 pm. 133 ft.‘ PRINTED SALES BOOKS pect that it would have a de- Y imposed for transpmtation or I the statement says. The con- whim has been filed with the Clerk . 0‘ . q x , , lightful flavor. It does. But facilities furnished under special densed monthly statement fol-i‘of the said Court; the objects of this i th” prlféflnarj 25M 0W 0" lower 1 . Ewen you are told that Army tariffs providing for fares of not ! 10WS_ §giggfipalreamlatdiglfirigiiggfiekgnéo page A l D l , iyoin ou sico salesman can quote , read, using tomato juice or can- , more than 11.4 cents per mile a —l ! . ’. on on m”- ' : ned tomatoes instead of water plicable to round trip tickets sold : Less charitRECEIPTSd Efituiu’i’i’ifiwitt'fiflféiie Oll‘o .iyn the al- ar T to mix 'with flour and other in-,to personnel of the army navv. ca es an .tematlve to. secure a’i' Int-,eflocutory .I - - . . i l i dlSCOUDt ........................ ..$8,l81.57: Decree of Divorce from you. to have, 0 e l , "wwvvvv-rvvvvvmm gredients, is actually higher, in marine corps and coast guard ! DISBURSEMEVTS ' return and restore to her, her former [ vitamin content than ordinary : traveling in uniform at their own Medical Staff and 0 tt ! name 101’ .Violét Douglas! and t0 ha.“ " | bread, you may agree. that the expense when on official leave" side S Rial-St u $142300 Lots 14 and 15. ,ingigiomciail 112;}. Tgxggirstite “Crisp. juicy apples are a plea-‘ . l achievement is of some impprt- I furlough or pass. l Adminisgétiol S """""" " r %a§3;tgtofing;§§§deed, decreed, mi}; Sure to eat and an aid to health. , “‘“mneeMMi-AW i range. a “I! A dtafx of 5 per, cent also is im- mg ‘Grayn’ Laggg' I determtined to be he? sole and separate Hundreds of Washington growers, -' owever, let no one be of the pese or seating or slee in ac- l - - Drop" 3" are engaged in PrOClUCing top-5 ,opinion that the Quartermaster i commodations. p g ' Eiffel-1' KltChedl 1:118”), gfifilSt-ifgs' Emit; Office flight eating apples, yet the‘ C. _ Corps of the United states Army In response to an inquiry,about] 'Maidsles an oor 3 051 02 and Post Office Address, quality of the fruit that ultimate- ATTORNEY A1- LAW l 1% making any substantial propor- Puget Sound ferry transportation, Dru biggs‘i", """""" "6"" ' ' Sulfa}. legmfiggmefigson 1y reaches the consumer depends} hon of this ‘bread with tomato the internal revenue commission- 051611, hgs t: gls San County, szigs‘iilinértlgh. 19’ ' considerably upon the care it gets‘ Title Insurance‘Buildlug [ Juice or canned tomatoes. In nor- er has held that when a fixed ‘ “é. nd Lpl ad up“ 1 638 35 1046-23-30. 11-6-13-20-27fl7t- lalong the way, says John C'- OPPOSite Fir“ National Bank mal times, tomato bread is sel— charge is made for transportation F361 ‘1? hts aggdry ' Snyder, extension horticulturist atl Phone 23 - .. Shelton I(lorrilgserved. It‘ls regarded'as a by foray of a \éehicle and driver,i tel: g a 212 11 No. 1447 (mg the State COllege 0f WaShlngton- We 3'. HOWever, inasmuch as such c arge is axablc to the ex- .Maintéfiéfié """"""""""""" " ' NOTICE T0, CREDIT: * “Growers must pla their artl the .Quartermasmrl Corp?" leave}! lent 0f the reg‘flar 01‘ establiShed Kitchen supeplies ___________ 1 In the 3:2,,fifiI‘fiinfihA‘oli‘3m9 State, in seeing that applesyare progorq -—‘ “Othmg to chance in seeing to it passenger fare for one person. E De reel t d " ’ ' 1 of Washington for Mason County. 1y picked packed and (waded but: that the American soldier isrthe provided such fare exceeds 35' SEMI? Jon an m~ i In Pl‘obflle- a considerable res onsibilit rest ! lNSURANcE beSt fEd, best clothed and best cents. Those exemjtions with 0‘3 -------------------------- -- 33033.1»: THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE . 1 up y s housed sold‘ ‘ th 1d A t to l - _: OF A. L. WOLF. Deceased. [on the retailer and the consumer, . .,_ bak ier in e wor , rmy respec commutation tickets $7 76948; NOTICE Is HEREBY GIVEN. That 1f the fruit is to be kept in top; G. ers are trained to manufac- would apply to drivers usmg them.l , , : Letters Testamentary on. the Estate of condition MI. Sn der t t . ture tomato bread in the field, if -_.1_1_~ Operating Gain .............. ..