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October 30, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 30, 1941

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lagers“. Thursday, October 30, nay, 0C 1 I CHRISTIAN SCIENCE :(‘lllllOS the following; pass . ' “Everlasting Punishment" ISEHH‘ (‘lll'lfitlllll Science t, ‘ *3 A *- ' the subject of the Lesson—Sermon 1 “Sciltncl: and Health will}? Consolidated with The Shelton Independent [Which Will be read in 5‘” Ch‘llT'hl‘S l. the S<'l‘llillll'l‘J-‘r" UV M"my of Christ, Scientist, Sunday, Nov- Eddy: “The wrong~ though, IJ.S.D.A l ember 2. be arrested button: it ha? if l t \Vhilc agriculture has been giv- l l Among the citations which com- ._ day. Rates lower 0’3 , . prise tho Lesson—Sermon is the: periods. Sec Herb All 9" abair following from the Bible: “Let: ' ‘ ages \Vlll develop in certain lines ' the wicked forsake his wain , during the Coming year While the and he unl'ighteous man hisf N 0 VP 1 C . gl'eatCSt ljr0d1‘Ction Effort in hjs' thoughts: and let him return untol -, \ . under, W335 Says Hem? 8- the Lord, and he will have ll‘."l"C.,‘,{ Anyone wishing tq ‘, \Q [ItaI‘IISt-Y, chaiiman Of UN: War-11'] 1112,)“ him}; and to our God' for; Union carpenters, . l l l l l Published every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon 3 I l l l Member of Washington Nl-wsoapep publis ilsl Association V . V. H H I It), .1 and National J'Ifllt'fil'l'dl Assomalmn. Golden TCth “R‘ghtcousnafif to I,“ “pvt Itself 1,7,4.» ,i . Entered as second—class lllul.tul' at the.- postoli’ice at Shelton. “:islnnzmn oxaitcth a nation: but sin is H j V V . ’ h . . . ' reproach to any people" (l‘ro- 1 «y u as“ vs :. .s._ ' " . .. . . . . « GLI‘ A IRAVmeRo . bubficl lpthn Ixateb' . . en a semi—military rating in the verbs 14:34). ‘ ticket Em. NICE). “.1?” . . 3y MAIL: in Mason County (outside of Shelton city mail carrier districts) establishment of priorities for CS_ ’ . , ., _ .- . l... '- ~17. r a .ms d-v‘r 7. v;a_ 19751;“ . , i . l3 Del >54" b mom-M “m” ‘5 "“mmS' ‘0‘? Imus” “° "" p” M r u sential raw materials. there is ‘rvrulations l‘orbsd reridents of Shelton served by Cl[y mail carrier Iron. Lb 5 still every likelihood that short— ,receivlng their Journal by mail. _ ’ BY JOURNAL CARRIER: in Shelton, 25¢ per month (collected by carrier) , H‘ $2.50 per year in advance. ‘ GRANT C. ANGLE '1. EBER ANGLE 9 Editor Mann yer ' PROTECTING SMALL-TOWN 1ND‘USTRIES f ington U.S.D.A. Defense Board. / he will abundantly pardon" can “M R U c H' ‘. l During the past year. Ramsey (Isaiah 55:7). gllsincss Agent for ClING . l l l l l :points out, the nation's appetite! The LCSSUn_SeI.mon also m_ I Deniers Unicn. l l I I e19~Sier tha T - "I for basic raw materials has in- , ~ f , .1\early two years ago when far seeing people: creased tremendously. Tms infll N I mm” g “W V ,, ., .irealized that this country was up againSL a real; 5 crease has been due to the m, .. , . H .. “sass...” . . V . a. ' .~ ' a ’c— r ! " . ' .quircments for indirect defense. ' r H lwar and would need in due time, as is has proved, , p . I. ., _ . Nofispgpgmgg such tools ’and machinesv and E 1 U 3, psittmg tall the resources not alone of big induswies con- , .Z. , . mpuflmgs Lulu, increased civilian COHEPmp- , Ins (1:35,, vertable to war needs, but of all the smaller ones, " ' l' V itmnTlOf minuftz'mturedbgoocllst; f l lféyw gigs; . .