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December 30, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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December 30, 1971

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pl'lV Nineteen hundred and seventy-two may be the year when American citizens discover that they have traded their individuality and privacy for a mess of pottage called "law and order." The year just ending saw a rapidly-escalating movement toward the Big Brother horror of George Orwell's "1984." Putting together the pieces - wire taps, snoopings, squealings, computerized data banks - shows that 1984 could arrive in 1972. The apparent apathy of the public, plus computers in which all the words in a 1,245-page family Bible can be stored on a 2-inch strip of microfilm, have made it possible for the data-happy robots who run our institutions to compile privacy-invading records on every citizen. The police, security and military intelligence agencies of the federal government are compiling a mass of computerized and microfilmed files on hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Americans. ........ ..~..:.:5.:..:.f....:..;....:...::.:.::::::.:.~..~:~:~:?.::.:::..;.::::..:~.:.::..~:~:~ ::::~:;'.':';:.:.'.'.'.:.>".'....%-.-.-.%.......-. ............... .... ..... // | I, By DAVE AVERILL You are going to be reading more about 1 Oklahoma. Norman lacks scenery. Its climate is not the best. place isn t even one of those Oklahoma seaports. What it does have, though, is the world s biggest supply civilized chimpanzees. They are studying chimps in Norman as a schola project, and what they do is to get them adopted by families that are willing to raise a chimpanzee the way the rest of us !'N I would raise a child. Peek into a baby carriage on a Norman sidewalk, and you are likely to find a little anthropoid face peeking back at yoU. The lady pushing the baby carriage will probably look pleased with herself as any other mother. This domestic bliss goes on until the adopted reaches adolescence. Then, like human babies, they tend to get hard to handle. A National Data Bank linked to computer subsystems ":':':-:'::.. Human parents solve some of the problems that come .'-'.':::::':.. growth by putting the kids in school. and smaller computers in every state and major city in the .:...:.:.:.:.:.:.:....- The adoptive parents in Norman, lacking their own pTA, nation already has been proposed and is being debated in can't do that. Instead, when Junior reaches the age to Washington. sullen they send him back to the professor at the Colony, who puts him in with all the other chimps that Income tax declarations, with their financial record of x/ l t each citizen - not just his salary and investments but the NM'4 [4". had the benefit of a family upbringing. various stock he owns, medical bills he has contracted, the /Lka As you might expect, the chimps are delighted to join t dependents he supports, the ways he lost and made money - rowdy group. They show no signs of regret at are now easily accessible to 23 federal agencies, civilization behind them. A Secret Service computer, one of the newest and most It's sort of like joining a fraternity. What is bringing the reporters into Norman, though, sophisticated in the government, has in its memory the names and dossiers of activists, "malcontents," persistent seekers of the baby chimps who are drinking out of baby bottles redress, and those who would "embarrass" the President or "1 hope she isn't serioos oboot him. I osked him who wos going to win happy suburban homes. other government leaders, filed with those of potential It's the bigger chimps back at the Ape Colony. assassins and persons convicted of "threats against the the $ogor Bowl gome ond he sold: 'the onts, mon, the onts'." professors, for reasons of their own, have been teaching to talk in sign language. President." Chimps are no good at human speech, lacking The Secret Service has asked federal workers to report necessary vocal equipment. But they're turning out to irrational individuals they may come across at work or play pretty clever at expressing themselves in the same for inclusion on the list. "Irrational" is defined as, among language used by people who are deaf and dumb. other things, "demanding to see the head of an agency So far, they don't use it among themselves. But personally." to be making conversation with their professors, and Another Secret Service guideline bids any and all professors are waiting to see the first chimp mothers te t, her chimp babies how to talk. Americans to offer information on the beliefs and conduct of on " their fellow cit zens. ByROBERT C. CUMMINGS extend the conshtut,u.ai limit support measures of pressing "Intalco" bill, which permitted Let that happen, and the day may come when C d 1 i If enough state senators could sessions in odd-numbered years to need" in the coming session could new or expanding industries to has chimpanzees