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November 4, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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November 4, 1941

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Page Six East coast shipyards are busily launching new vessels to speed Uncle Sam’s two-ocean Navy. Seventh and newest aircraft carrier, the Hornet (top), puts into Norfolk Navy Yard for commissioning after a The U. S. S. Haddock, newest Navy submarine (bottom right), was launched a few days ago at Portsmouth, N. H. The Knight (bottom left), is one Of tWin deStFOY‘ ers added to the fleet recently at Charlestown Navy Yard, near Boston, Mass. short trip from Newport News, Va. DERBY DOTTINGS Mrs. Louise Huff, Second prize winner Shelton’s 1911 silvcri salmon derby and also $5 winnerl for topping the qualifying board, is 9. sportswoman to the care. She fishes at least two days a weekl ‘zmd sometimes for several days, at a. time at Sckiu and otheri good spots. A week ago Sunday. the final day of the deer season, she bag- ger a buck scaling better than 200 pounds, and she qualified forI the Olympia Poggie club salmon' derby finals. which were held last; Sunday in Hood Canal, but chose to compctc in the Shelton derby when the two come on the same day. Incidentally, the Poggic Club dcrhy gave away $20 cash as ‘its top prizc \Yhilc the Shelton ' derby awarded an outboard mo- tor which now rotaiis for $99.50. The I’oggic (‘luh dcrby's top fish “as (u'cr Hi pounds. whilc Shcltmi's was 131,32 pounds, but that is to bc expectcd for the canal salmon run larger on the avcrage than those which reach i the buy hcrc. ' Scattle‘s: silvct' derby finals, al«' so hclrl this past Sunday, wcrc‘ tonncil by n, JP-pound, o'ic-otincc, fish. E’roriortionately, fishing was better in the Shelton derby finals: than in Seattle's for over 40 fishi were taken by Fill anglers here: whilc :im'iropzimaiely 110 fishI were claimed by ovcr 700 anc'lei'si in. the Scottie finan and onlyI hnlf In" those were silver salmont I too, as :34 chinooks were iHCllldf‘d in Hm Spatle “take,” accordingi to lli~‘ lic‘HIc Timcs Inst nigl'it,. ’T‘tu‘stc Lil‘iiu'ritin entrants in} Slinltnn’c sil‘rcr derby have done} right. wall for tlinmsclvgs. Ln st| your it? C. VVillinms conned thc' t‘ii'rl fii'IZ-Z‘ and not" this verirl Huff frets second. ‘VlllifilllSI “;:I-'uok"rl” this. year, h u t. rr'jrhc it‘ll Inc his: turn :it. firstI prize iti 1012. if the Lilliwaupi progression continues. 1 . S03v7". FI’N. SOME LOSS I Still in tho fishing? vein. but,I not concerned with the solmon‘ (lcrhV, is: Rev. J. 0. Bovoc's re— port ’if having? caurrht three m:- ccllcot rainbow trout betwoen 13 find 19 inches in length last Thurs- day. His. hiEISW‘SI; of the trio scaled 511- pounds. The Baptist pastor. preferring to he truthful about the matter instead of following: the usual fisherman procedure of giving a. fictitious location for his catch, uimnlv (lot-lined to say where lin made his. “take.” “Nobcdv would believe. it if I did name a place, so why name: it." he i'casooed. The expedition wasn't without cost. however. for Mr. Bovee lost his Wife’s o'itf‘t. He set if dan i o“ 5"" bank for a moment. hnit‘ still in the water. of course at that moment 9. hip one had to l'ec first bite he'd had 1in to that time and awn,v went the ,nmar into is. deep holc, No amount' of fishing: for it was successful. n rid. "mu-n. CONFEDED Most. sportsmen will ao‘ree 100! per cent with Rob Cloud's senti— ment in his sports column in the Elmo. Chronicle in which he says. “ . . something should be‘ done to keep the blind. the feeble- mindmi the selfish. and the n‘aio vicious from i=,'ondnrin17 around 5" thn woods with loaded mms. A great mo‘ority of hunters urn sensible, not given to shootinv anvthing and everything th 3 t. moves. They ‘rrimn around in sun and min. sleep clier and rise carlv. and acquire o tremendousr appetite. They keep in better, physical condition then we whoI sit around indoors the year“; around. Thev nnim' n fellowshiol with naturi- which iii-lb: smooth, off tici'vcs wwri i‘:'\2';."id by ihcl llllt‘i'lllellniill mixinlmii I ideline lants ‘thing must be worked out.” [5‘0 reports Com-h Taylor. I same last week in his .year in their game here Satur~ ‘ victorious. : COlTl‘T. ‘ emptying into the canal, he says. BILL DICKIE By I: g , —....