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November 18, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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November 18, 1941

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ay, ovmber 1 8, 1941 you CAN-T7 “Isa: L Will. you . Eleanor Allern, Dire 8 Economics A“ .14. We recommendations: ' l I ANSWERS To t Your 1. Q. berdeen, Md. ajor general. 5.000 to 90,000 men. aptain. 0 to 6300. r mg; g 5 MARKET , it ’GROC‘ERIES I SH MEATS FRUITS " USES-r FOODS AT “,BEST PRICES HOGDSPO‘RT 8 water, .- since i «7’ , 'can women, concerned with filling their silk stockings and derwear as long as possible ,5 of the scarcity of silk, to- ved authoritatixle informa- .Someone Has to Dig Potatoes f: ter of a famous British pathologist. MI‘S- 301111 51681 Spends 8Dare time digging potatoes on the farm of a hospital in Essex. an ambulance driver in the London Auxiliary Ambulance Service. ctcr Procter 100 year old soap manu- B, on how to increase the of these prized posses— ” e instructions came in the h silk stockings and silk ear after each wearing. By silk stockings even twice fission without washing in V i you reduce the amount of 1diet you should get from '8 lukewarm suds made from ‘IHlld soap, such as the new Suds” Ivory, to keep colors this method within half an hour. ka. i at Thanksgiving fresh and clear looking. 3. Handle carefully. Wash by hand, squeezing suds gently through and through the silk fibres. Do not wring or twist. This is likely to break delicate silk threads. 4. Squeeze out moisture and hang evenly over a rod or line to dry after pulling out to shape. Be par— ticularly careful not'to subject silk stockings or knitted silk underwear to rough surfaces or wooden rocks which may be splintered. Runs are often caused by contact with rough surfaces. 5. To dry stockings and under- wear quickly for immediate wear- ing, remove moisture by rolling in dry bath towels. Unroll and hang in a warm, airy place. Complete drying often can be effected by PLANTING BULBS operation practicable. during 3‘ liiormal season and over most (.f ‘ the northern part of our country. .Acl’uxilly it is: somewhat late. Bulbs have a better chance to produce brzllllil‘ul, large, W311 {firirmed flowers if they go into the ground in October so that a good root . tom will be developed during ti... fall 'and early winter. However, as 'i so often the case iuzid a bray household, these ‘5' of other duties with the result that the bu Us must be hurriedly placed late in November. HOW late can they go in and still give. s? I have planted tulips time and have had them flower 100 per cent although the stems were a bit Short. No matter how late in the sea— son it gets do not do the actual SRlGl—l KENTUCKY BOURBON P.0. Brdotown. Ky- I, l‘ivi'i‘b‘w ‘ ’y p, . If you have not already plan-ted ‘ bulbs keep in mind that Novem» bul‘ is the last month 'when the :den tas (S must defer in favor. l 31-:le A 3ij U§EWANTHADS axation Beautifully relaxed between scenes of “South of Tahiti,” Maria Montez shows how to really take it easy in the film capital. Skippy Smiles If anything makes Skippy hap- pier than planes, it’s the men who fly them. He’s the son of a flying lieutenant stationed at the 1 Southeast Air Corps Training 'l-lilll’lE Gilliam by. Dr. John H. Hanlev Director, U. of W. Arboretum l l l l l ' to the Universit Center. at Gunter Field, Ala. ‘ - n————-——-—-— jcb of planting in a rushed, hap-i hazard way. Take time to pre-§ pare the soil preparly by deepf Frading: make. sure that good,“ idrainagc is provided either by a substantial admixture of sand ml the lower depths of the