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December 16, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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December 16, 1941

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Psi—a e sewer-MON CONTY,,J9ERN:‘P-, messiah member 16» 1* , o... .— i Oilers Capture i .3 coma, were the first officials to. finds the closest tie linking military man does not shoot but automa- This is sound advice that Washington heads paced the Merk attack with ten, l ’r reserves lh Loans and Insurafl l u» [one . A . as. ‘e V e ‘; ~' lQGll EGUNTY Jillllllilil " ' ' ' l i r U . .. a . ii...“ Lhnstmas Carols m the Camps l e 8 By ne City Maple . Test Your 1. ,e . . , . n 9 l I I . ‘ P ,CC’jjmgidated with The 5182"“ “5996ij Feature American Soldier 8 Yule; mm. C t t Of eek I 1 W t b .1de l1 insider eye zinc bulimtfty a, ei'iioon ' W _ g , . a new u] . . . «um- pubi Assign-kinda LUCKY indeed All Will share the spirit of Christ-i s DICKIE I ‘ Washington is a memorial 1:07 .' the soldier who 0 mas. 3 , , , , .2 a" Shawl.Wushmm . tainsaChristmasdfur- 1 at this season the 1i,626 clhapt: CITY LEAGUE BAS‘l/{lfi’l‘llgglgkl dlsztlnfilgl‘sllgegrgirilf;lii?mgg~ . r 1011 h and spen s 3. runs in our Army aie stoc 0 ‘ "-""—""'— ' . at; l e R: ,5; pofiion of his holiday thell'efélfoit‘tsfl through the year, and, DEDICATED ithe wm._ lMcConkey Pharm. _...3 0 106 77 , establishedfor farilicii 33:13:10.1”; mv mm.- .. lion my lil’lll carrier districts) gs (4f 31 season at home, but the Chief 01. Chaplains adwses the} F, “free e, an ever row the . Just a year ago, cps, lost one.Kimbel.0il ................ ..3 1 130 81 3. Who is Dona $2 9‘“. 5.97,”. ,,; 3 Hugh; Foreign $23.50 per ,W‘ui'. Postal 7‘ 9/ what about those hun— Chief of Stall as WCll as the home: “1‘: t” a. , ., . ‘11 ’d d» i of its most outstanding athletes in 449 “any ---------------- "2 1 96 90' 4' What IS the nationa ‘i I‘tglihlti'm, i‘ Sluiton .‘w’l by city Niall i'al'i'ici' 1min ‘ dreds of thousands of folks that most encouraging Pi‘Og‘i“Zil‘éh‘ilfon Ema-a y (tul- ‘Harry Werbisky, who died of a' McCleal'y Timber m1 2 51 103 limitation now? $65,000:00 “’5 ; Eféemlfigvt'éaa . illi'llrn :35”- ocy month (collected bv carrier) 01' M: if: I American boys in 0111‘ Fess has been made_for the Ispirlt‘i 9‘13"“ Add) 9&1 58 v: tooth infection. Wilson’s Cafe .......... ..0 61 83; $55,000,000,000, or $45,000! ' so wigs“: '4 ' ‘ firm . Army who will re- ual wellsbemg of the troops, d‘Own t0 (“JWUAE 9 me he ‘ __‘__e L_ M_ _________________________ “0 3 80 90; 000? ,. ‘ CALL F01 ‘ ' - -7. 7s T‘ «i n , c, | main on duty in the Where 11,640,900 sol-tiers antteiidetl1 iliigi‘flc Winfi- J h ‘1 BO\VLING INNOVATIONS 1 Games “rednesday ' ‘ 5. Did the census v~ 7.: IS HERE GRANT C. A_,(1 J. Eantiz‘llfieeili,.:i, iii—Iailit’iinh lcantonments and island bases and religious sol-yices during the; last‘ some (oi, tile” iiis‘t \A'l’llfil’l sffouicls A number of interesting varia_ Kimbel Oil VS. Wilsene Cafe. that more ems left the fa. V, will be :ffil';:’r??lvo v "1 nifif’i‘jfiifisori 'Ierii‘r.ir»-;Z'/ in garrisonng distant .Outposts 1’ “5631 3'eal'f"1th 3‘“ 3"” .g'e 0i 9‘18i Q0 “3"”. inc “""‘3.rd" Of t C 0 ma ; tions have invaded bowiing from! Games Saturday the city between 1930 and: 7- ugtjyi'lmljlfas