— I I‘ mi “But cvery.year they are en- dangered by this minority of quick-triggeer fools. If they escape being shot themselves, they are in danger of losing their right to hunt, for each season the public says “Hm-m. Another man shot in the. woods. Maybe we should just abolish hunting." “There should be some way to find out beforehand who will be a “safe” hunter and who will not. We must not penalize this bigi majority of sane hunters for what } a few fools do: yet we in us t protect persons and propertyi some way. Maybe an cxa,mina-. tion would help; something: likcI the exam you take to get a driv-i cr‘s license. Maybe not. Some-‘ TOPPLED Fontball's 'iuhmtcn ranks were deprived of another member a few days back when Murray Taylor‘s six-man touch team from Allyn grade school bit the dust in their third engagement with Belfair and their fifth game of the Season. 1‘ I Tho Allyn youngstcrs had beat- en Belfair and Lake Ray twich each in previous games and had a 13 to 0 lead on Bolfair in the first quarter when things wentl awry, mainly because a couple of: husky Belfair eighth graders were i injected into the game and they proceeded to pulvcriZc the smnlL or, younger Allyn sixth graders, FOUR NOW Two more former Highclimh— or football players havc joincd Pat Smith and Bill Vigor as members of the chmcrton Northwest Lcaguc grid squad. They are Chuck Hanson and Jack ("ole. both backfielders. Jack’s lcflhandcd pnsscs click~ ed nicely in his first appear- ance under fire, reports l’nl. CHALK UP ONE. The Sideliner wronged Monte- high school football yarn when he said Shnl- ton and Monte Would be shooting; for theirfirst victories of the day. The Bulldogs won their first game. from Ocosta. Since that time Ocosta hasn‘t bccn de- feated and Montesano hasn‘t been EXPLAIN THIS Odd how the. same teams can perform so differently just a week apart. A week ago Saturday Shelton junior high gave Chehalis jun- ior high a. mightlv stiff strug- gle before surrendering a 14 to 6 verdict, but this last Satur- day at Chehalis, with two back— field aces back in action after a three-week layoff. the Shei- ton juniors lost a 26 to 0 de- cision. Can playing on a home field make that much difference? O. K. W'ITH THEM Hool Canal‘s salmon fishing was sampled last week by Bob John— son. Philadelphia Athletics homer hitting outfielder, and his broth- er. Roy, who played outfield for Minneapolis of the American ASs’n this past year. The two pro baseball stars were guests of Pete Allard. who Operates the aquarium at Hoods- nort, oomin’r over from Tacoma with Bob Allard. so". of Pete. The ouartet bagged four Rah mon, Roy E’ettinrr two and Bob one. It was Roy’s first visit to: the canal but Rob is a remglar We particularly likes the fishinc; in the streams" steelhcnd I . . I . There are twentyfivc different‘ types of ship: on which :i U. S.‘ . Nuvy mun may mil, 1. Texaco Quintet i i i l I I I I Tours Into Lead As Dairy Losesi COMMERCIAL BOW/LING \V. L. Pct. Texaco ......................... ..l3 8 .619 ,4—E Dairy ........... .. .._.1] 10 .524 Marshall's lns. . .11 10 .524 iMac's Corner ...... .. . 