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November 11, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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November 11, 1941

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>4»: , November 11, 1941. you CAN’T SELL UNTIL You :FIND__A Bul/Elzl USE_WANT:-AD$__ SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL l l *_ TON-MASON colllln JOURNAL “— . Consolidated with The Shelton Independent Published every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon ember of Washington va‘spapt‘r I‘uhlisliers’ Association . and National .lo‘ditorial Association. -' Vas second—c135: matter at the postot‘l‘ice at Shelton, Washington tion of Eberhart ch., or Street, Al- SUbSCYlptlon Rates. “7. L_ pct! lyn. Date of hdaring having boon! ' 1‘ : in Mason County (outside of Shelton city mail carrivr districts) Texaco qervice 15 9 625: set for M‘mdayz (“wk-’9" Jam' 1911' i t a ear; 6 mom} ~, 321,25; 3 months, 75¢. Foreign $3.50 p~-r yhar. posmll ,' 5 ‘‘‘‘ " . ' , and Monday havmg‘ been a legal hulk g6 1,0115 formal risidcnts of Shelton served by City mail carrier. from , Marslialls Insurance ..12 12 .500‘ day, and therefore board was not in Lin- 0 8:: of}:- Journal by mail.} c 4-1a Dairy __________________ __11 13 .4581§%ssmn. it willstmlwflrdh and Saginaw, . ' CARRIER: ill She ton, or hit nth collected h ar ' ‘ . . 4 . e at a 110W 3 e 0 Wiring: 6 set ee , per year in advance. U D ( y C Her) Mdcf’ C0111)?" h S ""10 1’1 '417 £05” Monday. Novombcl- 10th at 2:00l 'lg . cores l .l .. and that notice be given :lc- ~ . ‘ _._ ' cordin l . Carried. GRANT C. ANGLE J. EBER ANGLE €01?“ DD?tS(m,—42710‘ Jollng Mal'R. appearcd to ask i . . , 7,", 0 ‘1 “7‘0 n 0 Son '3 ~ ‘ permission to .1 County land in: Editor V _, ,Wrzw: 4:: E‘“” ('rmdmwmuifln Matches Thursday i Scolion 34, 21. l) on CCC Road. Per—i ' “' ’ " """"'”“"“"“ 44:; Dairy vs. Texaco. imiglsipn WT»; maintvd- ‘ I A . ,alms a owe . CONFISCATORY TAXATION Mac’s "5- ,MahhallR , , In the mattcr or 5911310 Bill anti Strong strides 0n the trail back 1201, 77th Congress. it was moved,- by Mac’s Corner in the past three1 wait S‘fif‘trfidogp‘hdt, “"1" . ' I ' . lwmks have tightened Commercial“ 5.": 1 {ma ‘1 m" l . .d into Witn Nell, Blodio anal , res1dent ROOSCVBIt DOW urges heaVler taxes bowling league standings great- i Trullingcr. Olympia, carried. ‘ .4 0f the highest and varied demands on the 1y, to the point now Where only; Boarfiogggg}lrgg;mor 20 m, , five games separate top and bOt‘l Board met: ’allflprcsent’as of prlyE f‘ in history, for the alleged purpose of 1 lug prices and preventing inflation,” whichl ' tting the cart before the horse without} mg the cause, or considering that half thel .8 are only making a bare living. \. e criticism is directed to the purchase ofl It goods, when in truth all the inflation yet but is due to government spending in thei f'cost-plus ships, planes and cantonmentr and inflated wages far above civilian (1 increased taxes are aimed at that part 3 nation which profits least, if at all, through Mac’s Corner In grip on the top rung with two—to—onc victory over Marshall’s Insurance quintet in the night’s other match with Abe Koppcr- man and Sandy Saunderson sup- plying the punch. land turned over to Trcasul'l‘r for the; ‘ 1(‘I’Qdit of Road District No. l. . In the matter of Vacation ol‘ por-l ltion of Ebcrhart SL, oi'_Avc.. Allyn. iDI'Olf‘StS were received from Chas H.l 0 Lewis, as Executor of Last Will (lilth ‘ Testament of Estatc of J. A. Pccblcs, 1 COMMERCIAL BOWLING l tom rung holders. Mac’s continued the upward pull l in Thursday night’s matches with: a three ply Dairy behind Roy Tingstead’s av- erage-building dairymen, who led the circuit un- til two weeks ago, dropped into third place with the defeat. victory over 4-E kegeling. T h e Texaco Service bolstered its‘. a The scoring: Mac’s Cor. (3) 4-E Dairy (0)| . Handicap 4-23,E Handicap 219$ .pendlng. Tingstead 529,! Skerbini 465 . f the President would give the word to 0011- fiyaffiilfme iiéullwgg‘gggn 13:: It would be possible to curb the greatest Bednarski 424w. Savage 450? Peterson 504} Fourre 450 ‘ of the times in the form of lost days in de- ' ~effort which pads the costs, the 25 million ' . st tax of all on industry and labor. 