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October 30, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 30, 1941

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‘ ’ / :r 30. . 'y, October 30, 194. g you” c N’TSELL UNTil. you f: CING . . . 'er than using the old ' (1 far more interesting,l ers, is having someone Sports column for you. Sideliner takes great; Sitting back with hisl s desk this October. and letting Warren .‘ district inspector for “ Fisheries Department, . ", Sideline Slants for this ~‘1 played varsity base— ;he University of VVash— 9" three years and had Perlchant for busting « 3' ple right over second opposing pitchers .ed to throw it and , *' ‘3 swung lefthandcd '~“ down flies in the I 101' Tubby Graves dur— x1931, ’32 and ‘33 sea- ' It isn’t stretching the l . Inention that Warren ’ ‘,0f the. best outfielders ‘. ox'tllern Division of the - onfercnce during his "' diamond days. Iarren’s ambitions, and ' cularly secret one, ci-K ecome a sports writer. E ‘ 'g what follows here: , wonders what’s hold- 3 Where Warren Brown gland B. D. steps out, my to Suggest, Warren, Some "again soon. WARREN BROWN 3‘5 folks, so this is Shel- fame of this dandy: ' unity as a sporting i spread all over the but it takes a visit ‘ really appreciate this . cOurse. the natural facili- ‘are the first to strikel ' er. the abundant wild! l. and birds. as well as ‘1 possibilities being quite 1" themselves are also' Jim factor —— the first IT ,il’assed through here I, 31 kmust be somewhere in ,, ,eattle, so many radios l " in on Leo Lassen’sl , madcast. Iifes fof lltill see Nick Doherty , Bar glued to the desk {the Hotel Shelton and guests straining their eEtch every detail of ' The only way Nick V0 gotten any nearer ~uI" would be to crawl _ Segot. weak tubes,” Xplain to anvone who wonderineg at him. i ton and Andy Hansen .06 in their nightly an inning or so be- 2‘ 0n. ‘Merv Getty’s the radio ‘- ,I and the crowd was " lneg larger but the ,Inse interest made me “1 e I could realize that ‘ I'eally Shelton and not * :l: as I ,re on the subject, ‘i have you ever stop- v’nentally compared the eat ba‘seball announc- ‘a radio chains with the ,I 18 Leo Lassen? As II correspondent is,con- .‘ World Series announc- .,dhezin to come close to I think 99% of you I I FIND _A and good but the. gent ing story. la’i ball fans will agree. 5 Did Roll Barber or his aide ‘ Bob Elson give you a complete picture of each batter, lis bat— ting averagc, whether he hit right or left handed, where he came from and a score of other little details; that Lee gives? THEY DID NOT. The St. Louis Sporting News gave Red Barber a trophy for being the best baseball announcer in the U. S. A... but I’m willing to bet they never heard our Leo or i the result would have. been dif— l fcront. And if the. town of Shelton {population 3,700, I un- derstand) was to vote on this subject I would stake, my last , (limo there woul' be 3,700 af- firmative votes. UT) in Slattie year or ago a plaque was awarded "to Daniel Dllgdalc the pioneer of Seat-l tle BaSebail and a s‘milar award to Emil Sick for pouring his mon- l ey into the Seattle club and bl‘ing- . ing it a respectable ball park and good team. This all well .liho really, the and, also a is rone other than Leo] Lassen. Dugdalc might well havcl been forgotten and Sick might have a bad investment but: for “Gabby” Leo. deserves cred l t plaque You don't believe me? Don’t, take my word for it, just ask, your 0an dV'..’l-—lll-tllI¥—‘W001 ball fans such as Nick Dohertv, Merv Getty. Spike and Phil FTCGSOD,‘ Dec Beach, Gus Graf, Jim Dull- bar or Swede Anderson. So “hit lialzola, the High- climber coach, thinks he has troubles docs llc?.. He may have but we doubt if he ever had this one pulled on him (there. is something: new and interesting in shorts every day). 