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December 5, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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December 5, 1963

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| till; ET-I12LTON--MA0N COUNTY 301IRNAL- Publiahed ill ,"CTrLo, hnastmc, n, U.g.A.", ?,heltan, Washington Thursday, December :5, y MARY H KNIGHT SCHOOL HEWS Education Pays Party Planned For Dec a . .14 Dayton Commundy Chnstinas i[ ai Senior Bill Trenckmann On Trip To Chicago;  By Mahel Kidd g'ue2ts in t heT. A& Tibbits' home. ),in Htjlbert home ,,:ere Mr. and Stmday o ve!-night guest.f gr Tzr .... lr),,11 1.--, 17,!.,:,-d-' .I;--.,.l /k ........ .1 Aff i.r DAYTON-- Don't forget the mr. and mrs. _bruce McQiulkin hrs. 2orman Hnlbert of (]risclale. parents 'e[e and Max'ne.:, V IIUIlUr J[,,. L'U, X',,V O,. ,,t:Ca X-IHZZUUUCCU VIII ' 1 Vl Community Christmas Party to be and family were I-to,]day dinner I Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Todd have]tOOk her home to so,th ;1 a, By Tom Dale THE EAF1LY BUT short-hved' held .at Dayton. Hall. Dec. 14. If uests. of. 3,It.. ..and Mrs. Uohu  been. real busy, visiting.. ,and hav-. Monday. and had dinner uA.i, r wm , ...... um ,no a onio] an ......... * ............ ,a q,,,, w,, I AAAI DAmJAnld Vm,w,sh a p'u't m the program banks of A]camn. ling c(mpanv His brother and ms-[group lnotored to Taeom:ne:[t outstanding 4-H eh,b member and gene French to issue a. bulletin in LUGdl IIUMUKL le:e contact Mrs. Br,,ee Me- _TILE IA,]3IAN. FAMILY ,notor ] er-in-!aw. M,,'; and M,s..Wes Todd ]St. Martins basltballl;':;i/;r president of the student bad3,, left regard to winter weathe,'. I-Ie . ...... ..,.n. e., to .},eV?oo ],,. "T'P'..TC/"" 2'"'"''y . u,;e., n.ve oeen / Ti, e r,'aveiing 'meen _'i'nl..[n r NE%V YORK (bpec]ll! llOnl a RO ud Mzs Rmh ud K Mx ]slttd x'ltll Ills SlSLtl an(1 )lOtntl lilt n .,uts s On 3,1o](lax t e fm [ meet Satmdav evening h Thanksgiving Do', by train for stated that during neriods of bad ,  - . ,.   .  . . ,- v .'  ' . . . , [ ' y  .... ' , .' . .. , ,. _"fetit ,. " . .. ''. .. '.'.' . . ...,^.. ,'. ........ :., ..L.. .'.;,, purely dollars-and-cents stand- ers of lieaver Creek Ore az'd in law. Mr and Mrs. D. A. Mev- called on Mr and Mrs AI Frais-I Shelton home of Mr. amn]Th unleago t() ,attend toe: iNatmnal ta.c. .... tlJc zt,ntg ]t,.-t-S wua " r ell " " " ' " ' ' "  " , ' and  o .... r,nress eave school ()no hour late,' than point, does t pay 3mmg m . m Mrs. Stanley Parker, Shelton, ers. m'e. n,,es,lay were droner guests Jun Booth. Ed Valley .,-::{ 2 ''r'" .",' s .:. . ._o .... usual time.. Buses ,,,ill travel only MasonCounty to stay m scnool were Friday drop-in callers in the The Clyde Ba,'tons of Tacoma io[ Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Todd. I Anderson were hzgtz sco,r:i;', 5 tven-egnt o  n e r oem,ates o,, ,,n,l *, ....... , ',,-, ,.,e'o longer: home of hit' and Mrs J'nnes and the I ',wreflee B'/ileys of Ren-I Mr and lVlrs L A Todd cele-If( r 1he year so will tm'n ']ft b zrom tne state ot wasmngmn ar i 1 z fz shm ] .,o .,, .... , .... ,.u o ........ u., for travel. Students are requested How nmeh more does the aver- Hmkson. ton joined their parents Mr. and brated their 55th wedding anni- a "e 'e. ez ts. hadtv, ::?,y Ljy"2,2,'; = F;.XF2,,:;L2 to wait in their homes and listen age I%rson with a college back- Mr. and Mrs. Bill Chappcll and Mrs. J. W. eayson and Dave I versa,'y on Wednesday of last l_H' ?. 