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October 28, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 28, 1941

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,. , . giofiflé ii ES 0F- ’7‘HE NAVY ROAR OUT T 0 SE A WSHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL OPEYE, TH ‘ r P -AN‘ 85510155 4A KIN . LEARN ANL/ ONE- or GEE —THEN FORT“! ODD SKlLLED VOL! CAN EARN TRAoes nu BiGi PAV ’ UNCLE SAM‘S ijEN Vou IQCT OUT! Cow ion. Kali-(mm syndlfllc. In, World nghis rcurwd i i l i i 1 BUILDING INDUSTRY FACTS—i E RECR UITING OFFICER, HANDS OUT A ROUGH lDEA! —-AN‘ VA GET FREE MEDIKAL AN‘ DENTAL. CARE lM TH' NAVV ”' I ‘ ~“AN' TH' SWELL. FOOD FILLED wrr‘ ViTAMlNK’: MAKES VA MUSKLES so BlC-z- 0 OP PROGRAM URGED FOR NATION Local units of the building in-i dustry and the consuming public ‘TlI‘E‘. being done serious injury by 'umors and theories on the re- cent SPAB order restricting use .)f metals in new construction that lees not bear a defense label, ac-. cording to Western Homes Foun~ lation. Formation of a fact-find- ing committee in every commu- iity is again urged by the Foun~ iation, as a means to provide Government authorities in VVash- ington with knowledge of local building situations and as a med- states, foundation feline. of food.’ "To lugs. and other farm ‘Farmcrs Americans who that is the absolute rock bottom national That job is the production oft produce meat, cereals, milk, butter, eggs and vegetables required by Defense program, new barns, hog- houses. grain bins, poultry houses structures are re- quired, well as additions and repairs for existing farm build- arc the Can be the l Deep-throated engines thundering relentleSSIy above the clouds, a formation of Navy scout bombers heads out to and underwater raiders; and it was a plane of this type, in the 5 sea. Short-based, planes such as these are the eyes of the fleet against surface ervice of the Royal which recently sootted the German battleship BISMARCK when she was pursued by the British fleet. On Navy Day, October 27, honor was paid to the flying sailors who man such planes, as well as the Officers and men who serve in the Navy’s ships. Popeye Joins In Navy Recruitingl Fopcye, the famous spinach -; muscled son of the sea, who has: made millions of Americans 12111ng at his antics in the comics and; on the acre: is now doing his: bit for N'itlf .al Defense. '5 The lovable one-eyed tar has joined the Navy as a recruiting; agent. and will appear in the? Journal each Tuesday to urge; y :ng men to join this branch of} the service. ‘ This is only i one of the minyl stories and features which Thcf' Journal will run in the next few‘, Weeks in connection with the cur-I rent Naval recruiting campaignl in addition the Navy editor of,l this paper will be more than gladf to give young men information! on various branches to be entered. A very interesting booklet} “Life in the U. S. Navy" is also‘ available to all young men inter- csted. Journal V’Vant-Aos are snowing- their value in every issue of the paper! 70 Relieve Misery of u 95 uiédé ' SALVE, NOSE DROPS l protective eyes. dents happen, all too folks of of the dangers . . accidents 7— sninnns ACCIDENT mun F R 0 M KINDERGARTEN THROUGH comma $500 Minis ran HOSPITAL, nunsEs, Ranch and salmon AITEHIIMI Also Additional Sums Payable for Fractures and Dislocations Most mothers and fathers worry about their children, and their worries are multiplied when school takes them away from.home and their Parents have reason to worry because acci- school age. The automobile is just one football, basketball and 0L1? *r activities often result in serious injuries. The above STUDENTS ACCIDENT POLICY will relieve the financial worries in case of ANY ACCIDENT . . . ANYWHERE! {The above policy can also be issued to housewifcs for all at and away from home) SEE , . G. Angle TODAY To Close Friday} Better gctMi—riwyOur last licks! quick, Mr. Freshwater Angler, for; the freshwater fishing season for‘:‘ 1941 closes come darkness next Friday evening. i After that you won‘t be per- mitted to dunk a book full of aigs or a fly into Lake Cushmmi, Mason Lake, Isabella, Spencer or any other of your favorite lakes or streams. , Except the Skokomish River once again the county‘s lar- gest river will be open the year