1 {In in Seattle a couple of weeks ago the end for the Broadway High School team gathered in a. pass from a team- mate and set sail for a touch- down. Flc made it for there was no one to stop him so on reaching the goal he stopped and threw the ball in the gen- eral direction of the referees where an alert opponent fell on it. Imagine the chagrin of the Broadway and when he learned that what he thought was the goal line was only the FIVE- YARD LINE. NO SCORE ALLOWED. Imagine Walt, if that should happen to him. Charlie Erb, quarterback for' Andy Smith, who coached Cali- fornia’s wonder teams in the early twenties was on the radio the other night with an interest- Under Andy Smith the quarter only called the plays, never did he run with the ball. Came his senior year and Erbl expressed a desire to take the! ball for at least one play before’ he graduated. After much plead- ing he was given a chance in the Nevada game with Californial ahead 53 to 0. The ball was snapped but to Erb’s consterna- and the whole Nevada line sifted _through nailing Erb for a ten— yard loss. Was Charlie lErb dis- gusted? Well, guess. And now for the 2nd Annual Sahnon Derby next Sunday from Walker Point—further proof of ‘ ART BRONSON Foe calls up his Jose- these nights and asks a movie and a soda ,I Josephine may say, 3,01“ bowling instead?” I3» 'formerly a man’s Merica’s favorite pas- tyflung and old, male and th rt and dub. b5 place 11,000,000 as .,I 91‘ of bowling fans in with thousands of X- occasionally slip up 8 for an evening’s en- een unearthed Which game, or at least the ‘ 9f it, to the twelfth Sir Francis Drake, the 18h sea-captain, was ., b(les when the Span- . “a Was sighted off the ‘t# CIS was not to be (1 He said, “There’s n this game and thrash ,srds, too.” The admiral Was introduced into I 1626 by Dutch set- America consisted 01 gm forts and a charter. _, ears the game attained Dopularity until now One of the social as organized and e A. B. C. has spon- Ily tournament as -a I~bowling season. It gfwhat the National 8611 and the world ‘ baseball. lihe nation’s kegmen ' en are scattered middle west. Chi- , filed the title of we 1 Wllng city, with De- 1lkee and Cleveland Malina. Olga American Bowling th ling Blossoms inn Naiiln's ilelndoor Spoil hr ll 1 I tion his teammates stepped ade is America’s most Bowling popular sport—for good reason. Lovely Ann Tucker, Cleveland, 0., adds to the beauty of the game. FACTS and figures: More than 300 million dollars are spent annually in bowling fees. More . than 500 million have been spent in the past 50 years in the con- struction of alleys alone. There are more than 160,000 alleys in the country, each costing about i $3000 to build, in 20,000 bowling establishments. ‘ Some bowlers can put as 11111011 English on a mineralite ball as 3 Bob Feller can on a baseball. ! The world’s trick shot artist; Andy Varipapa, makes the ball behave like a jitterbug. U. S. to Replace ': even use WANE—AQS : WASHINGTON WEEK [ i Russan Exports BY RALPH HERBERT ECRETARY of Agriculture Wickard has repeatedly said that food is a weapon of war and that, therefore; America must raise more food, not only to feed its own people well, but to help those who are fighting Hit- ler. Now Russia may come- into the food picture. Ordinarily, with good years, Russia takes care of its own food needs and even has some for export. In the i first World War Ukraine and Crimea remained almost intact in Russian hands. They, there- fore. continued producing food for the Russian people. Loss of Ukraine farmlands means that Russia has lost three—fourths of its ordinary sugar supply and one~fourth of its wheat crop. The loss of the Crimea means 1055 of wheat and barley surpluses and also the leading Russian fruit and tobac- i co crops. THIS year’s wheat crop of the Ukraine, east of the Dnieper river, was mainly harvested and saved from the enemy’s hands, it is believed. Good crops are also reported from the unoccu- pied regions of eastern and cen- tral Russia. Where the United States may come into play is from a new orientation of the food supplies of western Siberia. Grain sur- pluses from there are