$ 412.09l A. L. Wolf,_deceased, were granted to “Th t’. _' y pom S Du 'l office at An 1 8 ma ' there is a temporary Shortage of , _ - Operating Gain ac- l the undevglsneilé 1onb thteie 223d 933* (H ,e re aliel. must not only hen-i g e 11 ng l Water. . Vitamin value of! Crued to __________ n ggrisoipléalrt‘ti‘, 4 . .V - tfltult bvllt SCO l I Milk is provided in powdered ,8 rea ’5 Increased MOtherS Donations received in I .All persons having claims against] . ep m prlmefa. ‘ngcondkl , , form and added t th _lk Th Will be glad to know that the September 23006. said estate are required to serve them;t10n as long as it is in 1115 pos- 'the bakers simply Smiley ca? W511“ it a 1°" NB- orfi'ééiéfiiia’éiusteeé lWisubstantiatesan?“is: ‘ He must either be equip-l ELLIOT B or as eras. do not l?‘ Brave. sass alarms.star.5;i - SPRING _ e _ , , . . . S .a 8,. a, we have mentioned, importantar- strates not merely reélourcrélful-l ceive any compensation for I mghégsfigufiiggthon of this notice, to_ be disposed of while they are Still“l Accounting )“Angus reporting with hOWitzcr, sir, . ,. . Ready for duty in the Marines, sir.” already have teams and a great deal of fresh and dried eggs. fresh and dried milk and cheese. Secretary of Agriculture Wickard is now them protected prices and in- come. This is made possible by recent legislation which in; I l ticles of diet which are usually in' _cluded in the army field rations 1n ample quantities. Dietitians will be interested to ’fiiav GA‘I as HAG‘ HKPPY wHEkEVER HE. GOE€~ interest at 7% monthly reduc- tion. .5-room modern home, with hard—| i and basement, 2%; acres of ex- cellent ground, with fruit treesl and large chicken houses. This5 1 will make you a fine surburban‘ REPAIRS I We also Repair wagons, tri- SLEYSTERS FIX-IT SHOP ness, but also the ability to make their services. constructive progress along lines of definite value to America’s de- fense movement—now. ., ' YOLI MEAN Submitted by SHELTON GEN. HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION. FOUND: small dark purse. Own- er identify and pay for adv. l »mvvvvvm M» "v vvvvv l FOUND: medal or badge evidently lost by some serviceman. In— scription “Roulons et Passons” upon it. Blue and white striped wit, within six months after the 23rd day of October, 1941, and _filc the same with the clerk of‘ this Court together with proof of such serVice, or they shall be forever barred. ' l Dated at laretmgrtonigfi’t’ashn this . 20th da of c 0 er, . l y ROSE W. WOLF. 1 Executrix of above estate. I MARION GARLAND. 105-8 Dictz l Bremerton, Wash. 10—23—30. 11-0-13—4t. Within two years, the phono- graph industry quadrupled the value of its output. according to the Census. Between 1937 and 1939, the value of phonographs and accessories manufactured in U. S. factories rose from $15.— 493000 to $48,900.000. Biggest gain was in phonographs for elec- while the manufacture of di 0 records rose in value from $ ,- 7551000 to $15,980,000. 2. BOX 148. Shelton 10-23-1t‘_ miil. $4.30 cord delivered. E. G.‘ Mill, Davis M atlock oute, Shelton. 10-16—21—23-28-41: Shingle argon DRStrQ-Vem 1.“ ll'ltel'eSt is taken “1 watC-hlflg the ,1 urging southern farmers to in— , f , cycles, bicycles, lawmowers, Journal office. _ ....__v _... .1.-. _. at $3125.13 girls games' crease their output. He assured WOOd floor, fireplacei um‘me' etc. —-- FOR SALE: 1 milk WW and 1 ‘ f \3 L4( a Computed for Oakland Bay Richard Holman, Route .l, Box 192. 10—16-21-23~;3t. Z-year-cld Work colt. (Hood Canal tides are one hour & 55 minutes earlier) Tax Services Bookkeeping Systems 123 4th St. Phone 565 in good condition. . “With the vast majority of rc-,' tailers joining in the campaign to; see that Washington apples reach the consumer in the best possible condition. most of the responsl-l bilitv rests upon the buyer of the WITSIERS . Attorney for Estate. fruit. v ‘ A ‘R‘EPuTATION 'FoQ WHENEVER HE. I OHM and P‘ 0_ Address, “Because apples deteriorate MMGNG- (PEOPLE'— Gogg; Bldg. rapidly when exposed to warm . temperatures, they should be plac— e where it is codl immediately a ter they are brought from the store. Placing the fruit in a, cool ! place is particularly importantf when quantities larger than can be consumed within a few (lava are purchased. —A special fruit and vegetable cellar room where the. temperature is approximate- 1y 501° F', or as roar 22° F. Licensed Embalmers w A. Witsiers. Prop. Phone 180 - ~ Shelton. Wash. MT. MORIAH LODGE No. 11 F.&.A.M. Next Regular Communication 5;: b‘i/I'CTWEER 1 fig trical reproduction of records, possible. is ideal for fruit stor- , such machines being produced to ‘ age, says Snyder. Families hav— M“ HszEDl'AM a value of more than $19.000,000 ing access to a cold romn Worsmm‘” M35“! in connection with a freezer lock- , or _can keep apples “ almost in- definitely. ‘ J. L. t: ATTO, Secretary.