soil ori by putting ill a drainage ditch; SYstem of tile or coarse gravel or' Cinders. Then look to the fertilization, too. You have two courses open? to you in this regard —~ either' aPPly commercial fertilizer as ai top dressing or, if the bulb plant-I ings take the form of solidi beds without other types of plants, 3 it is much more convenient to‘ Spade a good, complete fertilizer: into the soil during the prepara-i tIOn phase. If you have ready. access to any of the barnyard,7 manures you are fortunate. but do not use them in the bulb bed: at this time. l Far better to pick out the place where you W ant the tulips, h.Vacinths, narcissi. etc., to: be2 planted next season and apply‘ the barnyard manure to thatl area. In a year it will have de- pomposed thoroughly and can thereafter do no harm to the bulbs but will have added much] to improve general. tilth. . I These notes on; bulb planting’ have been purposely made brief| Since the subject was Covered in greater detail last season. Those, who .may want fuller discussions are invited to send their queriesl y of Washington‘ tle. Arboretum, Seat Y ‘ ‘ No. 1402 figEICL OF HEARING FINAL ORT AND PETITION FOR I “ DISTRIBUTION Vn tic Superior Court of the State, 8 Washington in and for the‘ in urine 1.: “it”: ‘ H a er 0 is Estate ofl ROBERT CORYDON ANGLE. Deceas-i ed . Notice is hereby given that Grant! C. Anglo, administrator with the willf annexed‘of the estate of Robert Cory-i 10:1 Angle. has filed in the office of: tie Clerk of said Court his final re“ or; for (titilstribution, aSkt-i '0 se esaid reor.l to distribute the property to the ppcr- Sgns thereto entitled. and to disw‘ E :‘l‘gf‘ said Grant C. Angle; and that‘ “‘0 ="lll'_"'t and petition will be heard 0}“ the 6th day of December, 19-11. at 110 hour of 10:00 O’clock A. M.. 01‘ 3:! Slum thereafter as may be heard. 51. the courtroom of the County Court- house at Shelton. “’ashillgton. I _ gated this 1st day of November.l l CLARE ENGELSEN. Clerk- of said Court. 2 l a Court ismu.» ii ~4-ll-~18—2:—-4t, i. i i will be sold at I That any 10 lsent of the SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL JOURNAL ’W 5 LEGAL PUBLICATIONS NOTICE OF SALE OF STATE TIDE LANDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That on Tuesday, the 2nd day of December, 1941, commencing at ’ten o'clock ill the forenoon of said day, in front of the main entrance door to the in the City of State of County Court House Shelton, county of Mason. .Washington, by the County Auditor of said county, the following dre- scribed state tide lands. together with the improvements situated thereon, ubllc auction to the highest bidder tlerefor, to-wlt: i‘lUTE.~No one except citizens of the United States, or persons who have declared their intention to become such, can purchase state lands. ' APPLICATION NO. 10520 All tide lands of the second class, owned by the State of VVush- ington. situate in front of. ada— cent to or abutting upon the west 500 feet of the east 1150 fut of lot 2, section 19. and the west 500 feet of the cast 1150 feet of lot. 1. section 30, all in township 22 north. range 2 west. (also known as tracts 14 to 23, both inclusive, of the un- recorded plat of Navy Yard High- way Addition No. 1.) and haying a total frontage of 9.98 llncal chains. more or less. appralscd at $449.10. APPLICATION NO. 10506 All tide lands of the second class, owned by the State of VVaslllng— ton, situate in front of, adjacent to or abutting upon the cost 125 feet of the west 300 feet of lot 4, section 22, township 22 north, range west, W.M., _and having a frontage of 2.17 lineal chains more or less, appraised at $75.95. Excepting such portion of said tide lands as may be included in an oyster tract deeded by the State of Washington to J. A. Hoshor. August 23. 