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December 30, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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December 30, 1971

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Itouseplants must be cleaned * ~! P!Odnr!'S aW[ nte ,c;nn?tbrea, ihe'o ": ~i Valley Sees W ,stmas ev.y o, the of ,.(ne3r fo;ms wi , prodL :r Pine la s a s ecial role at flowers all year. properly wnen roilage is c )ateo ......................... ('hrist~ay time.p ,t may be Allow soil to dry out well w,th dust and grime. The By ANITA DU???2 ., ~;,,;rnnRtiTh:r$O'a,:dYf:~ti?ySln h2men fr;r~' 2:attl:U~ft~:;~:~n~ Today, Thursday, December30 meeting, 7p.m.,Hy-Lond Inn. decorated with very tiny between waterings, but the plant mrgestqea~eo plants usuauy neeu br~Ur~um~>n upper Sea~'fle u" the yards It wasagoodYe~ Rotary Club luncheon, noon, Job s Daughters, 7:30 p.m.,ornaments hung well back from must not be permitted to remain attention the most. Skokomtsh Valley had a real, - v ., the ends of the branches, dry for weeks as is often An easy way to do the job is white Christmas. Snow began The Skokomish Community for Christmas,~,~,~., ,,,,~ th,~ ~hearetree sales, especl~ Mind Tree Cafe. Masonic Temple. dinner meeting, 6:30The Norfolk Pine flourishes recommended in the culture ofto place plants under the falling early in the day and by ~hdi;Ch chdtc~ twhi~l hSk?k;i:ht ~o gasnr, arol yscnrlsu-''~l"'"~'"dc"":esa~''~''--'-'2"-~'j l"oastmasters Club, 6:45 a.m., Jaycee Timbers Restaurant. p.m., airport clubhouse, with lwht waterin~ two or three cacti Total neglect causes thebathroom shower to be bathed in noon there was about six inches. . u . . . :, times each week and fertilizerCrown-of-Thorns to shrivel a gentle flow of tepid water.The grandkids brought sleds and serwces on the reservation tree growers must do a betterl~ Slimette Tops, 7 p.m., court Nimrod Club, 8 p.m., at the may be forgotten except for a beyond recall, while too muchAllow to dry thoroughly before tumbled around in the snow begmn~ngat?p-m.twelcmeln of prom otmg thmr Lndus?ry.] demonstrateReStaurant, the feasibility of Paradises at'426 6766ma eg .......nr leberd Ftl(h')Ya dt ' Jt()hneeScl aund (w aoPuld ~ ~" m ' ~ e " m ' =---- ...... t: ~" ~ ......... ,,'i~ Shelton / room, The gardener who just can't grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe P | ~o ........ wait until spring may find release Pavel few days visit. too heav,, mix with u,, to 50% of ,,uardian anoel watch|n,, over ..Jl~~~~~~l~~~~l|~~il~lll~~~~~~~ll~~~l~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~H~mH~~~~~~~H~~~||~~~~~~~H|~~~~~ IIII I,I ....... --" I houSe~n m m eannex clubhouse, ol ~eattle are here Iortide e have f ti Shelton Rock & Mineral dES Social Club, noon spring feeding, water willrottheplant, replacing in thmr customary c.omlnglnmterml!trently!othrow ?e~co]~l~w ~ear. everyone is raneYrv,gt ;Oeco,lo;;Ok, Society Christmas dinner, 6:30 potluck, Masonic Temple. It appreciates a sunny window The Crown-of-Thorns often positions, wrote spots wmcn may tlamr coats m me Cl yet. lnere was " . ........ [ , " . ,'~ mistaken for a t e of cactus is remain on leaves may be removed no power failure so the turkey Rev. Howard Spear and mea now mls crop aoes oen~ pro., PUD auditorium. Wednesday, January 5 in the water, and sh mid be YP . _ ........ e~,~iI ......... ,,,~t~ ,,f tho n,~,~ the ecolo~v of our state It~ " " " - ' ' t in realit a relative of the with a soft cloth, and roast oeeT and trlmmmgs ....... ~ .....~, ............ T"'" . .. Y- . . ,~ stanonedoutot direct sunhgh Y ................. ,-- ,-- Townson family Christmas dav contnoutes so mucn to u~ Friday, December 31 Christmas Town Tops, 7 p.m., duringthe summer. If placed poinsettia and o! the common waxy lear ponsnes ,nay oe cooKeu to pcn, ccu~). ~. Max and Eva Latzel enioveda economy Chamber of Commerce board Referral Center. " ' o s snow-on-the-mountain harmful To restore the original Rusty and t)cm t~asKln were , - .... " ..... ,,~ meeting, 7:30 a.m., Hy-kond Inn. Shelton Adult Art (;roup, outdoorsm the warm m nth., . ' ..... familxz cot-tc, ooth~r ('hri~trnn~ oVe DIll and carol nan w,, e wad Under the best of care, leaves sheen of naturally glossy leaves tlrst to arrive to excnange ....................... Saturday, January 1 7:30 p.m., PUD. brace 1t well aghast th . - ..... " ., ~' ................... with Bud and Betty Tozier, Billy interest in putting up a tree Donnie J. O'Neill Orthopedic B e g o n i a s, e s p e c I a 11 y may be expected to drop from rub mem ynuy oetween tnum~ p,resems an u me.. u. nt.o ,~.,,t. and Don Howard, Mr and Mrs home after handling them f - ' - ~, " - ural and not ana!noex /in er. vernon tO VISIt ~usty S " New Years Day. Guild, 8 p.m., home of Mrs. Eddie angel wag vanetms, may drop this p!ant. The nat ...... ,g............... n" Moorhead and their families weeks so were very glad to spe~ lower" leaves When" they d(), take' -, undesirable habit exhibits the A less tedious way is to wasn g~anupa~e ta. " HIll Sunday, January 2 Bac. " ........... " "- ~ '- r~on and Anne P-veland On Christmas the Bud Toziers Christmas w~th the Kleth cuttin s of the leaf ti s leaving attractively rougn character ol the lOllage m SKlm nlllK, vour IIIlIKL* " a , .............. g . Y P", . . . ., u - ~ a ...... +~'e'" n..~- ,.n.-t visited ~r and ivlrs ~iil moore lamlly just relaxing. Shelton churches invite you Thursday, January 6 old stems which will sprout new stems, which may be trained in into saucer and use two slzeaole cn~t~en came. m', rat a u " ' to attend the churchot your Rotary Club luncheon, noon, leaves as well as sending up stems various shapes, wads of cotton one to apply Marilyn Dugger and three boys, (the former Sally Wtlson) and Mr. choice. MingTree Cafe. lrom the base to produce a more The Crown-of-Thorns, the milk, and the other to remove soon Mildred and Rudy ltoman,and.Mrs. Coleman t,forme~rly .Dons ,r(wth however is sufficientl unusual it Work with only a few leaves at Dolores and Itarold Drake with tozxer) and mrs. tJmays ~ozmr o~ | | ~u~tr-~ Monday, January 3 Toastmasters Club, 6:45 a.m., compact g ~ . , Y ~.,~----, PUD No. 3 commission Timbers Restaurant. qoo much water will rot a when grown naturally. If the a time as residue must be rentoved Kenny and Richard and Carl and | "'"' "l begonia. Water well, but do not plant becomes too tall, take before it dries. Margaret and girls from Seattle. After a fa.mlly gathering in | ~R~N~ meeting, l p.m., PUD conference houseSlimetteannex. Tps' 7 p.m.. court water again until the soil has cuttings four or five inches in To clean hairy-leafed plants, Grandson Randy Homan and his thmr home Christmas, mornmg the | D B| AIdl#~l~ County commission meeting, Yacht Club dinner, 6 p.m., begun to dry. length, allow to dry for a day or such as African Violets, use a girl friend Ramona Rickards Jonn t~rus.n, tamny arov.e .to | ~t r~r~o The ('rown-ol-Thorns in two and then insert in a barely pipe-cleaner, a very soft brush, or stopped by and then continuedbel!evue towslt s,.t rusn saster: [ RENT OR BUY ON I0 a.m., court house, business meeting, 8 p.m.,at the nlLd-wlntcr reaches ~ts eak' damp rootmg medium." ' aleafo/the plant.' " on to Sappl] o ,to visit " LOIS .......... [vlanler. they Drougnt | ""-g'qV'Tg'Rl~1.q'" -'" " P nenew t~rao wLamer nome lOt a t...r-~ Shelton Bridge Club,7:15 clubhouse. p.m., PUD auditorium. Referral Center board Goodwill truck in town. meeting, 7:30 p.m., at the center, for his frustrated green thumbs in We all talked ourselves blue in Mr. and Mrs. Chet Valley [ j~~rv~l Phone 426-4847 for pickups. D e m o c r a t i c C e n t ral /--I,A /: .~.---'-I- the much-needed repotting of the face to keep those teenagers attended a Christmas Cantata in ! ........ ,, It's About Time Tops, 7 p.m., Committee, 8 p.m., at the court t.U~,~ LIIII~II~R, house plants from making the 15"0 mile trii; the Baptist Church in Tumwater ] Musnc ~O~ County Health Office. house. Southside PTO, 7:30 p.m., at Fair Harbor Grange potluck ~ It is often necessary to rely on with such bad driving conditions Sunday. , [ ~m e,,~~a.,,aal~ the school, supper, 6 p.m.; meeting, 7:30 ~I ~ __ ~l___I__ I~____ packaged potting soil at this lime but they made it OK. I am sure, It was late Christmas eve ~ a~o,~ Ski Club, 7:30 pro.. Mt. View p.m., Grapeview fire hall. ~|~rl~ being ~ooe for of year. Should the mixture prove teenagers haven very wide-a-wake , ' IIIII1~ School. DPW, noon, Timbers Lm "*'~ 1 ~'~ Ill ~, v s ~- ~- = IP perlite, which is sterile, and makes theln. =- Tear s l ar Mere "Jr for good drainage. Christmas eve snow-mobiles ~- ~lCe f'llTl Tuesday, January 4 Navy Mothers Club, 7:30 Kiwanis('lublunche,,n, noon, pm., home of Mrs. Ray I'routy,ByMARYHILL Kn]ghtofF~reProtecttonD~stnct Clasp your plant near the raced over the snow m Frank -- rKl~. ku/'-" LAKE LIMkRI('K As of 5 will meet soon to stake out a base, up-end the pot and tap ~t Ragan's field next to our pine'. -- Timbers Restaurant. 1519 ('enter St. the last iime we checked Lakenew golf course lot on the corner gently. Soil and root-ball will slip They were brought out by ttarry --=-- Ak (7ily commission meeting, 2 VWWI Barracks No. 1462 and Liee;i';k ('ountr" Club has 55 of St. Andrews Drive and out intact to be set inn pot of Wiles and his wife, parents of --=-- 4~1~1I A I ~ ~ ~f p.m.,city hall. , Auxiliary, noon potluck, , " .; .,Y .... Shamrock Drive for a site fordsliuhtlv laruer dimensions and Linda Ragan Wayne Wiles and Ed ~- I1~1 IN /lk ll/t American Legion & Auxiliary, Memorial Hall. toupees. .......... w)tn pare reservanons ior future firehouse. The lot will' be a surrounded~" " "~with new growmg and Sharon' Bender. It was --= 41~ V ~ ~ I 8 p.m., Memorial Hall. Its gala New ~ear s eve dance to .~. ~ .... -- ' e in '972 and bid farewell gate ~rom me ca0. medium Water well to settle new exciting to watch the lights as the --= Lions Club dinner & board . W~lC9 ITon' and ~oanne By mistake we added several mix. mobiles ran back and forth ~ In--'"==*" n --A In ~,, Grant Given **Paradise'71.co.chaIrmen. Y ' sa,d'that years to the age of the Lake Plants are usually., welcome between Vance Creek and the mE m mmmTmm ~nm nn. . ' ' . Limerick Seagrave fire truck last 'fts and the enthusmstac ~rower county road. = uuunlnn L JIULU., bcgmntng Dec. 1 9 reservanons ........... gi , ~" ' " -- we were eatin dinner -- v ~ ~ ~ ~ ~FV ~ ~" v ......... weeK. it is a lU~O model, not invariably becomes overstocked. ,~s g m g Gi 19_4 as this column announcedThey canbe transoorted safely in Sunday we saw a redwmg hawk --= Warnin yen For Waste o~v~ oeen opened to me puonc .) -- with a total o| 7D couples set as . - - -- .... It was purchased by the club m cold weather by careful packing drop from the sky and carry away " dy PI the limit for accomodations. : - " . , = ' ...... 1968 for $3,000, largely through Wrao the plant m several layers of a httle Junco that was eatmg = 68 IMPALA CUIIOM COUPE On New Yu$ Stu on ~cservatxons may de maae oy .. " " we h ut out for the = , I r .... the efforts of former Trustee Ed newspaper takmg care that leaves seeds ad p " = WAS 156~ I~ ) [ a calling tne clubnouse at Moon of Snohomish, who, with are "not ~iamaged. "Doughnuts" birds. It is shocking to think we -------- wilTRe 7hursda ........... Ti )i~ A grant application to 4o6 3581 or contactingthe .euurmrun9 his wife, Clara, areownersofalot made of lengths of crushed contribute tothebird'sdemiseby == ........ hauling solid waste by train to a " '., "'"" .