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December 30, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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December 30, 1971

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VERLE SCHREIBER, right, owner of Verle's Sporting Goods, accepts the money for new basketball uniforms for the Bordeaux School basketball team from a delegation of students from the school. The students are, left to right, kneeling, Butch Carr and Mike Lick; standing, Chuck Meuli, Marilyn Stevens and Julianne Musser. ketball Uniforms Purcha ixth graders at the Bordeaux Goods store showed confidence in r Morford, Julianne t ~tementary School have earnedthe students and ordered the Musser, Diana Oliviero, Gordon 171.04 after discovering the need uniforms and delivered them long Reed, Maurice Reintjes, Sherly new basketball uniforms from before the students had reached Sallee, Marilyn Stevens, Rubble rdeaux's Coach, Pete Janda.their goal. S t ewart, Arla Strutz, Ken t"We can do it ourselves" Other students offering the Thomason, Kathy Toner, Herb ed the sixth grade students in leadership for the fund raising Van Cleve, Carl Ann Verse, |~rs. Floyd Ridout's second activities were Jill Barnes, Lori Alison Weston, Billy White and |~riod Reading Class. Goals set, Boelk, Butch Carr, Gwen Clayton, David Wishart. lCllairmen selected, committees Christine Fearn, Mike Fetcher,A happy sidelight to this 10treed and everyone pitched in Julie Frost, Vickie Hoosier, Brad activity is that the Bordeaux ~ith an assignment to reach the Johnson, Joann Krogh, Mike Basketball team has played and hal of buying Red and White Lick. won two games since acquiring !~iforms for the Basketball TeamSteve Lyons, Lori McMahon,the handsome new uniforms. ~is year and for years to come. Pam Melena, Chuck Meuli, The first activity was the first ition of the Bordeaux Times, e school news paper. Mike Lick, I~ditor, with the aid of 30 Ti ~enabers of the Bordeaux Times aaff sold 248 copies at five cer~ts copy. All the work writing, roof-reading, organization, )reduction and selling was done ~tirely by the students. The second activity was ~lling popsicles at noon with fitch Carr, chairman, leading and rganizing the 31 students plus ~e Bordeaux Principal, Jack Action taken at the third annual meeting of the Timberland Regional Library Board of Trustees Dec. 16 included the adoption of the revised 1971 and 1972 budgets and the election of officers for next year. The board adopted the revised $209,570 for capital outlay (of which $185,541 was for books and other library materials.) Mrs. Irvin McArthur of Mason County was elected to serve a second term as board chairman, and Dr. William Lawrence of Centralia was elected to serve as ~'anson helping with ordering lad Marityn Stevens, business 1972 operating budget in the vice-chairman. ~anager', counting the money and amount of $1,383,312. This will The board also accepted news ~nstantly figuring out how close include expenditures in the of the resignation of Andrew they were to the goal. The amount of $793,492 for salaries Ponsteen of Elma, whose term %dentssold 480 popsicles in two and wages ; $3 1 2,775 for expires this month. Ponsteen was ~Ys and realized a profit of maintenance and operation; and commended by the board for his ~0.75 - only $17 from that goal $277,045 for capital outlay (of many years of service to' ~[$71.04. which $247,175 is for books and Timberland Regional Library. He The third and last activity was other library materials.) was one of the original appointees I~e second edition of the The revised 1971 budget into the regional board and prior to I.liordeaux Times" with Chuck the amount of $1,282,748 was that, was chairman of the Grays Harbor County Library Board. I~euli selected as the editor and also adopted by the board. This II~lianne Musser, secretary. The included $754,000 for salaries Ralph Lundgren, supervisor of ~dents learned a great deal from and wages; $277,879 for Systems Development in the ~e experience of producing the maintenance and operation; and Management and Fiscal Systems list edition and vowed that now Division of the State Auditor,s they could do a much better job Office, also came to the board s ~ld sell more copies of the second pre-meeting study session to Paper. Joann Krogh was selected Lindley Whaley outline the purpose and benefits q proof-reader; Sheryl Sallee, of the state's new budgeting, hoduction Chairman; Crystal ,llorford, society editor; Mike TO Student Teach accounting and reporting system. fletcher, news editor and Ken A Shelton student at Eastern i~homason and Brad Johnson Washington State College, D. i~Vering the sports events under Lindley Whaley, is among almost ql[ e leadership of Mike Lick. The 200 EWSC students who will ~; FROM ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINES In science's never-ending search for new and better medicines, a relatively new problem is crying out for solution: How to help man cope with his environment. Pharmaceutical research already has made some headway in overcoming some of the stresses of modern living. Two ready examples are the tranquilizers and anti-psychotic agents. Some scientists predict that the future will bring chemical cures for alcoholism, drug addiction, and bronchial ailments resulting from air pollution. When these and other new "miracle medicines" become realities, they will be dispensed with professional care by your community pharmacist. Neil's Pharmacy Emergency Ph. 426-2 165 Fifth & Franklin St.--426-3327 Open Daily 9:30 to 7:30 Saturdays -- 9:30 to 6:00 '~Udents did a very good job with begin winter quarter student ~e assistance of Mrs. Charlotte teaching assignments next week in ROberts, school secretary, doing 18 school districts throughout the ~ost of the typing, state. :~ Byron Deffenbaugh and Lee Miss Whaley, daughter of Mr. ~hodesmade constructive and Mrs. Roy Whaley, a graduate !tlggestions for needed of Shelton High School and a ~lProvements. 