1910, under application No. 2883. APPLICATION NO. 10491 All tide lands of the Second class owned by the State of Washing. ton, situate in front of, adju— ' cent to or , abutting upon the south 200 feet of the north 40:) feet of lot 3, section 34. town- ship 21 north, range 2 west. W. M., and having a frontage of 3.04 lineal chains, more or less, appraised at $45.60. APPLICATION NO. 10539 All tide lands of the second class. owned by the State of Washing- ton, situate in front of, adjacent to or abutting upon the west 75 feet of lot 4, section 22, township 22 north. range 2 west, and having a frontage of 2.27 lineal chains, more or less, ap- praised at $79.45. Excepting such portion of said tide lands as may be included in an oyster tract, deeded by the State of Washington to J. A. Hoshor, August 23, 1910, under application No. 2883. APPLICATION NO. 10541 All tide lands of the second Class. owned by the State of Washing- ton, situate in front of, adjacent to or abutting upon the east 100 feet of the west 175 feet of lot 4, section 22, township 22 north, range ,2 west, W.M., and having a frontage of 1.73 lineal chains, more or less. appraised at $60.55. Excepting such portion of said tide lands as may be included in an oyster tract deeded by the State of Washington to J. A. Hoshor, August 23. 1910, under Application No. 2883. Said lands will be sold for not has and upon he terms and'condit followmg: Not less than one—tenth of the pur- chase price must be paid at the time of sale. The purchaser, if he be not the owner of the improvements. must forthwith pay to the officer making the sale the full amount of the praised value of the improvements, as above stated. One—tenth of the pur- chase prlce must be paid annually thereafter with interest on all do- t‘erred payments at the rate of six per centum per annum: Provided urchaser may make full payment 0 principal, interest and statutory fees at any time and ob- tain deed. The purchaser of land containing-timber or other valuable materials ls prohibited by law from cutting or removing any such timber or materials without first obtaining consent of the Commissioner of Pub- lic LandS, until the full amount of the purchase price has been paid and deed issued. All sales of state lands are made subject to the reservations of oils, gases, coal, ores, sils of every name, kind and de— scription. and to the additional termsl in SectionI and conditions prescribed 3 of‘chapter 256 of the Laws of 1907. Sam land will be sold sub of chapter 312 of the Session Laws of 1927. relating to easements for rights- of-way‘and the carrying of timber,’ stone, minerals and other products over the same. ' JACK TAYLOR. Commissioner of Public Lands. By FRANK YATES. Assistant Commissioner. 11-4-11-18—25. 12-2—5t. NOTICE OF SALE OF STATE LANDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That i on Tuesday. the 2nd day of December. 1941, commencing at ten o‘clock in the forcnoon of said day, ill front of the mam entrance door to the County Court House in the city of Shelton, county of Mas ton. by the County Auditor of sai county. the following dcscribcd lic auction to the highest bidder there- I for, to~w_lt: NOTE—1V0 one except citizens of the United States, or persons who have declared their intention to become such, can purchase state lands. APPLICATION NO. 17259 A tract of land containing 0.30 acres, more or less. in the NWJ/l of‘the SEM. of Section 20. Town- sh1p 23 'North, Range 1 West, being more particularly de- scribed as