‘ . “ in some oa—' . W A,“ in the Cities and towns, and a close survey was: lfect 36:; $3,123,; Wat‘shmgtonyn . sidFisheril made of all possible sources of production, large. line farm defensa head states. "We elme i ' ~ ' l l are faced with the problem of put- :. ‘ . or small, that mIghs be quickly utilized. V mug into action the greatest food g .t; played was a ClVlllan project, under dlljeCtIOI’l ' increase program in history and , " . ‘0: Lmvol d d nt 1 l at the same time have an actual I ‘ T - three , Of the then.War epartmgnt’ an prlv“ e y ilnw l shortage of the tools to work I. E‘ 0 NI : Denclianl anced, and listed the machinery and power of .alll with." sawmills, pulp mills, machine shops, tinsmiths, The chairman polnted out that canneries, bronze and metal castings, industrial; and mineral resources, as .. well as the personneli of industry, ready for any emergency—but all . . materials necessary for the pro- duetion of parts for repair of farm l machinery have been given a full ,1 defense rating and that materials . for new farm machinery have been | KINDERGARTEN? ; THROUGH ' ‘ '_‘ 'g‘iven the highest civilian rating. , , this detail was ditched when the new 0PM poll ; [This assures agriculture of a fun, , g, f , thOS tOOk OVGI'. l share of materials that are avail- } i j 1 V Shelton’s industries were included in this abff‘fiowever, Ramqey say, “we “' $ ‘ “Wm” first survey to meet the Situation which has now must Yemen’s,“ that just'bs’oaussl ., W333: arrIVed, to protect these small industries and pro—;’ L wcnha:6“til$333113}ngthrigid: l r a" Vgcularly vide an outlet for their products, or such otheri “W” ” 7' ' """ _' “fl” " iv: n2? afough mass] {0 go ' 3. " 'f’mme _ I , 1 - , , l l mg wh products to which these plants might be turned,‘ SWASTIKA SLAVERY lIceland Marlnes lztll‘iuréd- t It lihll‘lfi 8311315] P 4-: wand. 33‘" .Pre‘l’enlt PtOSSible unemployglent: and Wflile! In days of s’ia”“s;l.;{sis{isry flourished Open New World 0131517503 stats.wAfi 2,0015 people MENGM and WNW“- MIEHT' more 8 ioca p ans are running 3. out as usua 1n. ,, ' ’ . ’ i - would be entitled to get in. but. ,_ i . , 9n. and n lea 1a r d t n d bt h ! .Jondman worked at Of 1118 master, re- H only 1,500 would actually see the AISO Adihtlonal Sums Payable for (my to St I °u r p O uc S. 0 cu e managgmgn. S aveiceived no salary and 11‘ he died before his debtl l y p ’* Show . .. ~. - . ‘ IWe"aza I" '1 S ma 1 . l l ——‘—‘ The farm defense leader ur ed' . L v s RREN plans ready against the day when prio it e y‘ ’ g Fractures and “530031710115 a‘ Slow them dOW‘n I Wfaipaldfi Wall‘s The Devil Dogs preparing their all farmers to take good care of! ;§ 38 folks, ' l 0 In W O a O WOI’ 1n 6 mi e 11F .0 l Li‘ ' ‘ ' ( - all tools and equipment during the -, .. v . . . a — ,. . he is fame ‘ ' ’ i l 7‘ l r "1'1 C" k d R,~mar1 ] y, x‘ coming year and to aVOid new‘ {not-herilaf'lq '1d1:1?“(:lrwsrY),()Yr3fitab§:é unity l ' ’ree an 0 Scave§ Were usud y , mus to see what high adventure, purchases where they are not 05- l L ’1‘ rtnv hit” W01)“: If”? 1'1}: 1P. d thei‘ {2“ spread __ iacquired by conquest. Up to medieval ages, the ‘what new experiences may be in Sonya; Ililcasestof shortages of‘ :r scllctioltta to t em away iom omc an ‘ rail]? 1t D . . . -. N, r, . nee e e in men or mac inery,; r0 cc we ,e es, y The Census Bureau estimates that Sixty mll-imaSter had a perfect right to slay his slave Witll- 3H1): fig“ all“: 1 “3,5 farthest] farmers grepasked to report im-‘ p y .