ordinarily shipped to the Far East and Turkestan which are usually deficit regions. Now this western Siberian food will be shipped to European Russia. For the Far East, American wheat would be shipped to Vladivostok. For Turkestan, American wheat would be shipped through the Persian gulf‘and thence across Iran. There are of course serious drawbacks in this program. Japan has looked with suspi- cious eyes at tankers carrying oil for Russia via Vladivostok. The same might be true of ships carrying food supplies. On the other hand, the food route to Turkestan is a long and difficult one. This is especially true of the overland route through, Iran, whose roads are ill-equipped to carry great quan- tities of freight. Shelton’s sports loving habits. From the list of feminine con— testants the men had better watch out or the fair‘ sex are apt to outshine the males. The women entered in the contest are quite numerous and capable so anything may happen. The women are pretty fair guessers in the football contests, staged by the Journal so there! is no reason why they shouldn’t] gain more laurels elsewhere. Yep,i the ladies no longer sit at homeI and listen to the men tell tall{ tales of their’prowess in sports— the Women can match most of; their men folk now with stories; of their own. Which is as it; should be. 1 Many thanks Bill Dickie for the I, use of your column. I hope If may have the privilege of meet-I ing the Shelton sport fans again, I MlNUTE‘“ CROSSWORDS No. 5———-—-— Fill in horizontal blanks with words suggested by the key word BANDMASTER. Each lctterIgiven must appear in its proper place. sun-Ill? IEIIN. llmls III . . :3N T ()1 5%.“ IE. I wan: Ell SOLUTION TO PREVIOUS MINUTE CROSSW’ORD 1. Cups 9 6. Chicken 2. Knives 7. Basket .3. Insects 8. Trees 11. Lunch. 9. Bread 5. Dishes 10. Ants Position ,Open In Unemployment Dept.l hope“ Competitive examination; for the position of Junior Field! AdVISer in the Office of Unem—, “Detailed information regarding State Personnel Board. i the necessary qualifications, sal-l aryl applications, etc., may be ob- tamed by writing the State Per- with :3 Jenni” “vam.A¢1 OF A. L. WOLF, Deceased. A. L. Wolf, deceased, were granted to '20th day of October, 1941. LEGAL PUBLICATIONS |} (IALL FOR BIDS FOR DIESEL g TRACTOR MASON COUNTY ROAD NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that} sealed bids will be received by the: Board of County Commissioners ati their office in the court house ati Shelton, Washington, on Monday, the{ 17th day of November, 1941 at two o‘clock p.m. for the furnishing of the following described road equipment: One l<ull Diesel Tractor 01 not less than 35 Drawbar 11.1). equipped as follows: 7 Non oscillating typc tracks. Not less than 60” gauge. Not less than 13' heat treated tracks equipped with flat shoes . and.detachablc grouscrs. g Auxiliary starting system consisting of either electric or gasoline mo-; tor. ' Blower type fan, hour counter. Not less than five speeds ahead. Front end mounted high lift. Excavator equipped with ’71-le. de—I tachablc bucker with not less than five bucket tcetli. Dumpingr clearance less than 7 feet. Detachable bulldozer blade of re.— inl‘orced structural steel not less} than 78" wide and 34" high, equipped with reversible cutting; edge. , Weight of complete. unit to be not! less than 14,000 lbs. Delivery of the. above tractor must be made as soon as possible, with payment therefor to be made out of; (be 1942 budget. , Trade—in, one Orton shovel. The Board reserves the rightlo rc- ject any or all bids.” DATED THIS 20m (lay of October, 19:11. HARRY DEYE‘TTE, Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners, Mason County, VVn. 11—6‘2t. . No. 1447 . _ NOTICE TO CRI‘IDITORS TO FILE CLAIMS In the. Superior (‘01th of the, State of Washington for Mason Colmty.‘ In Probate. IN THE MATTER OF'THE ESTATE of bucket not 10—30. