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December 18, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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December 18, 1941

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' Page Eight lee-Besides reports on the Associa— Talker‘s Stress 2225923.?“"Sefleii‘ifié‘éfifél i Defense Output 'Myrvan VVivell, “Use of the Dairyi Herd Improvement Records" was The ThurstdriN-TMason Kitsap I discussed by Allan Johnson, Thurs~ ton County agent, and Alton Lor—’ counties D. H. I. A. Association ang' 13- H- I‘ A- “Ster- meeting held yesterday at Cham-, Dr. Otto J. Hill. extension bers Prairie Grange Hall in dairyman, discussed the D. H. 1.; Thurston County was well attend- i A. as related to National De—l lifense and also dairy cattle feed- ling. Dr. Hill pointed out exam« lples of the increase that grain‘ lhas . made in production. Dairy- imen are warned to feed accord- Starting Dates Of Trout Season sons and regulations for 1942 Monday, the. State Game Commission designml to *inate much of the rt'l‘usion caused by scattered ope-nu" dates for various streams and lakes last year. Under the new system, there cows To Relieve is -r ' I , will he only two general open- f “mg to production of the COWS and ing dates. One will be April LIQUID ‘ also to bear in mind that whentamflymg to certain designated'_ TQEIL‘EVES 5 1135- Of fat Will buy 1004135: 0“, hikes throughout the state: most NOSE DROPS i grain it is DYOfltf‘lble I0 feed of them at lower elevation. They COUGH DROPS ‘grain. However, that 1st whet; 5 other date win be May 24V 3}]. fed according to procluc ion 0 11i‘1o‘ . "117 t “L. .1 . , i. _ ,_y- n _ d rful (Hunt, gtITCIrLAE o .3 roams 314 '1” Rub M) nsm a “on e the ‘nlelduarl COWS- to lakes at liig‘nor elevations. Both Linimen‘t j seasons run to November 1. All lakes not listed by name for April 5 opening and not listed among special closures will open May 24 with the streams. Restrictions on the use of feed eggs were eliminated in Lake Cushman, one of 32 added to a former group of lakes in which the. use of feed eggs were permit- ted. f‘ regulations was adopted by the commission when they establish- ed a special winter trout season for 1942-1943 in place of present special winter steelhead season. Under the new rules ang— That Will Please The Active 1ers will be permitted to take pi, three trout over twelve inches 2):: in length in open rivers and will I N not be limited to steelheads. This Those Toys Now -— _becomes effective next year and does not apply this winter. While The Stock Is Large 1 This special season will extend m :1 A @2553?" from December 1 to February 28 ;in most west side rivers with an extension on some waters to March 15. ‘O‘ilers High In Centralia Meet ‘( a *9 g i it t i g i is a it is g a a i! e. .K 0’. k . _____ __ Shelton’s tourist bowlers are . I"; at it again. Competing in the Second round robin tournament up involving Centralia, Olympia. Ab- le? erdeen and Shelton pinmen, Shel- 3% ton’s Associated Oil five held BICYCLES and WAGONS second place with a 2868 count . ii at Centralia last weekend, nd A huge SEOCK to Choose Paul Fredson was high in the . v- rom' singles with a 635 count. a . However. a second weekend will OPEN EVENlNGS UNTIL XMAS be required to finish the tourney, ._‘ ._ . _ i E and among eleven teams yet 5 J U S T I N S T A L L E D _=_ . roll are Munro’s Men’s Store and E A new duplicating machine for making keys -— Bring E _c' Mason Laundry of Shelton. 5 your keys in: E H 14-E offiryt wasp} tint ‘i'h: put-f; = l -— casswi is 0 0a un 5 5 last weekend at the Centralia T" fi meet, w- .l..77_7-4.._. vi. Jaguar Fiercest The jaguar is the fiercest beast of prey in America. It never hesi- tates to attack a man. Slcyster's F ix-It Shop werekxwgééag 1:353- it 72 .3, Toiletries .: for ‘ ; " v . M I L A D Y " Evening In Paris Gift Set ______ __ 1.00 to 15.00 fifirflfiy Evening In Paris Eau de Cologne .......... __ 1.00 Evening In Paris Perfume & Antomizer 1.75 Evening In Paris Talcum _______________________ 500 ' Brown & Haley Asst. Evening In Paris Bath Crystals __________ __ 1.00 Chocolates ----------------- 1-25 up Evening In Paris Bath Powder __________ 1.00 BMW" & Ha'ey FCY' 6'“ , g Basket ................................ .. 3.23 Coty Perfume --------------------------------------------- ~ 1'00 Brown & Haley Nut Bowl .. 1.75 COty TOilet water .................................... __ 1.00 Brown &. Haley vanity Box 6.25 Brown &. Haley Mirror Box 2.25 33% Coty Talcum ................................................ .. 500 Brown a Halo Yuley Log 79¢ 3)., Potter & Moore Layender ________________________ _. 1.00 ' ngbigant Sets .................................... .. 