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November 21, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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November 21, 1963

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November 21, 1963 , SHELTON--MASON COUNTY JOURNAL-- Published in "Chrisfmasfown , u.s.A." , Shelton, Washington ...... " &apos; y M "ght PTOT "ght glvmg Droner 00Ol, 1.. Grapevmw Mothers Club Plans Mar . Knl o Meet At School Tom den Ag e Chtb wtL1 meet BY D,,ra Hearing Clifford 0'sen and Don Hesler of ter is spending the week with his li,h?;Z + ;li+.i! DA.Kal,iv IPrt A} Tha ++,hna! ,.oil irom ,as, +o+,+, ,+, ,++r, ,,,, e.l,e ,',* *+,e + l b,o.,e,: ,,rid family + a.ler f ' + e 1 morn | +++e..W +, rlll, |||1 ll(l$||Vi| 5+ .TT')CK ,m? ........ :]' +-" t ++'' E:":' :c:'r "+ 2:':::? ::und::. x, ::fLc:'::+cm. +vn' nut +vn's walter recl<en- ' }!r t  I ular t TO at Mary M. 3H{S. ANDKE'W McGarvle, Mrs. ot tnebh.lto, - , . , , , . . .... h,t,}:ao,te .... to he ,.GR_&pEvIEw, __ Lo0King- fo r m isera.?le ....... wea+net: '+ ace o.rding too Kightre this Thm'sdavmeetmg night "at 8 Edward Valley, Mrs. Lud Ross- ralgn"( tt;'dweeketentchild" ofthe_ierbertUileene % lay t_+ ,..e ..... "-. a little pr--nmiaay entertainment: mart wnairman ars iu 8tauat ^'-'--+'- -- m -pal +hi' 3rd 'm a 4th -.,ier Mrs L D Porinlan and " "- " ;: - , utuL,,x y. . a,t   * , ,., um ........ r ne el" 1" home t i+ people attended the The Grapeview Motbers' Club has The busy Orthopedic ladies are ,,,,a .......... .in ,-,,+ on tho ,,ro- +,'s V-+son Ross from Matloek  em y, ., . e: at which a quilt was the perfect answer with a fun- hard at work preparing for their 7:.:.  ......... *" ..... F:a]es' *Club attended the Christ- +m. AND mRS. JOHN McGar- g, ,+,,. ,c ...... ,' + .... e " ) nt -]" filled cvenmg of games and re- Country Store to be held at the " , v the M' ck Granee was mas Gift given I-louse in Shelton vc and Matgm t McGmwe spe. = Sunda., silo o+ + "" *   aturaay evening wim the wai- LY 13 MORE t0PPING DAYS trILL XMAS - raily portraits at tile lllealth 1Accident Income 00lortgage I00ehrement freshments, plus the possibility of adding goodies to your Thanksgiv- ing table all planned for you, tomorrow evening, at our grade- school, 8:00 p.m. Come and join in the games and be on hand for the awarding of the bounteous Thanksgiving Food Basket which should provide an exciting climax to the evening's activitieS. Com- mittee members, Louise Okonek and Salli Clayton, urge mothers holding books of tickets to please turn them in at the Grapeview Grocery Saturday or be sure to bring them to the school Saturday evenmg. The National Grange Conven- tion at Portland, Ore., was suf- ficient incentive to take several of our Grapevicw citizens away from home last Saturday. Attend- ing the big event and taking the seventh degree along with three thousand other Grange members (approximately 25 of whom were from Mason County) at a very im- pressive ceremony aturday in Portland's Civic Auditorium were Bill Spooner with Linda and Rob- bie and Mr. and Mrs. grin Buck- Fire Hall Saturday, Nov. 23, be- ginning at 9 a.m Besides the usual array of interesting gift items, tickets for the adorable "Barbie Doll and Wardrobe" will be on sale and free coffee and donuts will be served to all guests. Chair- men, Mrs. Staudt and Mrs. Jubie Hicks wish to invite the commur/- ity to attend a game night planned for Saturday evening, Dec. 7, at the schoolhouse. So, circle the date on your calendar! AFTER. TWO weeks and many miles of road behind them. Russ and Ruth Wells returned to Grape- view late Sunday afternoon. Their trip took them to Gillette, Wyo. to see Russ's brolher Lee Wells, who had been injured in a mining accident. Russ reports, happily, that his brother will be O.K. and he and Ruth ate happy to be back home. He returned to his job at the Naval shipyard Tuesday. The airlines that seem to be making this old world look so small, played a pleasant role in affecting a family reunion for Mrs. Walter Clayton, Sr., here at her home in Grapeview Sunday ing'ham. Accompanying the Buck* afternoon. From SeattIe carrie her nghams were Mr. and Mrs. Carl sister and husband. Mr. and Mrs. host to the Mason CmmLy Pomona Grange and the ladies served a fried chicken dinner to about 70 members. This Friday night is pot luck supper at 6:30 and elec- tion of officers. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Creamer and son Clovis spent Saturday eve- ning with the Edward Valley fam- ily MR. AND MRS. MAX Nilsson of Seattle were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Helin. Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Hearing were Saturday evening dinner guests of Mrs. Marie McKay of Shelton. Mr. and Mrs. Lud Rossmaier spent Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs. R. E Bradberry. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Green of Shelton were Saturday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Helin. LECERS ,o ON LIPS OF GOSSIP If there was another command- ment added to the already ten. I would prefer that it should be: "Thou Shait Not Gossip", for many IzetL Most of the convention's Louie Sitzberger, her niece and times the practice of this malic- activities stemmed from Portland's husband, Mr. and Mrs. A1 Flour- ious act can lead to the violation Multnomah Hotel. I noy, and from Wanstead in Essex of the other ten. Tile Buckinghams arrived home County near London came Mrs. \\;Ve all talk too much! None o Saturday evening, pleased to be Margaret Wright. Mrs. Clayton's us are infallible! Sometimes gos- able to greet their son's family, niece whom she had not seen for sip is done unintentionally to ac- Dean and Billie Buckingham with their two cute youngsters, Becky nd Johnny, who had driven out from Seattle to spend an overnight and help "Grandpa" celebrate his birthday. ED AND LOUISE OKONEK hosted a charming "brunch" for several of their friends last Sun- day noon and a perfectly marve- lous time was had by all. Venison steaks, m a delicious sauce, plus many other delectable dishes, real- ly "hit the spot" for the eager bunch, which included the Don Pogrebas, Bill Staudts. "Spec" Frcdricks. Fred Lutzes, Clem Holls, Joe Engens, Ralph Hatches and Howard Somerses. After the party the Pogrebas, Staudts and Engens took off for their weekly stint of bowling in Shelton's Mr. and Mrs. League and. on their return home, Don Tuesday. The Carl Goodburn family-of Shelton spent the weekend with the Lud Rossmaiers and then Sun- day night they all. along with Mrs. Paul Rossmamr and baby, attend- ed a birthday party at the Larry Chamberlin home in Shelton in honor of Karen Chamberlin's 3rd birthday. Diane Tyler. David and Wade Boothc of Hoquiam spent the weekend with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Ford. Mr. and Mrs. John Peterman of Elms spent Saturday at the Ken- neth Howard home and Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Howard were Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Davis and daughters of Eugene. Ore.. Mr. and :rs. Harry Riekert and Mr. and Mrs. Don Riekert and son of Hoquiam and Joc Howard of Blyn. The tat- ,m, EDITOR telephone, radio and poison pen letters and articles. Many times the gossip does himself more harm than the victim of his attack, for it is a negative act, requiring the emotions of anger, hatred and jealousy all of which have an ad- verse :chemical reaction on the body physiology. Mauy diseases and conditions can be traced to these cmotions. Gossiping is not a sig of super- 56 years. Also joining the happy tually do another person harm, ior intelligence, fro" thc subject group was Mrs. Wright's uncle but the wrong ears hear it ad involved is usually of such a petty and wife, Mr. and Mrs. AI Rich- distort tlle original by twisting nature that one is wasting good a:rds, and much visiting was en- the h;uth and dispensing it to time where he could spend if+ on joyed between uncle and niece, people who will really do some something more elevating. since they had visited together damage with it. " In the Middle Ages there was in England. some 50 years ago There is a quotation from the a penalty of slitting the tongues when she uas a tiny girl. Dinner teaching of Taoism, "A harmless ot gossils. It is said that wmnen and more visiting included the lie is better than a hurtful truth", comprise the greater number of Walter Claytons, Jr:, and meeting For years I belonged to a frater- gosiips, which is no doubt true his charming and interesting cou- nal order which adopted this mot- as they have more lime to devote sin for the first time was a very to: "If I can't speak good of a to this pasttime. But. when s real special occasion for Walt. Mrs. (member). I will not speak ill of male gossip comes along, he can Wright plans to remain in this conrtry, both of her daughters having married and moved to California where she also plans to make her home. The C. W. "Jimmy" Walkers considered themselves very lucky when their boat and motor were sunk last week by some quirk of wind or weather.Why should this be considered lucky? Not only and Shirley Pogreba were enor- were the paddles, cushions and ,::, ........... +. mously sin-prised, but ve W pleas- life jackets not lost. as was fear- | + ed, to find that Don'a folks, Mr. ed. having hecomc safely trapped i ,es Joslin and Mrs. At PogTeba had just within the hull but the mot.or was driven in, from Butte, Mont. Shir- declared to be in excellent shape :. _ _.  . _ _ ley report that the fol!s arc very after a carefully administered l"est Coast Life wht, "look wonderful' and plan fresh-water bath. | Ill -- to spend several das s here with .Grapeview Vohmteer Fire De- | asuranee their family. " partment will meet Tuesday, 7:30 116- . _ Sarah Eckert Orthopedic Guild's p.m. at our Fire Hall. .'1' { Sumrn ur. rummage sale held in Bremerton H 1 a""a-toge .