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December 18, 2014     Shelton Mason County Journal
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December 18, 2014

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PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014 - Mason County Journal- Page B-13 PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICE File No.: 7023.110838 Grantors: Northwest Trustee Services, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Grantee: Kristin N. Hart and Doris R. Hart, beth single persons Ref to DOT Auditor File No.: 2011545 Tax Parcel ID No.: 31904-53-00059 Ab- breviated Legal: Lot 59, Fawn Lake Div No. 4, Vol. 6, Pgs 157 and 158, Mason Co., WA Notice of Trustee's Sale Pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington 61.24, et seq. THIS NOTICE IS THE FINAL STEP BEFORE THE FORECLOSURE SALE OF YOUR HOME You have only 20 DAYS from the recording date of this notice to pursue mediation. DO NOT DELAY. CONTACT A HOUS- ING COUNSELOR OR AN A-I-FORNEY LI- CENSED IN WASHINGTON NOW to assess your situation and refer you to mediation if you are eligible and it may help you save your home. See below for safe sources of help. SEEKING ASSISTANCE Housing counselors and legal as- sistance may be available at little or no cost to you. If you would like assistance in determining your rights and opportunities to keep your house, you may contact the following: The statewide foreclosure hotline for assistance and referral to housing counselors recommended by the Hous- ing Finance Commission Telephone: Toll-free: 1-877-894-HOME (1-877-894-4663). Web site: http://www.dfi.wa.gov/consumers/homeowner- ship/post_purchase_counselors foreclosure. htm The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Telephone: Toll-free: 1-800-569-4287. Web site: http://www.hud.gov/ offices/hsg/sfh/hcc/fc/index.cfm?webListAction= search&saarchstate=WA&filterSvc=dfc The statewide civil legal aid hotline for assistance and referrals to other housing counselors and attor- neys Telephone: Toll-free: 1-800-606-4819. Web site: http://nwjustice.orgtwhat-clear. I. On Janu- ary 16, 2015, at 10:00 AM. inside the main lobby of the Mason County Courthouse, Corner of 4th St. and Alder St. in the City of Shelton, State of Washington, the undersigned Trustee (subject to any conditions imposed by the Trustee) will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, payable at time of sale, the following described real property =Property", situated in the County(lee) of MASON, State of Washington: Lot Fiftynine (59), Fawn Lake Division No. 4, Volume 6 of Plats, Pages 157 and 158, Records of Ma- son County, Washington. Including a 1990 Sprin manufactured home, 48'x28', VIN 1R910342Z- AB, TPO/Plate Number %014262, as described in Manufactured Home Title Elimination recorded June 14, 2007, Auditor's File No. 1898585. Par- cel No. 31904 53 00059 and Manufactured Home Parcel No. 30 04693. More accurately described as: Lot Fiftynine (59), Fawn Lake Division No. 4, Volume 6 of Plats, Pages 157 and 158, Records of Mason County, Washington. Commonly known as: 51 Southeast Lupine Place Shelton, WA 98584 which is subject to that certain Deed of Trust dated 04/24/13, recorded on 07/16/13, un- der Auditor's File No. 2011545, records of MA- SON County, Washington, from Kristin N. Hart, a single woman and Doris R. Hart, an unmarried woman, as Grantor, to Northwest Trustee Ser- vices, LLC, as Trustee, to secure an obligation "Obligation" in favor of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., as Beneficiary. *The Tax Parcel ID number and Abbreviated Legal Description are provided sole- ly to comply with the recording statutes and are not intended to supplement, amend or super- sede the Property's full legal description provid- ed herein. II. No action commenced by the Ben- eficiary of the Deed of Trust is now pending to seek satisfaction of the Obligation in any Court by reason of the Grantor's or Borrower's default on the Obligation secured by the Deed of Trust. 