BILL plcnkan, he...” . t, i. t i . e h The answer is vaiced in a song— persons at each sel'VlL'e, it isI opening include. . , other sports and are finding pop_. L. M‘ vs. Wilsows Cafe. 1 or that more boys were attract .the (1011“ J a. glorious hymn that Will beheard V l “mt “mid—"1‘35 Eathorne of l ular response in the East and, 4-E Dairy vs. McConkey. i by the bright “ems? ; reprise of KEEPING {3P CIVILKAN DEGRALE from Yirile,y°‘rmg. throats Smgmg ' i V i A. 7/ W“ i Br‘Zlne-fion'. , h l b 5Mid-West. Perhaps Shelton’s ac-‘ For three-quarters the “oldl, 1" gr :v'gfievmle 1“ pralse OI Hlm m Whom “DOES ‘ “mt baq‘et b3 mm u _ -, tive wegeling clan will likewise. men of the Merks” kept the pace,‘ " er Delux . . mankind’s steadfaSt hope. In thls BOEPC‘HW' l Anyway, here they are as (163- but they didn‘t have it for the r .. defroster. Mayor Labeardia who represents the admin- dark’hour 0f the W01‘1d5_h15t01‘3’- : Mrst foul shot converted— eeribed briefly by the American fun distance, so Kimbel owe mafia - ' ' ' ' y. l‘ The hymn, a favorite 'Of the i {0h Pearce' JBowling Congress news letter: lyouthful cagers scampered off: The AbStraCt “ successful IStratlon 1n the Clvnlan mfense program, IO American saldier and I0f his mine i Fir“ f0!“ committed—“0&1. ; BEST BALL Borrowing from i With a 36 to 28 verdict last nighti 3n. Purchéise pr ,_ bears in arms since co onia camp- ‘ “Eloy, Broincrton. l k A , —' . . . . , , Chevrek hIS hearers 1n Taconla .the_0ther day Of the dar? fires, “0 Come, All Ye Faithful,” E First cheers were led by Rose_! golf, a bowling alley proprietor grfihggglg'n 0313’ abaffififtlfgéélgeague‘, 3135011 County Jdesedatne Q or in needless dislocation in our homes and biiSi- Will be sung in 200 new Army i mary mam}, and Ms Wells first: in Cleveland started this one as p . . ,5 tubios me. g A - h- h 1 , d rded that chapels where this year Christmas lsonas 19d bV Ruth Rowe Mavis l a doubles sweepstakes. The best The L‘ M‘ vetefans made a. A L 'pifisidild ness DOW gOll'lg 011 111 1g p aces, an 11 b d 1 services Will be held for the first ‘IPO; and Sally Ya” ’ I score in each frame is used ghaaltlit;tmislegegs oafnéthaghifigheoégil . . l. tSeeen ' * ts . ” ‘° ‘ th t 1 him uo . i o pun al-1 mUSt carry on Wlth greaper efflCIenCy an eq ml}: his spiritual life, Army chap- Guy MCKimleYv exishdton Prep f gofigilflldlsgtearenfgnacase tghe leads: i tied at 21‘311 jUSt bEfOI’e the thde :1" thicbli-iiaii disturbance in the normal hfe- lains declare, the citizen soldier athlete. and John Heinrich of Ta-1 eff man gets a Strike the anehoflquarter closed Hugh Clark. Abstracts, Real E5 in (mm. (m ._ . . . duties with the cherished customs .' “. work games in the new gym; _Mc-, t- 11 b 06m S the 1 adoff ,1 the tallies, but Bill Levett and Dan . ShOUld learn because 1t 15 equally ImPOI‘tant to of his holrée. Especially among 1: , lfiinneg if'eiiucsted thalt pri‘wlege nlgzt yfreine 81f the 8 first 1 man i 1(Eiot'i'riier statitedf shaking their de- ,; tfijigdsgm ' ' ' ’ youn men rom the farming com- a ,_ rom. r0 . oop severa wee 5 ago' i enders in e inal period to get. BELL BUILDlNG-e malntaln luvnlan as well as. the army morale’ muni%ies and the towns and smaller ‘ and was granted his deSire. He“ :figrfjar: Cilelzitgg 35:33:: IOOSe for a flock of points. SHELTON, I fiPReOF 