around, the north fork being open. to the lower dam, the south i'ork‘ to the gauging station in the lowercanyon, according to Game Protector Paul Hughey. Court Reverses Indian Decismn Tacoma, Oct. 27.77 Indians in the Olympic peninsula district and elsewhere must accept orders of the department of the interior to do selective logging as result of a supreme court decision just rc- ceived at the Tacoma federal zit-i reversing a de— cision of Judge Leon R. Yank- WiCll in the Harvey Eastman cas-z. Quinnult Indians had con- tracted logging of their timber lands, but the work was held up by interior department order. torney‘s office frequently, to young ,f l Some tion'to the training offered in the .travel, adventure and thrills. i i i l . ., l is no longer in the navy than in l l :15 Journal Launches Secretary of the ; , Knox, the Navy has never lacked 1 mal rate, but new ships are being I ‘ few days—months ahead of sched- ' ‘ ulc, and the two-ocean Navy, ap- 1‘“ of Congress, is l ’ 0 1» ‘‘‘‘ 1 ‘1 gFishmg Season glonntry Press Recruiting Drive America needs men for its two- ocean navy. At a, special luncheon in Seat tie last week, Captain Latham, in charge of naval recruiting offic- ers in this state, appealed to newspaper men from many parts of Western Washington to back the government in an advertis- ing campaign for naval recruits. Washington will he only one of five western states to launch such a program next week. “The country press," said Capt. Latham, “is a satisfactory adver— tising medium because men in the country readily qualify for the i navy mentally and physically.” i Capt. Lntham read a. letter I To Help Navy in from Frank Knox, Secretary of Navy, calling for 111,000 addi- itional ‘mon hv next June. These ‘ men are needed to man over one hundred additional warships built since congress approved the navy v expansion program. Capt. Lutham said that Amer- ica's new navy, the most power— ful in the world, will be com- :pleted in 1944, two years ahead ,of schedule. Ships will soon be i launched at the rate of one a day. ' State editors will further the leampaign by encouraging young men to consider the advantages lof the navy and by cultivating lentluisiasm in their communities. ! A 24 page booklet describing life in the navy will be distribut- ed. at newspaper offices to all ;l.liose interested. Emblems of honor will be given prospects who 3 sign the Navy's enlistment appli- l cation blank. country papers will ap- navy editor, handle in- record of replies, point a ‘quirirs, keep a .talk to personal callers, organize llocal clubs, and seek the coop- ‘leration of local merchants. l The campaign will draw atten- navy, the pay, the food, the free the' clothing, and 'm‘edical care, It will be emphasized that navy- trained men find it-easy to ob- ‘tain good paying civilian jobs and that the term of enlistment during the the army present emef‘gency. l ' ; Navy Ad .(ampalgn l The SheltorTil‘oTianal has been i honored by being selected as one ;of the weekly newspapers in the i United States to assist the U. S. i , Navy in its national campaign of ‘ advertising for Navy recruits. Be- ginning this Tuesday the Journal , will publish four large advertise- ments for the Navy. According to a report received this week by The Journal from Navy Frank for volunteers. Enlistments are iow coming in at far above nor- launched at the rate of one every proved by practically unanimous non-partisan vote of both houses leaping toward completion. Therefore, Knox’s re- port continued, the Navy needs to double its quota of recruits in the shortest possible time. The ships cannot wait months, or even days, for the men who are to man this first line of an imw pregnable American defense. ' Each advertiSEment will give} all information sought by youngi men interested in joining the! Navy. Don’t ail to read aboutl the Navy in the next four issues of the Journal, beginning today. Further information may be ob- tained by calling :it the Journnll ill'l‘ii'i: l fect of subsequent Governmental action on building supply. Bell, Chairman of the Foundation, um for publicizing the local ef- sured that the small “This is a particularly vit... need in farming areas," W. C. points out. “Few towns and cities in this region are official defense- housing