1 l nder our “good neighbor” policy most of our meats come from South America, where packers have either moved or are having packed by cheap labor, further support- tariffs cut in half. Some day when the war ls over our farmers will wonder Where their ‘bglsiness has gone along with the domestic . e s. t -m...=.l.l.1,..\.. CROOKED LEADERS CONVICTED he conviction of Browne and Bioff, two high . n the Federation of Labor, of “shaking " some movie magnates of- several hundred and dollars, should be proof that too many , S are being practiced in the name of organ- - labor which reflect not only on employers Pon‘the rank and file of labor itself.,In the t national convention in Seattle the facts . known but the convention failed to take a C notice of the racketeers further than to 1y do away with the particular high office Browne held; Bioff was merely a cheap 91‘ who was tolerated until his career was, ed by Columnist Pegler and reached the E» . Perhaps the movie men were also playing, ket to the discredit of their industry, and; y guilty vofvgrafting on the public, but the; g plain that altogether too much money is; handled by many 5 leaders of organized la-E . from the workers, and no accounting; Made or taxes being paid for the privilege vatezcolleotion agency. -, .H . . rs is the most wasteful nation on earth,! other country could live on what we throw, and perhaps we should be more thrifty, or‘ 3+ e torbe; but Washington is setting a; 3’ poor example in'being-the most wasteful _; .Promotion'ln-Army: ‘Fied Artilrery (Anti—.airoraftLl jvice and application to duty. Thy f rybut .in ways that hurt, with money! ' ring like the proverbial ffdrunken sailor,” 'lth full apology to: the sailors. Fort Bliss, 'Tcxas.—~Promotion’ of Private Donald G. KidWell of, Rbute 1, ‘Shelton', to the rank of,l Regiment' was announced tddaYi by regimental headquarters. g The promotion is effective atl 179th Coast Artillery is a .newl I lorganized anti-aircraft reglmentyl -: ,having been activated at Fort; " lShelton Boy Earns l l V iser cant in'Battery A of the 79th l cts, Real Estate: 1 onc'e and follows meritorious ser-i iBliSS on J1me 1 last. 4 . ii mu mm unali- FAST FREIGHT SERVICE 1' wall-H boon 'DELl‘leilw m “SHELTQN' e Freight should be routeavm so; sham; Ferry Dock, : Freight via Str. skookum-Chief, Milwaukee Dock, , N0» .2 Time Schedule as follows: .LQaVes Tacoma daily, execept Sunday, at 5 « — Olympia and Shelton Arrives Shelton daily. except Sunday CLARENCE CARLAN DER, President FREIGHT .lINES l: V i . pm. for l LEGAL PUBLICATIONS l " consideration " read Hons 927 903 887 2717: Texaco (2) 872 817 760 2449i Marshall’s (1)l . . . . . Handicap 189i Handles 261 I ays 1n strikes during the past year in key Saunderson 467 Dotson p 5475 titles; whatever the cause there should hem:- Miller 1%; waeelé 382g 101:. stop in. all strikes on defense and fair Iggggema“ 466lwéfiifian honest medIatlon, Since strike losses are the A- Ferrier 518 0’D9“ 4851 791886 801 2478814 871 792 2477; _ _. . The minimum agelimit for en— listment in the U. S. Navy is 17. All applicants under 21 years Will be required to have the consent, of their parents or guardians. ' COMMISSIONERS PROCEEDINGS Monday, October 6, 1941 Board met in regular session, pres ent R. Trenckmann, Chairman, Vin- cent Paul, and Fred Ferris, Jr., Commissioners, and Harry Deyctte, Clerk of the Board. 1 Dance license to Shelton Valley Grange Hall. for one year from Oct-l ober 8th, 1941. , ._ "Resolution cancelling « Warrant “ON C. A. Gregory Company in the amount of $6.88. Agriculturist‘s report for Septem- ber was examined and approved. Letter from L. C. Wheeling, in charge of Soil Survey in re Mason County's share of expense, received and filed. Notice from W. S. McCrca and 00.. of cancellation of Fire Insurance Pol— icy on buildings on County Farm, and asking that policy No.163932 be; returned for cancellation. It was‘ moved and seconded that Auditor re— turn policy as requested, carried. Claims allowed. ; Notice from liquor