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December 25, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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December 25, 1941

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Thursday, December 25, Page Four W”. VT d P cific Coast treating Prl‘ces TOP professed the equivalent 0’ , FAT LAMB snow COMING , - 1 Persons interested in feeding“ lambs will have an opportunity to ’3 Consolidated with The Shelton Independent lpai'ticipate in a show of those! Published every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon l animals OXLEebr’mry 14’ 1942i ati Member of V‘Vashingioii NeWSpaper Publishers Association l the Old unlon Stoqkyards In“. and National Editorial Association. JSpOkane- The Show 13 Open to? Entered :is swam—class minim» at the postoi’t‘ico at Shelton. Washington adultS, 4—H club members and F. ;i ‘— | EA. students. Sponsors of the ev-i . SHELTQNéMASON CUNTY JOURNAD TO THE YOUTH of AMERICA ! ___-.._.. : I I B . 332 million board feet of 1 s I e I n e B“:- ll in 1940 compared with 0' I In the year of 1917 A.D., the, Farm prices are now in the best 5! million board feet the .1 la nt 5 youth of America found them-lposition since 1909-14, accordiii‘gi ‘ USDA Recordsi a of 32 Sabscription Rates: , ent point out that it is aimed at. , 101,5; per cent. ‘ . V . . . BY MAIL, in Mason County (outside Of Show)“ my mail carrier districts) 3 increasing the quality of the fed, A MERRY ONE TO YOU [the best teams went to the tourna- selves facmgagreat worldly criSis. l to figures compiled by the De- $2 per year: a; months, $1.25; 3 months 75c. Foreign $3.50 per year. Postal * 1ambs throughout Eastern Wash; FirSt and above all. here‘s WiSh-I ment when only one or two games Today, 24 years later, a modernlpartment of Agriculture. By mid- rcgulations forbid residents of Shelton served by city mail carrier from i mat n ,mg' you Sideline Slants readers receivmg their Journal by mail. l D 0 i B) JOURNAL (TARthR: in Shelton, 23c per month (collected by carrier) or ', $2.50 per year in advance. 1 GRANT C. ANGLE, Editor decided which teams went and youth of America is confronted October average farm prices had the which stayed home. Why have a with a similar picture. moved up to an index of 139 per " f MERRIEST CHRISTMAS AND Ilong double round-robin league That youth, that was then, isgcent of the 1909-14 price as com- \ HAPPIEST New YEAR schedule, if you have to stake ev- , no doubt your father and mother pared to an index of 138 per. cent; lor aunt or uncle; who knows? for all other commodities which'~ l J. EBER ANGLE, Manager V aiCHAr—tfi'wa'rsolxiflldv. Thigh erything on one game after the _ hedule is played out? Are we, the present youth of the farmers buy. This brought they, In 1938 the present league was America going to bring forth an— prices received by farmers in gen—i formed, Olympia, Hoquiam anal other generation, are we going. eral into a fair relationship with, ,. Aberdeen combining with the oldl to be the aunts or uncles, or fa- l Prlces paid by the farmers as hasl‘ Central League; and Chehalis andlthers and mothers of another'been the goal of farm legislation! Centralia moving into the South—l YOUth to be faced With a dread 0f recent years- Farm Prices 0“ ern Division; the champions oflOf war and turmoil such as is October 15 were 101 per cent of ,you can manage to achieve inl View of the rather unmerry and! SC ,unhappy circumstances of these! times. . ' The Sideliner hopes he can; lighten and at least momentarilyi partly dissipate some of the sad- BILi. DlCKIE, News Editor WISHING ALL OUR READERS A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR ness and sorrows of the times byi . , . -t l , . 1 - l each league to qualify directly for Happening today. pari y. . gyatlllxi‘g X331: hngpfi'l I‘tgvgsfgidcig; the tournament. b Spon “a I; reyeéergly (361?- It must be remembered, how- l ». 