18“ for our fighting forces are still pretty close to eititel: the obserxfimce er (infringes g f. , did a good job of it, too. for“ that frame. Only one line Levett wound up with 14 , gleam,- . ‘ :n e camps wi not e uni e e i i H Ed dson, Ui'versit of markers. Cormier with 13. ,_ ‘ __.ru" NCENT E. their homes,.and home folks know that much of programs, m churches throughout . i‘vvqsefin torlrlxugasketbali icoachyum , score is kept for eachteain. Th: Wilsone Cafe failed to show . , ED FER, the threat and trouhle to life as usual Over the ghe land Wham griendfi a’ghrleigh' ifortunagely wasn't able to accept I 255;??? 51: 555:3? £51,313: gorlfor their scheduled game with THENCE? . ~ ors assem e or t e ris ian : . : .. . 4.11; D ‘r ' 1 t ht! V: v e 1 11; con- . :tlieinvitation extended him to give; best ban, Doubles teams fre. a1 y in as mg 5 open country 18 PO .faUIt 0f the people, nor S feicllval. idgin hé‘xrmiviccgapgfil fig: 1 the dedication speech as he felt‘ quenth hang up 75o.pin totals in er. Saturday’s doublebill was post-’ H O M E duelve to pubhc_ morale‘ . [slime ch: youthfiilseworshippelr will ‘he could not take the time away 30 frames. poned When the .Army tOOk over A . ‘—~— The public IS urged and should keep its men- join’in the same inspiring music he from 1118 _Husky squad 8,1: that Par-i, SYNDICATE—«Another golf in- thesgvm for sleeping quarters, and ‘ , F Fm, ,, ' d l l d d. l? I‘b- will hear again the same messages “0‘11” hm“- he said “1 a letterl novation iS'“Syndicate-" Four men. 1 last Wednesday was. left Open .to L A ‘sm-iq’i ( tal balance and nOt be un u a arme or ls u lof hope, the same fervent prayers . to Homer Taylor- 6 either on a team or in a “pot” aVOid Cg_nfl1?t1ng Wlth the I new sf. “1.311.131, 5 6d beyond the need for keeping alert, and be pre- for peace and good will. Eilmimdson pointed out that ‘ game. decide upon their stakes gym ‘56 Icatlon. hence 1&St nlghts IENT 0F . x' eneral Lai During Yuletide the singing of last week was a critical period and play on the usual carry-over sirxcle game Was the only action ‘ Dokanc, W pared at all times to discount most of the rumors A _ familiar carols will enliven the i in the training program his Hus- principle or the “one-tie-allitie" inihe Cummt‘for a fun “7691‘- . convenient Nammbor they hear at this stage of war, because most of camps, nfit oniytiiih the training 1 kies are undergoing for their big basis. To win Itheh ftra;netgoilllxgll1:elmgzilpfém L M (28) _ IS Hun - . areas at mm H 8.53"“? mus” i intersectiona] ames December imust have the ig es irs a - , , , It comes from abroad; the 130110}, Of 0ur_gove.rn of cheer and comfort Will echo from i 19 and 20 agaifist Kansas State icount all by yourself, a strike of hem?“ b14 ------ -~F ------ -- Fredson 6 Reasonable fl‘ V mm,“ . ment of keeping facts and truth away IS domg,ggeégégilgflgcgaggfig21303253: p _nted out that there is now at and Missouri. The Huskies and .course beitnqg tops. I; twc; orgmgre R3520“; lug-nufiéiigglriglgnlg . '. {Etfiemigg 01 v . ,l _, ‘ g ‘ ,3 e- ---------- -- a? ,_ ‘l. more harm t0 morale than gOOd. troglic shores of Trinidad, Guiana, much larger participation and a' 33:23?EgntEJaézizfisfiyggvfi use 1151;: 0:. s$ccegdmg Cormier 13 MG _________ __ Elliott 7 N0 DELAY .g f, AS this column has Often sald our enemlesi Elapillngrii’ét‘angfiénilfi Elias? fé’éfil’fingini.oi’ycéiiiifiigse mm‘ m“ “W “V” date-S ‘“ a "a" °f immes' I ‘d 'l is S‘sfirléi’Stfi’fibei'oiiwaJés’ir L1 ~ 1123391133 and ,now the Japanese, know more about this gaunt}? or {the lgewk Amity and ‘s'gi a veteran chaplafiuh d b . 