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December 19, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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December 19, 1963

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December 19. 1963 SHELTON--MASON COUNTY JOURNAL  Published in cChristmastown, U.KA.', She]ton, Washington PAGE 15 w" ""a seeing flyiM! i:.: ......... ...... " ....... :!i:i;:; ..... and again, unfortunately, I v/ill i :::/::::::::::::::::: ,::"::i:ii'':i':,:i:i:k::iiii::i:i':::',::?::, near those I relnclnhcr and love l so dearly. ; { With your help, Bill, I'd liRe JKILLER-ON-TIIE-LOOSE I think a good many peot)le to take this opportunity to pass :": along my most sincere best wish- Dear Editor: I havc scen Sugar in our little Hill- 00!1o :" r Whe ' 'es to my friends in Shelton. To I don't know if you'll publish' man in town, as she always my teaciers, schoolmates, those I this or not but it's the only way' coaxed to go With me every time have worked for and with, and, I kno of getting to the people I went to the car. most important, to those friends on Johns Prairie road. We have These are not the first lives I have lost contact with during a killer on our road and some* that have been snuffed out on ";::!:i:::i;.:.ii:i:!i:)iil)/:::.. ............. these pat two years, thing must. be done about it be- this road. Our neighbor also had * I would write each personally fore it becomes the body of a a very valuable (log killed by a /::ii! iiii:::G)/i;i:i:!;i::iii > " Ji::::ii!iiiiii:iii::[i!iiili! * had I their addresses, or I would child, laying cold and still, instead hit and mm driver, too. They had Can o watch him suffer as he was i include their names here were my of a beloved pet. conscience not afraid I would How can you make someone a big dog and lie died slowly. omit even one. suffer, as we have? The law can't I thank God for the many hap- .... :: ......... But to all, and to you, especial- do anything to find and make the PY hours they gave us and I al- ..... ly, Bill, for making this printed person pay for our grief, ways took many pictures of them. .... !M[ERRY CtIRISTMAS FROI { ................................................................ : [ THANKFUL FOR THESE--- (i LETTE S AN ABSENT G,I.  ' 1 Several months ago, during tlm l beginning of the adult Sunday Dear Bill, I : ....... J ,-:cnool class m the Baptmt ehurcn, Another Christmas is upon us, . " the woman leading the singing and prayers made the suggestion that if we were to get a sheet of paper and write out the things we are thankful for it would take some writing. This appealed as a eha!lenge to me. I have given it nmch thought since, and now it seems the Lord has laid it on my heart to write it out as my testimony this Christ- mas season. First of all, I am thankful that I have Christ as my Saviour, that I am a child of the King. I am thankful that I am a citizen of the United States of America, that I live in a free country, where I can have free speech, can go to church, can read my Bible and play music for them and give them a little cheer. I am thankful that I can still maintain nay own hem(. tllat I have plenty of food LO Eat. and the comfort of a warm house, and warm clothes to wear. I am thankful that my medical bills are taken care of, and that I receive commodities. I am thankful for answered prayers and the ever constant care of the Lord. I am thankful that we m'e not having war. I am thankful for all the beauty God has put on earth for us to enjoy, the birds and flowers and many other things too num- erous to mention. There are many other things to be thankful for, but the great- est is having salvation. God bless you all this Christ- mas season. Evelene Farrell messkge possible. Merry Christ- mas, and may yell have the hap- of new years. I'm sure that this expresses not only my feelings, but the feel- ings of other G.I.s as well, who have to share Christmas at home over telephone wires or through the mail. Sincerely, A/2c Kenneth D. Kessel CMR No. 2275 Hedronsec, 831st Cmbt. Spt. Gp. George AFB, Calif. tk WAY TO MEMORIALIZE " PRESIDENT KENNEDY for only,z,00 week? Mason County JournalDear Mr. DEckle: A story was told in the press recently of a Massachusetts school bus of retarded children whicti More Before HOW[ A New and Brighter COLOR IV ... Brighter Than Ever Before! . Big 265 sq. in. RCA High Fidelity Color Tube. ;icture-pul gp , "  ' "" 'g r Brighter, truer color pictures than ever be- fore with 24,000,volt (factory adj usted) NewVista Color Chassis. 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He Teet- ed each child. Then bidding them all to "be good children", he re- turned Lo his own car. The man was our late President, John F. Kennedy. / Since the tagic death of the President, the Mason County Chapter for Retarded Children has been asked by many persons and organizations, knowing of his great personal interest in this problem, if a way exists to make a memorial gift. Provision does exist for gifts in memory of Pres- ident Kennedy through the Re- search Fund of the National As- sociation for Retarded Children of which the Mason County Chapte,; for Retarded Children is a mem- ber. The Research Fund is a cause in which President Kennedy be- lieved, Its grants provide scien- tists the freedom, time and facil- ities to pursue new leads and to originate and carry through sig- nificant investigations. Some scho- larships are also designed to bring talented young scientists into the field of research into mental re- tardation. With extraordinary vision, Pre- sident Kennedy saw the many things which need to be done to erase this problem which affects millions of Americans today. He won for the mentally retarded and their families legislation to pro- vide giaht fm'ard steps for post- tire action in the future. Speakng in October to the An- nual Conventfon of the National Association for Retarded Child- ren, he said, "I think we nave au obligation as a Country . . . es- pecially a country as rich as ours, to make a major effort to see if we can block this. stop iL and cure it." He was talidng about the tragic, lmman waste caused by mental retardation. To "block this, stop it and cure it"--these are his words describ- ing the action he thought his counh.