7 14 .333! High Scores I GamerrVan Beck 223. Total --J. Daniels 607. Matches Thursday Mac’s Corner vs. 4-E Dairy. Marshall’s vs. Texaco. Cliff Wivell’s Texaco Firechiefs gained 9. two-game lead on their Commercial league rivals Thurs- day night through the combina- tion of a two-to-one verdict over Mac’s Corner while Paul Mar- shall's Northern Life quintet was winning a tic—game roll-off for a clean sweep triumph over 4-E Dairy. Thc dairymcn had either sharedl thc top rung with Texaco or heldl it alonc since the season opened. Sandy Sanderson and Abe Kop- Dcrman steered Texaco home inI front while Jess Daniels, John Dotson and Van Beck all shared in the insuranccmen’s victory. That some trio all hung up 200 totals in the opening game of their match Thursday to post the season’s first 1000 pin teaml toial in the commercial circuit. Mar. Inn. (3) I 4-E Dairy (0) Handicap 198‘ Handicap 111 Dotson 533I Skerbini 440 Van Beck 488IWorthington 405 Wingerd 4261‘]. Savage 495 O'DPII 4 823 Young 503 l)?l,llli’.‘l.'-< 607i Fourre 537 inoz 833 8992734I235 833 82.3 2491 Tc):an (2) l Mac’s (l) Handicap 1520i Handicap 267 Sanderson 1197i 'I‘imzstead 507 (1. Miller 420ISnelg1‘nvo 341 iiopoei'mnu 468I Dummy 483 mink 448? Rednarski 397 I A. Perrier 5033 Peterson 431i 7.0.4 82?. .010 15163859 778 791 2426 Two Small Fires Put Out By City Firemen“: City firemen answered two. alarms. in a 36-hour period lasti weekend, preventing any appre- rtiahle damage in either instance. A chimney fire at the Orton Harrison‘home at Third and Grove streets was doused about 3:20 Sunday/afternoon, while a smalll compressor motor for a refriger- ating system at the Shelton Sport- ing Goods store at Second and Railroad caught fire at midnight last night but was extinguished before more than the motor it- self was damaged. 0 Need a convoy to get you out of the house these chil- ly fall mornings? What better inner fortification than Al’s Vitality Bread? Mum’s I QUALITY MARKET l I GROCERIES FRESH MEATS FRUITS FINEST FOODS AT BEST PRlCES HQCDSPORT I I I I I P-SS-T- LOOK. MISI :52- TH' GALS CERTINGLV LIKE U6 SAILORS! THA'S SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL one, LEARNEN' A SKILLED T wn" LOTS OF TIME TO OF ROMAHSK AN' OP WAS IN TH' TWO NEW SUPER 27,000-TON An announcement, made public recently by Navy Department. that construc- : tion has been started on six 27,000 ton super cruisers, indicates that 'work on our new “Two-Ocean", Navy has been further accelerat-l ed. This latest statement concern-3 ing Naval shipbuilding brings the; total number of new ships ordered I since January 1, 1941 to 2,831—-= with 968 of these ships already un- der construction. Production linel methods are being used wherever possible and a pronounced speed- up has been accomplished by the linstitution of a 48-hour week and a three-shift 24-hour day. 375,000 men are already shipyards Imen will be added to this force of workmen who are speeding CRUISERS FOR U. S. NAVY oi at least one every ten days. So coordinate and precise is the current naval shipbuilding pro- gram that many months are being cut from the normal Itimc of American-made warships. This expert planning and new speed in construction of our ships the United States the small torpedo boats Opens qualified men for training at the rate of 12,000 to 15,000 a month. These men, enlisting in either the regular Navy or the Naval Re- serve, will be sent to one of the four Naval Training Stations and employed in may have a chance to go to a, and another 125,000 assignment to the fleet. During this period they will receive reg- ‘flm‘a‘gine‘ me steering“ a . Destroyer! TAR?! We had tWK’pay raises fin only eight months! I’ll say\ a you can’t beat Uncle ,Sanwglsfl Nafig": 0U couldn’t ask for a greater thrill than that which a fellow gets when he comes backhome wearing a trim Navy uniform. The folks crowd around. They all want to know where you’ve been, what you’ve done. And, man, do you have stories to tell! GREATEST LIFE IN rue WORLD You’re