follows: Commence at the southeast cor— ner ofisald Section 20, and run S. 88° 05 along the southerly boundary line of said Section 20. a distance of 1377.0 feet to an inter- section wlth the Westerly right of way lme of State Road No. 14. as now located and of record in the office of the Director of High- ways at Olympia. Washington: thence N..0° 42’ W.. along said westerly right of way line. a dis- tance of 2050.4. feet to the true point of. beginning of the tract of land being herein described; Thhnce continuing N. 01° 42’ W.. 105 feet; thence S. 89° 18‘ W.. 125 feet; thence S. 0° 42’ F... 105 feet: thence N.- 89° 18’ E.. 125 feet to ' the true point of beginning, said tractcof land $ln§OSityated in Ma— son oun y. as 1n on, a rais- ed at $100.00. g pp I Said lands will be sold for not! less than the appraised value abovel stated and upon the terms and con- ditions followmg: Not less than one-tenth of the pur- chase prlce must be paid at the time of sale. The purchaser. if he be not the owner of the improvements. must fortthtll pay to the officer making the’ sale the full amount of the ap—. praised valueof the improvements. as! above stated. One-tenth of the pllr-' chase “price must be paid annuallyi thereafter with interest on all (16— ferred payments at the rate of six, per centum per annum: Providch ‘ . mav make fulll principal. interest nndl That any purchaser payment of statutory fees at anv time and nli—i tmn deed. ‘Thc purchaser of land: containing,timber or other valuable materials is prohibited by low from. cutting or removing anv such timber: or materials without first obtaining' Commissioner of Pub-i lie Lands. until the full amount of l I I l l 0'6 Purchase piice has been paid and for the occasion, l I l i l l i i } than the ap raised value‘above‘stgpg.‘ ap- . i l minerals and fos-l I ject to! the terms. condltlons and reservations: on. State of Washl‘ngé, l state ' lands, together With the improvements. situated thereon. will be sold at pub-4 f V V 'V "7'" vvvvvv Real Estate wA‘“‘A“AMAmAm“ —- l [FOR SALE: 4 room house andl } acre of land; 7 room house and 21/2 ,acres on and near Arcadia} Road; 1931 Chevrolet coupe;' 1927 Buick sedan. L. R. Kolm— organ, Arcadia Road. 10-28—11—28iv1M l i i FOR S A L E: 5-room modern home on Capitol Hill, also red pullets for sale. Mrs. Ada Culli-l son, Rt. 2, Capitol Hill. 11-13-18-20-25 -- 4t. FOR SALE 7-room modern home with large tract of land. Excellent ground with lawn and flowers. This will make a fine suburban home; Close in. $3,000 with $500 downi or $2500 cash. . l 6-ROOM modern home, hard-wood floors, fireplace, full basement and furnace. 150 large unfin- ished upstairs. This home is located on oiled street and has nice yard. Entire property ill excellent Condition, and priced below present value. Will con- sider terms—$4375.00. ______ l 3-ROOM modern home close in.I Nice garden tract. House can i easily be enlarged. Why pay rent when you can own a home of your ‘own. $1575 with $200 down, $25 month, including in- terest at 7% monthly reduction. Fine lake located on 168 acres of land, lake covers 25 to 30 acres. Fine fishing and close to the hunting reserve in the best deer territory in Mason County. Just 11 miles from Shelton with good roads. Excellent opportunity for several parties to divide the property and each have an ex- cellent tract of land with share of lake at a very reasonable price. Why not investigate this property at once! $12.50 an acre. 1320 feet of waterfront located on bay, about 8 miles from Shel- ton. Property has plenty of spring water. This is an ex- cellent tract to subdivide and will make an excellent invest- ment. $4750.00. Herbert G. Angle Angle Bldg. Phone 304 . "mvvv v“ 'VVV ‘ vv st and. Found 1 FOUND :, .medal, or badge evidently 'lost by some serviceman. Tn- scription “Roulons et Passons” upon it. Blue and white striped shield in one corner. Inquire Journal. LOST: 4-months old heifer, Guern— sey and Durham. Red with white spots. Return to 4-E Dairy or' phone 216-J-1. 