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October 23, 2014     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 23, 2014

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LETTERS cont. from page A-4 Bowling will represent our interests Editor, the Journal Irene Bowling has the in- telligence, drive and vision to be a great senator represent- ing the 35th District. Through her experience as a teacher, she knows that educational excellence is critical to the health and vitality of our com- munity and that to achieve it requires more than just the platitudes offered by her op- ponent. She has been a business owner in Bremerton for more than 30 years and under- stands what it takes to run a business. She can represent the needs of independent busi- ness owners in Olympia. Her opponent, Tim Shel- don, has held this office for more than 20 years and has accomplished little for this area, instead working to delay and prevent any positive ac- tion. It is time for a change, and Irene is the person who can bring needed change to Olympia. Martha Burke Suquamish Sheldon knows needs of constituents Editor, the Journal In reading some of the de- rogatory comments directed toward Tim Sheldon, it is obvious they are written by people who have no regard for the truth or facts but who are simply promoting their can- didate of choice. All is fair in politics. The two most common com- plaints are that Sen. Sheldon is holding down two elected positions, Mason County com- missioner and Washington state senator, and he is not partisan enough since he doesn't vote a straight party line. Also, he has served too many years. One letter writer went so far as to write, "Shel- don is repeatedly re-elected by seemingly gullible voters" (Bob Herr, in a July 10 letter to the editor). So it goes with- out saying that the majority of voters in Mason County are gullible voters. The fact that Tim Sheldon is both a county commissioner and a state senator is a real asset to the people of Mason County. Tim, as a county commissioner, is working monthly with local problems unique to Mason County as well as working closely with his constituents day and night throughout the month. He takes advantage of his deep personal knowledge gained as a county commissioner and applies it to his senatorial work. Tim probably knows his constituents more closely than any other state senator. This is a win-win for all of us. I would vote for Tim wheth- er he was a Democrat, Repub- lican or independent because he refuses to vote for a party line. He knows his constitu- ents closely, what their hopes and dreams are, and what they expect from their sena- tor. Tim has been upsetting his party for years because he will not vote its straight party line when it is contrary to what the people he represents expect. At the same time, with his experience and knowledge, he is able to work across party lines as witnessed in this past session in Olympia. That is why the majority of so-called gullible people always vote for Tim Sheldon. Now is not the time to lose Tim's seniority. Robert Grandaw Hoodsport Claims against Sheldon are incorrect Editor, the Journal It's election time again, and the battle to see who represents us as the senator from the 35th District is be- ing decided by the voters, who need the best representation in Olympia during these try- ing times. The number of false claims and attacks Sen. Tim Sheldon has to contend with again in another election cycle never fails to surprise me and many of my fellow voters. It is commonly known that he never has been a party pup- pet who dances to the tune of the big spenders, mostly from the big cities. His voting record over the years has been one of protecting small businesses, which are the providers of most jobs in the state when they're not taxed to death. Sen. Sheldon has proven time and again that his indepen- dent thinking and actions have helped the voters in our district by fighting off the fai- rytale thinking of many of his fellow senators whose actions push for unfunded mandates. The attacks he has faced by being a financially conserva- tive senator and at the same time a Mason County com- missioner are the ultimate in shortsightedness. That situa- tion has proven to be benefi- cial to the citizens of the state of Washington. It has resulted in a person who understands the citizens' needs at both the state and county level, and Sen. Sheldon has done a good job in that regard. New voters in our beautiful and diverse district should not be influenced by the negative Sheldon materials they re- ceive in the mail or see on TV. His voting record shows his concern for a better business environment for us while bal- ancing the other needs of the citizens he represents. Sen. Sheldon is the clear choice to support us here in our district after this important election in November. Gary A. Hanson Union Griffey will stand with us, not on us Editor, the Journal I am officially endorsing Dan Griffey for state House, 35th District Pos. 1, for the general election. Dan is a lifelong