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November 11, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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November 11, 1941

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Page Six " ,. What would happen if I enlist- ed in the U. S. Navy and became sick? You would receive the fin- est medical care from trained Navy doctors and surgeons ab- solutely free. When do I get my first leave after 1 have enlisted? In a few weeks after you have completed your Recruit training period. Vi'ho pays for my meals and rarfare when I am first sent to a U. S. Navy Training Station? The Navy furnishes you all trans- pOZ'tation and meals. If I attend a Navy Trade School, how many hours of school work will I have? Navy men in Trade WE ARE SHELTON OFFICIAL MOTH KILLERS ,7 R57 % Iiiidnmo " KILLS MOTIIS Hunts out 1nd kill: moth I”. even In "um: and Iowa. The approved method for ending moth lnfuutlun in clothes. (' YOUR CLOTHES III SANITEX BAGS Doublo lealed to keep your moth- Ireu dry cleaned clothe: protect“ from moth oom- Ize. dun Ind dirt unlll In Guard. Call us for SANITEX SERVICE Mason County Steam Laundry & Dry Cleaners PHONE 88 on *** l l I l of school work a week and about: three hours of night watches. l l l I l . Schools are given thirty-two houisi :I. I i Does a bluejacket have to pay for his own food and board out of his Navy pay? No. The Gov- ernment gives you excellent food and board free. . Must my parents consent to my enlistment if I am under 21?: Yes. All- applicants must be at‘I least 17 years of age and if un-] :der 21 years they need the con- ,sent of their parents or guard- . ians. :1: :1: :t: I How did the term “cut of his jib" originate? In the days of sailing vessels, nationalities of! boats could be distinguished by their jibs (type of sail). A Span- ish ship had no jib, English ships, :had one jib and French shipsl ;usually two. The phrase was ‘laxly used to apply to men and {generally came into general use! i :k ;;: :f: 'I have to buy my own uniform? No. You receive a complete out-v . fit of uniforms free. when you en—l list. a: :3: a: « used by our Navy? Modern U. S. E[Navy torpedoes cost from $6,000; gto_$15,000 each. They are 21 inches in diameter, are driven by a mixture of compressed air and alcohol and carry up to 600 lbs. 25 to 60 knots and they travel from 6,000 to 30,000 yards. ' 5,: >2< :1: If I join the Naval Reserve, how :long must I serve? . servists serve for four years. Rc- servists will be returned to civil glifc as soon as possible after the National Emergency is over, that the term of active service may be less than 4 years. If I join the U. s. Navy, willlvolunteers. What is the cost 'of torpedoes; approved by practically of TNT. Their speeds vary from‘ Naval Re- SO ‘ Public supplii ' Asked Locally For Navy Drive Last week in the Journal was launched the Navy's campaign for recruits in this community. The opening gun was a large adver— tisement setting forth the ad— vantages of service in this branch of our armed forces. Each week for several weeks a similar ad will be carried, and we urge that every red-blooded young Ameri- can read these ads and other matter published throughout the news columns. We believe the :navy offers the finest opportun- ity any young man could ask for both as a matter of service to his country and to assure a better} future for himself. I. The attention of every citizen.l old and young, is called to these advertisements and stories on navy service. We believe that men and women of mature years will, through reading these mes— sages, see the value to young men of service in the navy. They will see the opportunity not only of rendering a valuable service to their country in this time of emergency but the opportunity to learn a skill or trade that will help them earn a good living dur— ing the remainder of their work- ing days. The navy has never lacked for Enlistments are now coming in at far above the nor- mal rate. But new ships are being launched at the rate of one every few days—months ahead of schedule. The two—ocean navy, unani- ‘mous non‘partisan VOlfe in thh Mr. Mandley warned vehiclel houses Cf congrtessv ‘5 leapmg owners that vehicles not approv- :toward completion. Therefore. ed by November 2 will become' I the navy needs to double its quo- ta of recruits in the shortest pos- sible time. The