1, , ra mg e 1r 0 o ‘S ny ever, that this was takin all .' Wh . F 1 1 b t d .r Sgoits throughom the commol Now for the record of the “big iBegotten Son. At this yuletide , farm prices into consideratign forlgg 81:1 0111' l grim a €15 CB e ra 6 El _y ! three” and the “little four." ;season let us give thanks that i an average. Beef and pork pricespfl first Chrlstmas they kept one eye Open and thelr EAND Now i In 1938, first year of the new ialthough the storm clouds do ga- were considerably above 100 perlgg;r big league, the “little four” fail- ther we can live in a nation “con- cent at parity while butterfat and 1 § hands on pieces, they listened t0 Being as hOW he hasn't done ed to win a single game from ceived in liberty and dedicated to eggs were only 85 per cent of’ his ChriStmaS Shopping yet and'i the “big three.” The Central {the proposition that all men are‘parity. Many other commodities it Chri tian me a e and n' e h d in feast-' ; S SS g 9 Joy d t e 3y can therefolre’hariiilykmake uselofi ‘ Leaguers lost a” the 24 games icreated equal.” are also below parity but are kyle“, mg. Someone e se 1“ mg 1n “155 they played with the former ! Those were the words of a sim- a more favorable position than , Never Since that day of more than three cent-i May the mic 0hr hour of “need,” the Sideline? takesl Northerner-s, Iple, but famous, man—Abrahami. they have been since 1909—14. the easy way out by offering you; 3L. 1 . t th .d t f . 'rtuau t th -‘ _‘- In 1939, a former Central Lea" mco n' .Slx 69“ pre51 en ,0 The best interests of both far- ‘l- . ' w . l VI y m aCt e Sports Par 5 gue team, Raymond, broke into', these Ulnted States Of Amer‘ca- mer and consumer are served by Kg" mas 5 7’ Ti me ade” column fashioned b Bob . i - - i , . ' Cloud in the Elma Chroma/'16 last! that “top three“ by beating Olym— l we are an Wlth “"5 mans words paying fair prices to the farmerl k- your home Y” pia twice and Aberdeen once. Ell-7,1911t 16,315 me replenish those memor'~ for this keeps the farmer pro-l . ma helped the cause along by‘les Wlth the laSt few Words Of that ducing and gives them a fair re— uries ago have the American people found it necessary to keep an eye open against aggressors who threaten their lives, their peace and their week, not only because it savesl “Kai” 46% . th t' ‘f t' th ' - . . . future way Of llfe. $361,135,: 0?:c%i€ngbgg:ugg i: beating Aberdeen and Olympiai ‘tifigtrgr‘gyggfi‘t 3:5 ixeifiéznghggirs“ turn for their production. Contin— % 315mg 9; . . . . . .. r . lS ma This 15 Christmas, one day of the year when Eggs dspmel lnl‘fegestlgg dope gloui' $3518 Egg-[18323;] 0853:3336 t3: and dreams. Eggdggggutgtlgleegf thingggngngqargfl a ' ‘ S . u - ‘ the message of Peace and Good W111 should fill the, 1th,, paft fé’u, ,.§;~,s_eH§:g°1;0m§s;24 games with the big boys. dedgaidragelghiorgrgagotggkhilge the market is the best safeguard 5,; l ' ' V H ‘ H. ' l' I minds and hearts of all the people, and the spirit, ithe Sport Parade . ' _1940 was Monies .Year to kill} maining before us, that from these 9°fis‘émers Cda“ hatve agamst both it t - l While the ‘busmess as usual’ lglants- They Spht Wlth Aberdeen! h d d d t k d m a Ion an Wan' liq 1 y to bring Happiness and Good Cheer to All thel m - ‘ M with Olvm 1a to am 01m_l 01101”? ea We a 9 Increase: #- ' 5" t St'" "Utter" h°pefuny 3 ~ p p y idevotion to that cause for which Young and the Ailing. , - “a”: lhi'gl‘: tscllookl bafkeiba‘ll 3311: iffga tile gitgaggfggmsgfii they gave the last full measure of Speeder Arrested [it Cleaners . . , . 41,1, w”, 1 ,7 sceues, e’s aea no a e ue ea. . 1., . , . The year has been good to most people of ‘srsmarssma. Aasfiafifl, this ibig three “me “up sum lwith Aberdeen and with Hoquiam,: devot‘on' that we here h‘ghly re 0n Hillcrest Grade it ., fi . . , , lb 0 . th f. t “nu ,, t t ‘solve that these dead shall not {gaygy‘yyygyyyflm . ation (in the northern dwlslon eoommg e us i e eam 0, have died in vain; that this na_l new or .m as or , this land, With more than the usual measure of prosperity spread among us, with all good reason to get the full measure of enjoyment save the one cloud which hangs over the land. Like our Forefathers we are forced to keep‘ one eye upon this cloud and be on the alert for an enemy of Christianity who might choose the o of the Southwest conference). beat Hoquiam since the formation‘ . , Warren Cobb of Shelton was ———~ I Vi What actually is the situation? , of the league. The “little four" won; 351;,l‘ggegrfgghaggdhagfia: “3;: arrested last evening by Deputy $¢kfi$fifi$fififi$ ’ Can‘t the Central League. teams: four of their 24 games with trial Sheriff Fred Hickson on a speed- _, .