proud. And you should be. For you’ve been leading the greatest hfe in the world; And it’s a thrill to tell about it, too. A thrill to RECRIIN OIFFIC ER, -‘-IA‘3, Mousse, THA's TH' SAILORS HAVE PLEN‘V OF FUN—- - l'LL BET VA WISHES VA NAWU Iliilar Navy pay and the free Navyi building . from 45,000-t0n dreadnaughts to' way for the Navy to accept new‘ i‘rade School even before soil assnoes LOOK wi—io's RADE IN TH‘ MAW. HERE I THOUGHT VISIT TH' LANDS PORTIJNIKV! RETIRE-Di ADAQIRAL schooling is valued at hundreds i ‘of dollars. . i Every new ship in our Navy iwill'requirc not only hundreds ofi Iadditional sailors but many more: iNavy men will be needed to work in Navy dry docks, machine shops, Ships down the ways at the rate i ordnance depots and other shore Catholic Church. ,posts to keep the new ships in I action. “Never in the history of the iUnited States has there been : greater opportunity for loyal 'young Americans to serve their country and build their futures than right now,” Secretary of the Navy Knox recently said. The day on which a young can— Ididatc for the U. S. Navy is of- ficially accepted and swornrinto service is known as “Shopping .Day." It is the day he is sent off to. one of four Navy Training Stations forhis course in instruc- tion and discipline. His parting gift is a. beioklet- filled with use ful information called “Helpful Hints to the Navy Recruit." “‘x‘, .. . .w- 1 a! MEES THE ADMIRAL! VOU ‘UERE KEEP AWAV LOOK WHAT THE U. S. NAVY AND NAVAL RESERVE OFFER YOU FREE TRAINING worth $1500. Nearly 50 trades and vocations to choose from. GOOD PAY with regular increases. You may earn up to $126 a month. EACH YEAR you are entitled to a generous v" vacation period, with full pay. " GOOD F000 and plenty of it. . FREE CLOTHING. A complete outfit'Bf‘cloth. " ,ing when you‘lfirsi: enlist. 60%: $100 worth.) ,. my...“ T11esc1a.y,§ovember 4:, 1 ooOO'OH '- rr- I “,‘fgfifil My Your pay In the Navy IS gr _ N° “ml '0 pGY- No food to buy. No shrew“.fl I dentist‘s bills. Even movies and other cull meni are free. And when you first enlistfil" I gives you $ll8.00 worth of uniformsl .And if you want to learn trade, Il'lfl M the place to do it. There are forty-five odd you can learn . . .nuining that‘s worth lW ‘V of dollars the first year. The Navy otters the chance of WW young men. If you are W or ever, get if“ of the illustrated booklet "UFE IN THE NAVY," from the Navy Editor of this new Simply write or call. 2 ,%5 FROM THE NAVV 3! ll G ll LF. 037 sf); g ()ctobi 1“" Scni SERVE HOUR comm“,q BUILD your: FUTURE' GET N THE NAVi-J George Hopkins Dies Saturday Funeral rites werc. conducted, During the trainingé’ S. Navy recruits gain an of fifteen pounds each- Ithis morning for George A. Hop- E R990“ ‘kins, 47, from the St. Edwards' 0 M l 9 than u’ . I . . l $18 037 He died at his home at 712> S I) ' I, Cota street Saturday after a. long ‘ L 0 A N degasgzem illness. He had been a resident, ce Ad of Shelton, for the past three. I armour, iyears and was a sheet metal . h'- l worker by trade. I . convenient T 15.".wm , Surviving are his wife, Ether, Oui‘tlzfe“ 0 lot Shelton, his parents. Mr. andI :Mrs. Rolla Hopkins of Denveml Colorado, and three sisters, Mrs.‘ Ihearl Hank and Mrs. Charlotte IOldenettlc, both of Denver, and lClnra, of San Francisco. i Mr. Hopkins was born at Den— jver, May 14, 1894. i O Reasonable ' O NO DELAY I‘Oport grants 1 ed; on a t1Rue to 1:8 the . i by t f Social . Mason County 533 i' & Loan Assoc“! Title Insurance 1‘ VVithiu 4 months after enlist-i ,ment, U. 8. Navy recruits au-‘ itomatically receive a 70 per centI increase in pay and a promotion to a higher rating. Where else in the world are therelsucli’ opportunities for thrill, for fun, as in Uncle Sam’s Navy? for a .vu,..