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December 23, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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December 23, 1971

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i iic La THOMAS H. AARON can be prevented by proper car that I have found that helps where you are required to stop, before jacking up the car. Be . s ," . .. , .. " " . " , !i,I" " ., .' .' . , " , ." . '. ' . .' z," All drivers should thoroughly maintenance. Others are avoided defensively, is to glance at thepump the brakes rapidly but careful of the jack, make certain Understand traffic, laws that are only by how you handle your car front tire of the car you are gently. This is necessary on snow. it is straight. raade by nature. One of these and how knowledgeable you are passing. If you see the tire veer If the area is on a straight-away If tile accelerator sticks and laws is friction. The entire control about conditions that are towards your lane, tap your horn! and you proceed, even uphill, you arc not in traffic, turn off the of a moving automobile depends potential accident causes. The driver in the other vehicle keep your foot off the brake, ignition (if it is safe) leave in gear 011 the grip of the tire surface If your right wheels go off may not have realized you were Hold the accelerator steady to and brake to a stop. In traffic, ~ith the road surface. When a onto the shoulder, don't try to passing him. This is a must avoid loss of traction and avoidwhere power to maneuver may be driver neglects these factors, jump back up on the pavement, sometimes on the freeway, any sudden steering movements, necessary, leave the engine lither in high speed or wear of Ease up on the gas pedal, keep off Before starting down a steep Tires allowed to iotate in arunning, depress the clutch (oi fires, his chances of an accident the brakes, get a firm grip on the incline, shift the transmission to a straight line provide the best put in neutral) and stop when ire greater. , steering wheel, and straddle the lower gear and let the engine help traction. If a skid .develops, steer safe. Turn the key off and look The basic principle involveainroadway. When you have slowed with the braking. Again, when in the direction of the skid. Keep for the source of trouble. On tvoiding all types of traffic down, ease the tires back on the brakes must be applied, use a soft in mind that when you correct older cars check for a foreien tccidents is DON'T PANIC! An road. steady pressure. If signs of fading the skid you will usually object or dirt under the example of a panic-caused Don't turn back too sharply;occur, pull completely off onto experience a lesser skid in theaccelerator hinge. Most ne\~ cars accident occured near Shelton not the wheels could grab on the edge the shoulder at the first chanceopposite direction. You should be have elevated gas pedals which 10ng ago. A driver entered a curve of the pavement and send you and let the brakes cool down. prepared to correct it also. makes thie problem unlikely. too fast, lost traction on gravel at into the other lane of traffic or Don't be in a hurry to get on your When a tire blows out don't Accelerator springs seldom break. the road edge causing the car to even throw the car sideways andway.., cooling may take as long apply the brakes. Get a firm grip but if it happens, they can be !0 out of control and roll over on cause it to skid or roll over on its as 15-20 minutes. When the brakeon the steering wheel, keep tires stretched and used until you ~et ls side. Fortunately the driver side. drums (there is one in the back of straight ahead, ease up on the gas t o t h e n e arest source of ~as uninjured. He admitted that When you meet a driver who each wheel) feel cool to the touch pedal gently. When you have replacement. T--~\~-/.~." the main cause of the accident won't dim his bright lights, don't try the brakes at a slow speed. If slowed down, signal your was panic. This could have been retaliate by giving him your everything is okay it is safe to intentions to pull off the road and -It" a car pulls out of an !V0ided if the driver had brights. You can only compound resume travel, stop. If the car is equipped with intersection in front of you, apply !~ticipated, the situation and the danger, if you are both Surprisingly, the last step to warning signalsorlights, putthem the brakeshardwhileholdinethe ~~ IofuY./ouFna aF~;nvJh ~ ~ curve too fast. The road was brights on and off quickly as a then only if it is at the lowest car and off the road. Block the wm must swerve to miss the car. in djvousha,, _ohnlS"/ ' ,eil known. Many times thisreminder, if he still stays with his possible speed. The parking brake tire directly diagonally from the ease up on tlae brakes and swerve~~ vYe it., y y s atever you please__ ~ kesents a real problem, the driver brights, pull to the right a little on most late mddel cars works on one you are going to change. If to the right. DON'T blow your ha ~0ws the road so well, he forgets and look away from his lights, a rachel arrangement that makes the flat tire is in the rear. be sure horn[ The driver may not have ~e potential dangers present. Train your eyes on the shoulder modulated application difficult to take the spare out of the trunk seen you. and his first impulse '~"~J., " " t, lf people understood the basic and ditch as aguide. Neverlook and risky. You must hold the ;, ws, n"s re- ;tin! i ~tinciples of friction, centrifugal into his lights in an attempt to be release lever out while applying ~aetion kinetic energy inertia, guided by them. This could result intermittent pressure to the pedal ,,~-----------~------..--------------------------- 1 I t ' ' . ,[aVlty, and force of impact, in a few secondsof temporarywith your foot. failure to hold the ]ications , Ilany accidents and fatalities blindness, release button or lever in the toga[ Publications Legal 0Uld be prevented. When there's a truck crossing released position while applying "----- ------ In the following are listed sign ahead, naturally any good the brake will result in a locked NOTICEOF APPLICATION development is proposed to be to our many wonderful friends. ! FOR SHORELINE within 200' of Hoodsport and/or llrnmon driving situations and driver will slow down and be alertrear wheels and a possible skid. MANAGEMENT SuBsTANTIAL its associated wetlands. ,r~ iCtors if incorporated in driving, for signs of trucks or other A practice sometimes DEVELOPMENT PERMIT Any person desiring to ~ MCCORI]elIs ~0uld' greatly reduce many activity. However, the trucks recommended is to turn off the Notice is hereby given thatexpress his views or to be notified themselves don't constitute the ignition switch and let the inertia Walt H. Carpenter has filed an of the action taken on this ditionSdents, that spawn potential only danger. Many times there are of the "dead engine" help slow application for