Control Board: of the following applications for 1.1—! censes were received and filed: Davis: Winery, Grapeview, Donald Muir . Beckman, Robin Hood Lodge, W. Kuett et at. Kuett's Tavern, Union. Notice from Department of Labor and Ind. that Claim of Dr. Collier for treatment of Frank Paynton, had been allowed, received and filed. Notice from Department of Labor and Industries that Claim of Fred H. , ‘Bakerpfor timc loss in the amount. of $42.50 had been allowed, rcceived‘l and filed. . ,‘ Gerald Cooper, asked for and re-, ccived an extension of 90 days on per- mit to cross portion of Section 29. township 20, range 5 .VVest. This bcing theltimo designated by statute to consider final Budgets, it was mover and secondcd that same be continued till tomorrow. carried. 1 Board adjourned. ’ Tuesday, October 7th, 1911 Board met, all Were prcscnt as of yesterday. Claims allowed. . . Remaindercf day spent conSIdcran Final Budgets. Consideration of Final Blldgcts continued until_ tomorrow. Board adjourned. \Vednesday, October 8th, 1941. {Board met, all present as of yester- (ay. City Ordinance No. 336 adopting a Budget of Estimated Expenditures and Estimated receipts of City 01' Shel-- ton_for 1942, received and filed._ Clty Ordinance No. 337 flxmg‘ amount of taxes and tax levy re- qu1red to‘ raise the amo t of Esti- mated Excendit‘ures for 942. ed and filed. Public Utility District No. 1 .Reso- lution N0. 78 of Budget Estimates of Receipts and Expenditures for 1942. received and filed. Notice from District Encincer that Mason County’s August Allotment of 3.35 tax. based. on September collec- tions was $11,901.50meceived and filed. Auditor’s count of Treasurer’scash as of August Slst, 1941, was examined and approved. Petition of county Supt. to trans— fer $100.00 from Current Fund to Efaghe‘rs' Institute Fund, recelvedand' l e . Certified list of High School Dis-. tricts and non-High School Districts..‘ by County Superintendent, received and filed. . . . l Certificate of county» Supt“ ~of. Amount required by School Districtl No. 311 from Mason County for year of 1941-42, received and filed. ,County High School District 'Es— timates, Valuations and Levy rate. by County Supt. received andhicd. It was rmovcd and seconded that. because of Clouded title t0'.TraCt 5. Section :2, 21 4 that Auditor be order- ed to not accept application for pur- Cha58,;_0,f same, :carried. Claims allowed. 1 receiv- was anVed and seconded that of Final Budgets be: continued till tomorrow. I ~ Board adjourned. Thursday, October 9, 1941. enBoard met, all members were pres- Mason County Fire Protection Dis- trio? NO- 1 Resolution No. 1 of Budget Estlmates of Receipts and Expendl-' tureS- was received and filed. ,. . Minutes of September meetings Were and approved. Fuel Contract Extension for June t0 December 31M from Olymplil and Wood Products Co. received and filed. , ,Remainder of day spent in. con- S}del‘lng mum Budgets. ConSidera- 90?. OT Final BudgEts was contmued “m” tomorrow. Board adjourned. . Friday, October 10, 1941. Board met pursuant to adjournment. 3” Present as of yesterday. ‘lflinlS allowed. Final Budgets were approved. Board adjourned. Tuesday, October 14, 1941. Board met. all present as of Dre‘. ‘ meeti .. . l Chm-k m no amount of $02.25 was: specifications. l w s signed. ' O’clock AM. ,lands. together with the improvements ‘ situated tllcroon, will be sold at pull‘ 1 ferred payments ‘ the purchase ‘ til i received from Shelton Sand and Crawl ' 'mwvvvvvvvwvvvvvvvvv l C0., in payment of l‘qlllplllt‘lll, l'l‘lliitl, and also T. F. 