‘ Course thl lion Americans are without birth certificates be-‘Out any legal compllcatmns- Slaves Were captured outpoozi or? the neflgle of seethingi gedg‘tfly t°Bth°i§ EfiuntyhUgi'D Parents have reason to worry because acf: tile I . . . . . , ' I s I, ,- ‘ l C : .' r‘ U cause they were born before the establishment of In Africa and SOld t0 Planters 111 the West IndleSs ff??? thél’t m‘ght ‘Wellll b: d9?" count; Egan zircounty’ugAA 3K! gel?” Iflamfn’l 9'“ tgfi fretquengfi” .to. it“; and big a rename birth registration System, and only re- 3 where, by the way, the slaves revolted and threw: 5:3,, gfor‘i’gsehfifigfy C 31’ 9" 1“ fice. i 0‘; Sh: asslgfrsage- fogajgfpobggklestggu Possibili cently is much attention being turned to getting 3 Off the y0ke 0f. FrenCh OPPTGSSOI'S- our own Am‘? The Corps is well. prapamdrm‘ . 1 other activities often result in, serious injurie {"H them the records straight ,erican slavery is recent enough for us to remem- the last year its umts have been She113011 Grad 1415178d ‘ ‘ lint factl ' The above STUDENTS ACCIDENT . ‘ Passed t' ., . . . .. remolded in the pattern of the y Now this requirement for all who work inlber- The swaStlka SyStem 0f SlaVery 15 rather most modern fighting organiza- 1“ Conege Whos Who . . . . a , , l . . . . . - , : POLICY Will relieve the financ1a1 . must be defense industries, or seek old age ass1stance, re- W01“ 59 than any Precedmg Slavery Plan- C1V1hzed tlons' It has new weapons and ma’ Willamette University, Salem. Bflattle, s . chines, made t rd f .t _ worries in case of ANY ACCIDENT , ~ llef’ or who Wish to go across the line and hopesmen, women, glrls, Children are now thrown Into cial work of 1:11?”an as; ldzf:£§_i . . . l ’1‘ broaldrbagt], _ t , . . d .t. 5 ft h , . at' n to get baCk) 1% essentila'li and many _p90ple are conceriltrf'tlont cabmpsi’ Where tflgcelve {barelx higleabzzgcgeiggdf Ion a er t ey Chosen last weeko aht. Willamette (The above policy can also be issued to housewifes for: a 9;]: Size looking up their posmon and perfecting the re-lenodg 0 ea are 3’ 6119115; _C 0 mg to COVE“ , The Marines' new. defense. bat- l Eggzfis’fi t5};st fihgwirmagg “ “Clams at and away from home) -' the Hote cord“ for the sake of themselves and children. lthelr bare, Shlvermg bOdleSi httle 01‘ “0 wages, ‘ tallonsv more heavfly equlpped’lsmdentsln American Colleges and " iii??? 0: '_land with disci‘ line under the whi nd firin less.n‘°b“e than the.” regularlUnlvors'ties-” Character, 1 1 Up to When tOOk OVeI‘ V1 I p p a g landIng forces: are unlque am011glrship, elxtra—curricular aest’idiiiirs’ . EE ~ The s tal statistics record, most counties Masonlsquad- It ls fear Of utter enSIa’Vement that adds the World’s miliary formations- land participation in student gov- ve gone . S carried an incomplete record, due to neglect courage of Britons who are now rl‘he Marine Corps is the Navy’s ernment were criterions used for G 32:3? army, a versatile, amphibian ar-! selection. " ' _' ihheirbckt h .11. i ~l- . . I l“. filing of births by early midw1fes, or even doc W7 t t a S 0 t 9 ‘Va 5 It 5 t0 aVert W011L‘ my. schooled m seamanshlp as Hamilton, Willamette junior, is £333; . . . . ' 1 e ' n' well as the arts of land warf r . r. .. -i v- tors, Where there ls record a faCSImlle can be 83-?Wlde 5 av ry and otherrdomination that Ameiica Its aviators are trained by ghee the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. R. . , TODAY ton and cured for