a substantial application should, notify Mason One factor is driving at night, rocks, loose gravel, sand, or other the car. With a/n automatic there development permit for the County Board of Commissioners construction or development of in writing of his interest within first step should be to reduce debris on the highway. If there isn't too mucl~drag from a dead an apartment residence located at thirty days of the last date of has been recent rain, there may be wet mud tracked onto the highway that can create a skid hazard. If the mud has dried and large chunks are present, they can cause a loss of control. If an oncoming car veers into your lane, blow your horn -- the driver may be asleep. Step on the brakes hard, but intermittently, so you will retain steering ability. Don't try to pass him on the left: he may get back in his lane which would put in a "hard-to-explain" position in case of an accident. If necessary, leave the road on your right. Get both right tires off at the same time, keep a firm grip on the steering wheel, and don't brake hard unless absolutely necessary. After you have slowed down to a stop don't pull back on the road until you can safely do Many people do not realize they are over-driving their hts. It would be impossible them to stop in the distance headlight beams in case of ~ emergency. Another factor involved is the lights on the car Very often this is You may not only save from being inw~lved in an but may protect the rom hitting you. One of the most vital factors the prevention of accidents is ~t to drive while fatigued. causes a great many The only real remedy ue is rest. in case of breakdown, of flat remember you are placing life in great danger unless can get the car completely engine and with the engine running, there is always the possibility of avoiding a collision by a power play. With a dead engine, you are a sitting duck. Another item to remember is that new automobiles have the ignition on the steering column, if the key is turned off, you're steering and gearshift lever are locked. So, as soon as you can get the car completely off the main portion of the traveled road, then you can get help. When you park on a hill, the front tires can be put to good use as a safety help. When parking on a downgrade, turn front wheels into the curb. If the car is to be parked heading up hill, turn wheels away from curb. If parking on an up or down grade without a curb, turn wheels toward the road the maiIk .portion 9f the so. edge. ed road. Many people:risk If you detect brake failure If ;you are driving ,a...ear lives on thd ~t that a a tire (pedal feels mushy), .it is caused unfamiliar to you, you must be ~s0 valuable! Many times a driver by excessive heat in the fluid, comfortable and familiar with the had a blowout on a bridge or in the road. Rather than to a safe place to make the he remained in a dangerous and caused a fatal accident. to avoid a fatality, consider Value of your life rather than Value of the tire. Be careful of pedestrians. any times they are dressed in clothing at night which is Watch for these people during the Christmas when they may be Y-walking, loaded with ekages. Avoid hitting by anticipating dangen Another major factor in iding accidents is the from alcohol. A very point to remember is It takes only .03% of alcohol in the frontal lobe the brain to start impairing ar judgement. If more people realize this, I believe they leave the alcohol out of driving. This factor alone greatly reduce accidents. .e saddest part of the king-driving accidents is the" of innocent parties. At any time you could the common driving described thus. Many linings and drums. This occurs as a result of prolonged or severe braking. Intermittent braking is often recommended, the thought being that the off "braking" cycle gives a chance for cooling. It takes about 2V2 minutes to cool brakes from 800 deg. to 700 deg. - too long to be without brakes. You burn brakes less with softer steady braking, than with hard intermittent snubbing. if your brakes fail completely, pump the brake pedal, fast. There may be enough fluid left for one more stop, if you can build up the pressure. If your car is equipped with an automatic transmission, shift into low range. If a manual shift, shift down to lower gears. Some automatics can be put into reverse while moving forward, but don't try until the speed is below 10 mph and then ONLY if all else fails. Above all, avoid the "park" position while in motion, it will demolish the transmission. When you are about to pass a car and it pulls into your lane to make a left turn, step on the brakes hard until you must swerve to pass. Then ease up on the brakes but continue to apply intermittently as you swerve to pass (locked wheels make it impossible to steer). One thing car to be a good driver. Before taking off, get acquainted with the switches and gauges on the instrument panel. Also adjust the seat, seat belt and rear view mirrors to fit you for safety. Before driving at night, check the location of the dimmer switch. If the car is equipped with an automatic transmission, check the shift quadrant to be sure you know the different gear positions (they are standard on new cars, but vary considerably on older models). If the car has a standard transmission make several trial starts and stops to get the feel of the gear locations. Start out slowly and try the brakes a few times to find where they take hold, and to see if they are standard or power brakes. As part of the slow-speed maneuver, try " the steering, also. There is quite a difference in the effort required to handle a car with power steering versus one without it. Check the turn indicators to be sure they are working so you can safely signal your intentions to others, if the weather is cold and you have trouble starting the car, look around.., it may have a hand choke. If you come upon a slippery surface and slickspot is in an area * FREEZERS In stock ready for home delivery in time for Christmas delivery Check the RED TAGS For sale prices on Floor merchandise. PHONE SEARS 24-HOUR SHOPPING SERVICE VERGREEN Sears ha, s a credit plan to suit your needs SQUARE Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back SHEIJON East side highway i01, between Walt's Marine Supply & Hood Canal within Section 12 of Township 22 N., Range 4 W.W.M., in Hoodsport, Mason County, Washington. Said publication of this notice. Publication dates of this notice are December 23, 1971 and December 30, 1971. 12/23-30-2t hl :f gift for th nothi A collection of the humorous writings of Jan Danford which you have enjoyed weekly in the Shelton-Mason County Journal. You can now throw away those scraps of verse you cut out of the Journal - they're all here in 80 pages of delightful reading. Pick up a copy at the Journal office, Third & Cota, Shelton, for just I I I Thursday, December 23, 1971 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Page 25