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That- Lctters Testamentary on the Estate of undersigned, on the 20th day the !I 1941. by the said Su-, 1 l l of September, perior Court. I I All persons having claims against' said estate are required to serve them with the necessary vouchers upon me, at the office of Marion Garland. 105—i 8 Dietz Bldg, Bremerton, Wash. within six months after the date of the first publication of this notice. to— wit. within six months after the 23rd day of October, 1941, and file the same with the clerk of this Court together with'proof of such service, or they shall be forever barred. Dated at Bremerton. Wash., this ROSE W. WOLF, Executrix of above estate. MARION GARLAND. Attorney for Estate. Office and P. 0. Address: 105—8 Dietz Bldg, Bremerton, Wash. 10-23-30. 11—6-13—4t.,‘ No. 4053. SUMMONS FOR PUBLICATION. In the Superior Court of the State of W'as ington for Mason County. VIOLET HAMILTON, Plaintiff, vs. HUGH HAMILTON, Defendant. THE STATE OF WASHINGTON.- TO HUGH HAMILTON, Defendant,‘ GREETINGS: ' within 60 days after the date of the first publication of this Summons, to- wit: within 60 days after the 16th day of October, 1941, and defend the above entitled action in the above entitled Court, and answer the Com- plaint of the Plaintiff, and serve a copy of your Answer upon the Un- dersigned Attorney for Plaintiff, at his Office below stated, and in case of your failure so to do, Judgment will be rendered against you accord- ing to the demands of the complaint. which has been filed with the Clerk of the said Court; the objects of this action are that Plaintiff seeks to have annulled and declare null and void,l her purported marriage to you on or] aboutIJuly 15th, 1938, or in the al- ternative to secure an Interlocutory Decree of Divorce from you: to have. return, and restore. to her, her former name of Violet Douglas, and to have Lots 14 and 15. in Block 197, Townsitc of Port Angeles, Clallnm County. Washington, adjudged, decreed, and determined to be her sole and separate v property. CHAS. R. LEWIS, . Plaintiff’s Attorney: Office and Post Office Address. SulIteIl, Lumbermen’s . Building. Shelton, Mason County, Washington. 10-16-23-30. 11~0-13—20~27—7t. I No. 4023 l SUMMONS IFUK a'llBLIUATION I In the Superior Court of the State, of Washington for Mason Countyl PAUL G. ALLISON, d/b/a MOTOR~! l l OLA DISTRIBUTION COMPANY, Plaintiff, vs. STEVEN GALLAN."1", DC- fondant. THE TATE OF WASHINGTON TO THE S ID STEVEN GALLANT: Greetings: You hereby summoned to ap- pear Wlthln 60 days after the date of the first publication of this Summons. to-wit: VVlthln 60 days after the 80th day of ()ctober, 1941, and defend the abOVe entitled Action in the above en- titled Court,_ and answer the com- plaint of Plalntiff, and serve a copy of your Answer upon the. undersignedl Attorney for Plaintiff at his Ol‘fice’ below stated: and in case of your failure so toIdo, judgment will be rendered agalnst you according to the demands of the. Complaint which has been filed With the Clerk of the] said Court. The objectmf this action is that Plaintiff seeks judgment against you on his flrst cause of action in. the sum of $107.35 on an account stated; that Plaintiff seeks judgment against you In .the sum of $127.79 on his second causcI of action. for and: on account of belng required to pay.‘ and paying to Shelton Branch. Seat— tle First National Bank. $127.79 on radios mortgaged to said Bank. Plain- tiff havlngI guaranteed payment there—i of, and sald rales having been soldl . l without the payment of the Mort; gages thereon, and Plaintiff seeks Judgment against you in the sum of $100.00, which $100.00 he was compell- ed to pay to Shelton Branch, seattle First Natlonal Bank upon his Guar- antee to pay Ithe same. was compelled to pay unpaldItaxes in the sum of $12.50, and parts were missing from said radlos at the value of $10.00. and Plaintiff has attached your equity in} the folIlowm Idescribed Real Prop- erty, Sltuate in the County of Mae son, State of Washington. tn-wit: The West 40 feet of Lot 13, Block 15, Hill- crest Addition to Shelton. Washing- ton, and seeks to have the same im- pressed Wlth a Lien in the sum of, $252.9; Ifor costs and disbursements, herein incurred, and to have the said property sold to satisfy the said judg- l ment and Lien. . CHAS. .R. LEWIS. Office and Post Office Address: Suite 1. Lumbermen‘s Build- ing, Shelton. Mason County, Wash‘n t . 