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November 11, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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November 11, 1971

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Take your car to your serv- ice station and ask the at- tendant to give your car "Tune-Up No. 2" and heql probably look at you and wonder. A tune-up he knows; a tune-up No. 2, probably not. Yet, it's a needed service, one that's longer overdue in most cars. Tune-Up No. 2 is simply a thorough inspection and check of all the components making up a car's cooling system, plus replacement of worn or malfunctioning parts. Why is it important? Con- sider this. The cooling sys- tem of your car performs a vital function, that of keep- ing the operating tempera- ture of the engine at a level at which it will perform at top efficiency. Maintaining Its Cool To accomplish this objec- tive, automotive engineers developed the pressurized cooling system which per- mits coolant to rise well above the ordinary boiling point without "boiling over." The cooling system on the average modern engines must be able to withstand in ex- cess of 17 pounds of pressure combined with underhood temperatures that range from 224 to 278F. These higher heats and pressures put a strain on all components of the cooling system: hoses, V-belts, water pump, thermostat, radiator caps. It takes only one defective or nonoperative part to cause the engine to overheat with costly internal engine dam- age the likely end result. If you are driving a late model car and it's been over a year since you've had your cooling system checked, you're overdue for trouble. And you're ready for a cool- ing system tune-up, or Tune- Up No. 2. Well Worth the Cost The cost is relatively small compared to the potential savings in forestalling expen- sive emergency service or re- pairs. lea~s or exe~'t~e o'~I eout~nt. 2. C-~eek with pressure te~t- er for internal and ex- ternal leaks. 3. Visual check of oil for water content. 4. Test thermostat for proper opening and clos- ing. 5. Check of heater valves. 6. Check heat gauge for accuracy. 7. Drain and back flush cooling system. 8. Clean radiator core of bugs and check for clog. ging. 9. Clean engine if heavily covered with grease and oil. 10. Test radiator pressure cap. 11. Check radiator neck cap seat for nicks or scratch- 11. C3ae~k water pump ~- ings. 15. Check fan blades and pulley for alignment and balance. 14. Inspect all hose and clamps for deterioration. 15. Check core plugs and drain cocks for leakage. 16. Rcfill system with cool- ant and check for air- locks. 17. Recheck entire system for leaks. 18. Check and adjust tension of V-belts. 19. Check and reset ignition timing to eliminate ping. 20. In cases where cooling system continues to over- heat, check other possi- ble causes. 21. Replace belts, hose, clamps, thermostat and eap as necessary. mm TER NO NEED TO WORRY THIS WINTER ABOUT SLIPPING AROUND . NOT WITH THESE PASSENGER CAR WINTER TREADS! 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Most of us depend upon our cars for our livelihoods. Cars take 82 percent of us to work and back. Most of us seek out recreation by automobile, with 86 percent of all travelers using automobiles. Most Important for Season So, particularly in the coming months of winter weather, it is important to keep your car in top running condition, whether we're going to work or play. How, exactly, does stinting on maintenance lead to poten- tially major expenditures? Consider these examples: Merely washing and waxing your car to keep its body rmt-free can mean a savings of several hundred dollars at trade-in time. Changing the oil and filter at recommended times can prevent premature and expensive engine wear. Regular tune-ups can cut gasoline bills, prevent road service bills and, in some cases, head off engine damage. Wheel alignments, rotating and balancing tires can make your tires last 25 percent longer. General car care makes your car safer and helps prevent accidents. Some estimates state that 10 percent of ad fatal accidents can be attributed to neglect of maintenance. Today, there are even stronger reasons for good car care A well-maintained engine, tuned to manufacturer's speciliea. tions, pollutes significantly less than a neglected one. Ever with pollution-reducing improvements on the new cars, main- tenance is the key to keeping pollution levels low. Best Car Expenditure of W'mter Your investment in keeping your car in condition may be the best expenditure you make this season. Visit your favorite service outlet soon to begin reaping the rewards of that investment--safer, surer performance from your car. College Tests Show... More than one-third of all automobiles checked in a re- cent study conducted by Northwestern University had one or more tires in unsafe operating condition. Common faults in- cluded under-inflation, overloading, excessive tread wear or damage. 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