9vt""}e Scotq%[), . ..... t..,([^a,,? ':.'.". u,,'esah" for the bus driver to honk the ground malce, during his working children ()f Coos Bay Ore. were on Smday and attended the E. A. I weel and son and his wife, Mr. I wnanKsgwng runner w,,,,2a'-iae from altou sta}es. L.m zs tne only horil career, than one who has not gone Saturday callers at tl;e l)''l Gel- Loertscher open house on their land Mrs. Ehton Todd dined them Mrs. Leon Scott of SheJt';'itn. represen[anve n'om Grays rlaroor A'danee snonsoredbvthe fresh- beyond high school  Vv'hat advan- d" home " " 50th wedding anniversary, lot Miles' Restam'ant in Hoods- er family members prentn coumy. ........... men, was had Nov. 2. O,'adCs 7 rage does a high school graduate 'Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Needham Mr. and ]Vh's. Vernon Stewart iPo"t. They had Thanksgiving din-I}, he Ge()"ge .Pt}.rves ,f,,ni"[c0 Tne tonraa-tmon ro[ei m tne through 12 were invited Those on have over an elementary school eceived , call from daughter and sons visited on Monday in ', ner in the Port Orchard home / toe  race rnmnes, ne. [sS headquarters for the Congress the decoration committee were grtcluate  , o ',,, ',r .... . ,-,..'_',?.. _'2 the %Villiam L Broxn home " t of the Robert Todd family with l ---- _lle " " ' .,' ......... ' ....... ',,. itll DLInltO on - I , Ol OIllqhl which will include conferences Claudia Beerbower Jane Ch'l el These uestion have eolne to ' ' :  ' " ' the Ernest Todds of Manchester I Eeryone who emplo3Siyt,1 iChll ' '  , .PP., . q ." s und'y even]n,, s',vm they hurl Mr and Mrs A E Lemke were ..... d bY ed,:i,]iOnMndtO,c_tb;,z?2uets, din- Linda Miller and Rene' Pez'kins. the fore in connection with An,er- just trrivcd in town fron:[ Las Holid'av dinner guests of Mr. and ait teEdn Todds of Shelton moz.'e.wortcers i.s requ]Z[ r ;';;:,,. ', ..........  2:- ...... he On the refreshment committee lean Education Week, November Vegas and now plan to malce their Mrs. Ienneth Wolden of Shelton. ] ",,-- ;7. k ........... ] erm }aw to ne qua aeS er., YVlI.II Llle UIII LIIILU lllttll UI L " 1111 IUXI wattels Ialnlly seCUllt le 01[8 Ol  b II J_ ....... L .^_2,. .... " ...... 5 were Barbara Owen, binda Mill- 10-16th. home in Shelton. On Sunday the Robert Lemke,, :. V ; " . . ' . ... ]: " ' y ' p " . .ttt'0ffla. SChOOl year reauncu um .t:cu,u a,. nnd Jan- Cha-nell .......... .. . a ,,  ",' ".r ,1,,. 12" * }V1SIIeCI lntlrsoay evening In tile/ t3 enlDloyees For illIOl'lt=2../llx oH-., , ok., hann oll 1 listed Nell -- ,, , - vt-, lno measnre oi venial 1.11o typmaJ Ve(Ines(l'l}/ ovel'nigllt guests of eatue, eclt xv[Cx.a,,. oi zxcnb, r-,  .... e:_,.," t - " , " " = - -nl , .... w....s ........ ' ....... " .... , - The d-nee ,,ririnall u scheduled ......... "" '" . ., ' A it. llY rln n , .t1 .... t l ete lOOlltLltlLI llonle. /on ollr lOCal alp.tel'g,,- *" ! -- v -.  v-.:- e'..- ^,. mrn - , - e ., local Inan is XVOI'Ln LJ]ese _|ilyS, 111 MI' alld :Mrs Dell A1alnS %vel'e 2_L'LlUr vttlwlS t]I ,oet].tc aJu i v.*** t  ........ ... } lOts: oacgle .unu, llvv .  lu for Nov 22 was nostnoned be- - " - .... - " "' . * " +' w" ....... IV. XI?I 1 .... h,ltnn [ l-lLLle Lepname DIOOn]Ilel([ %vas olIlce. l'ola  A'e nrl 1 R" Rill Ifrlrlpn , ." 