10-30. 11-6—13-20-27. 12—4-11—7t. on sonnel Board. 1209 Smith Tower, I Seattle, Washington. “Closing date for filing applica- tions is November 18th, and all i ploylnent Compensation and Place- I applications must be in the office i . ment has been anhounced by the , of the State Personnel Board or [i be postmarked not later than Nov- ember 18th, 1 1941.” Tell the prospects wnere you are. snowman/lean COUNTY JOURNAL I I, You are hereby summoned"to appear? l i Real Estate MAAAAA A A AAAAAAAMAAAA“ I i ... FOR SALE by owner: 5-room } s H E L T 0 N home. Inquire 53-1 Arcadia. C—10-9-~tf. l Classified Service mu...“ FURNITURE U P— 714 Ellinor Ave. Joe Nuss- baumer, Prop. Phone 590—W. 8-20 9-24~1M. FIVE ACRES FOR SALE: 4 milesl from Shelton on Olympic high-l way. Small house, lights. Cheap,l for cash or will give terms. Har- l ry CalinnS, Capitol Hill, Shelton,{ grading, Wash. cg10-23-28—30-11-4-4tl estimates! road work, etc. Free reasonable. J »-»--11-/1~6<11.-13-18~—5t. FOR SALE l . .-... . 4-room modern home with goodiCONTRACTING CARPENTER, yard. Close in. Terms. $1,000.00i alterations and repairs, gener- I-IERB ANGLE ' a] jabbing. Reasonable rate. H. l. M. Jones, 17141/2 Ridge Road, i Shelton. Phone 56—J. 9-12-—10-12«~1M. FOR SALE: 4 room house and acre of land; 7 room house and 21/; acres on and near Arcadia Road; 193. Chevrolet coupes; 1927 Buick sedan. L. R. Kcl’ln-I K E Y S organ, Arcadia Road. New and modern key-making 10-28-11-28~—1M_ equipment just installed. FOR SALE: five acres on Arca— dia Road. Mrs. Jesse \Noncll, Rt. ,3, Box 151, Shelton. J/l mile} downiArcadia Road. 3 Everything To Make The Little Tot Happy WAGONS -~— SCOOTERS 1.0-28—307~11-4—6~—4t. TRICYCLES FOR SALE REPAIRS 7-room modern home with largei tract of land. Excellent ground} with lawn and flowers. This‘, will make a fine suburban home. ‘ Close in. $3,000 with $500 down or $2500 cash. We also Repair wagons, tri- cycles, bicycles, lawmowers, etc. SLEYSTERS FIX-IT SHOP 6-ROOM modern home, hard-wood, floors, fireplace, full basementl and furnace. Also large unfin—i ished upstairs. This home is located on oiled street and has nice yard. Entire property in excellent condition. and priced below present value. Will con- sider terms—$4375.00. 3-ROOM modern homeICIOSe in. Nice garden tract. easily be enlarged. Why pay rent when you can own a home‘ of your own.. $1575 with $200, down, 825 month, including in- terest at 7% monthly reduction.- Andrews Christmas Entities You to One Doze Large 5x7 Mounted Portraits and One Beautiful 8x10 Enlargement All for only $8.97 ($12.50 value) Offer expires Nov. 20 Andrews Photo Studio Fine lake located on 168 acres of land, lake covers 25 to 30 acres. Fine fishing and close to the hunting reserve in the best deer territory in Mason County. Just 11 miles from Shelton with good roads. Excellent opportunityl for several parties to divide the property and each have an ex— cellent tract of land with share of lake at a very reasonable: FILMS DEVELOPED 25¢ per roll ,price. Why not investigate this Free Enlargement 001113011 With property at once! $12.50 an eaCh r011- acre. " FIR DRUG STORE Seattle Stations To Air Top Grid Battles Two football games are in store: for local grid followers this com- ing Saturday afternoon, Novem- ber 1 according to the broadcast schedule announced today. The University of Washington! vs. Montana game to be played' at Seattle will be described by Assodated sportcaster Ted Bell commencing at 1:45 p.m. over Station KJR, Seattle (100 kcysl. I 1320 feet of waterfront located on l bay, about 8 miles from Shel- :ton. Property has plenty. of , .spring water. This is an