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October 30, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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October 30, 1941

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Pa go Eight i Potiatch Get. New Postmaster; Ily Elizabeth Hussman Petlatch, Oct. 2:). do fill thel vacancy due to the i'esicnationl of George Sisley as postmaster oi' I"Ci...'chi:. inns. Lavender ;-'., loodsport has been appointodi acting postmaster, and Mr. and rs. Lavender have remodeled', the interior of the postoffice. , iii‘. and Mrs. Smith drove over, to Bremerton Saturday to spendi the day shopping. I Mr. and Mrs. Alec Bartel andl Mr. and Mrs. McKiel of Hoods— port were guests of the Less. Wyrcs for dinner Monday even-- ing. ' -J‘.’lr. and Mrs. Hoodsport were dinner guests of Say It WITH FLOWERS They Bring Comfort and Happiness FUNERAL DESlGNS AND HOSPITAL BOUQUETS Roy Aselson cf. LINCOLN RECOVERING . W‘ . 1 Ralph Vi". Lincoln of Shelton is making a rapid recovery after an 3 emergency lung operation to re-‘ move a particle of a nut which lodged in his lung at the Marine hospital in Seattle last week. lie. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Carlson Tuesday evenir. 0. b Wilfred V‘Je‘ob of V“. In- in u , l, ma te. tended the WashingtonStanford football game. had been confined thcre wit asthma for about two weeks. Miss Nellie Esaw and Mr. and ‘ Mrs. J Delivered anywhere, anytime Irivis Floral imp Siieiton Hardware Bldg. Phone 232 ZTO-W l—Ialloween Cookies dozen 20¢ Delicious Donuts l . . more comfort as Just as you see it . . . sofa and huge club chair. choice of dark mulberry or dark blue The interior construction of the guaranteed 20 years. velour. two pieces is Carved walnut wood once ! TWO PIECES $9'1 , ogiah'uzr fifl'gcyam‘ ' r, Daviscourt Bakery A SPECIAL Room gfldelfléle Covered in New Velour and Priced Very Special: MORE for your money than ever before FOR Valli“! lllllil'l ’iiliiii. i wire separately aim has well as more value ! a massive LUXURY Covered in a trim. See them at E-a-s-y S-p-a-c-e-d T-e-r-m-s is expected to be able to return? ,homc within a few days. (Ti 1 Mark Hussman and his ol—i went to Seattle Saturday and at-' Mr. George Sisley returned home . ‘ from the hospital Wednesday. l’og Smith. the Esaw’s daughter" and son-in-law, spent the wcr-k-. end at the home of l‘~."lr. and Mr:;.j i Esaw. , i Mf‘. and Mrs. Jacobson and sonz ‘Harold. drove to Aberdeen on“ Saturday to visit friends an d , 3 shop. ,Mr. and Mrs. Les Wyrei: at-j tended a birthday larty given on; ,Tuesday evening for Betty Mc-i 1 {iel at Hoorlsport. 1 ‘ Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kaare were' ‘g‘uests of Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson, Saturday evening. FALL is the season for frolic. ‘ ‘ formal, ‘ son‘s cheerful fashion. ' paper. I: of yellow crepe. , cut from black crepe paper and . ,ifor Ch ‘ , Alaska withoii .' I my; supper table. and happy event. BY WINIFRED CLARK Everyone likes a gay, in- colorful party. You’ll have a glorious time setting up a buffet supper table in the sea- Amuse yourself and your family by making favors and decorations for the affair. To make the handles of the doughnut tray cut two No. 15 wires 30 inches long. Wrap each several times with a one—haIf—inch strip of black crepe. Fasten the ends of the wire to the underside of a paper plate with gummed paper tape. Cut a pumpkin head and hat from orange mat stock. Cover the hat section with black crepe Add hat band and bow Features are pasted in place. HE 84mm ENTER TH-ISONE iii NATMNAL LIARS CONTEST! It wouldn't have been . :1 fr: ies, true or ficticiims. guess which the following is. trm Valley man an O‘ilf‘li— around the bu -hou::c in the Ophir district last summer, Where Charlie w irked operating crane, by an old sour-do (h, Vl'inno Pun- tilla. It like this, an d Seems to be typical of the stories the old sour-doughs relate on the slightest provocation, especially to young newcomers to Alaska: In the winter of gust be— fore Mr. Roosevelt took office as "10' .. .b fro and Alaska, I was doing a bit of prospectian on Little Creek in the on the shore of the Onoko River. so I decided to take a run into supply, having); run low too soon. I hitched up the dogs and “mush- “4 ed,” intending to return at once : ito my diggin’s back up in the .'.\A'-“.