-ymen should take, The HARK Research Fund is devoted to just such action. We respectfully suggest to those of the public who wish to contribute to a cause in memo of President Kennedy that they consider the NARC Research Fund. Gifts may be sent to me at 2126 Olympic Highway North, Shelton, Wash., and I will for- ward then1. Very trolly yours, Ray Spilseth PresidefiL Mason County Chapter for Retarded Children THE BROKEN CROSS Could it be that the failure of their crops in Russia, China and Cuba was brought on, not by their broken word to other nations, but by their attempts to break their own people's belief in thcir Sav- iour ? 3. L. Parsons Union Examination Set For Brinnon Postmaster An examination for Postmaster at Brinnon. paying $4965  year, will be ()pen for acceptance of ap- plications until Jan. 7, the U. S. Civil Cervice Commission an- nolmced today. This examination has been announced tinder ra- Y is e d qualifications standards agreed upon between the Commis- sion and the Post Office Depart- mont. Competitors for tle postmaster vacancy in this city must have at least one year of experience (ed- ucation above high school level may be mbst.itutcd for six months of experience) simwing that they have tim ability to maintain sim- ple records of accounts or that it has given them a knowledge ot postal procedures. Competitors must also show that they are of good reputation and that they can meet and deal with the public agreeably and effective- ly. Applicants nmst take a written test. Those who pass will be as- signed final ratings on thc basis of this test and on their exper- ience, and fitness for the position. They nmst have resided within the delivcry of the office for one year immcdiately preceding the closing date of the examination. In adition, they must have reach- ed their 18th birthday on the clos- ing dale for acceptance of appli- cations. Persons over 70 year ot ago cap,rot be appuhtcd. December 12 at about seven in the evening, Copper, our dog, stood in our drive way while my son was putting wood in the base- ment. He saw a car deliberately swirl into our driveway and hoard Copper's scream in agony. He breathed his last in the arms of my 19-year-old son, who was shamelessly crying his heart ont. We had old Copper over 12 years and hc was like one of the family. He would go with my son into the woods, and I wouldn't worry about him as I was always sure Copper would be with him and I felt Copper would come for me if my son needed me, for my son is diabetic. Copper was a cocker Spaniel, and wouldn't hnrt a. soul. Tie wouldn't even eat meat that was raw. I even had to cook his bones. But someone would deliberately run right over him and leave his poor body crushed and bleeding and never even stop to see if they had done a good job of their mur- dering deed. Just about a month ago a car swirled over to the side of our road as our big beautiful gray- striped eat, who was bringing her sister home a mouse, was struck down and killed by a nmrdering killer behind the wheel of a car, They didn't slop to see if she were hurl or dead. they didn't care. After all, she was just a cat. When we found her, there be- side her clashed body, lay the mouse she was bringing to her sister that was deaf, and could not hunt for herself. Mike sensed her sister "Sugar's" needs. They slept together m a box in the house. I wonder if the person that took :Mike or Copper's life would like me to stake Sugar out in the road so they could murder her, like fhey did her sister. She's deaf, she could,ft hear you coming np oil her. so I have ready beautiful mem- ories no killer can take from me. This letter I real[v am writing for the many people tlaL drive on Johns Prairie road. People that arc going to work in the morning and those speeding home from work at night. This time of the year. Johns Prairie road has a lot of traffic. There are trucks loaded with Christmas trees and people coming off their jobs from the Chrislmas tree yards. And other people madly rushing home. There is no one or nothing safe on the road. I'd like to ta(e a little more ot your time and ask you Lo please watch as yon drive down Johns Praire roafi as therE's a little lady, her name is Sassy, the ei:hl)o}2'S little Cocker Spaniel. Silo's very old and she doesn't know any bet- ter. but she walks on Johns iraire road twice a day. In the morning she eomes over to our place, and she sat on our porch with Copper and stayed until I came out and pat her on the head. and I.hcn she would happily patter on home. And then I wouldn't see her till around two o'clock and then she s't on ore" porch till nay husband comes home. He would ta.lk to her and pat her head and sloe would waggle all over. and happily she may come and go as I like without interference. I am thankful that I have a good family, that I have four healthy grandchildren, that I have wonderful Christian friends, Ihat I still can pray and work for the Lord. I am thankful that mY health is as good as it is for my age. I am 70 years old and can still walk seven or eight blocks o town md back again. I am thankful that I still have use of my hands so that I may write or sew. and that I can still see well enough to do tlese things. I am thankful that .I do not have to go to a nursing home SHOES AND SLIPPERS FOR CHRISTMAS as yet, but thankful there are uch places if I ever have to go WELLCO HOUSE SLIPPERS to one. WOMEN S CHIL I',am tt]ankful that I can still MEN S DREN go to these nursing homes and ,499 ,399 ,299 would waddle on home. She's very UP UP UP WOMEN'S LINED BOOTS $599 ,o '999 WOMEN'S FLATS RED $399 BLACK PAT, BROWN old and very slow. She never plays on the road. she just wad- dles from her house to ours and back. So please, don't hit her and leave her little body lay on the cold. hard ground: A residence on Johns Prairie Road, Mrs. Robert Hodgson gt. 2. Box 1009 Shelton, %rashington WELL DRiLLiNG _ ,, ," ,,,;;ii"'D, riii(00i00O Co. t "- 125 Railroad Ave,  ' Bill Russell i i If you took away the Rayonier (',ellulose what do you suppose would D left? (TURN THE PAGE AND SEE)