fifty cents, and that is easy_ ; Joins in the universal war to throw off the Nazi Navy and are capable of landing, Hamilton of Shelton. I, g p v ‘. .Vuse in . . . l .. -. ., '3 '~ " a ' But in cases of missmg record a new state'YOke- ' ,0“ the deck of an “Craft 0““ ~ n "m . . , tin . . , _ ._____________ , 1‘1 '. or landing offshore in heavy q 0“- law is adding further trouble, for affidaVits of - :seis, a highly specialized under~ Me” G‘ parents, elders who know and neighbors who may‘ THROTTLE!) INDUSTRY SLOWS waking“ l l - - PR DUCTION i AM -- -i . mglv 12 be livmg, can help perfect the record, but a Su- 0 arme corps Recrmung Par " “1122521553 ’ a “really s1 I: ‘. is :1: “I fi're or. ‘ ' , have entall i great his l . ,g l“ radio 0 l . , , ling, Aberdeen, Washin ‘ton, on, If government would take its mailed fist off Friday, October 31, 1941‘? for thel . ty will be at the post office build-g Judge WIISOI’I Slgned the first such order Satur- from industry and business, production for war'purpose of interviewing and exam- day 'ffifel‘grs' 3.1631811 Ford feéerson' - land private needs would supply every demand‘ $1?me iggfiesteggsmlg oifieigi pp 1021 ion mus e made to the State; ith 11 th b1 f d A -f 11 in the U. s. Marine Corps or the! Department of Health in Seattle which W111 sendlw- on a e - ro'u' ~e O ~0- ay' -nd 1 1t rea yiMarine 0”” “93mg Enlist” application blanks, cost $2. and’in case of those{WIShes to stop Inflation, ceiling might be put on ments in the Marine Corps fie-l . ‘ all m '01. commoditi ' ‘servc are for the “duration of the; born in other states the matter must be taken upI a3 es and matemals as well as ‘ National Emergency," while en-l with the Registrar of Vital Statistics of thatlon the labor that produces them as of some ,fairlyillstmsnts in the regular Marinc‘ . Ire n te. It 06 ’ p ’ , _ ‘ Corps are for four years. Young’ state, Where, if no record ex1sts, other ev1dencej ce t da g ‘ S Wlthoulc saying that the Stead ‘men interested should contact thel may be presented such as family bible, Church, I fly upward trend along all lines Will bring inflation recruiting party at the Aberdeen; I . . I r . , . _ , ,post office on the date noted b-l or federal census records, but that department is s g p . we pampfi‘etg. ~flooded and asks that requests be delayed un- Hens Help To I MINERVA PARK VlSlTORS less. Qf last resort. l ' l Mrs. Peter Klein and daughter, 0 Buck Private Joe Doaks ! BOOSt Income: Lela. of Hoqulam. Mrs. Richard, says he can hit reveille on Seamore of Denver, Colo., and the dot when he eats en perior Court Judge must complete the record. ' ible Leo S corresr World 5 FOR SALE abemhso} FOR RENT -, l l l l i M7.s_, l l l GILDING THE DEVIL ‘4 I An easy, inexpensive way toiMl‘S. E. R. Haselwood of Chey— riched , . . . -,In the obvious effort to sweeten the dose of Wild if? laying £0“ 2:, (“Tg'liiiiaswl‘isloipe‘lir Morédili- art? BREAga S Vltallty l Slqyiet support to the American people Presidentifigfie throtegjfltheoszumm; afi' P. Anderson athinerixa Pair-1:: ' Ro‘oSevelt issues the statement that the Commun- . into September—is to set fall— A I I ; Equipment are arch-angels in treatment Of religion, free {laid eggs from old hens says Fred “speech and free press; which our people will be'W. Frasier. extension poultryman ' iat the State College of Wash- Loose Leaf Form-s Carter’s : ' 9 ' erels fxpm “long-winded" families, 1 . r , _ lic( .) under control of Stalin