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November 18, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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November 18, 1941

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‘ 1'8. I‘ ayLNovember‘lfi, 19417.; Morris, recent star of .“1 Wings," became a member of M m’s Navy in May, 1941, Was appointed to the rank allied what he thought of ' States Navy, Morris said, emery man who is consider- a a military service should ‘ the .‘chance of a lifetime’ ‘hfiNavy and Naval Reserve of- lnto the big-pay field of the Viation. In the Navy you ,« , the finest flight training ' v in the world, and receive in- 3 MOVIE Siumiliswu. s. " Ensign Wayne Morris Seeks Wings lOpportunities In Navy Discussed i For Graduatesl (Outline of talk to graduating high school classes of 1941.) By Limit-Commander J. G. Thwlng Some of you are planning on. attending college. This is a most commendable endeavor, the im- portance of which cannot be over- I emphasized and I urge you to do ‘50, if at all possible. l It is to those of you who forl various reasons cannot or do not ' 'intend to go to college that I ‘should particularly like to out- iline other plans for continuing‘ l your education, getting practical "experience, prepare for your fu- ’ture in a very interesting man- ner, and at the same time aid in ‘present efforts to defend the “American Way of Living." With this introduction, suppose I we “let our hair down” and think’ of your future. Our Heavenly Father put us on this earth to. live and enjoy to the utmost the , privileges He has provided, and kit is up to us to learn how to . get the most out of our lives. To. ' ido this, we must be neighborly .__..>_..,‘..-,_.____._w~,.r emu-.WH _____.¥.-.,_A,A.._.— . . i while doing so. wisely and thought- struction from Navy pilots who intro- duced dive bombing, aircraft carriers and catapult take-offs to the rest of the world. Also, there are opportuni- ties in Naval Aviation for men who don’t want to fly. They can be trained as aviation machinists, metalsmiths, photographers, observers, or they can receive instruction in many other trades. It’s a great life in the Navy.” 1 Ensign Wayne Morris is pictured here in his line of duty as a member of the Naval Aviation Cadet Selec- tion Board at the Long Beach Naval Reserve Air Base. happens if a sailor in the a"y gets sick? There is " at every station man- . .edical Officers who give J‘s-lid efficient aid to any- ‘13 feeling ill. =l= >l< >l< ,8 in the United States ’ Xes, Government insur- , .Icles up to $10,000 are i t0 enlisted men. ‘- ’I= >I= * dOes the U. s. .3-1 Reserve decide. what " «York a recruit is best - Before being assign- llties, recruits are given “Yke Classification Test veals their individual tal- , \ s. .21“. ARE SHELTON KILLS MOTHS Hunt: out and kills mall) life even in seam: ‘and folds. The approved memos for ending moth infestation in clothes. V' gfdfifi’y WE SEAL [YOUR IllOI'lllES iii SARlTEX BAGS Double sealed to keep your moth- frcc dry cleaned clothes prottcled from moth cam— Iget. lalumnami dlirl 31' ~' gillened. u I l‘or SANiiEX SERVICE 3 n County Steak. 3 ' anndry & Dry ’ ‘ Cleaners PHONE 88 7:. Z _| '9'! I: C! “2‘ n "1 l I re any insuranco available: Navy an cl , 1 ing must I serve as an apprentice iseaman if I enlist in the U. S. 5with previous specialized training 1 Reserve Class and will receive pet- VVho are the Staff Officers in the U. S. Navy? There are four staff officer corps in the Navy. They are: Medical Officers, Den- tal Officers, Supply Officers and' Chaplains. Is there such a thing as shore; duty in the Navy? Yes, but in! most instances men are not as-' signed to shore duty unless they have been in the Service for six: (6) years. q. .;. 3;, What is the “Medal of Honor" that is given to sailors in the U. Navy? It is the highest in-‘ dividual award an enlisted man can receive. It is awarded by the' President of the United States to: the man who, in action involving‘ actual conflict with the enemy. distinguishes himself conspicuous- ly by gallantry and intrepidity at i the risk of his own life. :2; ii: :I'. If I have some specialized train- Naval Reserve? No. Any man will he enlisted in a Special Naval ty officer’s rating and pay. in a: 1: Do seamen in the U. S. Naval the seamen in the regular Navy? l Yes, the men in the. Naval Rc- “serve. reocive the same pay. f00d~ ‘val Reserve. Wear a different uni- ,bv the Naval Reservists and that entertainment, free medical and dental care, have the same oppor- tunities for advancement and for training in skilled jobs as the seamen in the regular Navy. >l-’ * * D’V’S the sailor in the U. S. Na~ form from that worn by regglar Navy sailors? No, there is no! difference in the uniform worn worn by the regular Navy 593‘ mcn. >I< >1: 5: What are P. T. boats? P. T. designates the new type mOtOI‘l torpedo boats built in three ex- nm‘immtal sizes. 