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November 27, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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November 27, 1941

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lll‘VsdaytNo-vembcr V SHELTON—MASON Page Five I the Sam’s sailors can always 1 Lake isabella Club l.._.._ Methodist Circles Hold 1 , ' I In practically all the large The modern battleship of the ' of receivino‘ their full1 Holds li’lonthlv Elect 5’: ‘:° Meetin s 0n W’ednesda ' lports of the United States, Navy U. S. Navy compares in size " et r ‘t 'b 1 “ ‘ 1‘ 9‘ g I ‘YMCi' th‘ d t‘ d lt tth W'ldf . 1 n 0. v] amms an ca 01-. ; VHS. Vera H ,nt._ Am 87 y 15.. S L m‘~— 1 v .1 _‘ 1 serve as e iiea quar ers an comp e encss o e a or . 95115 are rationed in terms? . U mg .n m.“ l“ A Circle No. 1 of the Methodist' Busy NOW After (flange Head E 01‘ ‘for Uncle Sam's sailors while they Astoriafiotel: Set it upright and rsday V values as We” as in terms 1 delimous planned pmluck din-1 “‘m Church met with Mrs. Dave LO“l a lare on leave. YMCA’s not only its bow Would top the tallest ars and cents. They are1ner to the Lake Isabella Club meg can?” Am Fetal lggn, Mrs_ Hugh Hamilton Hui providelodging, but also libraries, Skyscraper in Chicago, Philadel- ’Mrs ,btedly the best fed sailors ‘111 at than. Thanksgiving m eeting- ; With Shaw” And Party ‘ Vlewed the second chapter of, _r H - 1gvmiias1ums, card rooms and, in phia, Pittsburgh, Cincmnati, De- eet on; r1d_ On (1116 smg‘le battie— “reamesdayat Maple Beach. Mrs“ Miss Betty Latzd and Bud TOZ_ 1 “Faith Is The Answer," and Mrs, BY Mm Gladvg Irvin , Skbkomish Vane“ N0“ 2637 1maiiy cases, sw1mm1ng pools. trmt or Balt1more ! Lt 2 p it costs $1:15.000 year tOIEsther Boice and Mrs. Corafin for a \ngdjng Logan led the devotlons. Those j “ 9" 1mm Keevel. was (sealed the nm.,1‘“‘ ‘ "*‘W “ 'M '0" -~ "'“~——~~- “ lCl party honoring Miss . Present Included MYS- Clande L0“ Beha’r' N0“ “3mi lens“ 1 master of Skokomish Grange for . .. .1 a . ,\ .. 1 ‘ ' ' r l’ «1 . . . _ . w group of games for tnc attei 112:0“, and Percy lanox at ’, gem! Mrs: Cla‘re Hammond’ M’S' £0.11"? had no “Saws ‘mm Bel 11942 at the recent annual ballot, Fran, ,m MS 1Lantz “7153, Mrs. E, B, Suttony..a1r lS becauso your correspondg .t .11 T . .. .n. , M ,_ l...L‘, cv .. i 1 s . M. H M, J C H , t hag been in W.th th fl qd , Wl h B. ayloi as ox crseei, . at ‘ Iinox \Vin be mar_ I .IS. arm 011, IS. 06 JR; am . Cll i l. l . e ...U 3.1 i tin Smith as Stexvard- I<0p_ . , l l- v- y-sv, 1 mlflgw m Olympla_ and Mrs. Frank Dev1lon. 1 was in th\ Biemerton 13...Jz1.t€:;pel.man as assistant steward, Eur; . ts were arranged on Circle No. of Ang‘ieside met ' H952“?! flvf days’ bu} here wellna Fourre as lady assistant stew-- ti tie find on the larger With MI'S. M61 Saeger, VVlth eight ‘ aletf’ga‘ln‘ lunch better and backf az'd‘ Liar-y Skerbini as secretaryd " a cake inscribed "Con- 1 members and one guest present. Ion“ file Job' and Alice Taylor as treasurer. .0715 Violet and Pep.” Mrs. Oliver Constable, chairman= . 4‘4?- and Mrs .Howard .Rose and Mr. and Mrs. A. W. We1ch had1 attending: were Mr. andl of the program, gave a Very ‘in- mmlly moved Into the” new' as dinner guests Thanksgiving, . l i ' , . .121}; Lntzol, Mr. and Mrs. 1 teresting travelogue of her trip , hofne Pat Bgfalr "gattlll‘layy {mm 1 Mr. and Mrs_ LEROY Nelson from! S {0 Wall". Mr. and Mrs. John to Australia. Dainty refreshmentsg near 0” rehal 1 he” fmmer Shelton and L_ D. Beck from Kan}- ,; 1 with pie and coffee being served. :at the close. Mrs. Gene Tucl' " , and her mother of Anacortes were, ‘guests of the club. Mrs. Bill Downie won the penny drill and will be hostess at'thc next hect— ing on December 10 when the“ Christmas quilt will be tied for a‘ needy family. and lo. 5‘ Mother Hubbard went the cupboard to get out _e things for tea. For re she switched to Vitality - a popular hostess is l em 3 ‘ l Drake had prepared an interesting 1 l l l l .er and family, Mr. and Mrs. . were served by the hostess. 