is as ever an enemy l should inherit this same tendency, r l ' of the cultural and economic beliefs of this coun- ! to lay right through the summer; try, and will be saintly only so long as the Ameri- ' With‘mt mating , , . , slow to accept” ington. Pullets hatched from Clyplng Paper and Americans well know that the Soviet Repub- 1 these fall eggs. if sired by cock- Second Sheets Stapling Machines and I Staples I cans are forced to Shell 01“: aid, againSt Hitler who produce eggs for hatching, l : to save themselves. ‘may be reasonably sure that l . . ' f h til (1 tl‘ I ' They cannot forget how the Communists‘lfif: 3fttfiee§iirg:..:r§m;‘pg:l 2-0z. Cube 3-02. Cube 5-oz. Cube } Washington farmer-poultrymen V - e gs which are smaller. A few bed them of priceless 1kons, altars, Jewels and O? the eggs now being produced; Salershl‘ioks and Blanks despoiled the Catholic and other churches, rob- sistent layers. excepting pullet, 10¢ 15¢ 25¢ gold for the Soviet melting pot, slaughtered thelin most flocks will be from “short- ' ' l - Iwinded” hens that have moltcd :- . 55:23:51 naaridhgfigbéidafi)% tiiilrnfied the churches into claflty afigfihgofvrgjgtk pmlcprfl Mldmte Blue-Black Sunset Green Continuous Flat-Fold Statements . -CUC 1011, a e“ 611- ' ' p g 8’0 {age will be from the persistent, Midnite Blue Sunset Brown The Soviets are as criminal as they everghens‘ , Sunset Violet Sunset Red .. were and deserve no from coun-l The close association of per—3 Washable Black ' try, which must consider” Stalin no less an enemy Sistency with high egg Pm‘iuctmn' _ Whiz Machine Packs Packs for Other Machines huge army of hunters who can shoot even if they Crease egg 'P’"°€‘“9“°“ 0f laying flocks next spring, and summer ,« says Frasier. Headquarters for Office Supplies - . . . . . ' is shown in studies by Dr. C. ' ’ . than Hitler, and it is bitter irony to give RuSSIal Knox, U. s. Department of Agrl—g Addmg Machine Paper V succor which now seems necessary to preserve the 23:51,? Pfifil‘iym‘g 1:31 text-iii Tickets American way oflife and liberties in the emer-liousiy"’all throu l l. gh the year and V .. gency. ’ were still laying in September av- ’ l I eraged 43 eggs more than those ., I «less .pers‘istent. l-Ilgh .egg pro—I Pints Quarts p , . With Christmas two short months away and { Sggufilecggspeigegggg eggpgiitgélstl 311(23ka BlueBlack Hundreds, Of Items fOI‘ BUSINESS and Office niilerchants suggesting starting early buying Ol’lifuiddtfhe Sega for more. eggs in mg! PermanentBlue PermanentBlue l ' - _ 00 -‘or- e ense drive. s t e arty away p an, e income taxers are warn Alert flock owners who wantl Permanent Red 90¢ Permanent Red 0 ll, t ,ath thefiaine lheai 111$}in save_later worry to to cull out “short-winded” lay-f Violet&Green Violet & Green 1.5 I ,' ose w 0 W1 e s or w en paying time comes 1 my 311453“ 01“ he“ 5”“ in #300“! ' .- . . roducto , d t'f th . . in March in the biggest demandcver. Alwaysltimthylé‘f §:$.n‘ge’gy‘ ytheir°313i -| l Y something to take the Joy out of life but usually) Plumage' mg“ I'ed' large comb) f h d - .and soft, pliable abdomen. Eggs, 1’ -—‘——’ ' no so ar 3» ea - hens when mated with: , . . ... . . or other equally good ' ‘ I I If th . ‘trap-nest pedigreed males, willI ! t ' ' ff' 9 worst comes this country can draft a hatch fall pullets that will m- ‘ ‘ a 5,1} Statlonel'y & 0 we supply Department ! ‘i . I I H .___...._.._..._.._._._._ _..__._.__...—~ —_ can’t kill anything.