11-13-18--2t. l l l l l l l l . _ High 6:11 a.m. 14.6 ft. (1.311 Issasllégdbf State lands are made. for Shelton elty property. Phone! Tues. Low 11:38 am_ 5.1 ft. subject to the reservations of oils. 394-W after 6 P-m- lNov. 18 High 5:05 p.m. 15.0 ft. in a 11'11'20-4t- Lo ,2 0, ,3 ,, 51 S i . .' . t:il;.dd‘t‘ lt. i ~.W . am. .. . g 35.31) éggdifitéffis )pvéécribeti‘i'nm segiri'fi‘i, Wed. High 7:03 am. 15.2 ft. ‘ 3 of chapter 256 of the Laws of 1907.} I Nov. 19 Low 12:31 pm. 5.5 ft. Said land will be sold subject. to , High 5.47 pm 149 ft “f” ter’i‘s' £303“??? Endifiisetlité°2i‘ Test Y0 r I Q __' ' ' ,,. vs a . . $927. zi'glating t8 OaSEI‘IlOi‘ItS for rightr— I , ' ' Thurs. LOW 12:53 a.m. 2.8 ft. of-Way and the carrying of tlmbem u . Nov. 20 High 7:54 a.m. 15.6 ft. , stone. minerals and other products] > I Low 1.2313 m 5 9 ft . . . , . . . . . 0‘81 the same' jACK TAYLOR, Heres a t?“ Of ¥°utr km?” High 6:30 p.m. 14.6 ft. l Commissioner of Public Lands. edge concerning the as £11)ng *— By FRANK YATES. Army of the United States. Fri. Low 1:38 a.m. 2.9 ft. ' mums. $353.2}th Cflmmlsmner- 1. In what eastern'pity is the iNov. 21 High 8:46 a.m. 15.8 ft. , Ordnance Departments provmg I go? p.m. 16.1ft. NOTICE or scam I. SCHOOL ground healed? v i 1g __; p'm' 4‘1ft' DISTRICT EL]; VHON ' 2. What is the normal rank of | Sat Low 2.26 a m _ 4 ft Notice is‘hcrebylziVen that a speClal the commander of a division? , I '_ ' ' ' election of the. legal school electors . . t NOV. 22 High 9,398,311. 15.7 ft. of Allyn 1Schrkg‘); District No. 1118bof 3' ‘tNhatthls fthe approilgna Low 3116 p.m. 6.3 ft. S , s. rt , e of W * arm r S. i . i ainAllgiinsiéhuof 1101:5011 gill district if Svéfintg . Oman ranky of Elle ngh 8-08 P-m- 13-3 ft- lon the 22nd day of November. 1941,, a 15 e. 9 W for the purpose of 10—Mill Levy. commander of a COmPaHY- 5113- Low 3-16 a-m- ' 1-6 ft- Pi‘lfollst wallogoe ‘openk {Eon} 1:00 o’clock 5_ What is the approximate , NOV. 23 High 10:34 a.m. 15.5 ft. . ., o :. 0000 Il . H n. ' war Stren th of a bri ade? Low 4:21 p.m. 6.2 ft. lgpamu this 7th day of Noumbn, g High 9:06 pm. 124 ft. By order of the board of directors. - M L —-—-—4 09 04 ft FRED W. BUDING. on CW 3 a-m- Clerk of Board. Flylng Pups Nov. 24 High 11:30 a.m. 15.3 ft. 11-11—18—2t. S. D. No. 18. 1 Low 5:36 p_m' 5.8 ft. ' ” High 10:20 p.m. 12.4 ft. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ———— THANKSGIVING SERVICES Tues Low 5307 am 1-0 ft- . , 1Nov. 25 High 12:24 p.m. 15.0 ft. Thanksgiving services will be Low 6:57 p.m. 5.0 ft. held in all Churches of Christ, I High 11:54 p.m. 10.8 ft.| Scientist, on Thursday morning, —-—- November 20, at 11:00 o’clock. Nvgfd-ZS g-m- President Roosevelt's Thanks- 7 ‘ I ’m‘ giving Day Proclamation will be‘ Lowwfig P'm' 4'0 ft . reafi. f0110W9d .by appropriate Thurs. High 1:42 a.m. 10.7 ft scriptural selections. The sub- Nov_ 27 Low 7:19 a_m_ 35 ft Ject of the Lesson-Sermon is ‘ High 2:07 p.m. 14.5 ft “Thanksgiving.” Golden Text: 1 Low 9:06 pm. 30 ft “Offer unto God Thanksgiving; and l . pay thy vows unto the most high; Fri. High 3:16 a.m. 11.2 ft and call upon me in the day of! INOV. 28 LOW ’ 8:28 a.m. 4.4 ft trouble: I will deliver thee, and; 1 High 2:50 p.m. 14.3 ft thou shalt glorify me” (Psalms Low 9:52 p.m. 2.0 ft 5014,15). r . _ » Among the citations which com- Nsat: ngh 3:251; a‘m' 12:0 prise the Lesson-Sermon is the l 0v' 9 ,PO‘K jg a'm' 5‘1ft ifollowing from Psalms (65:1,11); 111g 13; 89-!