3333;333:133;eg'lgggkem‘gpge anfifignfifgggebgngg 2mm, Mfipriver, xi; edélfiig - avy ymna , a 00 con aimng ‘ e tra ition lesta is e y , r , . u _ ~' . , country, ltS defenses and resources, than even the beet in sacred themes, subdl_ these pioneer soldiers who bewedi gram the Northwest has ever ,hga/(eugg’trzigeege tilIifio Flighdogtlai Mason County ‘fignaagal seen. some Of our own officials, and there are enough vided for Protestant, Catholic, and in prayer on the eve of Bunker Hill ! Stainless Steel & Loan Associa' 54133.; 113.? . . . . . ' ‘si- - ' . JeWish forms of worship. Special and in the storm-swe t cam s at The Huskies and the Cougarsglvg Its usually a team PYOPO Stainless steel is an 8110 steel I Sples among us to up them Off on everYFhlng visitations will be made to the hos- Valley Forge is still I:ilive iii the i trade opponents the tWO nights. 1 Wm played _ 35 10W 335 3- tifit}: practically immune to ordinafiy cor_ Title Insurance Biae’. . EL- 3&53‘0, a: as for battles the enemy planes are eqmpped Wlth retail}?- Neitgfer will) the iilimiztels hearts of America’s defenders in Edmundson mentioneigliln his llet- ‘ gfnagcgngoéilnplgéggefipb‘m a2f5tserSug_l region The essential alloying con- i r , :Vebreene - 0 e ousee <e. rm.” -1b1‘ 'T or, . . , . ,i_ _. cameras VVhICh detall our losses and then return I' gum over 00 a S — —*-~ 122:1); éfnooetfleizeiihol is $3191». 3 pose an 800 average team bidstoi stituent is chromium. ' 1'1 Elsi/«ll w the story with interest while Americans are kept ,_——-~.—— -_,_——————————-—~ iglly‘ egnlclcdled :0 Vbledetiiglofieiéeisrtxi gilt: 23038123 flex-.aggegl 6035:1121 ’ r ,3, see; 5 . a e e e ‘ I . v . ., from the truth' ! Shiffonfihals ayfine college bgsket- a'utomaticazllv becomes two'tfg'l . . , i 4; Lot 1 1 Speaking about Civilian morale it is well to ' V T H E gban future ahead of min. IElggkglgiclggclgrfieegegfieijsai}? the! Chff leell S CERTIFIED \ ‘5: Low carry on as usual, despite blackouts and public. H 0 M E G A R D E N E lfofgleislefg;Dglggls251131;$112523: ,eam mus 800 it is 100 pins shortl e, 6.; lee 2 services; keep a bright smile, cheerful word and by Dr_ John H. Hamev gtime. — ,genE;dfjfireieighgnegizeieeelweiri23i eye SE, a sublime confidence in future; but in meantime, Director, U. of w. Arboretum ,frfgotgwgeiggice ligglecfggicaezzy cents. If the bidding team, how, I ye {he 1‘ this is Christmas and there should be no letup 'whieh tfiis article is predicated ezerbfrfigse lgggblpri‘ngs" aggrg‘eggl Representativem Mason County for :éEl/e in buying and giving and in keeping the hol1day WATERING HOUSE PLANTS ;. 