111. The Beneficiary alleges default of the Deed of Trust for failure to pay the following amounts now in arrears and/or other defaults: Amount due to reinstate as of 09/08/2014 Monthly Payments $5,926.89 Late Charges $171.40 Lender's Fees & Costs $0.00 Total Arrearage $6,098.29 Trust- ee's Expenses (Itemization) Trustee's Fee $750.00 Title Report $591.30 Statutory Mailings $67.32 Recording Costs $16.00 Postings $80.00 Total Costs $1,504.62 Total Amount Due: $7,602.91 Other known defaults as follows: IV. The sum owing on the Obligation is: Principal Balance of $112,120.94, together with interest as provided in the note or other instrument evi- dencing the Obligation from 02/01/14, and such other costs and fees as are due under the Obli- gation, and as are provided by statute. V. The Property will be sold to satisfy the expense of sale and the Obligation as provided by statute. The sale will be made without representation or warranty, express or implied regarding title, pos- session, encumbrances or condition of the Prop- erty on January 16, 2015. The default(s) referred to in paragraph III, together with any subsequent payments, late charges, advances costs and fees thereafter due, must be cured by 01/05/15 (11 days before the sale date), to cause a dis- continuance of the sale. The sale will be discon- tinued and terminated if at any time before 01/05/15 (11 days before the sale date), the default(s) as set forth in paragraph III, together with any subsequent payments, late charges, ad- vances, costs and fees thereafter due, is/are cured and the Trustee's fees and costs are paid. The sale may be terminated any time after 01/05/15 (11 days before the sale date), and be- fore the sale by the Borrower, Grantor, any Guar- antor or the holder of any recorded junior lien or encumbrance paying the entire balance of princi- pal and interest secured by the Deed of Trust, plus costs, fees, and advances, if any made pur- suant to the terms of the obligation and/or Deed of Trust, and curing all other defaults. Vl. A written notice of default was transmitted by the Benefi- ciary or Trustee to the Borrower and Grantor at the following address(es): NAME AND AD- DRESS Kristin N. Hart 51 Southeast Lupine Place Shelton, WA 98584 Doris R. Hart 51 Southeast Lupine Place Shelton, WA 98584 Un- known Spouse and/or Domestic Partner of Kris- tin N. Hart 51 Southeast Lupine Place Shelton, WA 98584 Unknown Spouse and/or Domestic Partner of Doris R. Hart 51 Southeast Lupine Place Shelton, WA 98584 Kristin N. Hart 1300 Southeast Crescent Drive Shelton, WA 98584 Doris R. Hart 1300 Southeast Crescent Drive Shelton, WA 98584 Unknown Spouse and/or Do- mestic Partner of Kristin N. Hart 1300 Southeast Crescent Drive Shelton, WA 98554 Unknown Spouse and/or Domestic Partner of Doris R. Hart 1300 Southeast Crescent Drive Shelton, WA 98584 Kristin N. Hart 39332 Beringer Drive Mur- rieta, CA 92563 Doris R. Hart 39332 Beringer Drive Murrieta, CA 92563 Unknown Spouse and/ or Domestic Partner of Kristin N. Hart 39332 Beringer Drive Murrieta, CA 92563 Unknown Spouse and/or Domestic Partner of Doris R. Hart 39332 Beringer Drive Murrieta, CA 92563 by beth first class and certified mail, return receipt requested on 08/08/14, proof of which is in the possession of the Trustee; and on 08/07/14 Grantor and Borrower were personally served with said written notice of default or the written notice of default was posted on a conspicuous place on the real property described in para- graph I above, and the Trustee has possession of proof of such service or posting. VII. The Trustee, whose name and address are set forth below, will provide in writing to anyone requesting it a statement of all costs and trustee's fees due at any time prior to the sale. VIII. The effect of the sale will be to deprive the Grantor and all those who held by, through or under the Grantor of all their interest in the Property. IX. Anyone having any objection to the sale on any grounds whatso- ever will be afforded an opportunity to be heard as to those objections if they bring a lawsuit to restrain the sale pursuant to RCW 61.24.130. Failure to bring such a lawsuit may result in a waiver of any proper grounds for invalidating the Trustee's sale. X. NOTICE TO OCCUPANTS OR TENANTS - The purchaser at the Trustee's Sale is entitled to possession of the property on the 20th day following the sale, as against the Grant- or