“- 14; ft “Praise waiteth for thee, O God. 0w 0'30 p'm‘ 1' in Sion: and unto thee shall the: Sum High 5:24 a_m_ 12.7 ft VOW be Performed Thou crown“ [Nov. 30 wa 10:27 a.m. 8.7 ft est the year With thy goodness: ' - . . High 4 .02 p.m. 13.8 ft [and thy paths drop fatness.” = Low 11:04 pm. 05ft The Lesson-Sermon also in- __ ' eludes the following passages from; Mon. High 6:10 a.m. 13.4, ft. ; the Christian Science textbook; Dec. 1 Low 11:15 a.m. 6.1 ft I “Science and Health with Key to' High 4:31 p.m. 13.6 ft the Scriptures” by Mary Baker; Low 11:34 p.m. 0.1 ft Eddy: “God is Love. Can we ask; —-——- him to be mQre? Shall Vvel Tues High 6248 a.m. 13.9 ft plead for more at the open fount, a Dec. 2 Low 12:59 a.m. 6.4 ft which is pouring forth more than? High 5100 P-m- 13-5 ft we accept? . . . Are we really, , .— grateful for the good already re- i‘DWed‘3 lijg’éa‘m' ceived? Then we. shall avail our-j ec' ' ng 12:40 a‘m' 16:6 ft selves of the blessings we have, , l HF”: ‘ 5:29 p‘m‘ 13'3 ft' and thus be fitted to receive more. I lg p',m' ' ,' Gerglgude is mllehffiliorektha: a l , Thurs. Low 12:34 a.m. 0.8 ft. v. :1 expression 0 nan s. c- . Dec. 4 H" . 7:5 . . 14. . tion expresses more mmitude‘ Pure'b‘ed EnghSh bundogs are 133:3 than speech” (1313293263222). l the . mascots for flyers‘ Gene i High 6:00 rim. 13:2 ft: Following the reading of the Nevdle, top, Oklahoma City, and [ ,__,, Lesson-Sermon a brief period will Gene Fetl‘OW- The pups are en- Fri, Low 1:06 am, - 1_0 ft, ‘ ha do“,th to testimonies by tered ln_the Los Angeles Ken- Dec. 5 High 8:29 a.m. 14.8 ft Christian Scientists appropriate nel Club’s Sun Festival Do Low 1:57 p.m. 6.8 ft fi \_Show, ‘ W High 6:33 p.m. "i -——————_——_‘_—__ N l, VVVVVV "VV\'VVv vvvvvvvvv V Classified Service For Sale l l .‘m AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-‘A4.\M-A BULLDOZER WORK: clearingrron SALE: Three good milk; grading, road work. etc. 1‘71‘682 cows, one just fresh. Also team estimates, reasonable. ' Inquire, black mares, D. M, Crosswhite, t Davis Store, Lilliwaup. Phone 1. J —11-4—6-11-13-18—~5t.I Bremerton, Rt. 2, 1 mile from Belfair on old highway. 11—18-20-25—3t. Vvvvvmvvvvvvm', Wanted “MMWAAAA “A “AA“ A“ CAN PAY 30 cents a bale for Christmas trees, including 12 foot trees. Contact C. P. Round- , tree, 1700 Yew Avenue. Phonei 3759 Olympia. 11-5—-12-5—1M.|' I l SHRUBBERY PRUNING and re! planting. Oscar Plovie, 726 80.! First. St. 11—1—12-ls—1M l l I l KEYS! New and modern key-making equipment just installed. Everything To Make The Little Tot Happy WAGONS ——‘ SCOOTERS VVIDOWER with boy and girl, 12 and 8, wants home for self and children. Financial arrange- ments discussed, references ex- TRXCYCLES changed at interview. Box M, The Journal. 11.11-13~18-20—4t.i P .. __ . .. . .--.. RE AIRS WANTED AT ONCE carloads o We also Repair wagons, tri- truckloads of large, smoothl: cycles, bicycles, lawmowers, sound Maple and Alder logs- etc_ Higher price. Liberal scale. Prompt settlements. Northwest' Chair Company, Tacoma, Wash. 11-13-18-20-25—4t. SLEYSTERS FIX-IT SHOP i l iWANTED: Huckleberry brush pickers. Year around employ- ment. Apply G. R. Kirk Com- pany, Allyn, Washington. 11-13-18-20-25—4t. STEADY WORK——GOOD PAY—— Reliable person wanted to call on farmers in Mason County. No experience or capital re- I CHRISTMAS ' CARDS 1 Put that favorite snapshot . l ' quired. Sone makin 100.00' 0“ your CthtmaS Cards- in a week. AWrite MclglESS C0,, _ , 2423 Magnolia St., Oakland, Good Variety of Cahf- Lovely cards WANTED: Comfortable sleeping room for man. Write PO. Box 423, Shelton. Q~—11-18——1t. 