-! ,t./a last Tuesday and Wednesday was " -- of the l l]lllllllllON'S" +a,+= m,0c,+ Officers At Last Meeting Your family can eqioy +New ncn VICT0100 TV POR ONLY 47s A WEEKI  lzat's behind All-wood Danish Modern C0ns0lett in compact, ibln-style cabinet /' VICTOR COLOR IV. Precist0n-cralted Space Age Sealed t P"Is it ahead! circuit Boards provide extra .-dependabilit '44995 up Bonded-on glare-prod' saMy glas breaks up and diffuses annoying { reflections RCA High Fidelity Color Tube for vivid, lifelike color pictures New Vista Color Chassis has 24,000 volts of regulated picture power (factory adjusted) -, MOST TRUSTED NAME IN TELEVISION him". Altho this was probably not carried out fully, true to the let- ter. it was al least a step in the right direction. Frankly, I would rather that one would curse me up one side and down the other, than to gossip behind my back. Some people are perpetual trouble- makers. If their mouth isn't loud enough to cover the earth, they beat them all! He can really be vicious, venomous and nasty. Nothing is too petty for him to overlook and he couldn't recognize the tnth if it were as large as a barn Let us all weigh our words, that they may bclp our brother rather than harm him. and our lips be of praise, not of gossip. THE ter Shaw family. Mr. and Mrs. John McGarvie visited Mr. and Mrs. A1 Taylor of Tacoma on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Broom and son Tracey were business visitors in Tacoma Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Gene Brown and son spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Merle Potter of Port Town- send. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Caulfield Of Rainier. Ore.. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Caulfield and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Caulfield of Shelton were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Crab- tree. MR,. ANI) 55RS. HAROLD Cliff spent the weekend in Tillamook, Ore.. with the latter's sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Art Osburn. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Walker spent the weekend with Earl's folks, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Walker of Auburn. Where You Get o .... The Best Deal !t 46-4663 . ,, . , By Ciidy Wdte HARSTINE -- Election of offi- cers was held at the Grange mcct- ing Friday night. The new offi- cers are H. Vincent Glaser, Mas- ter; Dorothy Barnett, lecturer; Phil Chapman, steward; John Hitchcock asaistant steward; Glen Yates, overseer; Mrs. Paul Chat- fee, chaplain; Hugo Glasser, treas- urer; C. W. Streckenbach, secre- tary; Ben Rigney, gate keeper; Carmen Yates, ceres; Beulah Hitchcock, pamona; Matt Chap- man, flora; Donnette Glaser, lady assistaon steward; Dorothy Chap, ma, home economics ehairmatX; Erik Christensen, executive com- mittee; and Celia Glaser, musician, The Paul Chaffees returned from a trip on "Wednesday to visit rela- tiveS in Portland Vancouver, and Chehalis. While in Portland, they attended a school play which their granddaughter, Achille Radelet, was perfomning in. The Radelets also helped Paul celebrate his birthday on Sunday. Tt]E JIM McAuliffes invited 3ohn Budd for dinner Saturday evening to celebrate his birthday. Budd is from the HoKo Camp atd has a summer home on the Low Road where he has spent the last week. Returning from a bird hunting trip in Eastern Washington are the Madges, and their two dogs Mrs. Madge said that it rained continuously on their trip but the bad weather didn't stop the dogs from enjoying the'hunting. Irvie and Hilma Wingert spent F'iday night with the Carl Kim- bles. Dimmr gusts of th Sid Bauns- guards wre the Harold Sebrings and the Nels Baunsguards on Fri- day. The Lawreffce Sacgcrs visitad Mrs. Saeger's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lovgrin of Ehna. They also visited Mrs. Saeger's brother. Iter- bert Lovgrin. Herbert Lovgrin is in the Shelton Hospital because of an accident on liis farm. George Waite Sr. was am'prised Friday. night xhen his daughter and family dropped in on him. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis and their two daughters, Nancy and Mary The0, arc from Portland. There is a correctim to last week's cohmm. Thc Social Club potluck dinner will be held on Dc- cembcr  instead of the 17th. '11'!tl,;1{,1<; HAS been a series of, illnesses among ore- teenagers. Cel'y1 Mteks" , and Rt1]l Ariz.LAA._t llave' been home from sehorq lhis week with tim measles. Eddie Waite is ill witlt the nu. November 18 is the birthday of ttihla Williams and Nov. 23 is the anniversary of Nels and Mable Bmmsgua rd. Congra.tulatims. The rainy weafler has preventcd the boatm's being out this Weekend, Mrs. Sebring reports that there were no boats at Jerrell Covo this week, will resort to other means, the Dr. Raymond H. \\;Vaid PAGE 15 H i , gives yeu driving pleasure He gives your car a lift through proper lubrication. 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