{é “ T . . . . u . government of the people, by the. . . ., V, make it mterestm for the Har-' in teams, but the big three" , mg charge which is to be heard _‘ g g Ipeople and for the people Shall at four o’clock this afternoon by bor teams and 01 in la? 1 the; ke t the to three positions ini i. y P s p P inot perish from the earth. “Justice W‘ A. Magoon. i Central League so inferior re 01‘,' the league- 1 th ’- conversely, are the Northern Di-l LEIS‘S year. 1941, Raymond did T1056 are words Of Pres‘ ’ vision teams so superior—year in i all the “little four” winning, and year out? , . The arrest was mad on h dent Lincoln and now, when We 6 t e . . _. are about to worship the birth of, Sphttmg “' 1 t h Aberdeen and Jesus Christ, let us bow our heads Hillcrest grade. ._._————-v..__.. w_ _ . A bit of history, first. Years Olympia and moving into a tie ,. J. “Jan , day of our weakness and pleasure to strike ter-‘ ago, until the 1929 season, the 1335- l with Olympia for third place, 033: alr’llgythzg ror and destruction. ketball league consisted of Ho- "1 thelfOU" Years 3f thfe '6:— nation “Shall not perish from melt ' v ‘ quiam, Aberdeen, Centralia, Che—i guei ony Raym°n t 6 th.” But we must not forget even for the day the: , haiis, Olympia, Montesano, Ray—, “little four” could climb into ear _GERTRUDE SILVERS ' glgond, Elma, Shelton and South; the top three. Raymond was .. 1‘. ‘ end. This league, obviously un-i second in 1939 and tied for third ' ‘ r I it wieldy, was broken down in 1929; in 1941. During the same time, Klwa'nla’ns Spread ,‘ ‘1 rif- into the Northern Division, taking! only Olympia of the “big three” Christmas Cheer 9‘ ,the five first mentioned; the Cen~l has dropped below third, being motif behind the observance of Christmas as carried on through the generations of Ameri- cans, and observe the day as all other Christ-. mases with the spirit of Cheerful giving andi . ,trai League taking the next for.“ fourth in 1939, Hoquiam has , The.Shelton~Kiwanis Club en—. ,, Spreading” of joys to others, especially to chil-‘ land South Bend was moved int0i be” “’5‘ 3” f°“" Years' Joye“ ‘ts usual Chmtmas plan Of? ' a Willapa league. , For the “big three," Hoquiam passing out cheer among the: . I These leagues were well-bal- won 31 out of 32 games against members In gifts more 01' lessl . dren. May this be a Happy Christmas. anced. All but Chehalis of the the “little four”; Olympia and amusing to spread a laugh» andl , Northern Division managed to Aberdeen each won 27 of their head “13011.5 0f.t11§.CIV1llan 138-], make the state tournament in 32. For the former Central Lea- , fense Operations 1‘“ “W and Coun- ‘ '3 l l . l the years that league was in guers, Raymond won 7 of their W from Doane Bmd‘ev Coordma’l i ! l l l i l THERE HS A CENSORSHIP May jolllty reign su- preme for you?" Yiile- tide season, friend. ' ....._..__,—._.__..r___._._. Wfim RE- existence. In the Central Lea- 24; Elma and Monte each won tor. and also fl’Om Maurice Need: gue. Raymond dominated, al- of their 24; Shelton failed to beat ham, Sr-i 0n Interceptor servweq thousm Elma did go to the tour- any of the “big three.” who made complaint. that few of, 1 nament in 1932; and Elma, Mon- This year, with a separate “B” Fhe members W619 domg their Part tesano and Shelton kept up a tournament being held in Cheney, 1“ Star‘de watCh' Members were merry dogfight for second place. the Southwest “A” teams will get urged to 51g“ “P for the two'hour ' In 1937 it was felt that the three places instead of two in the finiztgengeggg?:dflggcfigfié system of playoffs necessary tol Seattle state tournament. Will;tion of candy to children in the ‘ qualify three southwest teams for any. of our “little four” have a‘ Merry, and gay your Yule season Accept our best es-in good faith. Whether we know it or not there is a fairly tight censorship of the news already_in force in? the United States, and the newspapers are co-l operating without compulsion as yet by keeping, down