serving in the Legislature. For all a 1 The Army s surveillance and compilation of dossiers on be sure how the people would 90 days. The present time limit give certain private clubs a new charge sales taxes off against their knows, they might be an improvement. the political activity of civilians received widespread vote, they might put Guy. Danon all sessions is 60 days.lease on life. Governor Evans will B&O tax, the new proposal from the Bainbridge t publicity. The outrageous invasions of privacy perpetrated by Evans' proposed constitutional Compromise Possible seek legislation prohibiting liquor doesn't forgive any taxes; only the Army is epitomized by the action of its l l3th amendment for annual legislative Many of those opposed to licenses to private clubs which defers. Intelligence Group during a political meeting in a privatesessions on the 1972 ballot. But annual sessions admit the wisdom have racial restrictions in their The "lntalco" bill has cost the they would do it only if they of an annual budget review. After qualificat!nsfrmembershoiPra,c state a revenue loss of $45.5 LetB~ talk books." homethose inwhoChicagO.showedNOtupCOntentfor thet meeting,CPY the iicensethe agentsnumberSgainedf rejectCuld it.be sure the people would all these years, they might go :ut cthnerrn~OUSRe~ m~ili~~ million since its enactment in~T T'lOl-ep--Ioee entrance to the house by arranging to have an order of Voter rejection of the issue, along with an amendment which cau , p. , 1965, and the 1969 Legislature "d restrictsessions in Chatalas, Seattle, says he doesn t imposed a January 1, 1971 .ames WOUi . . ,, . . ,, unordered pizzas sent into the house, they feel, would be pretty good even-numbered years to budget consider this a. pressing.need, expiration date. But the insurance against this or any other and revenue measures' and be r umerusmemersnDtnsies law-makers shwed n tw" " goo book i In California, the president pro-tem of the State Senate Governor calling any more special limited to 30 daysof the aisle may seize upon this occasions in the 1971 session that Inspire ~[ound his ,name on of, 20,OOO citizens the iYe'ff" ~Gin evenmumbered$~ or But mffhy proponents45f~ ex.etas(*'o f o,r.:qu::hingubjtehte' they again are in the mood to try ~! election, years;at least for s~ae annual sessions these day~'~g#slatln" &; , y . to attract new payrolls to this i, ommittee on Un,Ameriean Activities had listed as hard core time in the distant future, both sessions open to ~'g~ne~l"-'**''~'" ~and the. Issue has oeen around, state. Communists, fellow travelers, dupes, or dangerous Weary of Olympia legislation and are unwilling to :ever since the Ste.ele L~qt~4~ They repealed the Intalco WASHINGTON STATE happened in 1857and practitioners of subversion. He discovered he was on the list Many legislators are growing settle for less. They have their tsonrroi Act was enacted in i " ofeXpiratinmetal fabricationdate for constructiOnplants, and PhillipsPLACE NAMES(universityby JameSofWash-W" herlerYfamilyCVe inname.SeattleTo as a subscriber to the People's World (which he never was)weary of having to come to own pet bills to promote in In Mood To Help they voted to exempt Boeing'sington Press, 167 pp., $6.95) lie gave one Olympic and because he attended a legislative conference of the Olympia every January. Too election years, and GovernorThe Governor's proposal to new computer servicingsubsidiary From Aberdeen to ZiUah, fiance's name,alsoimmortalizedMt' Ellinor,;her International Longshoreman's and Warehouseman's Union, a many members, especially Evans likes to use the permit new industries to defer for from the B&O tax. The Governor James Phillips' "Washington Constance, by naming a legitimate, non-subversive labor organization, professional people, can't afford even-numbered years for a second three years all sales taxes on vetoed the latter measure, but it State Place Names" makes forond peak Jn her honor. to spend that much time away try on bills he failed to get passed construction and equipment costs still clearly illustrates the fascinating reading, strategy worked well and The United States Passport Office keeps a secret, from their business. Some in theprevioussession, will have a good chance of legislative mood. computerized file of 243,135 Americans whose applications senators actually have opposed Political Football? passing. Unlike the so-called One thing that impresses themarried Ellinor a year for passports may be of interest to it or to government law further increases in their salaries Governor Evans' constant r e a d e r as he progressesThe ladies did very for fear it would lead to annual statements that the state's i] ~] 11 Y through this book is that the the early settlers and enforcement agencies, sessions, economy is on the upswing again ~ early explorers and mappersand many a town or other Federal and state authorities eavesdropped on 390,681 In recent years, the principal could make it more difficult