'White, ct llx. In the matter of Vacation of por— vious meeting. Claims allowed. Check in the amount of $75.00 was received from Simpson Logging Co, for grading Camp No. 3 Road for August and September and turned into Treasurer. It was moved and seconded that bids be called for the purl-huge of one full Diesel Tractor of not loss than 35 Drawbar H. P. according to. Bids to be oponod at Commissioners Room at Courthouso, at Shelton, Washington, Mond v, Novv ember 17th at 2:00 P.M., carried. Resolution re. Sale of Road Oil ap- proved and signed. Resolution‘ re Transfer of Funds was approved and signed. Ike—Final Estimate No. 1 CRP No. 15, J. F. Forbes, Contractor, in the amount of 331136390 was approved. Final Estimate No. 2, CRP ‘No. 15, J. F. Forbes, Contractor. in the amount of $2005.40. was approved. Board adjourned. Monday, October 27th. 19“. Board met, all were present. Various liquor licenses were receiv— ed and filed. Top price contract for Lubricating‘ Oils. with Union Oil (30., from Oct- ober 16th. 1941 to October 15th. 1942, laims allowed. i Resolution re Overruns and Undep-; runs was approved and signed. ‘ Dance permit was issued to Spring, Water Camp. Dance License, for 3 months to January 25, 1942. was issued to Mary; M. Knight School. . 1 Letter from Sim son_ Logging Co” in re Danger at rossmg in Section 3. 20, 6 with logging trucks, and ask- ine‘ that speed limifbe placed at 10 miles per hour received. Board or- dered speed limit as suggested, and posted crossing accordlngly. Notice from Dept. ot Labor and In., dustries that claim of DIE. Collier, fort Treatment of Fred Ferris. _Jr., had been allowed. received and filed. It was moved and seconded that applications for purchase of Tax Title. lands be accepted up to and Including! Saturdav, November 15th for Sale No, 14. carried. Mell Saeger paid $2.50 for Carrots and $10.00 for part of harness, from County Farm, same was turned mlo Treasurer. It was moved and seconded that Vincent E. Paul be authorized to ex. change a used Adams Molc Board for 60 ft. of 5/8" line, carried. _ Board adjourned to meet again Mon- day. November 3rd, 1941 at 10 BONED OF-‘COUNTY COMMIS-v STONERS MASON ‘COUNTY. WASHINGTON. ‘ l R. TRENCKMANN. Chairman of Board. Attost: HARRY DEYETTE. Clerk of Board. 11«117—~1t. NOTICE OF SPECIAL SCHOOL ' DISTRICT ELECTION Notice is hereby given that a special election of the legal school eloctol's of Allyn School District No. 18 of Mn- son County. Washington, will be hold at Allyn" School House in said district on the 22nd day of November, 1941, for the purpose of ill—Mill Levy. ' Pulls will be open from 1:00 o‘clock P.M.. to 8:00 o'clock RM. Dated this 7th day of November, 1941. By order of the board of directors. of Washington in and for the, FRED W BUDING COLIIH)’ of Mason Iii Probate Clerk of B‘Wzd' gi)l“i<3ul§T ’83:?” “f 53515553” °f i v .YDON A 4‘, cceas~ 11-11—18—2t. S. D. No. 13. ed. h p '~ ‘ , , Notice is hereby (given t at rant. NOTICE or SALE or swim. c. Anglo, a'dmln' Lm’lor with thefwili LANDS annexed of th; cstate of Robert Cory— NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That on Tucsday. the 2nd day of December. 1941, commencing at ten o'clock in the forcnoon of said day, in front of the main entrance door to the County Court House in tho city of Shelton. county of Mason, State of Washing- ton. by the. County Auditor of said county, the following dcscribcd state lie auction to the highest bidder there— for. to-wit: NOTE—No one except citizens of the United States, or persons who have declared their intention to become ~such, can,purchasc state lands. APPLICATION NO. 17259 A tract of land containing 0.30 acres, more or less, in the NWVL of the SEM. of Section 20. Town— ship 23 North, Range 1 West. VV.M.. being more particularly dc- scribcd as follows: Commence at the southeast cor- ner of said Section 20, and run S. 88‘” 05’ along the southerly boundary line of said Section 20. a distance of 1377.0 feet to an inter- section with the westerly right of way line of State Road No. 14. as now located and of record in the office of the Director of High- ways at Olympia, Washington: thence N..0° 42' W., along'said westerly main of way line. a dis— tance of 2050.4 feet to the true pomt of. beginning of the tract of land being herein describod; Thence continuing N. 0° 42' W.- 105 feet: thence S. 80° 18’ W., 125 feet; thence S. 0° 42’ E.. 105 feet; thence N. 89° 18’ E., 125 feet to the true point of beginning, said tract of land being situated in Ma~ son County, Washington, apprais- eduat $10000. Said lands will be. sold for not less‘lthan” the appraised value above stated and upon the terms and Con- ditions following: . Not less than one—tenth of the pur- chase price must be paid at the time of 5316- The purchaser, if he be not .the owner of the improvements, must fol'tthth Day to the officer making the. sale the full amount of the ap- praised value of the improvements, as above stated. One—tenth of the pur- chase price .