the local news of common knowledge that: has to do with the movement of troops or other: \ ' May joy visit you on Christmas Day and ever after with you stay. “a v on, (“i9 e a 29' Counties: and the forces d McKenzie Morrison grade schools and 100 dollar cer- ar m V9 1 ' .i ’the tournament was not working chance to take that berth? . . . . Tlpe rzaiivlgecilh might be. hetlffgl to. the egemy 10 C St fi as we], at ,5 might. The teams The mom says “no... The tificates‘to needy children. , SOTS 1p 15 1n 9 Ofelgn an war i lllad to play earlier schedules than Champs will still qualify directly; I news which can be checked at the source or the,§ they would have otherwise; there the two second—place teams will Laue Big “on, N ‘ P van I, ' ' ' ' l~ , . . . . . . was the feeling that not always fight it out‘ for that other berth. . . t f m .- receivmg end by federal offmlals and particular- mmmfimmmmwml __ Little 1318 30m ‘5 m0“ 0r 9 r N ns h 1 th ’ - Wflfimflfififlwl [ place where General Custer and his STORE , eue C W a . 9’ 8 news which Wines mm the “0m i ’iWASHINGTON’S FOREST LAWS by .. mg American locations and actions; the newspa- ' ‘ Sitting Bull. _ i, rm, gfifiw%mfifigfig‘ BEST IN U. S., SAYS GOODYEAR ” sustained yield‘ and perpetual log- o ging operations. pers give out what they receive in the way of; news and the readers must exercise their own caution and judgment. I Obviously any news from the Axis sources Olympia You have the. word of conservative T. S. Goodyear, can be discounted because it is intended to bolster its own nationals as well as disturb American‘ readers; but there is a serious question Whether it' is best to dilute news from friendly sources and. leave our own people to conjure up needless wor- ries. We can take bad news and buck up, but pub- lic morale requires a fair measure of facts and l I truth. l l The preponderance of boys over girls in thel birth records of late years might have warned that l war was ahead, but in these modern times the‘ girls are taking their full part on the home fronts. There was a time when the national debt growth was alarming but now that it has reached astronomical and uncountable figures it no longer ; worries, even at the rate of $277.50 a second while tempus fugits. 1 . These new war names are getting us “woo- zy” in this rapid changing of the map of the world. , Sunday was the shortest day of the year and the turning point toward the longer and brighter days of spring ahead. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE “Christian Science” is the Sub- I V ject of the Lesson-Sermon which will' be read in all Churches of ,Christ, Scientist, Sunday, Decem- wmgaiwsm We prophecy a most wonderful 0 h istmas for you this year. .~ ' I . I claims, Goodyear made these sup-t porting statements: :upon actual performance and fire i now receives the highest allot— J. C. Penney “t . I saint-yams”; k 9‘ i. effective state forest laws in ex- istence than those of this com—' monwealth. - I And ,without batting an eye or taking a full breath, he let loose this statement. “A careful analysis and com- parison of forestry progress by other states will conclusively prove that the Washington tim- ber industry has accomplished more through self-imposed regu- '- , lation, that more money is volun- tarily spent ’each year in Wash- ington for fire protection and im— i, ! proved logging methods, and there has been .more actual forestry progress in this state during the past ten years than in any other state or province on the North American continent!” , And, to back up those“ tWo With federal allotments based I prevention expenditures, this state, ,_ "ment of any state in the union. i . Many of Washington’s forest!