250 up Pen 8, Pencil Sets is; DJII‘leS Cologne Sets __________________________ _. 1.50 up Henry Rocheau Fancy Soaps ______ ._ 75c box & up ¢ up .00 to PARKER SETS 12.75 SHAVE NEEDS TOBAccos CIGARETTES .55 Potter & Moore Lavender Carton _________________________ _. 1 Shave Set ...................... .. 1.85 up Camels, ChesterS, Luckies, Williams Shave Sets .......... ._ 1.00 etc. In gift boxes, Schick Electric Shaver ...... .. 12.50 Remington Rand Shaver .... _. 9.50 VELVET, P. A. In 79¢ 6"“ Cams -------------- -- Ib- ' LEATHER GOODS GIFT BOX CIGARS 125 Justin Zipper Billfolds 1.00 up . 25 for' .......................... .. Justin Key Cases .............. .. 50¢ up Bond Flashlights . 79¢ up Eastman Kodaks .......... ._ 1.25 up #5 if: ‘5 YES‘W 1'. 1! Bd" u 9 van , ave a 105-. y, The Listening is FREE So Drop In And See The Beautiful Set We Have . ,' On Display I . ii 1 ill ‘ ‘I CUT RATi .. . a DRUG STORE ii i; Gift Boxes Xmas Wrapping Paper - Cards - Ribbon Seals Ii: .2? In establishing fresh-water fish— v he i the government press agent is here to stay. Buté April Siligyz’i“ l l l I l i i l up a new systeml “Y “A”: l l l l l l » “7,4,, 1,1": 99-304.. ~Jar'y-‘tzxrgw‘m-f ‘, .4‘.;r.-jfi'=' yvyir-zgr‘g' To eliminate confusion the de-l 'T' 45' Ta “mg? a“ 45% partment pamphlet on fishing l fl figs regulations will list the general: trout fishing season as May Maynarve It: to November 1, and give t h e i D _ a 3;; names of lakes opening April 5iserv1 . l i l l i l i Another wide departure in pastiment employes sent throughout the nati l l 0 moderate than demanded and promise peace I l ‘p l ~_._____.__ ....____ c..__~_. programs cannot be carried out without such a SHELTON—MASON Sinus-Miser tiiiiiin Published every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon Mcinlwr of W; and Entered ‘lS svrondulas. . . COUNTY JOURNAL} Independent rs. Ass-ii‘iuliiii’i i il’lll :il Shelton. \Vashinglon 'igtoii Newspaper Pubi‘ imiul Editorial As.“ irllli'l' :ii the porloi'l Subscription Raf; . in Musun County 32 per year: '5 months, $1.25: (:ll’l'll‘l‘ districts) Foreign $3.30 per Postal muisiile nl‘ SIII‘IIUII wily mall fl niniiilis 77v. year. thins i'oi'inrl residents Ini' Sli‘llrlll :r'l‘l'ii‘ll ii}: i'iiy mail l‘lll‘l‘li‘l' l'i'oiiii "' ‘ir Journal by mail. I H' H. CARRIER; in Slit-lion. per iizniiili (collected by carrier) or . . $2.50 per ar in advance. GRANT C. ANGLE, Editor J. EBER ANGLE, Manager l “ Wiéfiii; moxie, u’e’xxrs'E'ditdiV "slam—m WATSON,’Aciyfiigr.’ . $20,000,000 FOR PUBLICITY V Though the headlines scream for defense. it: is non-defense agencies, contrary to public opin— ion, that are spending twice as'much money as; defense bureaus to publicize their activities, a of the federal government’s information} ce shows. Twenty-six .non-defense agenc1es1 under the various county sections. are Spending a year on their own in_: formation service as compared with the eighti main defense bureaus which are spending some‘ $10,000,000 a year to tell of the objectives and, progress of the national defense program. Most of i the money spent by the non-defense bureaus is, directed by official publications and to govern-1 on ex-i plaining the various programs being carried out.l As most government officials are ready to admit,l no one has logically shown Why the government huge sum‘for publicity. Twenty million dollars is. apparently being needed to tell the people how their money is being spent in non—defense activi— ties. This is a time of war and national emergen—i cy, and the day is yet to come when unnecessary government expense will be set aside fer complete concentration on defense. —- Bremerton Search- light. FREEZING FOR THE DURATION In passing out of this era of strikes over the country, for after this strikes for any cause will be decidely unpatriotic, it is well to note that, John L. Lewis, head of the CIO, scored the last} blood and got all he asked for in the soft coal strike, as was the case in most of the other big' strikes that were on tap when the war opened. The brotherhoods have accepted a raise more while the railroads are asking a ten per cent boost in fares and freights to meet the increase, which passes on the load to the public. In fact, most of the increases in cost of living may be traced back to labor raises somewhere along the line and the effort of business and industry to keep on the profit side; perhaps the answer to further increases would be the freezing of all prices and labor now and for the duration. AMERICAN BILL OF RIGHTS Governor Langlie has ordered the observ—‘ ance. of the week 8-15th as “Bill of Rights Week,” to turn public attention in these days when not only the nation but the independence of its peo- le