- r. Visit our New Furniture \Varchouse’ Showrooms across the corner from the main store. it 7 lei Table A little ingenuity, some wire. and some crepe paper combine to make an unusually attractive buffet Here are instructions that are easy to follow and that will make your frolic an exciting natural ‘ The yarn was mid to the Shelfi SHIN .T‘ON~M A 0L Fallrolic i l i i l i i i i or crepe paper. Tie top and bot- tom with spool wire. Surplus crepe at top of head should be cut off. Leave crepe at other end for the neck. For legs and arms, out two pieces of No. 7 wire nine inches For trouser legs, paste tubes of double thickness of jade green crepe paper around the wire handles. Wrap the wires about the trousers with yellow crepe cut one—half~inch wide across the grain. Paste pumpkin faces in place. For the pumpkin of the pump~ kin elves candleholders, cut a strip of orange crepe paper, across the grain, five inches wide and long enough to go twice around the candleholder base. Gather one long edge of the orange crepe around neck of. candleholder. Tie in place with spool wire. Paste short ends to- gether. Turn inside out and paste to underside of the card- board base. For the head of the elf, make a tube of double thickness of amber crepe paper about two Oinches deep and three inches in circumference. Stuff with cotton crepe between leg wires and tie all together with spool wire. . Wrap body to desired thickness 3 with the one—half—inch strip of amber crepe. : .For the trousers of the cos- tume make tiny tubes of orange ‘; crepe paper. Slash the bottomi l edge into points. Slip tubes over legs and fasten. Your results will justify your efforts. and you’ll have a beauti- fully decorated table inexpen- sively designed. l i l (scattered the harness of the otheri ifour dogs, also their bones, and the snow was red with blood. II figured they had attacked her and lshe had killed them and then inf 4 her hunger devoured them, andi MUS. but had to h010 up at the as I said before, I don’t know how‘ i post on account of storms, but got' long I had slept rolled up in my! so durned lonesome at the post.!new blankets, but that poor dog: Idocided to take a chance anyhowiwas skin and bones and too weaki and harnessed up the dogs alld‘to travel so I up and shot her! started out. to put her out of her misery. i 1 Is It Gospel Truth? Using Somebody’s Head i l long. Wrap each separately with l a one—half—inch strip of amber ‘ crepe. Bend wires at right an— { gles three inches from end to l form arms. Place surplus neck i the presid it of the United States . Ophir district. about 30 miles , from the trading post of t h e . Northern Commercial Company, . the Post to replenish my liquori ‘how long I had slept but when I- Having got me a gallon jug of liquor and some new blankets we hit the trail. The goin‘ was good and the dogs were fast with the temperature around 60 below. We had traveled about half of the Lstance, when all of a sudden it be an to rain like all get out, which made the going hard and finally we bogged down entirely. death i move or do something. I knew the dogs would take care of them- So I up and drank the whole gal— Ion of liquor and crawled ,thc sled under the blankets with 1a heavy tarpaulin over the sled to shed the rain. I don't know ‘came to I only had one dog left and she was my lead dog, but around about in the snow were' .m— I know I would-soon freeze to, if I didn’t keep on the selves, by diggin’ into the snow.‘ "waited until that (lern bull got up into i l l l l i l I l i l i i i l l i l i It had stopped raining and as I figured I was closer, to the trading post than to my cabin I started out on my snowshoes. The going was good and I made good time until I rounded the sec- ond turn in the trail ahead, and there right in front of me stood‘ the biggest bull moose I ever saw, with his head down, pawing the snow and whistlin'. Just 'then he saw me and let out ano- ther snort and made a run for me. I sure thought I was done for. With no place to jump I just close, then I made a flyin’ leap and landed right in that spread of horns, bigger than any rockin’ chair I ever saw. i Right then is when he did getl mad, but I hung on and finally got turned around so I could sit down on his head. I grabbed a- hold of his horns on both sidesl of me and wrapped both legs around his head with both my feet under his jaws and every time he would lower his head t0] hrow me off, I’d kick him under the jaw, so he soon learned to hold his head up. and I soon learned that by twisting his horns I could‘ steer him whichever way I want— ed him to go. Comes Affection It was hard work but I finally made the trading post. I was about all in when the boy's helped me down, and do you know after I was helped down, that derned bull moose didn’t even try to run away, he just layed down in