ships cannot wait months, or even days, for the men who are to man this first :line of an impregnable American } defense. must be a success, and the, Jour— nal feels that it will be. But we cannot expect these advertise- ments, and such other news stor- Iies as will be published, to do .the. entire job of seeking out these needed young men. We :5: 4: Does the Navy offer retirement pay? Yes, it is possible for an enlisted man to receive as much PaY- RETURNING T0 CONCRETE Mrs. C. A. Groken, who has been a. houseguest of Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Bedell here in Shel- ton since last summer, will re- turn to her home at Concrete, ; Wash, Wednesday for the winter. IMr. and Mrs. Bedell expect to ldrive Mrs. Groken to Concrete. 9.}... * * a; {at 93*} "k AGAIN CHRYSLER IWhy shift gears? . . when you can get improved Chrysler Fluid Drive with 2,000,000,000 ‘ miles of owner satisfaction behind it! IT HAS happened again! Chrysler Fluid Drive and Vacamatic transmission have started a trend the motor car Industry 15 attempting to follow. The overwhelming popularity of Chrysler Fluid Drive makes it natural that various kinds of “liquid” and “automatic” drives should now appear. Some of these designs only remotely resemble Chrysler Fluid Drive . . . either in principle or in results. More than two billion miles of owner satisfaCtion recommend Chrysler Fluid Drive and Vacnmatic transmission. Further advanced in the beautiful new Chryslers, this famous drive gives you the peak of effortless driving . . . liquid smoorhness . . . fuel con- servation . . . more power per gallon. Try Fluid Driving in a Chrysler. It’s the biggest thing in modern motoring! W'e’ll be delighted to show you )ust how thrilling it is. difierencel 1, §. L. PEARSON 407 S. First FLUID DRIVE AND VACAMATIC TRANSMISSION . . ET MODERN DESIGN Phone 132 as $133.75 a month in retirementl must see these men in person, Italk with them, point out this lopportunity to them and encour- 'age them to join NOW! “The national emergency is so I to quote. the words of {Secretary of the Navy Frank iKnox, “that I know every man I and woman in this community will I do his full duty in this campaign." l Since the- navy accepts only about one applicant in five that applies for enlistment. we will need an average of at least ten applicants per week from this I l l l l l community. Many young I from here have already been call- ‘ed in the draft, many more willl 5 great,” men be called. The navy does not get any of the men so called, so must get all its nien through volunteers. However, the local community is given credit in its draft quota for every man who; enlists in the navy, thus its selec-“ tive service quota is reduced ac-I cordingly. Voluntary service in the navy an act of patriotism. Public recognition will be given this fact, by presenting each applicant? whether finally accepted or not, a handsome lapel badge as an “Emblem of Honor." With your help, we hope to make this Em-' blem a coveted possession on the! part of many young‘men in this community," said Secretary Knox. We urge the reading of these' navy recruiting ads. Come in to. the Journal office and get furtheri details. Prospective recruits will, .be given a 32-page booklet thatl itells everything about the navy; It answers your questions and' shows in pictures many of the! highlights of navy service as well as telling how a man in the navyl gets training that would Cost him. thousands of dollars if he had tol it technical pay for in regular schools. l Kamilche Grange Meets W-ednesdayi Kamilche, 10.—-Progress Grange will meet Wednesday; night instead of Thursday in or-} der that the Skokomish Grangei drill team may attend and put, on the degree work for the new members. The Hilton family moved Sun-, day to a place on the Arcadia} l Road. I Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Beaudoin of‘ , Aberdeen were Saturday guests of; er. and Mrs. H. G. Nelson. The Kamilche Ladies Club met: in the Grange hall Wednesday; ‘for a potluck dinner at noon} The afternoon was spent in sew-i l ing for the Red Cross. Members! ‘present were Mrs. David Ellison; ' and Mrs. Mary Gaudette of Olym— ipia, Mrs. Eliza Casey, Mrs. Euf igene Taylor, Mrs. DaVe Whitcncr.5 'Mrs. Ray Keyzers, Mrs. Robert‘ Scott. Mrs. Wm. Boice, Mrs. Bob 1 Mrs. Bert Rau. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Card of; ‘Tacoma, were Sunday guests of: Mrs. Cothary. l Mary Lou Petty has recovered] i from a siege of chicken-pox. , Mrs. E. H. Henderson of Roch-j . ester, was a Sunday guest of Mrsi , Bert Rau. Mr. Ray Keyzers, accompanied l by his father, Mr. J. A. Keyzers of , } Yakima, left Monday for Los . Angeles. Calif.. where Mr. Pete Keyzcrs is seriously ill. l iiosrrrni. PATIENT Clifford Rice of Camp 5 was admitted to Shelton Hospital for treatment Friday. I .... . N» __-. .._.._.— a... l TREATED AT HOSPITAL. Harry Trites of Shelton was admitted to Shelton Hospital Sat- urday for medical care. g GIRL BORN SATURDAY Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Jackson ‘ of Shelton became parents of a baby girl born Saturday at Shel- ton Hospital. This campaign for navy recruits SHELTON—M‘ASON COUNTY JOURNAL 23%;... NEW..— —- PO AHOV, swAB, V P-SS-T—POPEVE- VA LOOKS LIKE A MILLION BUCKS! UNIFORM THAT ....._..,..___ _. ______....-_._.__.. IT MUST COST PLENT‘I TO BLIH’ A NAV‘I VA GET-5 UNIFORMS FREE WHEN VA LIKE ENLISKS AN' FREE .' FOOD AN‘ NO DOCTOR OR DENTIST BILLS FINAL CHANCET’CR CAR OWNERS TO HAVE VEHICLES INSPECTED Mason County automobile own-l ers who have not as yet put their vehicles through the safety in- spection station and secured their' approval seals Were warned today by K. M. Mandley, newly assigned ’ traffic officer in the Olympia dis- trict for the State Highway De- partment, that the safety inspec-l tion station will be reopened at its location near the city docks on the Bayshore road November 14 to 22 while a concerted drive is made to complete the vehicle inspection required by state law. subject to apprehension in ac- cordance with the provisions of Chapter 189, Session laws of 1937. I Daily hours of operation of the i I I I l l I I I l I l I Are you consi M I lIlAIIY SEIIVI CE v inspection station will be from 8 am. to noon and 1 p.211. to 5 p.m., except Saturdays, When the station closes at noon. It will be closed on Sundays and holi» days during that period. Mr. Mandley added that the station would be kept open for a few days, as many as necessary, after November 22 while a period of rigid enforcement on all Ma- son County cars not approved by that time is conducted by State Highway Department officials and the State Patrol, which will cooperate with the Highway De- partment during this drive. YO—CTIT—IN IlOSITITAL Gallagher Simmons, Sheltonl high school student, was admitted to Shelton Hospital Friday for medical care. “PEVYVE‘: THE RECRUITI IN TH" NAVV I I 'Gunter, Mrs. John M. Smith andi, GEE THEN THE PAH IS GRAV v! Car Radiator, Gas , Caps Can Be Claimed If you're an automobile owner who has missed a radiator or gasoline tank cap in the past few weeks, chances are reasonably good that you can recover same from the sheriff’s office if you‘ll take the trouble to go up and identify your lost possession. Sheriff Gene Martin apprehend- ed a couple of young Sheltonians walking along the street Satur- day with a shopping bag nearly full of such articles, approximate- ly 40 being among the “loot.” WEEKEND IN SEATTLE Mr. and Mrs. Walker Hakola enjoyed 'last weekend visiting rel- atives in Seattle. HOODSPORT WOMAN ILL Mrs. Katie Abbey of Hoodsport was admitted to Shelton HOspi- tal Saturday for medical atten- tion. AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT by the Secretary of the Navy “All men now enlisfing'in the Naval Reserve will be retained on active Navy duty throughout the period of the national emergency, I,” ‘ but they will be released to inactive duty as soon after the emer- .‘ gency as their services can be spared, regardless of the length of . i. ~ .timegremainingpingtheir enlistment.” A I m V; V HERE Is Tu: ommumrv mm THOUSANDS or MEN‘ .. ‘IIAVI: BEEN Looxmo ran . . \ Here 18 your opportuth *0 have all the ads ‘ vantages and privileges of Navy life but with a shorter enlistment. Many men do not realize—but it is a fact-‘- that your pay, your training. and your chances for advancement in the Naval Reserve are exactly the same as in the Navy itself.