ex- cellent tract to subdivide and will make an excellent invest- ment. $4750.00. Herbert G. Angle Angle Bldg. Phone 304 Horticultural Ass’n Meeting Due Dec. 8—9 The Western Washington Hort- icultural Association will hold its annual meeting at the Western ——————_———_—_ ANT Ans I-IOLSTERING, furniture recov-l cred and rebuilt, free estimates.t BULLDOZER WORK: clearing,’ InquircI [ Davis Store. Lilliwaup. Phone 1.5 SPECIAL- l 1 House can i * Wanted l “‘“AAAAMAA AA ‘AAAM A“ ESTEADY WORK, GOOD PAY, ‘ RELIABLE PERSON WANTED to call on farmers in Mason County. No experience or capi- tal required. Some making $100 in a week. Write Mr. INMAN. 2423 Magnolia St., Oakland, Calif. l i l WANTED: woman to assist with general house work. Home at .l nights. Inquire Journal. D——10-21-—tf. i i iWANTED TO BUY: Hucklebérry brush and cut ferns at your door. Write or inquire Olympic Evergreen Company, Belfair, Wash. 10-28-30-—11—4- iWANTED AT ONCE: carloads or truckloads of large, smooth, l sound Maple and Alder { ,Higher price, liberal scale. Prompt settlements. Northwest Chair Company, Tacoma, Wash. 10-23--11-4—4t. "V". 7"“ "vvv "VV'VV‘ Lost and Found FOUND: small dark purse. Own- er identify and pay for adv. Journal office. FOUND: medal or badge evidently i lost by some serviceman. In- scription “Roulons ct Passons” upon it. Blue and white striped ‘shield in one corner. Inquire Journal. gLOST: gold wrist watch. Patek Phillippe, back marked Henry M. Newmark, Los Gatos, Calif. Union, Wash. N—10-30--11-4--2’0 '"vvvvv" Wmvom For Rent WA “AA” gwmuw FURNISHED APARTMENTS for rent (2 and3rooms). Good lo- cation. Very reasonable. Golds- oorough Apts, Second and Knee- land Streets, Shelton. 5-7-tf. FOR \RENT: 3 room furnished apartment, private bath. Mill Street» Apartments. Phone 259- M. FOR RENT: 3 room modern cot- tage furnished. Mt. View Cen- ter, 1/2 mile north city limits. Inquire Mt. View Store. C—10-28-30—2t. FOR RENT: 6 room home with 825 month. R. G. Wood. 10-30-1t v" V'V'VV v v 7' V Vva Vvv'" Trade or Swap “Ants AMA Q AAAAAMAAA“ WILL TRADE: used car for chi- ckens, pork, veal, beef or tur- keys. Phone 251-R. P~10-28-30——2t. Tides of the Week— Computed for Oakland Bay (Hood Canal tides are on? hour & 55 minutes earlle ) Play-by-play account of the Washington State College—Univer- l sity of Oregon game, taking place ‘at Eugene, will be given by As- Washington Experiment Station, December 8 and 9, 1941 at Puy- allup, Washington. All exceptionally interesting and instructive program has been ar- ranged and growers or others interested in horticultural crops are invited to attend. HENRY J. REYNOLDS, Secretary-Treasurer. ' Togswfor Gas-Fighters Station KOL Seattle (1300 kcys)z and other Mutual network Sta-i tions throughout the state of: Washington. i t l l l i r ‘ WMWKWWWW~WA n , \ Canada is training soldiers in anti-gas defense. Here’s the antl-gas. equipment a trainee at Petawawa Training Camp wears as he pre- pares to set) out a smoke gartridge. Burlal Ground for Vichy Plane 4 i l l l l l I guy-- DamagedFrench planes, taken over when British and Free French forces occupied Syria, were towed to a burial ground where they were burned. The Australian machine gunner wattlling the blaze has just fired incendiary bullets into the 511113;, a..." ,1,” ‘ k sociated sportcaster John Carpen-I ter beginning at 1:45 p.m. over,‘ Fri. High 4 :28 am. 12.0 ft. Oct. 31 Low 10:03 a.m. 3.4 ft. High 4 :20 p.m. 14.2 ft. Low 10:57 p.m. 1.9 ft. I Sat. High 5323 3.111. 12.6.ft. Nov. 1 Low 10.52 am. 3.9 ft. High 4:50 p.m. 14.0 ft. Low 11:30 p.m. 1.2 ft. Sun. High 6:09 a.m. 13.1 ft. Nov. 2 Low 11:36 a.m. 4.4 ft. High 5:17 p.m. 13.8 ft. Low 12:00 M 0.5 ft. Mon. High 6:50 a.m. 13.5 ft. Nov. 3 Low 12:15 p.m. 4.9 ft. High 5:44 p.m. 13.5 ft. Tues. Low 12:29 a.m. 0.1 ft. Nov. 4 High 7 :26 a.m. 13.8 ft. 