resident of the 35th District and, for the better part of two decades, has served this community during some of its darkest hours. In my opinion, few wear the struggles of the people in this district on their sleeve as heavily as Dan does. From putting out fires in homes and saving people's lives as an paramedic to vol- unteering to build new homes for those in search of a bet- ter life, I trust Dan to do the same in government -- to put out the fire in Olympia, resuscitate our economy and rebuild a better future for the next generation. Dan's philosophy is simple: Lower taxes, smaller govern- ment and more freedom. He believes that govern- ment can no longer nanny its citizenry into submission, tax it into oblivion and then use that money to nanny it some more. He understands that to be a little "live and let live" and laissez faire are what is missing in government. He will follow the Constitution, stand up against every tax increase and defend our God- given rights 100 percent of the time. I have no doubt that Dan will stand for us, not on us, and exude the utmost integ- rity as our next state repre- sentative. Travis Couture Belfair Sheldon's time is up; vote for Irene Bowling Editor, the Journal Shelton and Mason County have been sending Tim Sheldon to Olympia for 24 years now. What do we really have to show for that? Zombie Tax Loop- holes: Loopholes that sur- vive long after they have outlived their original purposes, loopholes that benefit Tim Sheldon's major campaign donors (and Tim himself). I think we can do better. I am sure we can do better. In fact, we have to do better. Our children are counting on us to do better. Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014 - Mason County Journal - Page A-5 Irene Bowling will see to it that we the people do better. Twenty-four years is enough for one legislator to serve his special interests while neglecting the citizens he claims to serve. Katherine Price Shelton Newton a true fund our education system. Republicans have also sug- gested this. We need new leadership that will provide a true bipar- tisan approach and real prog- ress in the 35th District. I'm voting for Tammey Newton to help make this happen. Roslynne Reed Shelton representative Haigh, Newton for the district Editor, the Journal Tammey Newton is run- ning against Republican incumbent Drew MacEwen. While it is difficult going against an incumbent, Tam- mey is strong and can hold her own. She has demonstrated she actually cares about commu- nity, education and account- ability in government. Tammey actually did pull herself up by the bootstraps. After getting her GED at Green River Community Col- lege, she worked her way up in a technology firm during the "dotcom" bubble. Unfortunately, when that bubble burst, she found her- self unemployed and bank- rupt. She took that opportunity to start her own business in Allyn, which she ran success- fully for seven years before realizing her passion for non- profits. Tammey is the executive director of Habitat for Hu- manity in Mason County, chairs the Housing Coalition in Mason County and is trea- surer for Sound Learning. Tammey recently earned her masters in business ad- ministration with a focus on nonprofits. She will bring 13 years of executive experience to the Legislature for the common benefit of our com- munities. Incentives for ingenuity around our current industries, including logging, tourism and small businesses can grow our economic base. Tammey will focus on strengthening our economy, which will bring jobs to the 35th District. Tammey has supported cutting loopholes for large and out-of-state businesses so that we will be able to fully lost my vote by giving up seats Editor, the Journal The Shelton-Mason Cham- ber of Commerce candidate forum held Oct. 14 changed my vote. As a moderate female Democrat, I was ap- palled that Rep. Kathy Haigh and Tammey Newton refused to participate in a lightning round of yes or no questions and closing statements. Washington state has a long tradition of strong female leaders, including former Gov. Christine Gregoire. As a woman, I have worked hard to elect and support strong-willed women who will represent my interests in government, but Haigh and Newton lost my vote. It is impossible to advo- cate for issues like equal pay, reproductive rights or better education when you give up your seat at the table. The problem is, it wasn't just Haigh's or Newton's voices that went unheard. It was mine and countless other women who have sacrificed so they could hold that office. I hope your spin team is ready to explain why you failed us without reinforcing the stereotypes that women are indecisive and emotional and real leadership is best left to the men. Last week was an embar- rassing setback to breaking the glass ceiling. Is this an- other front we must fight in the global war on women? Drew MacEwen and Dan Griffey were the responsible adults at the table, and they earned my vote because they didn't walk away when it mat- tered most. Margaret Rooney Belfair see LETTERS, page A-6