360 copies of the social science major at EWSC, will ~eond edition were sold. be at South Pines school in the The owner of Verle's Sporting Spokane Valley. The senior citizen property tax exemption was liberalized by the 1971 Legislature to cover a greater number of retired persons and to increase monetary benefits. In addition, persons retired from employment because of physical disability were added to the scope of the law. About 73,200 persons qualified for excess levy deductions from property taxes due on their home in 1972. The filing period for exemptions affecting 1973 taxes will begin January 1, 1972, and extend until July 1, 1972. Claims will be processed by the assessor of the county in which the senior citizen's home is located. Eligible property owners may claim exemption from a portion Registration for the winter swim classes at Bangor Pool will begin on January 4 and continue through January 8. The schedule is as follows: Monday - 6 to 8 p.m. - cued conditioning through swimming Jan. I 0 to March 13. Tuesday 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. - Adult Swimming Classes Jan. 11 to March 14. Wednesday - 6 to 8 p.m. - Water Safety Instructor Course Jan. 12 to May 17. The requirements to get into the Water Safety Instructor Course, are the following: Candidate must be at least 17 years or over and hold a current Senior Life Saving Certificate. This class is designed to teach how to teach swimming for the summer programs at pools, lakes and camps. Thursday - 9:00 to 12:00 noon Tots and Mothers - Jan. 13 to March 16. Children must be at least 3 years old and up through 5. This class is designed for mothers to work individually with their tots :xem # ion of their local property taxes resulting from e~cess levies approved by the voters in their district. The amount is determined on a basis of total income received by the claimant and spouse in the preceding calendar year: Excess Levy Income Exemption $4,000 or less 100% $4,000 to $6,000 50% Persons with incomes of $4,000 or less will be granted a minimum $50 exemption from regular and special property tax levies combined. If special levies amount to less than $50, the difference will be applied against regular levy taxes (those which under the supervision and instruction of a Water Safety Instructor. Friday - 9:30 to 11:00 - Synchronized and Conditioning. Jan. 14 to March 17. This is a class where endurance is built up through swimming skills and some synchronized swimming is taught for fun, endurance and versatility. Saturday - 9:00 to 12:00 - Childrens Classes - Jan. 15 to March 18. All levels of swimming will be given to meet the needs of children 6 years and older. There will be no Life Saving classes at this time. There will be a pool fee of $2.50. but no charge for instruction. This is one of the programs of the American Red Cross "where people like you, help people like you." Registration will be held at the Red Cross Chapter house, 605 Washington Avenue, Bremerton between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Registrations will NOT be taken over the telephone. egul can be levied without a vote of the people). The claimant must be age 62 on January 1 of the year he files or retired from employment because of physical disability. Residences on which exemptions are claimed must be occupied by the claimant for two calendar years preceding the claim year, or the exemption may apply to a residence occupied by the claimant during the year preceding the claim, provided he has been a resident of the state for the three preceding years. In either case, the claimant must own and reside on the property. Income shall include the combined income, from all sources, of the person claiming the exemption and the spouse for the year preceding the claim. No more than $1,680 of the income of claimants under 72 years of age may be earnings from wages or self-employment. The remainder of the claimant's combined income may include social security; retirement pay or veterans' administration benefits; investment income from capital assets; gifts or inheritances; net rental income (after deduction of taxes and other costs); disability income. Persons 72 years or older are exempt from the $1,680 earnings limitation but must meet the other income requirements. The definition of earned income is the same as that existing under the former $50 senior citizen exemption law, and is based on federal social security provisions (42 U.S.C. 403). Any earnings that would result in a reduction in social security benefits will disqualify claimants 62-71 years of age from the property tax deduction. A residence owned by a Call Us About ~--~/~/~> OAK PARK A Planned Unit Development 426-2646 HIMLIE REALTY, I ions married couple is considered to be owned by each spouse. If one member of the couple is under 62, the claim may be filed by the other. The term residence means a single family dwelling, whether a separate structure or part of a multi-unit dwelling. Itshall include land up to one acre. Where there is joint ownership, a person may qualify for exemption on his portion of the property. However, if the other joint owner also occupies the residency, he may not have earned income of Hurry! Supplies in more than $1,680. Beginning in 1972, application must be made to the county assessor between January 1 and July 1 of each year to be effective the following year. Claims must be signed by the person entitled to the exemption, by his attorney, or by a mortgagor or contract holder. They must be notarized unless submitted directly to the county assessor. Application forms may be obtained from the assessor's office. may be limited! Prices good Thursday through Saturday Only NOW Open 9:30 to 7:30 weekdays and 9:30 to 6 p.m Saturday 5th & Franklin 426-3327 il I i i l l Here's a great new way to supplement your regular or retirement income from the interest on your savings. ~Ve cqll it our "CHECK-A-MONTH" Income Program, and it's designed to help you build your regular monthly income, WITH- OUT DEPLETING YOUR SAVINGS PRINCIPLE. 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