1y plunged in 50,] out of 500,3 0,} 1131303; so let’s get back on the the bidding team 40 cents. I . a; Lot, 1 , ' t ' ~ t h so, are given a more favora 1e loca- “m- , a, . CHAPS—this “steal” from dice : re 0, ., spirit foo make this year stand out pleasantly in plgnbt: igisiiesbepggssgg erfglfi :13“, no“ in the Wmdow 0,, 0,, the! 1119. no? 5.3m fitflltneed‘sia rolling was first believed Mm: I n' Gaga the mlnds Of Children' Let us appreCIate sickly-looking and dead plants, porch. It is when brought inside, 3:53;:b0:;:npt‘2ténafiilé 5 3691.3“ dueed to bowling by some service? x e e I; ofiutfotrot: there is a big year ahead, and that planning for than any other single causeey. that they begin tonsmfér; hf sg‘endmnt, and action is being [men in LQUISIana- They rifled that . w hie taken 1 . ‘4‘)“.n ’- ' ' ' ' lmisuse we refer to the appllC3.-;n}§3_01“y 0f mStanCuS in.ch 0 ~ 0; e _ V V . , h It Sit tie“ a strike is a 7, a split is 2-3-12l ‘ _ . n. e th f t n l . l. 1 b b 1d . , .1, , n ,, , ,. , .. M tolled to rectify t a ua , ., R, , u e psololouial y a 1 tion of too large an amount 1))1 diufillt) would ‘0‘; “V0 cleft? :f .aOl’l.t.l with tho Coffee Club plaving a or craps: Any count such as 4-5-; . 1 to 5' home, helps build our morale. imany ieitonces and too little ingtliligiitsht were given their treat-5 ermine” We; ‘ ghee-91);; Sogrtiltiklzngrrgusgazfi . 8.1. ned72w ‘ many 0 ers' l New cement sidewalks were ' , ‘ lo‘te 15'. . . . . . .. . ww- a... . «is -. 'i. . ... “ Is the dice’ so there - - ~ the ,t 13 dlfflcult to gwc 536-; ii, to “ill (.t “tine i.elie lointion , completed m the Vlelmty of the bowler r01 H1 h Grade F l n l '21 to 29, HF Icifjc directions on the watering of; for them as a. iii'st coumderation. new gym just in time for Wed_ is plenty of fading and paying “3 a ‘d Delsel 0 IS Ito 5ng . , , . . . 1 1 different kinds of plan-ts because. Heiwienibc-r, (1,) that the tempey-a- ‘ nesdeve dedication, but some of Eff 'efter everyghfirst Iliall. Slpztire: PROMPT SERVICE '10. .14. 21 a Villt l Lilo call for ClVllla‘fl SSE V106 anc- of their individual idiosyncrasies as tlll‘f‘. Hm our homes during the win-i the edioinine streets! Pine and i fon f mean a tsd ab Q1 0 e e I"? R. 6 “ 1 ~ \emo '~ ~ ' 3' 5LT)- Well as because 0f the variable‘ it” IS mOSt m ’n too h‘gh “frifiedar tarticularlv. need to have un 01 e 655 acn e OW ers lst and Frankll Ph 397 ‘i'18'%‘imi do'larb thu“ 13 no reason Why every Cl lzen 0‘ corditions to which they are sub- good svmvtlir- «0169'! :1 cool place: i we,” gut m before patrons eanibut the experts probably would 11 one ./. (linemen; not find place to be useful and helpful at horrlie 1n 5 jeéte‘d‘ in (Mam homes, it 1..., (2) that the nimosrenere (er pie; ehirenedie power in comfort toilial’i-e—ille—gfgle pftty tciigh. __ ___‘__M gm??? ’ ' ' e 1ave nevertheless ossible to point outi “0111310 mom 15? mm L00 m1" e ‘1 th‘ ew build”, for future _“ m m ——-———n-———«—»——-~-— . . t. e Of 1n ‘.the desirable grocedures Vvhjch canl theme choose 3 plE‘tCt} where thef C "1 g l oge}::2pflg( llOthl’lg to say but to serve Where pUt. ilbe aheer one way 01- another riot foliage San. moistened frequent-.3 Mayor Em Stevenson and Profit :, useiiipligegtr: Through the sale of bonds and the varlous l :uit the individual home condl-i gitlbx dogmas} Loop gave excelltent tshort talks in- V thpe eemem; . o iv. 1 1r" . (4Q c r. .- 0.‘(" e ' rags-e calls for home relief much of the loose cash in ‘03:“ election of e propel. song typo sprayer; (3) that all g‘rfiellid‘d1(lltlng the ETC “re to rifle: . . ‘Vlzlls 0, ii') ‘0“ 3 . . . every community Will be put to work, and manylis the, first commemth It has; 3;: haywire?“ Q?