under the Deed of Trust (the owner) and any- one having an interest junior to the Deed of Trust, including occupants who are not tenants. After the 20th day following the sale the purchaser has the right to evict occupants who are not tenants by summary proceedings under Chapter 59.12 RCW. For tenant-occupied property, the pur- chaser shall provide a tenant with written notice in accordance with RCW 61.24.060. The trust- ee's rules of auction may be accessed at www. northwesttrustee.com and are incorporated by this reference. You may also access sale status at www.northwesttrustee.com and www.USA- Foreclosure.com. EFFECTIVE: 09/08/2014 Date Executed: Northwest Trustee Services, Inc., Trustee Authorized Signature 13555 SE 36th St. Suite 100 Bellevue, WA 98006 Contact: Neang Weekly SUDOKU by Linda Thistle 1 7 9 9 2 5 3 2 8 4 4 5 2 6 7 3 5 6 8 2 8 3 9 7 6 1 2 5 7 3 Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down end each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine. DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: * ~r Moderate ,-k Challenging * ** HOO BOY~ @ 2014 King Features Synd., Inc. Avila (425) 586-1900. (TS# 7023.110838) PUBLIC NOTICE 1002.271570-File No. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE 7616 December 18, January 8 2t OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF PIERCE In the Matter of the Estate of ) NO. PUBLIC NOTICE 14-4-01815-3 LONNI D. ZWAN NOTICE TO RESOLUTION NO. 70-14 2014 BUDGET CREDITORS Deceased. The personal represen- BUDGET TRANSFER -- NOTICE OF HEAR- tative named below has been appointed and has ING WHEREAS, by reason of conditions which qualified as Personal Representative/Administra- could not be reasonably foreseen at the time of trix of this estate. Any persons having a claim making the budget for the year 2014, it is nec- against the decedent must, before the time the essary to make provisions for a Budget Transfer claim would be barred by any otherwise appli- to the budget as required by RCW 36.40.100 cable statute of limitations, present the claim in and RCW 36.40.195 for the following: Current the manner as provided in RCW 11.40.070, by Expense- Sheriff's Office - $197,000 budget serving on, or mailing to the Personal Represen- transfer from Current Expense Ending Fund bal- tative/Administratrix, or the Personal Represen- ance for inmate medical costs in the jail. THERE- tative/Administratrix's attorney, at the address FORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE Board of Ma- stated below, a copy of the claim and filing the son County Commissioners: That the 23rd day original of the claim with the court. The claim of December, 2014 at the hour of 9:30 a.m. in must be presented within the later of: 1. Thirty the Mason County Commissioners Chambers in (30) days after the Personal Representative/ the Courthouse Building I, 411 North Fifth Street, Administratrix served or mailed the notice to the Shelton, Washington, is hereby fixed as the time creditor, as provided under RCW 11.40.020(3); and place for a public hearing upon the matter or 2. Four (4) months after the date of first publi- of a Budget Transfer to the 2014 Budget as fol- cation of the notice. If the claim is not presented lows: Current Expense - Sheriff's Care and Cus- within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, tody - $197,000 The Clerk of the Board is hereby except as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 authorized, empowered, and directed to cause and 11.40.060. This bar is effective as to claims notice of such hearing to be published as pro- against beth the decedent's probate and non- vided by law. Dated this 2nd day of December, probate assets. Date of Filing Copy of Notice to 2014 BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Creditors with Clerk of Court: December 2, 2014 MASON COUNTY, WASHINGTON A'I-rEST:Ter- Date of First Publication: December 11, 2014 ri Jeffreys, Chair Clerk of the Board APPROVED TUELL & YOUNG, P.S. Brandy S. Orsbern Attor- AS TO FORM: Tim Sheldon, Commissioner Tim ney for Estate Personal Reprasentative/Admin. Whitehead, Chief DPA Randy Neatherlin, Com- 1457 S. Union c/o 1457 S. 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