59 feet. 81 feet. 1‘0 font. These boats are capable cf speeds in excess of 50 miios “or hour and oarrv two or rioro to‘mcdo tubes, depth chart?" cs. smoke-screenapparatus and rapid f‘r.n anti-aircraft guns. Thesel -' vet been incor-i l 'l i~~to the, fighting fleet in great number. ..__...- ._._.._. ."vrl “'ant-Arls—Thono 100 Journal (which means have friends), en- joy living during early years, and fully prepare for enjoying old age when our ability to care for ourselves will be harder than when 'young. I am trying to choose my words, and those of you who desire to make notes may do so.l prepare for later years when you will probably not be able to care for yourselves. I Remember, enjoy living while you} are young but at the same time] SHEIETON-MASON COUNTY ,JQURNAP .,--.___,jage Fire WELL. TO SUM‘P'N' ice approximates the interest 011‘ $30,000), and believe me, it isi not easy to save either sum fromi civilian occupation and still keep. it through periods of depression. The Service is a very romantic one, but confined to red—blooded American citizens who are healthy. If interested, the suggestion is made that you discuss the sub~ ject fully with your parents and if they so desire, I should be de- lighted to talk to them and you sometime when convenient. We have just observed “I Am An American Day,” and in clos— ing may I leave with you this thought: Breathes there a man with soul so dead, Who never to himself hath said, This is my own, my native land, I’ll help defend it, I’ll lend a hand. T“; gérwfisgiu, I‘D “'45 TO BE A'COIURSE, ITfs PossiBLEIJ TH‘ NAVV AN AVlATIlel -Tli New! GENES VA TEACHES VA MECHANlC., TH M09 COMPLETE- To AMouNT n: possiBLE lllSTRucKTIOMS lN leral ways in which this can be 1the Reserve is slight. ,for six years. with active duty time of urgent need throughout ‘few educated men—Captain. Sail- Reservo receive the same pay as "desire to get ahead' These cover a variety of marvelous opportun- lticallv no ceiling. ' would be on your own merit. I should like to outline two gen- (Copy of a letter sent to high lschool graduates by Commander accomplished: ..- 1. Through following normal civil pursuits. l l 2. Through a Naval career. The opportunities in civil life are probably sufficiently well known to you. Therefore, atten- tion to this factor can be elim- inated. Naval opportunities are probably not so well known. They are extremely interesting and at this time simply marVelous. The difference between the Navy and The prin- cipal one being length of ser- vice. Enlistment in the Navv is throughout. Enlistment in the Reserve is for four years. with temporary active duty only in war or national emergency, which might be either less or more than the four year period of enlist— ment. Those who point for a career usually take the regular Navv because the retirement privileges are better, but transfer mav be made from the Reserve to the Navy if desired. A brief outline of the Navy might be in order. During the Revolution we had none and were obliged to depend on the French Navy. General Washington’s in- sistence. after war, on definite plans for formation. brought ac- tion in 1789, when our Navy was established. ‘ Transition from sail to steam durimr Civil War davs laid the foundation for present require- ments of skilled and educated men. Sailing ship's reouired onlv al ing Master. and Mates. Today education is roouired from too to bottom. With your background plus urooer application. rapid ad- va'wement may be. expected thm the present. program for doubling the stronoth of our Navy during the next three or four Years. The excellent service schools are being greatly expanded to prov1de training for those who ities for valuable practical train-. mg in many interesting subiectsl such sis—Aviation, Radio, Nava-l gation, Electricity, Engineeringi' Pharmacy, Music, Photographv.l Office Work. etc. The openings for those with your educational advantages are nearly unlimited.l If You haVe what it takes to' start at the bottom. as I did. and, can meet the character and phys- ical requirements—there is prac- I You would enlist as apprentice seaman and be sent at Government expense to San Diego for an eight week! course of recruit training. Cloth-' int! fond. ouarters. entertainmentl nod instruction would be provided without expense and vou would b.“ Paid $221 per month in addi- tion. Fifteen davs leave is then 92m“ted for a visit home. if dc- sjred. Upon return 'to the sta- tion. vou would, if qualified, be sent ‘to the specialty school for tralnlr‘fi’.‘ in the subject for which YOU would be best fitted. Four months after enlistment you will be advanced to Seaman Second Class with 70% increase of pay to $36 per month. Thereafter you States Navy’s offer of some become specialists l . in the years to come. You will have a bunk with a sea View and. be broadened thru‘ travel. Your experience will in- crease as salt water comes ovsr ‘the bow. Ambition and industry; will be rewarded and promotion[ Will follow. The opportunities for; Chief Petty Officer ratings. War- rants. and Commissions are ill-E creasmg. All of you are of the! age to start preparation for the] Naval Academy. .If you deéire t” l l pm a course toward that, you l you apply yourself, advancement and m.