“ llaws have been copied and enact-I l ed by other states. ORGANIZED PROTECTION There is now organized forest fire protection in 31 of the 39‘, counties—the annual expendituresl for protection and suppression to- taling $1,397,368 of federal, state, forest patrbl, Washington Forest 'lFire Association and industry funds. I The forestry division maintains [2,000 miles of forest protectionl lroads, 1,200 miles of telephone! lines, a complete radio system, 35: l ». Washington’s forest supervisor, However, there is a “but” in V that there are no better or more' Goodyear’s observations. l “Most people conversant with forestry in this state realize that in order to attain a balanced for- est program and sustain the tim- ber resources, there must be an immediate curtailment of produc- tion, particularly in some of the larger 5 w mills.” “A c ordinated action by the lumber industry to balance pro- duction with timber growth would be a decisive effort toward com vincing the public that industry is making a sincere effort to per- petuate the forest resources of Washington,” he concluded. ______—___._.—— ORDER SPRAY MATERIALS Now The Office of Agricultural De— fense Relations is strongly recom- mending that farmers- start figur- ing on their future requirements for insecticides, fungicides and fumigants. The reason is that 0PM may soon issue a priority‘ order on insecticides, fungicides land disinfectants, which will en- able distributors to get supplies according to orders on their books. ROBBIN 33533353; Electribal Contractors . PHONE 210 No Problem Too Small None Too Large' ‘ Counts as much in your printed message as it does in your p e I' S 0 n a l solicitation. When you in Send out your sales message IN PRINT, it must have all the briskness, appearance and good taste as your high priced well-dressed gagge- ' tl'lie'w'ar salesmen, that’s if you want them both to do mum“ a'first class job of selling. Printing Of this ‘ - type is designed and produced in the modern Kit: and well-manned plant of the , A. fifslilxggé} elton sc , Ward, ef ‘, ber 28. Golden Text: “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give" (Matt. 10:8). ar to 1 en in the lookout towers and 20 fire halls;i . and fire fighting equipment has: been mechanized, insofar as pos-l' sible under existing conditions. 5‘ . Girls Cli Among the citations which com- prise the Lesson-Sermon is the following from the Bible: “Then a- - 0..— ~, a, - which has provided seedlings for The state maintains a nursery! planting 20,000 acres of state- Journal "‘ junior .. s._ .a- '- W‘ ‘ WELL he called his twelve disciples to— : gether, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to j cure diseaSes. And he said to them 'all, If any man will come after me. let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and fol— l low me” (Luke 9:1,23). The Lesson-Sermon also in- ? eludes the following passage from 1the Christian Science textbook, “Science and Health with Key to % owned lands. k. The West Coast Lumbermen’s g Association has established a 40- fil acre tree nursery on Nisqually flats for use in reforestation. l Within ten years, 90 per cent of the state-owned forest lands will be restocked and in timber pro- diiction. The state forest board has ac- quired 525,000 acres of land, most l i. ii i ' A very merry Christ- mas to you and yours with' joy and happi- l-ll when you need printing Here’s a Christmas 7 wish right from the Scriptures" by Mary Baker “633 multiplied gigglfi’fmh ls resmcmng Sat‘?f§£; the Eddy: ‘WhOEVCT WOUId demon' Operators have spent vast sums I strate the healing of Christian Science must abide strictly by its 1 l ! l 1 ,of money in converting their log- lrules, heed every statement, and ging to approved methods, that will result in leaving lands in better productive condition and insure adequate restocking. SELECTIVE (TOT-TING Many industrial timber opera- . . itors are practicing selective cut- - Yea“ 0‘ Nawgatmn- they usually do in every (lcpart- :1; ting in one fox-m or anothor~and : ment of life" (946233)) ifi-fififififififififififififififii ‘ there is considerable talk about mmfiwwmwfimxmmmmx 107 S. Fou‘rth Phone 100 WK iAssigned to duty as commander— } ill-Chief of the U. S. Pacific fleet, Rear Admiral Chester V. Nimitz relieves Admiral Husband E. Kimmel. He had been serving .as Chief 0f the U' 5' Navy Bu‘ persistence alone Win the prize, as \ Bob Ervin i Motors ' advance from the rudiments laid down. There is nothing difficult nor toilsome in this task, when the way is pointed out; but self- denial, sincerity, Christianity, and _— g v..- HI—SCHOOL SERVICE Pete Melin 7th & Alder K §WOUL§ Call The JOURNAL ' “ ”m___. a