'V' V vv'vvvvvvvvvv/vvvvvvvr Andrews Studio ! l I Used Cars mvvvv‘vwvvvvvvvvvw" Greeting Cards FOR SALE: ’34 International pan- by el deliver truck. Make us of- fer. Shel n Branch, First National Bank. 11-18-20-25-27—4t. Seattle Gibson A Large Selection of Lovely Cards ‘ Immm W mvvvvv l For Rent. 1 l l Fir Drug Store FURNISHED APARTMENTS for rent (2 and3rooms). Good lo- cation. Very reasonable. Golds- borough Apts, Second and Knee— land Streets, Shelton. 5-7-tf. BICYCLES WANTED , FOR} RENT: weather tight gar- age with cement floor. One block from hospital. $3.50 per month. Inquire 619 N. Fifth. W—11-4tf. ' Tides of the Week Computed for Oakland Bay (Hood Canal tidés are one hour 8; 55 minutes earlier) .We will pay cash for Used, Bicycles 'Sléys'té’iérix-It Shop vmvvvvv '"VVVWVVVVV Trade or Swap “AMA’A AMA A AAAMAAAMA FOR SALE OR TRADE: substan- tial equity in improved Hender- son Bay waterfront, 9 miles from Port Orchard. Will trade T A US [AUBURN Golden Flak-i. Page Seven RATES On Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line (5 words) first insertion, attractively low rates on subsequent insertions. Min- imum charge 400. Classified advertisements ac- cepted over the telephone from phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or payment made before the first of the month to save expense of billing. An extra charge of 10c will be made when billing is necessary. Card of thanks 50c. Classified Display Rates on Request. ' Phone 100' WW". For Sale A AAA‘A‘AA“~ OLD GROWTH WOOD for sale: $6.50 per cord plus tax. R. W. Killough, phone 586-J. 10-30--11-27-1M Butter- milk, 25¢ gallon. 825 Franklin. Buns, FOR SALE: 14-foot skiff, com- plete with oars, chain, lock, line and hook. Gunder Ordal, Rte. 3, Shelton. 11-4-—7tf. FOR SALE: Modern, 14—ft. trail- er house. Price is very rea- sonable for cash. Charley John- ston, East Dickinson street. Picture at Journal Office. J~1_1-18-20-25-27——4t. FOR SALE: Young grain — fed geese, $3.00 each. Phone 11F32. Art Rogers, R. 3, Shelton. 11-18—1t. FOR SALE: Studio couch with back, like new, $18. Phone 36-J. L—~11-18—1t. FOR SALE: Guernsey Jersey cow, 5 years old. C. N. Allen, Rt. 1, Mill Creek Road. 11-18-27—4‘t. FOR SALE: picked Northern Spy apples. Orchard run 50¢ box, bring containers. J. Jacoby, Rt. 2, Shelton. 11-4-6———2t. FOR SALE: Montag wood heater,‘ medium size. Phone 192. H--11-13-18——20-25--4t. FOR SALE: about 50 cordwdry fir and alder. Inquire at Eagle Barber Shop. B.~-11-13--tf. USED FURNITURE: 3——radios ............ .. 7.50 - 12.50 2—wood ranges .................. .. 19.75 l—Sappan gas range (good as new) .............. .. 49.50 3—electric ranges... 19.50 24.50 1—dresser ............................. .. 9.50 1~sewing machine 9.50 l—rocker ................................ _. 2.95 2—~dinning tables 5.95 and 7.95 Olsen Furniture Co. N O HUNTING NO 'TRESPASSING NO FISHING SIGNS 021 Heavy Tag Board 5‘74 x 20 JOURNAL LARGE SIZE Duplicating SALES BOOKS 2 for 15¢ 4 for 25¢ 65¢ per dozen We also take orders tor‘all kind! of special-'— '- PRINTED SALES BOOKS}. Our prices are as low or lower than outside salesmen can quote yo ' THE 1 JOURNAL PROFESSIONAL CARDS A“- A“ ALDEN C. BAYLEY ATTORNEY AT LAW Title Insurance Building Opposite First National Bank Phone 23 Shelton INSURANCE HERBERT G. ANGLE f Office at Ang‘ Xe Building ELLIOT RSPRING Accounting 'l'ax Services Bookkeeping Systems 123 4th St. Phone 565 l DOANE BRODIE Attorney-At-Law Angle Building Phone 337 ‘CHARLES R. LEWIS ATTORNEY AT LAW Suite 1 L. M. Bldg. Shelton, Washington