‘, A :- see the .admlral tion in the eyes of the and I“: MEDICAL “RE, includin‘reg‘du den. , I. 8 Only Girl as you tell about the first hme you 1:81 attention. m...w w... _, ,. A steered a Destroyer. 0r handled a RT. Boat , nuzsr seams and entertainment any man , r . at more than 45 miles per hour. Or stepped could ask for. .1 H «9W... ' k ' Roy outinfront of our shi matesboreoeive our TRAVEL. ADVENTURE, TIIRlllsa-You can’t - V ' be held first pmmofio P y beat the Navy for them! w nus. we l (3219 sat, BECOME Au OFFICER. Many can work for ’Man I, etgkfi d an appomtment to the Naval Academy or coupon for your free . 101, 35 a the Annapolis of the Air afi’ensacola. a copy of Life in the U. S. ., yea -- And with that promotion came an in in pay. And there were more to come. Second Class. First Class. And then Chief Petty Officer. Many might even .go to Annapolis; Or to Pensacola with the flying cadet“, Exciting? You bet. am} fun too- Something doing all the time. Real he-man’s stuffiBox. ing. Baseball. Football; Swimming; AND MOVIES . '.' . previews, (:00! " . \ and "2 ENROLL IN THE NAVAL RESERVE r. . . BE RELEASED AFTER THE EMERGENCY spared, regardless of the length of time re- ' maining in their enlistment.” Remember—the regular Navy and Naval Reserve offer you the same travel, training, promotions, pay increases. Physical require. ments in the Naval Reserve are more liberal. syn-3.1.991 gawk: » The Secretary of the Navy has announced;— "All men now enlisting in the Naval Reserve will be retained on active Navy duty “3011811- out the period of the national energency. but they will be released to inactive duty as soon after the emergency as the": “Moe” can be SERVE voun COUNTRY * I g...» .. ........,...,.wv~"— -.. FUTURE SUCCESS. It’s easy for Navy trained men to get good-payingjobs in civil life. LIBERAL RETIREMENT-PAY men. ' b aviation mechanic, dental technician trician—to mentionafew. , , ' ' i i Yes, training that wouldbeworth ,you in one year’s time; Training that will assure you of a well-paid job in civilflife. Yet you get paid while learning—get you: keep ." J2. for ayy 3i. V if r ’ 'W«s-N «W FREE TRAINING WORTH $1500 (And all this time you’re taking care of your future! The Navy said, . can make you an expert.” And they gave you nearly , 50 skilled trades and vocations to choose from: Radio expert, machinist, welder; “Pick a trade—we ,...i .4 ,i .. N avy.” 24 pages, fully illus- i trated. Ii: answers all your .l questions. Tells what your . paywillbe...promotionsand , vacations you can expect. . . how you can retire on a life «at income. Describes how you { i l t canlearn any one of 45 big- , ' a ter 5 v pay trades from aviation to )* ik, , , Q3):?‘7‘1131'31' o K—m 1 radio .. . how many may become officers. 27 scene! “’7' gaYllzalt from Navy life showing sports and games you may . v. I . play, ships you may be assigned to, exciting p0?“ I . . er you may visit. Tells enlistment requirements and I where to apply. If you are between 17 and 31 In" 3, 'n Mayo high school required), get this free book now. N0 v 3m obligation. Ask the Navy editor of this aper f“ ', 'QOVey s} , elec. copy. Or telephone him. Or mail him tie cou ." Dl‘éside I H, ‘You canpaste it one. pennypostalcard.‘ ,I’ ' 36"“ point » 5.; ~-~ , 2 up yest , 1‘ $1500 to WEAR nus BADGE or uouonl 13‘ ' '18 $33, after reading the free booklet you d? l. '- . cide to apply for a place in the N 1V”! .- yau will receive this smart 181*", ‘2 . emblem. It is a badge of honof 3"” .. a complete outfit of clothing gee; winbe pmud to we”; ,3. 4r fi. pay . . rnnnnm-nm-u-I-nn-n-I- r: I Naif-)1 { Tear out and take or send this coupon , hEa’d ‘ 7‘ VA. to the Navy Editor of this newspaper Without obligation on my part whatsoever, pleas?” free booklet, "Life in the Navy," givingfull deal” the opportunities for men in the Navy at Naval R g. , d Name______‘_________‘_.A" i» . .~.. emlaw—A—0— We ‘-