211°”)?- Welmmer‘to Belfauj' jlche, l ‘A‘ilsoii. M’iss Jean Charl-- Circle No.3 met with Mrs. Rob—1 MT- and MI‘S- “19” Harrlsv Mr-i Beanie Mackey who is emp1oy_1 iid W; lter Tharlson, Mr. and ert C. Johnson for a dessert lunch- and Mrs' Alfrfd Emmert an d1 ed in Seattle at Boeing, spent 1 Everett' F.11rrc, Mr. and 1 con. Discussion of the W0 rk 1 MI" a“d: Mrsj hen“th A1119“ and ' the weekend with his parents, Mr. 1 - .. Tozicr. Mr. and Mrs. Ver111 of the Wilkinson Communityf 30“ Dean of,01ymplav 3‘ Went1 and Mrs. Art Mackey. For The DIStlnCtlve ion and Margaret. Pat Sheedy,1 House and the business meeting} t9 Seattle Sfimqay t9 Celebratel Miss Peggy Wilson of Port— ("ft and Mrs. B. Riley, Mr. and: was followed by a social hour. ltnelr Fhahksgwmg w‘th MI" and land spent Monday and Tuesday, J1 _~ Flowers and Gifts Dr. M. C. Melcum Announces the Removal of His Office , . V’dlciewrzfanzue.‘ 1:111 8111;! éVIFS- EACi‘rnglf No. Mmet vgwithRMrs 3 233m?“ BabCOCk and mom” in . visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tay-l FLOWERS that are CORRECT _J. Shel‘CV. .. r. ano Irs. . .im-i . isiers. rs. . owe e." ' , llor. 5 to the “7"“31 Mrs- B- LCD and MP5. 1 the devotions. It was decided Mr' and Mrs" George Malvml Mr. and Mrs. Nels Sundun have, for ALL OCCASIONS ! ‘Nlnir. to adopt a Chinese orphan andihad Thanksgivmg dinner With «completed their new home and: 1 the afternoon was Spent sewing 1 Mr. and Mrs. Dooley at the Fcrn— 1 moved in. LET US HELP you wn-H ' . '1 ' Uromalii- Reading Slated 1‘ for the Red Cross. Present Werei ery‘ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yenne of" YOUR SELECT'ONS Shulk Bulidlng The l’fiws‘i<:,zhamay Camp Fire 3 Mrs. Bertie McKinney, Mrs.Rowe, l t in: 33d Mrs‘ 1:915 J9hnsont.‘in' Yelm visited Friday at the VV.j ' 12a R3111.qu Avmue .Cfirlr oi' 1"“ion. are rapidly com- l Mrs. Rose Pittenger, Mrs. A. L.1 9’ am? a mm” H 0f, lela Wes C, Taylor home ' Phone 432 — 313 Railroad L h lJEet' .9 lilans for the tea on Nov- Butler, MrS. Ed Elliott. Mrs. Ed " ar‘d f“??de on Thanksglvmg Day Mr. and Mrs. 'JaCk TaVlOY andi mum- u: at um) pm, at which Whaley, Mrs. W. M.,Elliott and ,’ 311$?de Gargg‘ff . d daughter. Mr. and Mrs. J." c. Tay— lliov will pres .nt Mrs. Jean Todd 1 Mrs. McCreary, a visitor. 1, 1*? ‘uc-V 0‘: er entermme. 1101' of Minerva Park motored to, Frodwon 1'11 dramatic reading ofl —— 4’19! E’rms' daughtersi and then“ Elamilies for Thanksgiving. ‘Roseburg' oregon during the 4' ’Girl Scout Leaders 1 “S i ,‘ day vacation. Stops were made ’ M‘ P te Bhn‘letson and Mrs'{at Portland and Salem to visit lfnier Miller’s stirring “White ,, {fi‘fflirv whmh will be held {Plan M‘mday Party E(Shorten Melvin were callers Tues— » _ , The Girl Scout leaders h ava . (1.1-7 at the Irvin home relatives' n. , of iv' _ A,- v 1 ~‘ ' g ' ~A——~~~~-~e—— bah/vii“ rage 1 slated a party on MondaY. Dec-1 John Moore and son John Jr., GET A TRAVELERS acmdenh p1,“ 1.0 “(mm to , ember 1 at the home of. Mrs. ; and daughters, Mary and Barbara ticket for every trip 25C De, all. th . \Zxfimi't'hy. (Jame, ‘L. 0- Burrell, at o’clock in the1made a trip to Portland, Oregon, day Rates 15wel~ (m longer ii .. s I , A 4, . . . < l ' P) “1H 9,3,, being. mm this evening. lSunday. periods. Sec Herb Angle NOW! . i . 1 .{ illld V‘JIll be available at the 1 _.__.___._________.