- .. " ~ , on St. Andrews Drive. Until henewspaper will cushion the plant feeding them but I suppose hawks =- once againthe lOOO ana v The State Liquor Control disposal site in Lewis County has , " ' . ..... ] retired from the Board this year in transit, have to eat too. == 67 IMPALA SPORT SEDAN oeverage service at LimerickInn .... ....... , - -- ~' Board called upon all taverns,been disapproved in its present ........... ~(1 was cna~rman ot the Vor another method, a nora Carmon and Bold Sarkomtz : WAS "1195 ~a ,d I,I~ and the go,, course 7111 De CIO~SyO Protection Committee. may be cut in the bottom of an went by bus to Rend for a --= ..... ? .... II restaurants, hotels and other form by the federal |or the month o~ January ~ne V1/III De unursaay ~ -q i ,w liquor outlets today to assist in a Environmental Protection " " ' " Mr and Mrs Gene (Pauline)overturned small carton in such a carefree holiday at Christmas and --= ................. business office will remain ()pen ' " . -- holiday campaign to cut down on Agency. Robert L. Stockman, ~ , .. ; Moore of Ballantrae Dnve weremanner that the mserted potted continued on to San Francisco to = nowever, and essential " e - v traffic accidents and the useless Department of Ecology, reported maintenance services will hosts at dinner Sunday of last plant will be supported wsth th visit relatives. Ethel Richert and = 68 MONZA COUPE waste of human life on the state's no grants were approved for the " ~ ..... ~ ,, week to Pauline s sister and rim resting on the surface of the granddaughterLindaSue spent = WA" "780 , I~ I)8~ contmue, lne ClUO resumes tuu ........... a "hen be laced = a 1~ , .q I?~ .~,., ...... ~_ua brother-xn-law,* Mr. and mrs. oox. lnls oox my| P " =-- Will" be Thursday ... 'q'" ]'__~; highways, rail haul study in the nation. 7!tYfLimn;in ::::::::::::::::::::::: ::;!ie~ i~gd; ~L :~a::Cu~ei; In a letter sent to all licenses Stockman said, however, that authorized to sell liquor for the EPA will enter negotiations La cknt~tg:;:dfrth; D2/d:t r consumption on the premises, the with his department and othermeetin . Mr and Mrs Thomas Ja~.kson and tra p a P " " y n : cn n -- "' ' , . g Wednesday n,ghtof " " . , , aay oo = 67 OLDS. 98 LUXURY SEDAN Board urged the hcensees not to front running applicants for the Mason County Fire Protectionson, Tyler, of Decatur, Ga. The well-establisnea spemmens. _ = ' AI ovtn, smr~e alcoholic beverages to grant. The plan is to rework the ',, , i ....... i~ ~ Jacksons are spending the A winter holiday need not PI-ns Are Told _=-WAS $1795 District 5 ,n Ally. t.. _e~,..t.at ......... = any' customer, and Io keep ample project proposals for a n e w t e r m sw i t h t h eholidays with the Barnetts. mean neglect for plants. They wtll = Will be Thursday ................. lighting in all areas where liquor is reconsiderationof the grant " " ~ ) "-ke Gene and Pauline were usually survive beautifully for a The Northside Baptist Church =-- commtssloners ~( r La ......... e- nnounced " * = served so that the licensees and award. ..... = .,., e,.,..., a -'--'---'~er Christmas droner guests ot thexr few days with no attention tms we K a plans to =_ vLa nnl~e rnnTiAee t'/~llll~ their employees can readily The state's application to ,.t~'~'_'c"_cr'~.. ata'iu.':en~in'~U';;re daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and whatsoever, and simple establish ?mission Sund?ySchool == ~ VM~,I. ~.~H.I~.I~ ~.~rlr, determine the sobriety of their EPA's Office of Solid Waste ~,!~e g[oup,. ,'~tt .u .~ _ Mrs William Fredson of Shelton. orecautions will assure their which willmeetat the Agate =--WAS$895 r.verett K~Ssler presment ot the" - ..... - ...... Gr-n-- = customers. Management Programs sought .... ": "' ....... e "Willie" and Ruth WnneJm oi weh-0emg tor more |nan a weeK. a de. ~ Will Be Thursday .................. LaKe LimericK tmaro oi lruste s '~ -. - - .... ~ -- r ots ~nronment day wm oe.~ p m "'When il is eviden! that a $1.3 million to conduct the " " " secretar AI ttill Boar~i Seattle, who are regula Water well by immersing p . -- assistant . " " Y ' , .... Fond .... ~ thoir home on i..... for ~ln tc~ rimq When Sunday at the Grange Hall on the = person has had enough to drink, demonstration and an evaluation - ' t ................................ ~. .......... v ' ' "' " We,~mouth Place were guests for bubblino stons, permit nlant toAgate Loop Road. --= 64 BUICK SKYLARK 4-DR. suggest that he have a cup of of the operations. Some $980,000 , 1 ~ ' ~, v ,- -- coffee and something to eat," the was to be used to assist local(,lenn Robb]ns ,and. Lt.,A Christmas Eve of Mr. and Mrs. drain thoroughly. To retain Anyone who has questions ~- WAS $745 i Board said m its letter to the governments to participate. The t,r, on setn m, LaKe L)menc~s Floyd (Patsy)Jones of North St. moisture, enclose each plant in about the new Sunday School can --= Will Be Thursday vomnteer nre department .... v ........ el ' " contact 426 2488 .................... licensees. "Make certain that your cities of Seattle and Tacoma, and .... ' . , Andrews un e. ~ne WlLn m s plastic bag and tee shut. - ~- patrons who should not drive are King and Pierce Counties had fit; cT~12~Se~]::rSp:::e:~eth~h::ry [h~dSt~ei~1 b;:apPye t: ~ ~ I '67 PLYMOUTH 4-DR. sent home in a cab or by some indicated interest in the project, lon r other safe method." The fund in g was to ~U? SfirUtll[trYucbUi~dndngatuth22::; T~:pho:i~lab~hh~L~Te/;ckthlkm:O I ~ ~ I --=WAS $795 The holiday safe-driving supplement efforts of the Gronseth to purchase a natural n o e w-o wants to reet them ~ ~ I ~ Will Be Thursday .................. ay n n g --- campaign is being carried on this Department of Ecology and the gas heater for the statmn, it was .....olida-s ~,~w~r ~~ I = aunng me n Y ' v year in c,,operation with the utility companies -- Washington . , , " Mr and Mrs. Jim (Helen)Ellis I ~ ~ I -=- 68 INTERNATIONAL Washington State Patrol, the Water Power, Pacific Power andinsulate the station with the Fire ~-. " .... II " -- Department of Highways and theLight and the Burlington- ,. .......... n "~e ~ W a complete selection o '-'-- 3/4-TON PICKUP yro!ec bO s mstrxct pay, g m holidays at their home on St. ~ r',_#_J t'l, ........ ~__~.. ,,/=___ ~ -= WAS'1695 Washington Traffic Safety Northern railroad - in the neatmg . A,~a,.o~,~ l')rivP ~ Ik,,,t~ll~i i~,~||qd|||~.,ll~.l~rll~ -r'l~lfly ~Ylfl~-~ ]1~~" 4~ Commission. project. Kisslerand ChiefRichard .............. I~ ~ , _ ~__ 2" | ,-,t,--~. ~ = Will Be Thursday ................. "What we are trying to do," The original project concept furry ICe - ~$$rO. .nlp uIps ~ =-- said Leroy Hittle, member of the was presented by Governor Daniel ]~ liquor board, "is to solicit the j. Evans and Ecology Director ~ and everythina to make your I ==- '67 INTERNATIONAL cooperation of all liquor licensees John A. Biggs, in seeking a long .~ New Year'"sEve Party and football --- I/2-TON PKKUP , so that none of their customers term solution to the major solid . , - WAS $1225 , will be responsible for turning a waste problems of the I~ watch|no New Years Day more II - Will BeThursday wreatfi."Christmas wreath int a funeral metrplitan areas frm Everettto Portland. I o enioyable! " ................. |: [- i CANADA DRY l Shoe Store Vo;; S% o e% ;:N o:; Has--"] Over 3,400 Members l ......................... 1 107 S. 4th Shelton AND OTHER Many Other Items Also On Special! OPEN SUN., JAil. 2, 11-2 UP TO FRE$CA FAMILY SIZE ~posit MIXERS FAMILY SIZE Dlus Deposit = On Hew Chev-Olds-Pickups "Since 1927" NEW VEGA GT COUPE TJnt. glass, 4-speed, radio, guards, sport stripes - NEW NOVA COUPE I ! Radio, white walls, rally wheels, exter, interior decor NEW FLEETSIDE PICKUP No. 1 Service Department! (We try harder!) I WESTERN ~hMILY ]1 i Heavy rear spring, chrome caps, chrome F. 3 b gg ............ ~ bpr., foam seat, gauges, p. stripe, heavy duty I~l=~llI~l~:l~[ ~:I~I~I[:I~UII~ ~1~111~ lll~:l=~lll~l~Y1~ll~ bumper, underseal All of us at ] Parts & Service Monday thru Saturday MIC Insurance Daily Rental Service Wish you all a very i I m = = i i = = 1st. & Grove ~IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Page 8 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, December 30, 1971