“ 011.32% 11123231113121 TRAGEDY AT eti; sd ff d! met. ‘ ' ‘a direct bearing upon watering '1‘ U V ) , ' 1 l I College of Puge oun su ere . of the hands not too confined in the home campmeedum A heavy clay sou, orvaseicct the niigh‘tci locations ra- ,ts thwd severe basketball setback. NO ” “I ther atrlOth Cltlzens to I one that contains many small, fine? ther than th‘“ dudv dark comers-i in a year last week. , _ 1 vi: OF. 1.] .ln 3 p 3C8 8.31 e e 0 P t' l h‘ h ack together too' T’le ideal avra’lhei‘flnnt l" to Its all conference center e a I a n c u AND ' ' :.vvic i. (. i. .6... .3 . ,-. , I, ‘ do thelr Ezsilly to be agoided. If you are! have an indoor window box with Norm \Valpker, the p P e .su‘ah‘ilt’ll‘rlll‘l One Of these IS for the observers Scattered in the habit of using your garden] ample space for light. for syring- qmam hirh eager u o e e fishingflm ‘ h n S t 5011 and if it is too clayey and‘ ing (spraying the foliage With wa- northern divxsxon of theISouth- rebate Over the county at pOIHtS Where t ey ca p0 heavy you will need to add plenty tor), for spraying with insecti—g west conference in scoring for MléTTER the invading planes Sl'lOUld they come and pass of sand‘and some organic matter. , Cides and fungicides to irradicatei, two years, was killed in an aiito- . .1 ’ ' Both these substances tend tol the various pests to which house‘ mobile acculent Monday. e of Em“ on the word to the central plottlng Statlops’ and hold the particles of clay apart, ? plants are susceptible and for pro-' Tilesdav the scheduled C;P.S.l V o I I s ‘ etlied hon)“ if “1830b is Properly We the “Waders “’1” meet first; industriesasrai . :6: through. However, i .e ower 418‘“ CE? r 1 "1’3 0% » lstribute With a hot welcome. . t . ., ..1 d ,. chm. can be _ , MD M . . . . . pot stands in an ornamen. a1 Jai gra/c, sari 0 re ,, I: I ' This work Is patriotic SGI‘VICB t0 the COuntTY§diniere thehproblem 15 tgilll tough lfgstemgiosfiné?“ crgirgie, ii ' ' i ' excess Wa , S an -v ' s l x N. 1 almost as muCh as real flghting’. and It ,means Sings base, comes in contact needed moisture. Such a base can . e i, ethe ab.) something more than serVice 1n the tlme Oflwith the soil through the drain- be made attractive and serves as E. OendNS‘n; , - f o I. ' Ction t i age hole and through the sides of . an ideal subtrate upon which the, ’ e i ort and need: there lskroorn. orf mot: 1n evlelry 86 o lo 0 l the porous flower pot. The Water decorative. pots can rest. l t 181‘ or e W O are 1v1n th, r‘ses through the soil by Although the soil in which the' i h. , makfi he. as its 08h n caglilllarlity thus keeping the med- plants grow may vary somewhati ' ‘ i: ‘iiféol‘oi-e' 0f t eir time an no reason y a y S _ ium too soggy, The answer is that depending upon the type of plant ‘Utterly. helpless on attack, the as much in your printed message as does .. y of J8 double duty because their neighbors fall to do the jardinieres should be emptiedlusod (begonia soil, for example! Shelton Jumor hlgh hOOP Squad is 29th theirs lvery frequently to avoid accumu— should contain large amounts of‘, aalfvagéd sorgztface _bytha Sérongl v h CLA lation in them. I leal‘ mold) you can adopt a good! 9 91131“? 9X 1 1 1011 1n 3. S 0011 in your p e I. S O n a1 solicitation. W en you ‘t of house Plants l general one that will rove satis- half as they dropped a 22 to 2' .