to bestowed names with happy graphical feature has a opposition to annual sessions has get his "jobs now" program abandon a n d immortalized ine-inspired name. This private conversations involving at least 29,558 individuals been in the Senate. The measure through the 1972 Legislature. everyone from the ship's cook true from Vancouver's through telephone taps and hidden microphones during passed the House by an Few legislatorswanttovoteinan to British Admiralty Lords.when he named Port 1970. overwhelming majority last election year for the additional ... ~'-'~, /~~'~""'~" Puget Sound in particular is Bay for Lady Susana Fifty-two federal agencies have 4,700 "'snooper buttons" session, taxes needed to finance the loaded with names originating to much later when Many Dropouts program, from the expeditions of theowed its low spot on the which they push to eavesdrop on citizens' incoming Many House membersalso Any hint that the need is less Spanish, English and Ameri-betical totem pole to telephone calls, have been opposed to annual urgent could be all the excuse cans, in that order. Unfortun" daughter of a president On the hometown front, privacy is disappearing at a rapid session in past years, but much of they need for voting "no." They ately for the Spanish, most of Northern Pacific the opposition in the lower killed it in the 1971 session, when ~ O '11 ) theirnames did not survive the Phillips' book owes rate. A city in Ohio has installed low-light-level television chamber has solved this problem the situation was much more mapping by those who came Edmond Meany's cameras that cover every downtown street and are monitored by merely dropping out. The urgent. ~ ' later. Cape Alava, Hard Strait, Washington Geogra p h in the local police station. Big Brother is watching everything marathon-length of the regular But with another election so i Guemes Island, Camano Is" Names", but he has that takes place in the covered area. sessions during the odd-numbered close at hand, politics seems land and others are excep- siderable material and years has been too much for certain to raise its head. It may,,,,,.2_ tions to the general rule. a useful and thoroughly Observation of department store dressing rooms through many. The dropout rate in the cease to be a question of whether(L.~.,..,,,~ I'll bet you didn't know that able book. A few minor peep holes is becoming more common, with no notification House far exceeds that in the the program will pass,but a upper chamber, question as to who will be blamed"~'(~ a lovesick U. S. Coast Survey will be noticed by officer named George David-huffs, but in general the to the customers that the practice is being used. Nearly 20 House members for its demise. Citizens visiting their courthouse in a California county declined to seek reelection after A caucus statement that "Hello... is this the veterinarian?" familySn pUtonmOStourOfmaphiS ingirlfriend'Sorder to iSsented.Well researched and the first 100-day session in 1965. House Democrats will only make a good impression. This Art Dwella must pass an electronic searching device. If something on They have been dropping out their persons sets off the device's alarm, they may not enter voluntarily in lesser numbers ever the building without being frisked. A recent visitor was since. There also have been frisked when the tinfoil on a package of cigarettes in his numerous dropouts in the Senate, pocket activated the alarm, but as those in the upper chamber only have to run for reelection Indiana is considering a network of paid neighborhood every four years instead of two, police informers, they have more time to get used sweepstakes later before I tried to quit. I made it, because bad. What, for instance, do I do with the record to the ordeal. By PERRY SWISHER two incidents saw me through. First, I had read halfway fighting bad guys has led us to do the same things The Scottsdale, Arizona, school board has adopted a Not Evans' Idea A middle-aged pleasure I discovered seconds ago through a copy at my father's home during supper before guys do? And do I credit good guys with the good policy that requires the fingerprinting of teacher applicants. Governor Evans has beenconsists of forgetting where the apostrophe goes in The I realized it was eight years old (the magazine, not the could do if they didn't have to kill bad guys and so The manufacturers of the "electronic battlefield" trying unsuccessfully to put an Reader's Digest and then being unable to refer to a copy equipment now being used in Southeast Asia have looked annual session amendment on the home, not supper; you've been reading those Digest children who live where bad guys live? ballot ever since he took office, to find out because the subscription expired some time fillers). If the editors don't know what year this is, I And: Can it be that drug abuse found its basic around for new markets and decided on police departments, but the issue was around long ago. How I disengaged