- shouid start immediately. Two creases in pay will follow regularly. Before the hundred appointments per year c‘ome from the Regular Navy and Reserve. There is also the pos- Sibllltv for others to make a coin-l mission by going up through thei America’sfactories by thethousands.Aviationis America’s fastest~growing industry. The oppor- tunities for trained men, now and in the future, are almost unlimited. That’s why the United MAINTENANCE TRAINING is so excep— tional. Because in the Navy you may. if quali‘ fled, get the finest aviation training in the world absolutely without cost to you. And on top of it, you earn while you learn! Variety of Aviation iobs There is a variety of jobs in Navy aviationi Some may become experts in Aviation Metal- smithing .' 2 : specializing in welding, brazing, electroplating and the other crafts essential to the cutting and fitting of metal parts of planes. Others, as Aviation Machinist’s Mates, operate, care for and repair aviation engines. While men. Think‘of the future now. Any branch of this training would fit you for important jobs l But aviation offers only one of the many op-‘ portunities for you in America’s new two-ocean N avy: There are actually 45 skilled trades and vocations which the Navy may teach you if you are qualified. If you are interested in radio work, engineering, aerial photography, car- pentry. pharmacy, welding, the Navy may tram you to become an expert in your chosen ANN ONE OF SOME FORTV-ODD $KILLED TRADES H. J. McNulty. U. S. Navy). Dear Sir: In anticipating graduation from high school, you undoubtedly have your sights on the horizon. look- ing ahead for the next course on which to sail to best care for your future, and prepare for comfort and security in old age. You may be planning on attending college, which is a commendable endeavor and worthy of encouragement. However, if this is not the. case, and provided that you are phy- sically qualified, I should like to propose the desirability of invest- igating the opportunities now available in the Navy or Naval Reserve for further education and specialized training during the present period of National Emer- gency. , With the knowledge you now possess, plus proper application, rapid advancoment may be ex- pected. Ambition and aptitude sis EARN 1'0 BE A.” SPECIALIST m ' FREE. training worth $ISOO IGHT NOW planes are rolling out of FREE AVIATION as Aviation Radio- WELL, I‘LL BE HORMSPOONEC} i‘M AM AVIATION MECHANIC, Now! are the prime requisites. The ex- ‘pandiug Naval Service has tic- iveloped trade training opportun- ;itics far beyond those ever given before. Over half the. men now I in the Service are specialists, re.- iceiving pay of from $60 to $216 per month. The Service Schools interested in Aviation. Deck, En- iginecring, Electrical, Radio, Med— ical, and many other worth-while subjects. The operation of the present modern Navy has becom:,-. so scientific as to attract those with trained minds who desire to advance. At present 200 young men per iycar are sent to the Naval Acad- emy at Annapolis from the Navy to qualify for commissions. There ,is also ithe possibility for other young men to eventually make a commisslion by going up through ,the ranks. Many starting as ap- ‘ prentice seaman have been ‘i l I l men to get good-paying jobs in civil life. ‘\ /‘ ammo" Mammrns get the finest training in the world in RETIREMENT PAY for regular Navy men. provide training to men who are‘ WELL, BLOlU ME DOUJN.‘ VA CEETNBIH GETTIN' * PLEN‘V o' FRESH AR! 1 ., jgradc. ‘The caliber of personneli fin the l l l I l You’re flying high in the Navy You live like king! Free meals. Free medical and dental care. No rent to pay. And you gel regular raises in pay, ' What a life for a man who's young and ombiliousl You get travel and adven- ture and you learn a skilled lrode that puts you in line for big poy iobs when you get out of the Navy. If you are l7 or ever, gel 0 free copy of Ihe illuslroled booklet, "LIFE IN THE US. NAVY," from the Navy Ec'ilor of this paper. you may care. to ask. In the meantime, please remem- knoivn to attain senior o f f i c e 2' her that the Serving SERVE Howe COUNTRV.‘ BUILD some FUTURE! cit—T IN THE NAVL/ ECU)! ? v . . l‘v 8. V _v‘ z has been improvin progressively since sailing ship fu‘. work . :days. This is a gentleman’s ser- vcl, to it. t: , vice and invites more than pass- for i: tin hem of food, ‘ing attention. In the old days clean {1' “is, medical and doi- boys were supposed to run away tal care, and on. tainmc: l. mt":- to sea to get away from school. l out cost; no lay . ifs and flirty end of your first enlistment you may be earning up to $126 a month—with your board, keep, and a complete outfit of clothing free! If, at the end of your term of service, you wish to get a job in civil Aviation or other fields, your Navy training will be a tremendous asset to you. LOOK WHAT THE U. S. NAVY AND NAVAL RESERVE OFFER YOU FREE TRAINING worth $1500. 