‘must be paid annually thereafter With interest on all de- at. the rate of six per .‘cei'rtuin 'per annum: Provided. That any purchaser may make full payment of principal, interest and statutory fees‘at any time_a~nd ob— tam ,chd- .Tne purchaser of land Contalfimg,tmIber or other valuable materials ‘15 prohibited by law from Cutting 01" TemOVing‘ any such timber; or materials without first obtaining consent of the Commissioner of Pub- lic Lands. until the full amount of I price has been paid and (ice?1 isslued. A ~33 es of state lands are made subject to the reservations “of 0115‘ gases. coal. ores, minerals -and.fos— Sils of every name, kind and d0- scrlption. and to the additional terms and. conditions prescribed in section clichapter 255 of the Laws of 1907- ~Sald_ land will be sold subject‘to terms. conditions and reservations of chanten 312 of the Session Laws of 1927. ,relatlng to easements for rights— Of-Way and the carrying of timber. stone. minerals and other, products 'over the Same. _ JACK TAYLOR. Commissioner of Public Lands. By FRANK YATES, ASSISIBDI ,Coillmtslsimlmfi 11-4-11—25. 12:2«ot. I —-———__.——~..._.=_— l l l 1 Real Estate MA‘.‘A A AAA A AAAAAMAMW FOR SALE 4-room modern home with good yard. Close in. Terms. $1,000.00. HERB ANGLE FOR SALE: 4 room house and acre of land; 7 room house and 21/2 acres on and near Arcadia Road: 1931 Chevrolet poupe; 1927 Buick sedan. L. R. Kolm- organ, Arcadia Road. 10-28—11-28—--»1M FOR SALE: 5 acre tract Arcadia Road, close in, $450. Some wood A on it. Mrs. K. G. Osterberg, Wy- andottc Avc., at the big redi barn. 11-4-13~—4t. , FOR SALE 7-room modern home with large tract of land. Excellent ground. with lawn and flowers. This will make a fine suburban home. Close in. $3,000 with $500 down or $2500 cash. 6-ROOM modern home, hard-wood floors, fireplace, full basement and furnace. Also large unfin— ished upstairs. This home is located on oiled street and has nice yard. Entire property in excellent condition, and priced below present value. Will con- sider terms.~$4375.00. 3-ROOM modern home close in. Nice garden tract. House can easily be enliirged. Why pay rent when you can own a homel of your own. $1575 with $200 down, $25 month, including in- terest at 7% monthly reduction. Fine lake located on 168 acres of land, lake covers 25 to 30 acres. Fine fishing and close to the hunting reserve in the best deer territory in Mason County. Just 11 miles from Shelton with good roads. Excellent opportunity for several parties to divide the property and each have an ex- cellent tract of land with share of lake at a very reasonable price. Why not investigate this property at once ! $12.50 an acre. 1320feet of waterfront located on bay, about 8 miles from Shel— ton. Property has plenty of spring water. This is an ex- cellent tract to subdivide and will make an excellent invest- mbnt. $4750.00. Herbert G. Angle Angle Bldg. Phone 304 CARD OF THANKS May we extend in this way our sincere appreciation for the kind- nesses, sympathies and beautiful floral pieces offered us during our bereavement over the death of our beloved mother, sister and wife. Mr. George M. Rogers Mr. Francis A. Rogers Mr. Fred Rose Frazier Brothers. No. 1402 NOTICE OF HEARING FINAL REPORT AND PETITION FOR DISTRIBUTION In the Superior Court of the State don Angle, has filcd in the office of the Clerk of said Court his final re« port and petition for distribution, ask- ing: the Court to settle said report, to distribute the property to the per— sons thereto clltitlcd, and to dis— charge said Grant C. Angle: and that said report and petition will be heard on tth 6th day of December, 1941. at the hour of 10:00.0'lzlock A. M” or as soon lhl‘f‘"3,fl.t'l‘ as may be at the: courtroom of the County Court— house at Sholton, Washington. 19Rama this .lst day of November, ' CLARE ENGELSEN. (SEAL) Clerk of said Court. 