is threatened, the latter threat coming from within. The time-honored rights of the ten amend— ments to the Constitution have been under attack in the recent years, until one by one they have been weakened, and now in the name of national defense may become lost to the American people, at least during the~ emergency, and after if some of our leaders have their way. It is time, to renew allegiance to these sacred rights and guard against the loss for all time of the American way of life. War Needs Money! Buy Bends! The United States Treasury Department has is- sued the following message: “WAR NEEDS MONEY!” “It will cost money to defeat Japan. Your gov- ernment calls on YOU to help NOW. “Buy defense bonds or stamps today. Buy them every day, if you can. ' “But buy them on a regular basis. “Bonds cost as little as $18.75, stamps come as low as 10 cents. Defense bonds and stamps can be bought at all banks and postoffices, and stamps also can be purchased at retail stores.” The Journal urges all Americans to support your govern- ment with your dollars. TIIEY WANT TO FIGHT—«Long lines formed before recruiting offices for all branches of the service. as word of Japan’s attack flashed through the nation. Bostonians flock to the colors at the Naval Recruiting Station, and the scene was repeated in every city. l V Happenings mAt iend with l the latter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. i 34' a Matlock During Past Week Told By Mrs. Zen I’riszner Matlock, Dec. l7. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Winkelman and family of Mud Bay spent Sunday with Albert VVinkclman. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Rhinos of Shelton spent the week with the latter's mother, Mrs. Zeo Pris- zner. Commissioner Bob Trenckmann: called a meeting of all the people in Matlock and its vicinity Sun- ian Defense. It was have two persons on a, two-hour watch at Matlock for airplanes. etc. The plan has worked out very successfully. Alvah McKibben of Shelton, his nephew, Roscoe Stowell. and Miss Marjorie Turner of Tacoma, spent last Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Hearing. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harris and children of Montesano. and Mrs. Tom Kelly and sons of Camp spent the weekend with Albert VVinkelman. The men- folks butchered three pigs. The largest weighed 325—lbs. Delmar Priszner spent. the week John Pumphrey, while Claud Pumphrey. went to Sc- attle to see their other children. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Reid were guests of Mrs. Anna Reid Shelton at a. birthday dinner for Mr. Reid. The Christmas plays will be given Thursday night at Mary Knight school at 8 o‘clock. Santa Claus will be. there too, so bring. the kiddies of school age. Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Hearing dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Meek at Skokomish Valley Sun- daV. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Pumphrey and_daughier Catherine, son John and Delmar Priszner motored to ‘McChord Field Sunday evening to 'see the latter‘s son, Robert Niel, who is in the Air COrpS. Size of Electron. An electron bears the same rela- i tionship in size to a grain of sand as the grain of sand bears to this earth. and Mr. : in. and Mrs. Anna Rediska enjoved' ROY. l l afternoon : day. l l l i i l l l i l 1 l l l l i ,returned home they 5 day to discuss and plan for Civil:‘ planned to; .nonstop flight in an airplane was Thursday, December 18, News Brevities From Potlatc By Elizabeth Ilussmun , h . l l Fotlatch, Dec. .17. Miss Lilliani Briggs of Shelton spent the week; at her parents’ home near Pot—i latch. She is suffering with a. . sore throat. Mrs. H, Lanniug drove to Rose— i dale Sunday where she stayed' for the day. Mr. and Mrs. Day and family drove to Tacoma last weekend to visit Mrs. Day's sister. Vthn they were accom— i panied by Mrs. Day‘s mother. . Jean Briggs was the weekend guest of Marceille Craig at Cush- man. Last Friday, Mrs. Huson and children of Tahuya were guests at Mr. and lVIrs. Les VVyres home. Miss Esther Carlson was at the home of her parents on Sun- Miss Carlson is now em— ployed in Seattle. WWW, .I ._ E 4,“... ZOO—Mile Nonstop Flight The first man to make a 200-mile Labouchcre. a Frenchman, at Rlicims, France, in 1010. The actual flying distance was 211.27 miles and Labouchcre covered it in four hours. 37 minutes and two-fifths of a sec— 0nd. It was a world‘s record. For , Phone 232 Mason County 82. , fursday, Say It WITH FLOVVE I» They Bring Comfo and Happiness FUNERAL DESIGNS 1. HOSPITAL BOUQUE Delivered anywhere. an Travis Floral S Shelton Hardware . \W" Qt LOANS -1 4. 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