'Low 12:53 p.m. 5.3 ft. High 6:09 p.m. 13.3 ft. Wed. Low 12:58 a.m. -.0.3 ft. Nov. 5 High 8:01 a.m. 14.1 ft. High 6:35 p.m. 13.1 ft. Low 1:32 p.m. 5.7 ft. lMo'toris‘ts Face Season Of Fog; Must}: Careful , ‘ During the next few months the great majority of the. motor- ists of the state will experience periods in which a blanket will be wrapped about their automobile— forcing them to exercise the high- ! est type of driving skill to avoid I accidents. ‘ This blanket is fog. According to the Washington State Patrol fog is a definite factor in 14 per cent of the accidents reported in the state during the fall and win- ter months. Fog, according to the State Patrol, is one of nature’s greatest speed reducers and the motorist who treads the accelerator with a. light foot during time of fog is paid safety dividends. ‘1 Driving vision, the State Patrol ,reports, is decreased by 75 per Considering this, it . is only good driving sense to cut cent in fog. i the normal safe speed by at least i 50 per cent. l By remembering the fog-speed- limit of 50 per cent the normal ispeed, together with properly = functioning lights- and Windshield lswipes, Washington motorists can gout—maneuver the hazard of fog, Ethe State Patrol reports. I Care in the fog, the State Pa- ! trol says, also applies to the ped- Ecstrian. The fog-blinded motor- ; ist will not hit a pedestrian if the . highway walker off the road. V'me l -m”-m“mmoo.. l Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv‘ I l l i 6—4t. < i mvmvvvvvvmo l l I l 1 garage, in Mt. View district. 1 5 page Seven wfl-.. ~—.___.___.—.________.___._ RATES i On Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line (5 words) first insertion, attractively low rates ‘ on subsequent insertions. Min- imum charge 40c. Classified advertisements ac- cepted over the telephone from phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or payment made before the first of the month to save expense of billing. An extra charge of 10c will be made when billing is necessary. Card of thanks 50c. Classified Display Rates on Request. Phone 100 For Sale logs. MmuAAAAAAAAAAAA/ lwooo FOR SALE: old growth fir. Any length. Call Union 265 or write Box 107, Union. S—10-7-—_11—6——1M AUBURN Golden Flake Butter- milk, 25¢ gallon. Binns, 825 Franklin. FOR SALE: Lang junior wood- range or trade for wood. Inquire 420 Elinor Ave., Hillcrest. B—10-21-23-28-30—At. FOR SALE: McCaskey credit file, SO-gal. hot water tank almost new. Phone 251-R. ‘ P—10-28-30——~2t. FOR SALE: fresh Jersey cow, second calf. Ted Richert, Sko- komish‘ Valley. 10-28-30—2t. Reward. Write PO. Box No. 16, OLD GROWTH WOOD for sale: $6.50 per cord plus tax. R. V‘I. Killough, phone 586-J. 10-30--11-27—1M FOR SALE: 50 New Hampshire Red pullets, April hatch, 25¢ pound. Lillie Crisman, Route 3, Arcadia. =34 mile from Log Ca- bin Service Station. 10-30--11-4-6-11—4t. AUBURN Golden Flake Butter- milk, 25¢ gallon. Binns, 825 Franklin. C~—10-21——tf.!FOR SALE—Lang junior wood 1 range. Inquire 420 Elinor Ava, Hillcrest. USED FURNITURE lasewing machine ............ ..$ 9.50 2~—wood ranges .................. .. 19.75 ' —circulator ........................ .. 12.50 l—dresser 9.50 2—used radios ...................... .. 12.50‘ 1—dinning room suite, _. , 8 pieces ............................ .. 29.50 Olsen Furniture Co.I NO HUNTING NO TRESPASSING NO FISHING SIGNS On Heavy Tag Board 5V2 x 20 JOURNAL LARGE 812m Duplicating SALES BOOKS 2 for 15¢ 4 for 25¢ 65¢ per dozen We also take order: tor all kind! of special—- PRINTED SALES BOOKS Our prices are as low or lower than outside salesmen‘~.can quote you. THE JOURNAL "WWI mvw‘ vvvvvvy‘ m norm } Al. cull AAA“ w - ALDEN C. BAYLEY ATTORNEY AT LAW Title Insurance Building Opposite First National Bank Phone 23 - I- Shelton INSURANCE HERBERT G. ANGLEI Office at Angie Building ELLIOT B. SPRING ‘ Accounting Tax Services Bookkeeping Systems 123 4th St. Phone 566. MT. MORIAH Loooel 11 F. &. A.M. Next Regular Communication NOVEMBER 1 M. H. NEEDHAM Worshipful Master J. L. UATTO, Secretary. No. WITSIERS V FUNERAL HOME Licensed Embalmers W A. VVitsiers, Prop. Phone 180 - ~ Shelton. Wash. B—10-21-23-28—30-4t‘