11441—184354“. NOTICE OF SALE OF STATE 'I‘Illl‘l LANDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That on Tuesday, the 2nd day of December, 1941, commencing at ten o'clock in the forcnoon of said day, in front, of the main entrance door to the County Court House in the city of Shelton, county of Mason. State of Washington. by the County Auditor of _sa1d county, the following de- scribed state tide lands, together with the improvements situated thereon. will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder thflrcfor, to-wit: NOTE.——No one except citizens of the United States, or persons who have declared their intention to become such, can :ui‘chase state lands. API’L CATION NO. 10520 All tide lands of the second class, owned by the State of Wash- ington. situate in front of, ada- cent to or abutting upon the west 500 feet of the east 1150 feet of lot 2, section 19, and the west 500 feet of the east 1150 feet of lot 1, section 30, all in township 22 north, range 2 west. (also known as tracts 14 to 23. both inclusive, of the un- recorded plat of Navy Yard High- way Addition No. 1,) and having I l a total frontage of 9.98 lineal chains, more or less, appraised at $449.10. APPLICATION NO. 10506 All tide lands of the second class. owned by the State of Washing— ton, situate in front of, adjacent to or abutting upon the east 125 feet of the west 300 feet'of I lot 4, section 22, township 22 , north, range -2 west. W.M., and having a frontage of 2.17 lineal chains more or less, appraised at $75.95. Excepting such \ ortion of said tide lands as ma3 be included in i an oyster tract ’dceded by the tate of “Washington to J. A. Hoshor. August 23, 1910, under i application No. 2883. APPLICATION NO. 10491 All tide lands of the seco'd class owned by the State of Vlashing— ton, situate' in front, of, a ja- cent to or abuttingr‘upon he south 200 ,feet of the north 400 feet of lot 3, section 34, town- ship 21 north, range 2 west, W. ' M.. and having a frontage of 3.04 lineal chains. more or less, appraised at 1845.60. APPLICATION NO. 10539 All tide lands of the second class, owned by the State. of VVaslling- ton. situate in front of, adjacent l to or abutting upon the west 75 tent of lot 4, section 22, township 22 north,. range 2‘ west, and having a frontage of 2.27 I l I 1 l l heard, BULLDOZER WORK: SHRUBBERY PRUNING and re—' l -——-———_._.________ O. l 'vvvvvvvvv\vvvvvvvvvvvvvv Classified Servicp. t For Sale i AAAA‘AAAAAAAAA- AA A AJtAAA‘ FOR SALE: one Monarch oil' burning range with coils. $75.l Becaon Point Resort. 11-6-11-13—3t. clearing, grading, road work, etc. Freel estimates, reasonable. Inquire, Davis Store, Lilliwaup. Phone 1. J "11-4-6—11—13-18 5t. , l FOR SALE: 5%, size panel Walnut bed, 182 coil spring mattress, 120 coil double deck springs. Used only 2 months. $18.50. Phone 201—J. H--11—11-13--2t. planting. Oscar Plovie, 726 So. First. St. 11-1—12-1—1M KEYS! ” New and modern key-making equipment just installed. Everything To Make The Little Tot Happy WAGONS —~ SCOOTERS TRI CYCLES REPAIRS We also Repair wagons, tri- FOR SALE: live rabbits, all sizes 18¢ per pound. Raise your own. meat. Inquire at Journal Office. W--11—11-13--2t. iv vvvvmvvmvvvvflvm Wanted “Aw M “‘“A “A WANTED: a good, nourishing bread-full of vitamins, minerals and energy to sustain us in the: best of health through the long winter months to come. People i . of Shelton. 11—4-13—4t. cycles, bicycles, lawmowers, WV ,_ etc. POST CUTTERS WANTED: good, timber. Call evenings. Rolandl SLEYSTERS FIX—IT SHOP Ayers, Lake Newatzel. 11-4-6-11-13——4t. l l l l CAN PAY 30 cents a bale for Christmas trees, including foot trees. Contact C. P. Round- l tree, 1700 Yew Avenue. Phone' 3759 Olympia. 11-5-«1&\5—1M. CHRISTMAS CARDS Put that favorite snapshot on your Christmas Cards. WORK WANTED, mornings only. Callia Lundberg. Phone 31 be-‘ tween 1 and 6 p. m. 11-11--1t. 11—11-1t. i WANTED: Good Variety of Lovely Cards an ambitious, wide- awake man or woman to look after renewals and new sub- Andrews Studio scriptions for the popular, fast-l selling magazine, The AMERI— CAN HOME. It’s easy, pleas— ant Work, and it pays big com-i missions. Spare time only re- quired. Write today to Director, Sales Division, The AMERICAN HOME MAGAZINE CORPOR- ATION, 251‘ Fourth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Xmas Greeting Cards Gibson A Large Selection of Lovely Cards WIDOWER with boy and girl, and 8, wants home for self and. , children. , Financial arrange—I ments discussed, references ex-l changed at interview. Box M,‘ The Journal. 