1" 1  Lel'lns oI earnnlg capamty IS uasea Mr and I|'S. liranc|s Troup ano ne I.'.flIILCLII  UI(ItIIb,  .... tx, cause of the nahona traged ';'nnrl 9 B's" J;rald Shaw 4 ........ Y" on special studies made by the children of Seattle and Cindy and and Miss Sue Hmk.'on. Aberdeen, [ I111 ,'2,-:; ,- *.*,, p.;,' x 'me e]gnt week swmm..mg pro- Commerce Clcaring House, the De- Clint Tibbits of Chehalis. They all gathered in the A. E. Lemke i l ", "'' ".','.2,',' rU','{2,: ' . gram was co.ncmaea zmay. 19ur- partment of Labor, the Depart- enjoyed Thanksiving dinner to- home for a Thanlcsgiving dinner. ] ....... . o m thzs ezmd appzoxzmately 0 . " . 2 . ', ff,"",', --.,"_,' . g " P ..... ment of Commerce and others ehez - 31]{ AND I|IS ROBFIUr Le- i  m m , i .i. ,i. m   a A'S anu z S; xaKe wesuano, 3 studenti were given instruction ,, " " " -  - man ;md'Ste,e s,eat Th/mks,'iv-I T[] []r n nnTrnau A's and 3 B's" and Jerry DeFoer Lee Kiefer oner of the Swim IIIEY SHOWY that in 2hson At the Edwa]'a r'earsons Ior . .... " . T. "" . i I /ii KI II I 1 li'l , ' , ' -' " . . , . . in cr %vl[n ner aren[s IvLr an(I i 2 A.s and 3 Bs. Jumors: Donna mine' Poll instzamted the bein County, taking rote aecmmt the hanksgtwng Day ere hzs pat'- .],    P : _'. " , i 1L UUUH[ Cwens 6 A's" Nancy Stodden 2 ' - " ...... " ,- amount "f em,oqon ll- is no%, ents Mr and Mrs A J Pearson lv.trs. 1. b. lvers at batsop. --.. n,. nvm mm m - ' , ,  , hers. oacn t;art.er [angnt tne aa-  "'' '" " " " ....... John Schur w%s home from Se- A's and 4 B's; LeRoy Valley 1 A vanced students how to dive as acquiring and assuming no change of Pnyallup and Hr and Mrs. R ..... ;,' ....... ' ..... ' - ' " " " "'" A Peaison e c,ellin 1 his blothel at.tie to spend ln'lnKsg'lvulg Wltn immimim mm ,,, and 4 B s" aria Dennis ueeoer xrll .no: hcu f h.onA ,no, f,- ]n economic concuLions n a can ex- v u  .q , ' " _ . .. ' _ ::  mmrrm rmlln Nnmla ' ' ' '  and wife ms pazents iVll. ,tnct s. ueimeI A mad 5 B s. Freshmen. Barbara len-thy -eriods and how to do pect to earn a total of $229,000 _ _ , . __iil ia|ll K|il_" Owen, 6 A's, Carol Owen, 6 A's; tieSczawand tbe side stroke during his working years Mr and Mrs Allen Hickson and cntw. _ , -o .... ||L.L.|l I i_|ll | and Rene Perkins 6 A's . - v eonesaav oxermgnt guests o[ , PROFIT FROM THE rummage This prospective lifetime income children, Lake Nahwatzel, gath- Mr and h:s Allen Tibbits" were USED CARS '61 CORVA!R 4 door stick ................ $1345 / '59 RAMSLER WGON .... i ............... $1095 6 cyl. Overdrive '57 PLY. SA. WN. V-8 - S speed .... $595 '8 RAMBLER 6 cyl. Automatic ............ $5 ' DODGE  Ton pickup-  speed ...... $595 '53 FORD Sedan - Engine Rebuilt ........ $245 '54 MERC. HTP. Sharp .......................... $395 '52 CHEV. Ton Pickup .................... $39'5 4 Speed Trans. GOOD DEALS ON LEFT OVER '63 DODGES HURRY ONLY 2 LEFT PAULEY HOTORS Front & Railroad 426-8183 sale, sponsored by the Strident Body, was $71.50. Those who worked on the sale held in the old Shelton Mason County Journ- al Building were Mrs. Earl Landis, Mrs. Gwinnett, Mrs. Edward Val- ley and Mrs. Beerbower. The Student body wishes to thank the workers and all members of the community who made contribu- tions. New students entering the Mary M. Knight School are seniors Di- ane Dunn from Vashon Island, and 3im Whittaker, from Shelton. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE NEWS By Donna Owen Last week the seventh and eighth grade class lost one student, Susan French, and shortly after that they gained another, Mike Dunn. The following seventh and eighth graders are on the honor roll for this six week grading per- iod: Alvin Owen (8), Cynthia Iver- son (7), Francis Trimble (7), Ju- dy Springer (7), Kathy West (7), and Sandra Perkins (7). U.S. flag ships carry less than 10 percent of this country's for- eign trade, although the Merchant Marinc Act declares they should carry a substantial portion. But even tbeic small share produced a savings of $517 million in 1961 in the balance of payments. \\;Vorried about governmental ef- ficiency? If you are an employer, you can help'increase government efficiency by filing your quarterly social security reports accurately and on time. compares favorably with the ex- pectations in many other parts of the country. All the findings point to a direct reIationship between the amount of schooling a person gets and the amount of money he will make during his lifetime. There was a time up to about 20 years ago, when experience was more important than educa- tion. Those days have passed. Not that experience is no longer a real factor in determining income. The studies show, rather, that educa- tion carries more weight. 1T COSTS the average teenager in the United States some $46,360 for failure to complete high school, according to the Commerce Clear- ing House. The loss amounts to 22 percent of what might have been earned in his lifetime. On the basis of anmml income, it reports, the high school grad- uate can look forward to earning an average of $5,567 a year. For the high sehool drop-out, the av- erage is $4,618. The latest figm'es show the ed- ucational level of the adult popu- lation in Mason County to be rel- atively good. The median years of schooling locally is 11.6. Elsewhere in the United States it is 10.6. The Social Security Administra- tion urges all employers to file .their quarterly social security re- ,PIS on time and aeeurately. Proper reporting will mean proper record keeping and will pay off in time saved by not having to file corrections. ered in the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Hickson on Thanksgiving day for a potluck dinner. THE GEORGE Schnabel fam- ily of Shelton were Holiday din- net guests in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Leon- ard. lr. and Mrs. Bill Homan and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Calkins, Shel- ton were Saturday dinner g-uests of Mrs. Gertrude Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Roberts and Bill spent Thanksgiving in the Shelton home of Mrs. Nena Rob- erts. Also present were other fa- mily members, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Roberts, Gerry and Jimmy, Is- land Lake, the Dennis Dewells, A,.rcadia, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roberts and son, Hiss Marian Johnson and Ray Horn. Mr. and Mrs. Darl Goldy mo- tored to Seattle to spend Thanks- giving day with Mrs. Minnie Slane and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Osterholt and family. Holiday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. tIarold Kidd were Bill and Archie Kidd. Friday evening" callers in the Walter Chappell home were 2Ir. and Mrs. Bill Chappell and child- ren of Coos Bay. Saturday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Win. L. Brown and Shelley called Mr. avd Mrs. Walt Hildebrandt of Kamilche. Da;e Rayson motored to Renton for Thanksgiving day with the Lawrence Baileys. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Rayson re- turned home with him after their week's stay with the Baileys. Mrs. Doris Reed and sons of Shelton and Mrs. Robert Swear- ingen were Thanksgiving dinner Mr.--and Mrs. J. C. Tibbits and tester. Joining them on Thanks- giving for dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Willis Tibbits and girls of Lost Lake. This also happeqed to be Allen Tibbits birthday so the celebration was two-fold. Dropping in during the afternoon were Hr. and Hrs. Lee Tibbits of Olympia. Darlene Bloomfield was home from college for Thank.4giving and brought with her her friend from Hawaii, Coco Horrison. Other g'uests, in the Perle Bloomfield home were Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bloomfield and Stephanie and Earl Olsen and boys. Mr. and Hrs. James Einarsson and children motored o Hyrtle Point, Ore., to spend Thanksgiv- ing with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 3ohn Huff. They returned Saturday night. The Doyle Howards had as Thursday dinner gnmsts, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Stewart and boys and Mr. and Mrs. William L. Brown. The Marvin Lunds, the Jack Ghramms, and Ken Lindsay were Thursday dimter guests in the Hans Lund home. The Alvin Hulberts had as Thanksgiving dinner guests their children, Mike and Donna, home from college and the Gene Hul- bert family. gaturday drop-in callers in the Pete Bloomfield home were Mr. and Mrs. Keith Satterthwaite, Mrs. Les Bishop, the Claude Mc- Irvins and Jerry Manley, who is of Tacoma. MRS. THELMA HOWARD, Se- quim, was Saturday overnight guest of Mr. and Mrs. Doyle How- ard. Saturday callers in the A1- SHOE SALE THURS.--FRIDAYSAT. @ BLAGK @ RED @ BROWN - @ MULTI.GOLOR @ BLK. NYLON [' ALSO HEH'S AND BOY'S SHOES @ LOAFERS @ OXFORDS DESERT BOOTS 125 'Railroad Ave. '! ;Ills TIllS PRI ,EI,[ ALUES 1116 & ,4[ ST REO & TV- OME CES SO LOW THAT WE DON'T WiNf TO PRIIIT r- THEM FOR FEAR OF SCARING AWAY SANTA- HO DOWH PAYMENT ON APt00 _ _,oo li PROVAL OF CREDIT 0R.15 HOLDS ANY ITEH FOR XHAS DEUVERY. ! 23 INCH . NEW GOFFEE.TABLE " -- -- L = ""'""' ""'"'' ST - AM-F ULLUA00 00UII00ULL EREO WITH M ",;:7" """"-"7_""-'-_"-_ 2i-':- I c.,,, o.==o " m,o MOUNTING- CAN BE BUILT-IH- lULL /VllL.it _  " . _ _--- _,, I- . . , Four Speakers- Diamond Needle- , @ Lifehme C,tcud Board Walnut $1 @ $ I i00,I[}95 Iti Warranly Maple I q00q[J Hardwood Cab 1 + Blue Tu5e '- t .= + @ DayligSi + Pix ,198oo +, 1 LO-BOY CONSOLE Swivel - Base, $ 23 inch COMBINATION- TV-Stereo $ AM-FM Rdio 23 inch Remote $ Controle Console 19 LINCH DELUXE PORTABLE q48 D NEW G.E. 11 inch PORTABLE- Full Power Chassis DELUXE CONSOLE STEREO Contempory or Traditional q78 e With AM-FM Radio G.E. ULTRA-COLOR TV from '4 ALSO SPECIAL PRICES ON FAMOUS G.E. MOBILEMAID DISHWASHERS & TERRIFIC REDUCTIONS ON OUR SMALL T APPLIANCES DURING THIS SALE. A Subsidiary of P. N. Hirsoh & Co. FREE DELIVERY AND INSTALLATIO" REMEMBER NO.O.Y BEATS A "MILLER DEAL"