is my secret. If a typesetter could reasoned, I'm safe; PleasantviUe is totally automated, in the generation exposed to 20 years of They are now working on a low-priced package of the before he ever thought of going write $1.99 the way it looks on a computer printer I And then the shock: A Rotarian told me a joke, and I prepared toddlers, then children, then electronic sensors - which can "see" through brick walls and into state government. It has been would offer you my formula at that price and you might laughed, expect that they and their surroundings can be pick up conversations from great distances - for sale to local proposed by somebody in every pay it. We were both startled. I started to apologize - of magically transformed? By smelling, smoking, law enforcement agencies, regular session for the past 40 Deep in that part of your mind that is connected to course I had never before laughed at a Rotarian's story - eating, drinking, spraying, washing, polishing, years, the sphincter you know that come the Great National but then I realized: If you haven't read the newest Digest driving, or shampooing. Zzzt. Just like that. Is this what the average American wants? Is he willing toFor many years, the most Emergency or Judgment Day, whichever arrives first, (and you have a chance to appreciate a Rotarian's humor and if Could that have anything to do with give up his individuality and privacy to escape the hazards of popular proposal would have freedom? Is he so afraid of his neighbor that he wants his limited sessions in even-numbered Abou Ben Adem to the contrary notwithstanding) your you do you have important friends. It won't matter what impatience when an injustice, once recognized, is every move televised, his private conversations monitored by years to 30 days and restricted name had better be on that subscription list.magazine you take. Now some of my best friends are by sundown? consideration to budget and The first time I didn't renew I couldn't shake the Discovery without experience, reward without the police and political opportunists, his name put on a list of revenue bills. Under this proposal, feeling that my address and zip code were going to expire. Rotarians. But every self-discipline, no matter how good it is for beauty without reference to character, dispose-all subversives because of the literature he readsor the meetings it would have required a Two months after the Digest stopped arriving, an old he attends? two-thirds vote in each house to friend in the FBI I hadn't seen in years came calling and I you, exacts a price. In my case, the price amounts to no without pain or grief, skill without p longer knowing who the bad guys are. The Digest knew. tedium, food without substance, fathers without A Cleveland citizen is. He wrote to a columnist whopass any piece of general thought, dear God, he knows, he knows. A cool one, he They were the guys who wanted to be bad buys: Mafia swingers without v.d., cars without exhaust... authored asking his readers if the average American really legislation, talked about everything else until in a sweat I finally and Marxists and union bosses and big (non-military) So the biggest conspiracy of all was carried wanted to turn the country over to Big Brother: "Yes, that is No Holds Barred brought it up myself, spenders boring from within. Pornographers and cigaret good guys. The biggest joke came through how the silent majority really wants it. You must have a B u t t he p ro po sal the You have to admire the FBI. He graciously filled me manufacturers and cold spouses at even closer range. The instead of the mailbox. Like my countrymen, skeleton in your closet as you write against wire-tapping Governor is endorsing wouldn't in on the two issues I'd missed, hinted he might yet Kremlin and Peking and Castro and heroin smugglers from my President, I am proud of my dry armpits, but every now and then. The 'great silent majority' have nothing place any restriction on the type nominate me as the most unforgettable character without. And, if this incessant boring should bore me out get wet now oftener than once a month and, of legislation to be considered in somebody had ever met, and then he left so I could get of my eternal or at least monthly vigilance, worst of all, President, there are things that scare me more to hide and don't care if they are wire-tapped if it will help either session. It would provide the renewal into the mail before the postmark changed at me. Chinese and Bolsheviks do. Once I understand catch criminals and Communists." for 60-day sessions in the midnight. Without that guidance I now have an absurd notion boogie-men and clowns in Miami and in my mirror, l if he is in the majority, "1984" will arrive early, even-numbered years, and would It was many vears and several disappointing that some people with good or unsubversive intentions do resubscribe. Page 4 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, December 30, 1971