11—11-13-18-20—4t. 'vvvvvvv'“ mvv "77"“ Lost and Found LOST: Brown shepherd police pup with black markings. Ans— Fir Drug Store BICYCLES WANTED We will pay cash for Used Bicycles Wers to name “Mac.” Any in— ' formation call F. W. L nn, Sleysters FIX'It Shop I phone 332w. 11-6-1112t. ' vvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvv Trade or Swap ‘AmflflAw .AAA“ FOR SALE QR :I‘RADE: substan' FOUND: medal or badge evidently! “31 equ‘ty m Improved HenderT lost by some serviceman. In- son Bay Waterfront! mlles scription “Roulons et Passons” from Port Qrchard‘ W111 trade upon it. Blue and white striped for Shelton elty property. Phone shield in one comer. Inquire 394-W after 6 pm. Journal. FOUND: small dark purse. Own- er identify and pay for adv. Journal office. l “— 11-11-20—4t. I CARD OF THANKS I We wish to extend to our many friends and especially to the pall, bearers and neighbors our deep thanks for the flowers and sym- pathies given us during our recent bereavement in the loss of our, husband and father. ’ FOUND: Guernsey heifer about 1% years old. No brands or marks. F. E. Hewson, Rt. 1, Box 165, Elma, Wash. 11-4-3—4t WILL PERSON who found $10 bill Thursday please return to Journal Office. Liberal reward. 11-11—1t. Mrs. Edith Hopkins and family F Re EFURNISHED APARTMENTS for rent and3rooms). Good lo- cation. Very reasonable. Golds. borough Apts, Second and Knee- land Streets, Shelton. 5‘-’7~tf. CARD OF THANKS May we extend in this way our sincere appreciation to our friends and neighbors, and especially to the hospital staff, for their sym- pathies and floral offerings offer- ed us during our recent bereave- merit. FOR RENT: 3 room furnished ‘ apartment, private bath. Mill l Street Apartments. Phone 259- M. C—10-21—tf. Mrs. Dan Yarr Marie Yarr Grace Yarr . Sally Yarr Dan and Joseph Yarr W FOR RENT: weather tight gar- rd 1 d b 1d d age with cement floor. One 1 e an S as may 6 1110“ e in block from hospital $3 50 per an Oyster t ct. deeded by th ' 1: State of “fishingmn to J" A? month. Inquire 619 N. Fifth. ‘Hoshoi‘. August 23. 1910, under W—11-4tf. application No. 2883. APPLICATION NO. 10541 All tide lands of the second class, owned by the State of Washing-— ton, situate in front of. adjacent to or abutting upon the east 100 feet of the west 175 feet of lot 4. section township 22 north, range 2 west, and having a frontage of 1.73 lineal chains. more or less, appraised at $60.55. Excepting such portion of said tide lands as may be included in an oyster tract deeded by the State of Washington to .T. A. Hoshor. August 23. 1910. under Application No. 2883. Said lands will be sold for not less, than the appraised value above stated and upon the terms, and conditions following: Not less than one-tenth of the pur- chase price must be paid_at the time of sale. The purchaser, if he be not the owner of the improvements, must forthwith pay to the officer making the sale the full amount of the ap- I praised value of the improvements, as ’above stated. One—tenth of the pur- chase price must be paid annually thereafter with interest on all de- FOR RENT: 4-room house and bath, Mrs. Edith Whittle, Rt. 3, Box 8, Shelton. 11-6-11-13-18n4t iFOR RENT: 2 room furnished ca- , bin, light and water paid, $10 month. Inquire John Terho, Sec— ond and Wyandotte. 11-11—1t. 1 [FOR RENT: newly decorated 3- ~room partly furnished house with bath, stationary tubs. In Agate district. Inquire Journal. 11-11-13--2t. Tides of the Week 1 I Computed ‘for Oakland Bay (Hood Canal tides are one hour 55 minutes earlier) ‘ statesmen. ainlii..mtil.:5..:r Wed- .Low 5=48a-m- 1-7 ft- That any purchaser may make fulllNOV- 12 ngh 1108P-m- 14.3 ft. payment of principal, interest and] Low 7248 p.m. 5.2 ft. statutory fees at any time andbb-l taint .d‘ée‘i- tfrhlf pumhaigr °fl mad High 12:29 a.m. 10.7 ft. con ammg. lm or or 0 el' va ua e materials is prohibited by law from! Thurs- LOW 6-48 a-m- 2'4 ft- cutting or removing any such timber Nov. 15 Low 8:38 pm. 4.0 ft. or matterifalish wghout‘ first obgailglirég .