45 trades and vocations to choose from. GOOD PAY with regular earn up to $126 a month. EACH YEAR you are entitled to a. generous vacation period with full pay. GOOD FOOD and plenty of it. FREE CLOTHING. A complete outfit of cloth— '. ing when you first enlist. (over $100 worth.) FREE MEDICAL CARE, regular dental attention. FINEST SPORTS and entertainment. TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, THRILLS -—You can’t beat the Navy for them! BECOME AN OFFICER. Many can work for an appointment to the Naval Academy or the Annapolis of the Air at Pensacola. FUTURE SUCCESS. It’s easy for Navy trained increases. You may [Are you considering joining a military service? WHY NOT CHOOSE II'IHE NAVAL RESERVE! gcompletely. tell of the present ex—; Noiv it is all changed. They often jom the Navy to go to school.’ There is no comparable organiza- tion which can open so wide a sphere of opportunity, so great a chance not only to assure your’ own success. but to serve your, country in time of need while so' doing. as that now offered you by, t. n, Navy. l Within a short time an officerE will personally appear at your school to outline the subject more days vacation with pay racii y-“na‘. if practicable; the United States Government as your cmploye‘r. and eventually retirement privileges with pay, which are boléovrd bill'- porior to those in civil life. These are available through enlistment either in the Navy or an original six year period, or, through the Reserve. which now requires ac»- tivc service only throughout the period of National Emergir "cy. Yours very truly, H. .I. l‘vIcNULTY. ‘ Commander, U. S Navy, u. ceptional plans for training andl advancement, and. at the. same time, answer such questions as Officer-iii—charge, Seattle Recruiting District. Employers the country over are eager to emél ploy N avy-trained men; Good fun, good food, good friends The Navy is noted for its popular sports pro- gram. Every kind of sport from baseball to boxing and swimming is offered the man who enlists. On board ship, the latest moving pic- tures are shown free. Organized recreation, such as dramatics, singing and musical entertain- ment, goes to make the life of a Navy man the best fun in the world. i was The food served in the Navy would do justice to your own mother’s cooking. It’s well pre- pared—and there’s plenty of it. Any man who wears the trim uniform of ‘; Uncle Sam’s Navy is bound to be looked up to i. . —for you’ve got to be good to get in the Navy! set this FREE BOOKLET, Mail coupon for your free copy of “Life in the U. S. Navy.” 24 illustrated pages. Tells what pay, promotions, and vacations youcan expect . . .how you can retire on a life income. De- scribes how you can learn any of 45 big-pay trades . . . how many may become officers. scenes from Navy life showing . sports and gem you may play, excitin ports you may visit. Tells enlistment requirements and where to apply. If you are between 17 and 31 (no high schoOI required), get this free book now. N o obligation. Ask the Navy Editor of this paper for a copy. or tele- phone him. Or mail him the coupon. You can paste it on a penny postal card. 'v v WEAR THIS BADGE OF HONOR! If after reading the fires booklet you decide to apply for a place in the Navy, you will receive this smart lapel-emblem. It is a. badge of honor you will be proud to wear. ( ~ . r-I-II-I-I-Ifl-Ill-Iq Tear out andjiake or send this coupon I j. Make a lime to try a bottle of ' rarks as I did from a start at the Barclay’s Leader Straight ‘bnunm Rye VVllliskey You,“ be To the far-sighted members of this class who are rmw thinking mighty glad you did/u this of a, career. the Navy iustifies price it’s a real buy! ,‘c‘l‘ more. than has-sing Enteutio'i 86 PROOF Retirement features are believed isiioerior to those in civil llfe- A Chlof Pettv Officer, retired af- lter 30 years of service. receives lfOI‘ thn mat of his we a rat“ “f '- nav which approximates the ill- tcrcst on $60.00 ill}: I' i‘ . filil" S0 0.1]tl‘. ll (. \It‘ Don’t wait. Choose the Naval Reserve now. The Secretary of the Navy has announced: “All men now enlisting in the Naval Reserve will be retained on active Navy duty throughout the period of the national emergency, but they will be released toinactive duty as soon after the emergency as their services can be spared, regardless of the length of time remaining in their enlistment.”- i ’ Remember — the regular Navy and Naval Reserve ofi'er you the some travel, training, promotions, pay in- creases. Physlcal requirements in the Naval Reserve are more liberal. Find out all about the Naval Reserve. Send in the coupon nowl ‘ ‘v ‘- saliva mm counterauumyrwnt *1; to the Navy Editor of this newspaper D; | Without any obligation on my part whatsoever, please I send me free booklet, “Life in the Navy,” giving full I details about the opportunities for men in the Navy or Naval Reserve. 1‘ v. " i. .. ] »Nme_——;AR “ I Address________.—_.___ I Town . , State I figLL-gy-u-n-n-n-n-I-d wwwfi-v— Ma‘s...)