__ l members of” t h e 1 \‘x'mnl‘mfs Club will . "“ifi. lYl‘ilQV'l l‘...s. Stark will. ” hour, assisted and Camp Fire .. Herbert Dickin-é dent of the VVomen’s ' sponsor, and Mrs. . club member and my years of Mrs. ' A. at the tea 1240 CLUB Jo Needham, Western «rzsl‘on College 01‘ Education inrioe Needham, University . ..i11gton, spent the week- w1l‘1 their parents, Mr, and, . l‘ilzturice Needham. adio FROM m silumll ,adcast V l BY Eli's. olimr Morris Ir. Honored \Vcdnesday ‘ ‘ Mrs. Roy Poacher and Mrs.‘v__ ‘- ‘ 0 er an am e Moria. a u. es In the latter’s home on Wednesdayh . for a shower given in honor of1 ' . i 1 Furniture E! N o Increas E C l T Y ' Mrs. Oliver Morris. The h o u s e 5 was cleverly decorated with a line of diapers, which the ladies hem- med during the afternoon. Re- freshments were serVed from the buffet. centered with white Chrys- anthennims flanked with pale BROUGHT TO SHELTON BY: cConkey Pharmacy F. E. Bechwith 4th 8: Railroad 129 Railroad °°+ 'fl 0 a $5 . pink. candles. Those present were, , ' 6‘ Iressler’s Ice Cream Store Mm Rm. Whammy, Mrs Earl 1' 311;. {n . 127 Cot‘a v, Hallonouist, Mrs. Everett Reich-1 ' '1' , mann. Mrs. Robert McG-ough, Mrs. 1“ ‘. 1’ John Rohirson. A. A. Lind-1' rotli Eugene Burgoyne, Mrs. 3‘ P . ampton, Mrs. Kenneth: P ‘lllCll‘JTd, and Mrs. Orval Ander— H; . son. 1 1240 Club is for Shelton talent and will broadcast feach day at 12:00 noon, from the stage of Shelton’s )4 ‘\ . , flwuan ' “Ashen-£1: bottom . , 4. . ,irauAMoUNT“THEATRE”. " If you have talent and would like to appear ON THE AIR, an audition will be given for you from 4:00 p. m. I. to 6:00 p.m, tomorrow (Friday, NOV. 28) at the Para— ‘ 'IMOnt Theatre. ‘ Shelton Beauty Project Outlined ._ At Port Angelesgflf Members of the Shelton Gar—K3? 1 den Club’s Railroad Avenue beau- l " til ation project committee ap-l" peered ilrefore the Port Angelesjs ; Chamber of Commerce last weeki "‘- to give the peninsula city's cham-l her civic improvement committee ' . HEAR SHELTON’S OWN 1240 CLUB 12:00 to 12:15 P. M. ' ‘ $89.50 You would expect to pay much more for this massive Davenport and Chair. Made by B l L T W E L L, you are assured «the finest in upholstery, quality construct-ion and comfort. ‘ Your choice of colors — exactly as pictured n 1 an outline of how the beautifica-l tion 1311' t was carried out here. i l l 1 l The Fort Angeleri chamber is ; attempting; to plan and put Ithrough a major civic improve- ment at Port Ang‘eles. Mrs. George Cropper, president of the; ' Shelton Garden Club during the l_ Beginning Monday, December 1 GY 1240 On Your Dial L; time the project was carried out, 11181'0, Mrs. F... W. Burley, presenti president and chairman of the;" 1' ; beautification project committee, 3 , smd Mrs. Guy Hutchinson, Mrs:w iFiorence-Frisken and Mrs. J. Anglo, members of the committee, . «,4; 1modc the trip to Port Angeles. l f Following the Chamber meeting 1 l the Shelton ladies attended thel Port Angeles Garden Club's reg-I ular meeting. . , '.., “"71 My" Beautiful I. E. 8. runner 1.111111a 7-WAY LEGHT. Three degrees with reflector. Three candle lights and I handy night light in base. Choice of Ivory or Bronze. Attractive pleated shade. An ideal Christmas Gif". While they last!! I was SAMSON SAMSON DeLuxe Tables Standard Card Tables 3.95 295 samson Card Tables have always been associated with fine furniture. They are sturdin constructed, beautifully styled, washable and stain proof. Every home should have several Samson Tables. Algift that will be sure to please. 2 F REE COASTER ASH TRAYS WITH EACH TABLE “An Outstandan Value in a Bio 48" Modern Chest, wllh Matched Orlentnl Wood and Amerlcan Walnut." “We have on display a Complete ' ' Assortment of LANE Chests—Walt Q’ i v nuts. maples, mahoganys, blondes loo." ' D -«W‘ Other Models $19.75 to $42-50 "%. *lsen Fumture Company “Fine Furniture for-the Home? ‘ . . l