- ‘ 1, FREE TRAINING WORTH $1500 Take your own case. Let’s assume that 376‘; have had no special training. In that case here is your opportunity to lea-m one Of the Navy’s 45 big-pay trades, from aviation engineering to radio. You may receive training worth tal attention. ‘\ $1500 the first year alone- In addition you get Huffman and mt“ we“. .. u “y man all the advantages listed in the second column 00 on ‘ - TBA : An N , .. of announcement; Navgifo'IURE {MILLS You can t IIIGIIER PAY OPPORTUNITIES But perhaps you have had Special training or know a trade. In that case the Naval Reserve offers you the opportunity to 1.186 YOur knowl- edge. If you qualify (hlgh SChool or college 1r sanvs YOUR couNIRv , .i f): BUILD YOUR ruruns .* on IN 'IZHE N‘Avv now not necessary); you can join as a petty officer “night away—with higher pay and allowances: Also, if you have two or more years of college Credits, there are special opportunities to be— 'come aNaval aviator or a commissioned officer; LOOK WHAT THE U. S.“ NAVAL nesanva orrans vou\ FREE nluumo worth $1500. Nearly so trades and vocations to choose from. CDCDPAYwithrogIdarincreueo.‘ Yummy, earn up to $126 a month. EACH YEAR you are entitled to a swamps vacation period, with full pay. ' oooo rooo and plenty of it. i ran: cLonImo. A complete outfit bf cloth ing when you first enlist. (Ova): $100 worth.) FREE MEDICAL CARE, including regular den- BECOME AN OFFICER. Many can work for an appointment to the Naval Academy or the Annapolis of the Air at Pensacola. FUTURE SUCCESS. It's easy for Navy trained men to get good-paying jobs in civil life; SOME HOSTEssll I'M GLAD I ENLISTED. , BUT ‘IOU SURE ' M GOT THE AU 2 Shelton Students To Be Honored At U. Seattle--Miss Mary E. Taylor and Walter H. Snelgrove, gradu- ates of Shelton high school, will be honored with 90 other students at the annual reception given November 13 by President and Mrs. L. P. Sieg for entering fresh- men of the University of Wash- ington who were honor graduates of their respective high schools. Miss Taylor is studying economics and business and Snelgrove is an art student. DAUGHTER BORN MONDAY Mr. and Mrs. Percy Adams or Route 1, Shelton, became parents of a baby daughter born at Sin-L ton Hospital Monday. SON ARRIVES ers'rniumv Mr. and Mrs. Dess Cartwright baby son born yesterday at Slit-l- ton Hospital. of Camp 3 became parents of a, l l I I “Tuesday, November 11, 194 Your pay in the Navy is ' No rcnl Io pay. No loocl to buy. NO d°d denlisl's bills. Even movies and othe menl are free. And when you firsl enllsll gives you $l l8.00 woth of unilormsl And if you wool to learn a trade. ll" lhe ploce Io do it. There are lOI'lY-five'Od you can learn . . . training Ibai's W0rl of dollars Ihe firsl year. The Navy ofiers llie chance ol 0 ma young men. If you are l7 or over, 96' ollheilluslraiedbooklei,"lIFEINTHEU'S' from Ihe Navy Editor of this neWSPaPe“ write or call. SERVE sous cou BUILD VCLIP. FUTURE“), GET IN THE NAVV i . I { en III hhua N124 ‘. QUALITY GROCERIES FRESH MEA ' V FRUITS " FINEST F009? ‘ BEST PRICE.8 Why not choose the NAVAL RE. 40-1-, I ering joining 033 3 after 0 Sub-cha llickoff ‘ “on Hot nu .. ro' W chairmai :' I I, fi'. penny postal card. In any case, it is your chance of a. to lead a healthy, exciting life .‘ ; .your to travel : : ; and at the same time buil foundation for your future. There is 1‘ better than modern Navy Training for a oessful career in civil life. Get this FREE book“? j Mail coupon for your free copy of “Life in the U. S. Navy.” 24 pages, fully illustrated. It an- swers all your questions. Tells what your pay will be . '.pro- motions and vacations you can expect . . . how you can retire on ndife income. Describes how you can learn any one of 45 big-pay trades from aviation to radio . . . how many may become officers. 27 scenes from Navy life showing sports and ,3 may play, ships you may be assigned to, 01¢” you may visit. Tells enlistment requiremen to apply. If you are between 17 and 31 (no. no, required), get this free book now. No 0121183 . the Navy editor of this paper for a copy. Km. 0: mail him the coupon. You can P o"I; * I, . . WEAR nus BADGE or HON will“ Tear out and take or send this com“m to the Navy Editor of this newspaper ‘ Without obligation on my part whatsoever, Plaza. v ' ~ 1 free booklet,«Life in the Navy,” glv the opportunitiesyfor men in the Navy d a .. l I d. men {strict c , urn in I . r A°°mp1etii William M headq u an‘ his? ll 0.» v l‘el' reading the free booklet 0“ l , lef, 1 apply for a place in the Nifllzfl’ v ' ani receive this smart lapel-6111b “M. 5. cgem badge of honoryouwillb61119“l I. so!“ 8‘23: Stat. .--m---.-l---------"------‘ veten pha: . Mille ing full or Nfl‘lal E 5 city