«u‘; LEWIS,‘ l wigs: 333$; giass always extends i factory for the vast Fnajority of} verdict to Hoquiam junior high at V e ' r «figi'nbégg; FOR down to or near the rim of the l species. Such a one would be light. Hoqulam Saturday- .1 send Ollt your sales message 1t ,ason C01 Although the test period for blackouts is over pot (begonia and saintpauéiaf for‘ that is,tit would contain a lot of 171116 (sheltOn Qltubh tlrfailced big in ' ’ exam 1e) should be watere tom sand: i would be retentive of 0 score a .a ime u ' for the present and may not be repeated Gicgpt below? Set the poft in a plaréezgxa- i néoisture by vtiftueuof fhavi1n1g lot: I EgiidHfgeurfeléllVgg 21v; hpéiei‘i’ivtassfigg must have an, the briskness’ appearance aInd (1‘ ' ' i th sur ace soi es 0 organic ma er oa mot. ea in actual alarm thereis time to be on alerd orifigigtntgis aeresult of the upwardi 0,. we“ decayed barnyard manflre) by bagging a solitary field goal _ , Is.NH(})EI;1:E an emergency call, With materials for W1n 0W5, rise of Water thil‘ough the tsoii,it would drain readily, that is, a m 'Ege lagth hem . de good taste as your hlgh priced wen_dressed Mt gee , ’ ' .Then ace the p0 lnlsuoerfluit of water would not e e on Junior secon .. 0. e candles and other make-shift needs at hand for I Efigllslifiiesor elsewlliere where anyistand around the plant roots. showed more of an offense than} , 1 Ear): oi:1 the home and the automobile. ‘ surplus water that has been takenl Good garden loam soils will suf- I ilheil‘ Zgrfitlfi bdmthers tWhtiile 35‘. salesmen, 'S If you want to do e 24th . ' ' . d awaY- 'f'ce if some sand and or anic mat- mg a 0 BCiSion 0 e 0- elng the 1 But It IS SafeSt and best to Stay at hom.e 1n “pies; irlaiifilind that a— few thorn. ter are added in about gthese pro- qlliam Seconds in the Preliminary] , _ _ e egggtgrm; such emergency, or get home as soon as pOSSIb1€,iougn soakings are much better firgportions: 5 parts loam, 1 part’Bfenélie Peckhamtregistered eight a first class :JOb of selling. Printing of this igned'wf ' ' . _ ‘ the eneral run of house plan 5 sand and 1 part organic matter. ' 0 helton’S P0111 8- of pace] but at 3‘11 tunes to drlve Slow use care mOY ithzemgare many light sprinklingS-l. 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Games and trying one for all types of house . plants. During spring, summer and' 0f Mme and Men Subs: Hoquiam—Snow 4, Stur- divant 7, Booth 12. Sonqiies. Shel- % tone-«Lauber 2, Wilson, Cardinal. ‘ ei‘s invpublic life, his office desk and . chair, the satchel which he always . , as decorative features in the home _ _ a , 7, a ‘ , , ' ’ . I ito prepare and print, reachedns on the eve of that E is “cussing-(11;? fit/91% it might s $033 113323;,“ ,93“C;?§,3.2£. his. -—e——_~~m._ When you need printing ,5 , date‘ and was entirely useless so far as the public. gaging “fin-0,; 3;}; flag $35113, to bring a box lunch which isftoé Gm Common ,0 Museum 1 i 3 is concerned but 1t made some gOOd jobs whileathe pleasagtnfiss ofla troom than;:3}efngqgmfid‘gi’ elgihigmggssegéi Former Vice President John N. i , .. . . :7;0‘_',_. . s; it“... “‘ ‘ 1:: ‘ r“ ‘ fie in... . they lasted. This 1S Just another eVidence of the , 5:23:31 bailqu‘e‘ésp an or w .1 ‘with the lady whosmlunch he buys. 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