— consen o e ommlsswner 0 u . lic Lands, til the filll amount of‘ . ngh 1'52 a'm' 11'0 ft‘ gledpurchage rice has been paid and Fl'l- LOW 7151 a-m- 3-0 ft- ee Issue Nov. 16 High 2:31 pm 14 5 ft All sales of state lands are made . ' ' I subject to the reservations of oils. LOW 9‘23 pm: 2'7 ft' gases. coal, ores. minerals and fog-. —~——~———‘-— sils_ tot evergtnairgle, (find and de- Many of the destroyers in the scrip ion. ‘an o e a itional terms U 3 Navy are named in honor (I c ndit'on. e. ‘ ' ' '. a“ 0 ‘ 2 pr gmde m Sectlonlof enlisted men who are remem- of 3 of'chapter 25.6 of the Laws of 1907. Said land Will be sold subject tolbered for outstanding acts lbravery. A record of the service ‘rendered by the individual for the terms, conditions and reservations whom a ship is named is em— ot‘ chapter 312 of the Session Laws of 1927. relating to easements for rights- blazoned on a plaque lnounted on of—way and the carrying of timber. stone, numerals and other products over the same. . JACK TAYLOR. Commissioner of Public Lands. lineal chains, more or less. ap- RITIIIHCG' at $79.45. icxlcpllilgf silril portion ,—_.1_ of said plaque hangs on the wall of Luce Hall in the Unith States Naval Academy. By FRANK YATES. Assistant Commissioner. 11-4—11-15—25. '12-'2—.«5t. ‘ u~ is waxy. lg»- the ship and a duplicate of each, Page Nine JOURNAL WANT ADS RATES On Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line (5 words) first insertion, attractively low rates on subsequent insertions. Min- imum charge 40c. Classified advertisements ac- cepted over the telephone from phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or payment made before the first of the month to save expense of billing. An extra charge of 100 will be made when billing is necessary. Card of thanks 500. Classified Display Rates on Request. Phone 100 I WMWVV WW." 0 For Sale AAAAAAAAAAmgp OLD GROWTH WOOD for sale: $6.50 per cord plus tax. R. W. Killough, phone 586-J. 10-30--11-27—1M FOR SALE: 50 New Hampshire Red pullets, April hatch, 25¢ pound. Lillie Crisman, Route 3, Arcadia. F2; mile from Log Ca- bin Service Station. 10-30—-11-4-6-11——4t. AUBURN Golden Flake Butter- milk, 25¢ gallon. Binns, 825 Franklin; FOR SALE: Al’s enriched Vitality bread, fortified with minerals and Vitamins and baked. with 'highest quality ingredients, is the perfect answer to your health demands. Shafer’s Bak- ery. 11-4—13—4t. FOR SALE: black fur coat, size 20. $25 cash. Inquire at Mason Hotel, Shelton, Wash. G—11-11-13—2t. FOR SALE: squash. Phone 5-F-3. C--11-11-—1t MALE PUPS FOR SALE: $1.00 each. 629 Fairmont Avenue. J-—11—11-—1t. FOR SALE: 24 Cornish Red‘pul- lets 6-mos. old, 20 l-yr. old New Hampshire hens, $1.00 ea. VJebb Ranch, Phone Union 280. 11-4-6-11—13—4t. FOR SALE: 14-foot skiff, com- plete with cars, chain, lock, line and hook. Gunder Ordal, Rte. 3, Shelton. 11-4———tf. FOR SALE: 1929 Model “A” Ford coupe. Victor A. Johnson, Rt. 3, Box 206. , 11-4-13—4t. FOR SALE: $15 Electric Razor, Sunbeam Shavemaster with new type cutter. Like new. Used very little. See it at Journal office. Price $8.00 cash. 11-4—tf. FOR SALE: picked Northern Spy ' apples. Orchard‘run 50¢ box, bring containers. J. Jacoby, Rt. 2, Shelton. 11-4-6—2t. N O HUNTING NO TRESPASSING NO FISHING SIGNS 0n Heavy Tag Board 51/2 x 20 JOURNAL LARGE SIZE Duplicating SALES BOOKS , for 15¢ ‘ 4 for 25¢ , 65¢ per dozen We also take orders for all Idmk of special— .- PRINTED SAfLES BOOKS Our prices are as low or lower than outside salesmen can quote you. .THE JOURNAL Wmmfitiifi. Mm‘m ALDEN C. BAYLEY ATTORNEY AT LAW Title Insurance Building Opposite First National Bank Phone 23 Shelton l INSURANCE HERBERT G. ANGLE Office at Angle Building ELLIOT SPRING Accounting Tax Services Bookkeeping Systems 123 4th st. Phone 565 DOANE BRODIE Attorney-At-Law Angle Building Phone 337 CHARLES R. LEWIS ATTORNEY AT LAW Suite 1 L. M. Bldg. Shelton, Washington