the snow to rest. The boys got some, feed and put it in front of that derned bull and he just layed there and ate it, and' after that he wouldn’t leave camp. I didn‘t bother to go out to my cabin any. more that ,winter, just hung around and took care of that bull moose, because he had saved my life. Then came spring, and alongl with spring came_ the tourists from the big cities and when I showed them the moose and told them the history of him, the gals 'all begged for a chance to sit up in that 'spread of horns and have their pictures tooken, and even them derned city dudes want- -ed their pictures took, so I just i 1 charged a dollar a sit. Well, I made right smart money that sum- mer, but dern it as soon as fall- set. in and the running season bev gan that dern‘fool moose lit out for the hills one day and we hain’t seen nary hide nor hair of himysince. But I was glad —- he had saved’my life and I just fig- ured he was entitled to his free- dom as far as I was concerned. Thanksgiving Nov. 20, Says Governor When is Thanksgiving in the state of \‘Vnshing‘ton? One person says one thing, and another another, but there’s only one man in the entire state who knows. because he’s ithe chap who sets the date. That’s Governor Langlic. Thanksgiving, says the gov— ernor, will be on Thursday. November 20, and not on Nov- ember 27. Journal Want-Adsé-phone ioo Thursday, 0 Wu; ctober 30" ‘ . III-u "fillST NDW' Itll STATES Hallowe’enVAtho night of goblins and goodies . . . of pranks and pumpkins . . . of masquerades and marsh— s mallowsl Hallowe’enrwthe night of parties . . . and i we join in the spirit with a PARTY OF SAVlNGS . . . low, low prices to help you work menu-magic on a limited budget. Each and every item is an invitation to shop and save here this Week-end 1 Grocery Prices Effect Fri. Sat. Mon- PRICRS EFFECTIVE FRIDAY SATURDAY lling LEG o“ roan ' 3 I and term epro K0351“ PQRK .. . . a... All center cuts. we flnals 1 y were PORK STEAK “ 0"“ H u I 0f the I sixty fi I x u n slit-ounce " Russell . ,the Pork Sausage ......................................... .. lb. 25’ - 1 ‘A i Medium Bacon .................... .. lb. 2 lvl'orrcll's Eastern. Pieces as out. , . Sliced Bacon ....................................... .... .. Morrell's hull). cello pack. , Ground Beef ........................................... __ ’ All loan, fresh ground. ‘5: ‘ "r — .v . OY TEES ............................... _. Pacific Pints MINCE MEAT 2413s. Made with lots of meat. SABER KRAUT . ,. quart Bednars‘ New Pack. th a 12-x); FORMAY ...................................... _. 34b. can The perfect shortening. PRICES EFFECTIVE FRIDAY SATURDAY MONDAY PUMPKIN ................................................ ,_ 2 for 21¢ Reliance No. 2%, cans. DILL PICKLES ...................... ,. No.2l/Z cans 10¢ Sylvia No. 2% cans. RIPE OLIVES ...................... . .‘ ............. ._ 2‘, cans 23¢ Diamond Crown, medium size. MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE .... .. 1-lb. can 33¢ APPLE CIDER ...................... _______ __ 1 gallon 45¢ Local (jug deposit). APPLES __________________________ .................... ,. 104m. 49¢ Delicious or VVinesap. The favorite Hallowo’en fruit. ORANGES ___________________________________________ 8—lbs. 49¢ Valencia, sweet and juicy. LEMONS .................................................... _. doz. 15¢ Sunkist, thin skinned, medium size. PUMPKINS ______________________________________________ __ 5¢ & 10¢ CHINESE DINNERS ...................................... _. 45¢ a bum Vued on Pi A. I llddf In At tvefi‘i’éi 1y at his atreat at Mixed Vegetables, Chow Mein Noodles with Soy Sauce 1: id 0:33: PRODUCEH staff . v 011 ll CELEB-Y ...... .. 2 for 9¢ SPINACH.... 3-lbs. 10¢ {service}: W BEETS, CARROTS,.TURNIPS .... .. 5 bunches 10¢ 'aflfilrgda CAULIFLOWER .............................. __ .2 heads 25¢ , mm.- POTATOES, Yakima US. No. 1 ______ .. 10—lbs. 25¢ 4 ,ey POTATOES, U. s. No. ____________________ .. 50-lbs. 53¢ ; ,ing of 1‘ t , , HUBBARD SQUASH ____________________________ “ lb. . er. E12 ' a sistei 0f Seat! was a of Olym] in th BUTTER . . z-lbs. Wild Rose—QO-score. ‘ LOG CABIN SYRUP 3 Medium cans. III "I .u (I l/Z-lbu Orange Pekoe. I . l ’ . CUTS DOWN STOCKING RUNS SAVES ELASTICITY and three labels nonsr MEAT cm 140 PYHEX THERMOMETER SUNBHITE FOR "8.0." PR OTECTS HEALTH = The Breakfast Food You’ve Been Waiting For! . . . heerioats . Super Nutritious and FlEADY-TO-EAT AT LAST ! l WASHES CLOTHES SPARKLING WHITE Q\\\l Delicious . ill I \- liliililllll 2‘Pkgs. and No-Drip , P TCHER .......... .. both for ACTIVE LATHER FOR COMPLEXION