areas. Yet, as Secretary of Agriculture Claude Wickard have the facts. FREE TRAINING worth $1500. Nearly 50 trades andvvocations to choose from; coon PAY with regua? increases; You may earn up to $126 a month; _' You are entitled to a generous vaca- tion period, with full pay, each year. GOOD FOOD and plenty of it; FREE CLOTHING. A complete outfit of clothing when you first enlist; (Over $100 worth.) FREE MEDICAL CARE, including regular dental attention. ENROLL IN THE NAVAL RESERVE ...BE RELEASED AFTER THE EMERGENCY can_be spared, regardless of the length of time remaining in their enlistment.” Remember — the regular Navy and Naval Reserve offer you the same trav- el, training, promotions, pay increases. Phystcal requirements in the Naval Re- serve are more liberal. Send coupon! SERVE YOUR COUNTRY * BUILD YOUR FUTURE The Secretary of the Navy has an- nouncedz—“All men now enlisting in the. Naval Reserve will be retained on active Navy duty throughout the period of the national emergency, but they Will be released to inactive duty 33 90°“ after the emergency as their services .c only. do one job de- additional “We can feel fairly well comparatively amount of metals needed for farm building will be allocated for this use by the Government. To take sure, effective action, the ' authorities in Washington A local fact- " l FUTURE SUCCESS. It’s easy for Navy-trained men to get good- paying jobs in civil life; LIBERAL RETIREMENT-PAY for regular Navy men; ‘ the 8.5- l l l i i ~EXCU‘5E ME, MEAN TO Do 0.. RQLJGH IDEA S! questionnaires on building ncedsl to all farms in its area and tol all businessmen in the community whose services are vital to pro-i duction, marketing and transpor-' tation of farm crops. The re- sults would provide Washingtom authorities with basic evidence asi guidance. “In most farming,r centers there.) an i is sufficient time for such undertaking because current deal- er inventories of building mater- ials are in most instances large enough to supply normal farm building needs for a considerable period. Action to forestall a building famine in many areas is necessary because of probable rapid changes in the world sit- uation which may strongly inten- sify the national defense effort, making for even tighter restric- tion on; the supply of construction metals."'v must, JOURNAL Want Ads are used by finding building committee might well begin with the mailing of LOOK WHAT THE u. s. NAVY AND NAVAL RESERVE OFFER YOU FINEST SPORTS and entertainment any man could ask for. TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, THRILLS— You can’t beat the Navy for them! ‘ BECOME AN OFFICER. Many can ,;work for an appointment to the Naval Academy or the Annapolis of the Air at Pensacola; ‘ friends and great success. Scores of your .-'neighbors with d ‘~=~ as... {h ~h .3 TH' NAVV DONE FER ME !! » Tuesday, October_28,'. i i DIDN'T You'll look great in Navy I!“ : great care of his sailors. THAT-v OKAV. popEHE' you Everyone looks bigger, hands 1 WHAT CAN alGN . . .. ME up that uniform Uncle Sam 5 Navy 91'! . a \ v ' v . 11m; -‘ . ' REGHT Now! And ihots only 0 start Uncle s p. l ,_ , Free meals. Free board. Free ‘i ‘ Free. medical and dental care. Free: mg in any one ol filly-odd skilled I. And the Navy pays you good ‘ ‘ while you learn. What an opportunity! ll you a", over, get a free copy of the ill _.: booklet, "tile In the U. 5. Navy". l‘ Novy Editor of this newspaper. ill > GERVE wow? comm l. i (giwfi BUILD vow: F-‘uTuRE, ' I, i “ii/J um um THE new "» ‘ l . , . -.! D l l free travel and adventu ‘i . Navy Recruiting (Clllllullled from Page One) United States has there been greater opportunity for loyal Americans to serve their country and build their futures than right xnow,” said Secretary Knox. In outlining the many advan- tages offered by enlistment in the United States Navy, Mr. VVnt- ‘30:}. Navy Editor of The Journal. said, “It is possible for a bright young man to increase his pay seven times during his first en- as $126 a month. This monthly figure is actually worth much more when it is remembered that the man has few living expenses ful places—a thing f0 can afford. ' '. “When you considf‘l‘v For Salli of this country and the, , sun-l 6 If the Navy will select 0 0 ‘Vlnne applicants a month 1' \. Look E times that number thrO $21113“ United States. the V the f 0“ “Many are called but: r Hyman}: chosen.’ will apply to 1, WaliffiNPd" men interested. ' ‘i k .t ac} “Navy men are a '11 film. : lot. Candidates must " w ‘5.” t‘ more than average intel '. .: mum“ ambition. of fine moral‘ '. same 1 and must have the W l m be Clal ommendation of at l? ' deadline cal townspeople." ht durin As Navy Editor, Mr. '1" hing- Journal W'ant-Ads—Phono 100 tures. On top of this you geti‘ READ wmw 7w ow atom: 41v mm” ammo»: mm at EWflIVEER/IVG AND mm 5000 PAY mm: yaw (EARN! just received from W , p ' prizes: supply of free illustrat . horseoc for all men intereste motor, addition, will welcome. .g‘gle stri from young men who 1:. "9 113% i linto the new and grefi 81 tron] and is provided with the finest of medical and dental care. “You have all your food and lodging, and ’also your original listment and he can earn as much l outfit of clothing provided by Un- cle Sam free," Mr. Watson con- . . ,» tinucd. “In addition there are tunltles the Navy now: ‘reelv'Va itrammg for future 61,- 18 and free sports and entertainmentHi oven to the latest Hollywood pie- eers as they Serve, the‘ now in its emergency-3“ fickle box i'Shing b. 'V Iers Coo .the (:2: ; mg tackl ,by sponso ble to on ,‘ Wen thox entry fees “g the u ce indic .3 . "fect c0] hills. The . -§0iiig out that is worth back for fOur o’cl ‘tshould be ' _ she experi , hEIton B2 . best or. "reports ix ‘ if fish in " un u til i in; get " within t confin '. Narrm a poin r Creek. ‘ Rules “8 of the " me. o: ' ed by a , eanglers boai many “3’1 from tl must Chi '_ fill, at or ~ if an othe : _\ to ch( ."1 a fish | Servers .; soring cor ‘ :1,‘ ,tO circ " rmg the! YOU WANT to get ahead fast, to serve your coufi ‘ Possible to build yourself a good-paying future . . . here’s the ‘v portunity you’ve been waiting for. The U. S. Navy may train you to become an ex 7“ any one of nearly 50 skilled fields. Each month, over " new men will he’sent to a Navy Service School, whete ' can learn to be a Diesel engine Operator, machinist, tion mechanic, aerial photographer, radio operator‘ whatever specialized work you’re best fitted for. This. year’s training which you get is worth at least $1500-- The Navy facts the entire bill. You earn while you 1‘ In fact, it is possible for an enlisted man to earn up 1:05: l per month—with keep. . ‘ V 1‘eserved 7‘ “St with points b, " ficial pri the vic - clock 51 “liter-mini t0 witn i 163. You’ll have plenty of opportunity for advancemeflci position and pay—and you’ll have fun. while you I", You’ll come out of the Navy fully prepared to take ' Scho good job in private industry. And if you want to stay ' “ K i I . ‘ Doug the Service, you can go right to the top . . . and retire at ‘5‘ :Taarsal end of 20 years or 30 years with a liberal monthly-in {achggf 3 You can choose now between the regulars or 1711‘ i Mis . . I. .V e E serves. Both offer equal opportumties for advance .hdoutfig ‘, in tl Get this FREE Booklet I} Mail coupon for your free copy of “Life in the U. S. Navy.” 24 pages, fully illustrated. It answers allyour questions. Tells what your pay will be . . . promotions and vacations you can expect .. .how you can retire on a life in~ come. Describes how you can learn any one of 45 big-pay trades from aviation to radio... how many may become officers. 27 scenes _ ‘ ‘ .prlnte from Navy life showing sports and games you may play, limp“ €1ng if) ' » ee maybe assigned to, exciting ports you may visit. Tells e requn'ements and where to apply. If you are between 17 and high school required), get this free book now. No obligatia’ the Navy editor of this paper for a copy. 01' telephone him- him the coupon. You can paste it on a penny postal card. *' ml Grad WEAR nus BADGE OF HONOR! If after readinfi ‘I ll'nity booklet you decide to apply for a place in th‘ ‘ I Needham you will receive this smart lapel-emblem. It 5' ” l i ‘ H. Neeé of honor you will be proud to wear. ‘ 1 2f 14 U ., , i it — eupalosegtl .. . nfer Tear out and take or send this coupon ; Shillong? r to the Navy Editor of this newspaper 1“ I in Without any obligation 011‘ my Part whatsoever, Plea” me free booklet,“Life in the N avy,”giving full detail! .1, the Opportunities for men in the Navy or Naval , Name Address